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1and1 General Information
  1and1 is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 1997 and now it's years in business.

1and1.com average uptime is 99.994% (rank #825 on our directory) with total 89240 successful and 5 failed checks, monitored since 2005-09-19. Similar companies with 99.994% uptime are and ihubnet.com.

Search for "1and1.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 210666 results so company name popularity rank is #41.

There have been 1756 positive votes for 1and1 and 132 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #74 (similar companies are webhosting.com and doteasy.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  1&1 Beginner Plan (Type: Linux) - 10 GB space, 300 GB bandwidth for $3.99/mo

1&1 Home Plan (Type: Linux) - 1200 GB space, 1200 GB bandwidth for $4.99/mo

1&1 Business Plan (Type: Linux) - 250 GB space, 2500 GB bandwidth for $9.99/mo

1&1 Developer Plan (Type: Linux) - 300 GB space, 3000 GB bandwidth for $19.99/mo

Some technical data about 1and1.com
  IP Location: Schlund + Partner Ag
Blacklist Status: Blacklisted
Nameserver: NS27.1AND1.COM
Server Type: Apache/1.3.33 (Debian GNU/Linux) mod_ssl/2.8.22 OpenSSL/0.9.7e mod_jk/1.2.0
Website Title: 1&1 Internet Inc. - Web Hosting Services and Domain Name Registration
Description: Providers of web hosting services, domain names, and email solutions for personal and business websites. Services include Linux and Microsoft hosting, domain registrations, ecommerce hosting, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange, server hosting.

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Some bonus features 1and1 offers
  If you're not completely happy within 90 days from placing an order with 1&1, you’ll receive your money back – no questions asked.

#1 MOST RELIABLE, GLOBAL #1 RATING Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Reseller Hosting Option, Free Domain for Life all for $4.84/mo

Best Free Hosting provider, 250 MB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth - $0.00/mo, no advertising

Value for Money: 100 GB Space, 1000 GB Bandwidth, Host 2 Domains, Free domain registration, all Just for $7.95/mo
Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Dwayne Lewis, 07th 2011 October, 2011
The worst domain server provider. They rip you off and the customer service is horrible. The billing is way higher then others and have a lot of hidden fees. Their reps. are not fluient english speakers and cant understand customers. DONT GO WITH 1&1 just horrible!!!!!
Mika, 04th 2011 June, 2011

Yea, I know many ppl already wrote how 1&1 made their life miserable and yet, I am writing this because; I believe 1&1 webhost is an organized terrorists. I have atleast two of their website function everyday that I cannot work with. Sometimes the FTP stops working, attimes I cannot access the webfiles link, often times phpmyadmin doesn't work over there(the session expires like every 2 seconds) today I couldn't import anything of sql database into the server cause it stopped working. Well, I feel sorry for this guy who hosted his site over there(I was supposed to develop his site and update it) but I CAN NOT DO IT ANY FUCKING MORE, better do another jobs and be healthy person.
Chuck, 14th 2011 May, 2011
1and1 Internet gets blacklisted by TrendNet again this week. Obviously no controls in place to protect their legitimate subscribers.
Falcongirl2u, 12th 2011 April, 2011
This company is very unscrupulous. They were the losing registrar, and did provide the EPP codes. However, when we went to complete the transfer, they denied the transfer. We are starting an ICANN UDRP against this company.
Gary, 30th 2011 March, 2011
I've been with 1and1.com for a few years and have about 25 domains with them. Aside from the numerous technical problems with their service, they are arrogant, thieving hostage takers. Absolutely do not buy anything from 1and1.com. Like many other posters I have read, 1and1.com sneaks unauthorized charges on your statement and automatically charges your credit card. In 2010, they did this three times (that I caught them) to the tune of $300. The first time, I complained and they reversed the charges. The second time, they only reversed half the fraudulent charges after 45 days and much time wasted on phone and emails. They fully agreed, in writing, I was owed the whole amount back, but they just couldn't pull off the feat of crediting my credit card. I finally went through my credit card to get the chargeback they fully agreed to owing me. When I did that, they locked my account which was full of domains for which I had paid in full!!! They said the only way they would unlock items that I had paid for was if I signed a statement agreeing to a $20 fine and agreeing that the fraudulent charges were not fraudulent!!! THIEVES!!!!
Vlad, 17th 2011 March, 2011
Avoid this hosting service at all cost! They will shut down your server even w/o notifying you!!! Then they won't turn it back because their 24/7 customer support can't do shit w/o billing department witch shuts you down and peacefully goes to sleep at 5pm eastern time. Extremely unprofessional
Evil, 02nd 2011 March, 2011
My card expired, so the 6-month bill didn't get paid. I wasn't really using the service or domains anyway, so I decided to just let it go.

If I don't pay for my car insurance, it's cancelled, right? If I don't pay for my prepaid cell phone, it gets shut off.

Well, 1and1 will shut you down too, and then SEND YOU TO COLLECTIONS! Yes, a prepaid service will get sent to collections with these ASSHOLES.

Ronald Mayder, 09th 2011 February, 2011
Do not use 1and1.com, they are the worst registrar ever. Unethical schmucks.
1and1.com Corrupt!, 19th 2010 December, 2010
I reserved about 10 .com's with this company over the span of a year. I signed on to have one site hosted. I found it difficult to put it up on the web, but then things got worse. I could never make updates, because they claimed their server was down (for more than a month!). I called about 4 times regarding this same problem. Finally, I just told them to cancel my hosting service - it wasn't worth the trouble. They kept trying to bill me. When I log onto their site to turn off auto-renewal on some of the .com's I want to cancel, the feature is missing. It can't be done. You have to call them, and, even then, they hassle you, and make you follow up to make sure they've done it. On top of this, they don't allow you to change your billing information on their website, so you can't cancel your card number, so they can't just keep debiting your account. They don't even notifiy you through email when a site is about to come up for renewal. They are all about taking your money and running with it. They have no desire to earn your business and to keep it. 1AND1.COM IS A DEN OF LOW-BRED SNAKES. DUMP THEM AND AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.
Don, 08th 2010 December, 2010
Fuck 1and1. They are completely useless and sons of bitches. David, the billing supervisor will cuss at you, and tell you that if you do not stop calling he will have his legal department on your ass.

They abuse anyone who calls, regardless of what the problem is. And basically, you don't call your hosting provider to tell them how wonderful they are, do you ?

Shittiest host alive.
Pete, 27th 2010 October, 2010
They are awful. When calling up you are told by the staff on phone not to bother emailing billing department. They bill for services you have cancelled, have been told by one person that i'll get a refund on my services, then by another saying i won't. Receive an email saying i had nothing outstanding then receive a bill. They are useless, avoid.
Now I'm Concerned, 24th 2010 October, 2010
I've been using 1and1 since 06', just the basic package with a domain name and aside from an amazingly crappy interface and email options, have only had a service outage of 1 day and that was a in 08. Granted, it's a personal page advertising a small commissioning business I run, I'm not running a large business with the resources. I noticed prices creeping up over the years but it wasn't much so I did not worry. They did get a little hostile even in form emails when my credit card expired and I hadn't had a chance to update it yet. I'm glad I stumbled on this page of reviews, I will be on the look out for future problems, but for now, the service is still decent for my purposes.
stay away, 19th 2010 October, 2010
1and1 have a highly a questionable stealth renewal policy. In my case they continued to charge me for the "contract" despite having successfully cancelled all domains. What this "contract" was for is beyond me - and I am a professional engineer!

Even if your card has expired they will continue to pursue you for payment and will sell your details to Arvato debt collectors without notice.

Their staff are confrontational and belligerent. They WANT you to become confused and fall into their terms and conditions trap. Try to cancel and you will face stupid barriers. They ignore your requests until, when forced, they tell you to fax your passport to them.

Stay away. They are criminals. I am not overstating this!
1and1 is pathetic!!!!, 08th 2010 September, 2010
Customer support is absolutely clueless and have no way to check system configurations. My site has been down for almost 24 hrs and they have no updates for me.

They are cheap just like their technical support, run in the other direction .....

me me me, 05th 2010 September, 2010
BEST prices for domains, but lately my domain panel is all screwed up,All domains suddenly went public, difficulty in canceling domains, seriously not what they use too be
Jonnyboy, 18th 2010 May, 2010
1&1 operate an highly questionable billing and renewal policy. Unless you are extremely vigilant you will unwittingly agree to their auto renewal policy for your account and domain names hidden in their 'terms and conditions' and they will continue to renew domains and demand payment even if your card has expired and they have no valid card information on file.

So beware, just because your card has expired your domain will not lapse, they will continue to demand payment and they will pass on the so-called debt to a collections agency very quickly.

Many reports of people having to deal with collection agency even after having followed the 1&1 ridiculous procedure involving giving 14 days notice and sending faxes to avoid their stealth auto renewal billing. Avoid at all costs, they will rip you off if they possibly can.
Baeey, 12th 2010 May, 2010
Watch an honest review of 1and1.com. They destroyed my company in just under a month and laughed about it. I cannot believe how many websites their are dedicated so opposed to 1and1.

Fred, 03rd 2010 May, 2010
Switched to them from a problem host between Christmas and New Years after e3servers dropped the ball and could not be contacted by any means. Switch was very easy, got sites and e-mail back up in very fast time. DNS only took half day to update, was very surprised. Great website tools for our needs and very personable when questioned. Hope to have a good relationship for long time. Too bad most of us only write reviews when we have trouble.
Great things to say..., 26th 2010 March, 2010
I have had the best experience from 1and1.com and I'm not sure why all the others have had such issues. Every time I call technical support the staff is extremely knowledgable and friendly and always resolves my issues. They are also very easy to get a hold of. This is a company I actually admire because of their great service. Only good things to say, and no, I do not, and never have, worked for them. I am really just a very happy customer.
1&1 are Crooks, 11th 2010 February, 2010
Awfu. Awful. Awful.

Cancelled domains, but they still sent Arvato debt collectors after me! Claimed they can still charge me for the email package.

Ok, so cancel it. Don't accept cancellation by email. Ok, cancel in writing to Managing Director. Don't accept written cancellations either!

Need to fax a copy of my drivers license or passport! WTF? TO CANCEL???

Please please keep well away from these absolute cowboys!
jake, 16th 2009 November, 2009
Oh yes. They are indeed the worst. My dns propagation on my nameservers was initiated 8DAYS ago and its still not gone through. Actually I think its the way they set up private nameservers….via ‘glue domains’. It propagated a cpl of times then reset back to the original IP’s. Plenty of calls made to their Philipines ‘Techsupport’ received only ‘ We understand sir BUT our admins are on it.’ OR ‘We understand sir but the FAQ says 7 days’ etc etc. They are as polite as they are worthless. Unfortunately I would have liked a resolution for my issue than their sympathy.

I am now trying to transfer the domain name to godaddy and they are giving me the 5 day run around. I asked them if there was anything to do to expedite the process and pleaded with them to do so. They insisted there was nothing. Then after a few searches on google i came up with cancel.1&1.com and was able to cancel and change provider there. Since I was upset they did not inform me after all my pleading, about the cancel.1&1.com option, I asked them if they were the ‘Tech Support’ dept or the ‘Point to the FAQ’ dept. To which, in true form they replied ” we are the tech support department and we are sorry’.

STAY AWAY form 1&1. Their Tech support department(based in Phillipines) tries to compensate for inability with sympathy. Similarly their ‘admins’ try to compensate ignorance with radio silence.
sachin, 14th 2009 July, 2009
just stay away nobody reply to your emails in support and lock your webspace without informing you and also without any reason
CJ, 06th 2009 July, 2009
Avoid this company at all costs, they will steal money from you and if they cant they will send Avarato and their scumbag friends Smiths after you. It is one big scam, and terrible service.
Adam, 29th 2009 June, 2009
You get what you pay for guys. I use 1and1 for some non-critical hosting and love them. Can't beat them on price for what you get.

If you want to get 99.999% uptime and someone to talk to over the phone.... it will cost more money. That's how life works. Even in the Phillipines people expect to get paid to do work.

Personally, for $20 a month I expect email support and for my websites not to be down for more than a few hours a year.

I get that from 1and1 and so I'm a happy little camper.

For serious must-be-available-all-the-time hosting I go for Rackspace. You pay 10x more, but every call is answered and handled with priority.
nik, 11th 2009 June, 2009
terrible. frequent downtime, they always blame it on the customer, you have to scream over the phone to get anyone worth a damn. consider anyone else for web hosting including your grandmother.
anonny, 09th 2009 June, 2009
1and1 shut me down over xmas because they cocked up my billing (not my fault) took 3 weeks to get me server back online, i asked for compensation and never had any reply from them, i continued emailing them for 3 months and eventually gave up after getting NO response from them.
smoorenc, 10th 2009 May, 2009
I switched to 1and1 after having the worst experience with websitesource.com . I don't understand some of the negatives written here. Every time I have called someone picked up with in a minute or 2. They were friendly and helpful. I switched over 49 sites with hardly any issues. All this at almost 1/2 the price than the worse hosting company websitesource.com. I got the dedicated server plan and have been very happy with 1and1.com.
Gene Steinberg, 24th 2009 February, 2009
Curious that they have so many negatives, when my experience with shared and now dedicated has been quite positive. What amazes me, however, is how naive some of these people seem to be. You don't host a critical business account on a shared server! That's preposterous, unless you are starting out and don't have a lot of money.

Just to clarify a few misstatements: Dedicated support is USA-based, at their offices in suburban Philadelphia. Other hosting support is from their own facility in the Philippines.

In response to normdar, did anyone tell you about cancel.1and1.com? You may have to fax a document at times for certain packages, but I bet 99% of the cancellations can be done online. I know I have done this when removing old services and upgrading to new ones.

As to billing issues: I think people just have to take a few minutes and read how they do things. When they do, they will find billing works perfectly. I have had lots of complicated billing scenarios in recent months stemming from testing them with email and finally moving up to their top-level Titan Linux root server package. They have never failed to credit payments properly, or give me credits and refunds for canceled packages. Not once! I also have 24 domains with them, and I have no concerns.

And that -- my friends -- is the truth.
Dan B., 22nd 2009 January, 2009
I have been with 1and1 for about 5 years and I have not had any troubles.
When I have had to call tech support I got right through and they walked me through my problem of redirecting a domain name. I guess I must be blessed.
unsatisfied customer, 18th 2009 January, 2009
plutocopy I think you work for 1and1.com. You sound like a regular phone support dude from the Philippines.

Setting that aside, this has got to be the worst piece of crap hosting company ever. Support does not exist - I cannot even begin to tell you how they treat you and how completely and utterly clueless they are. Frequent downtimes, very slow load times, mysql downtimes. They have everything separate. email on one server, mysql on another server, hosting on another server. No backup solution - if you lose a file, you lose it. No way of getting it back. No way to backup your /home folder. No way to backup email or mysql DB. All of this needs to be done manually or by setting cron jobs. it is cheap, but it is actually very expensive if you lose clients because they try to contact you and suddenly the php mail() function no longer works and you didn't get the email =). They change stuff around without notifying you at all. For example, a week ago I was on /kunden/ something... now I'm on /homepages/ ... some time ago it used to be /33/ ... all of this crap is changing on you and you wonder why you can't get your php scripts to work right. It's the host! The stupidest ever. stay away for your own good. Pay more but get quality. It's totally worth it.
sharath, 14th 2009 January, 2009
The worst service, and I had this same experience with American billing dept and not Indians. Secondly its a german comp.
Suzanne, 10th 2009 January, 2009
Constant downtime and slow, slow, slow! I am leaving, which is why I'm on this site -- looking for a reliable webhost.
MrHandy2001, 13th 2008 December, 2008
Went with 1 and 1 approximately six months ago. Saw the ads in a tech magazine. Transferred four domains from GoDaddy to their server. Things seemed to take forever when it comes to their verification process. Very quick to get the payments, but what about the service???? Decided to transfer domains. Funny how their site doesn't provide domain tranfers out of 1 and 1 at the control panel (unlike GoDaddy). Customer service philosopy is simple..."maybe if we ignore them long enough they will go away."

really sick and tired of the Indian culture attempting to pretend they are english speaking individuals (like Shaun) down the block. In all actuality, they are the worst!!! Do nothing but read scripts all day and continually attempt to distract you by asking irrelevant questions. Notified 1 and 1 of my desire to transfer domain to another server on November 21. Received acknowledgement on November 28th. After three (3) requests, contacted them again on December 4th. Had a conference call with my new service provider on December 5th. Sent additional confirmation on December 8th. Finally saw they closed my account on December 13th. Received an E-mail (in broken English) from a supervisor. Basically the response was I' sorry. Sorry isn't the word for it. Here I am sitting without my Domains and E-mail since November 21st. That is all you will get. If this outfit is being run by Americans they all out to be sent for a long walk off of a short pier!!! This outfit and their "Custom Noservice" sucks to high heaven. Stay away from these folks unless your family has a member named Rhashmid. Then you might stand a chance. NOT!!!
Davu, 08th 2008 November, 2008
Absoulutley the worst experience. File a complaint with the BBC, the Federal Trade Commision, if you have a disability with the ADA act, and anyone else you can think of. By the way this company belongs to United Internet in Germany-write them too and complain about 1and1 and it's CEO Oliver Mouss. Fax your complaints to their FAX number (they claim they are completely paperless so can't call or write you-but a FAX has paper!)
theHACKER, 07th 2008 October, 2008
they are the worst services. They charge for transferring to other account within 1and1. They told that they have to cancel delete the domain from me and re-register to them. This bastard dont know a domain cannot be deleted. I have 3 years there but when i transfer to a friend under 1and1 ..he have to pay the money and registration price...FKIN SHIT
David, 02nd 2008 October, 2008
Sent their "sales" department a simple question asking which database (if any) is included with the Developer ASP.Net package. The only thing the chart said was that there was no support for MS Access, but it didn't indicate whether SQL Server or MySQL were included. I received a reply two days later telling me to read the FAQ. That's it!... that was their approach to sales... one sentence saying go back and read the FAQ! They lost a sale but apparently did me a favor. All they had to say was yes or no in a polite manor. I won't waste my time with a company that treats me like an idiot.
Had Enough, 30th 2008 September, 2008
The Bad:
-Poor tech support
-Horribly slow webmail service
-Reoccurring downtime (half a day today)
-Not easy to get a second party SSL certificate
-Poor host control panel

The Good:

You get what you pay for. I'm switching hosts ASAP
Tanaka, 23rd 2008 September, 2008
Downtime King. My business package goes down every other week, I already have these guy's phone number on speed dial because I have to call so often regarding down time. Absolutely horrible customer service and its unacceptable.
Warth Publishing Inc, 07th 2008 September, 2008
I curse the day I listed 730 domains with 1and1. If you have domains listed with 1and1, and you chose to let domains expire on their renewal dates, 1and1 punishes the customer by unlocking the domains. I guess this is to make it easier for people to steal them.
Also it takes 8 separate steps, by trial and error, to even find the site to indicate your renewal choice.
They made over 30 mistakes on an invoice and would only credit me for 18. They are renewing domains that are not even listed on the renewal site. How do you indicate you do not want a domain renewed if it isn’t even on the list? I called and they said they would look into it, but never got back with me.
There is no refund for credits. You have to stay with them to use your credits up. But they keep making more mistakes and giving you more credits so you can never leave.
I refused to keep this up and refused to pay the invoice, so they locked my account. But they keep sending me notices about domains that are coming up for renewal. I can’t access my account to stop the renewals so they keep renewing when I don’t want them.
There is one thing I am indebted to them for, now I know what hell is like.
I am collecting names for a class action suit. The only way to get their attention is to sue the bastards for millions. If you are interested send me your email address: warthpublishinginc@gmail.com
plutocopy, 02nd 2008 September, 2008
I like the service....Very Excellent!!!.... It really satisfies me..agents are friendly!
kintu, 27th 2008 August, 2008
they are worst. they renew the domain without notice. they charged me the money from credit card. they never sent you the domain expiry notice. Godaddy is good they send 3,2,1 month and 15 day prior notice.. its more convenient.. more over if you plan to Transfer from they.... Guess what you will Not find section for Secret Key to unlock domain name from them.... Avoid Domain Registration from them... i cant say anything about hosting... but see all negative comment....
George, 05th 2008 August, 2008
1&1 SUCKS bit time. After cancelling my account with them, they sent my charges for the next year to collection agency. I tjhink they make most of their mony from charging collection fees to the customers. It is a good thing this happened because I was about to have them host a web site for me. AVOID 1&1. There are many credible companies out there that will do the hosting. You may pay a little more, but it is worth it. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR is true
Max, 24th 2008 June, 2008
I signed up for their email service, moved a domain name to them I use only for email and then after one day already got false-positives in their spam filters using default settings plus they do not offer email filters, just white/black lists and the lists must be fully-qualified emails, no wildcards. When I contacted support to find out if there are email filters available somehow no matter how many people I explained the question to I just got one dumb canned response after the next- they asked me if I was having trouble accessing my email, have I tried another client, would I like to know how to use their web mail, would I like to add a million other services, etc.

When I canceled they had the audacity to try scare-tactics and say both in the support email and on the cancellation screen "Please note that canceling your account will also cancel your domain name ____.com" this is despite the fact I never bought the domain through them and they have no control over my domain.

Good riddance to 1&1!
1&1 is BAD NEWS, 19th 2008 June, 2008
The biggest mistake I have ever made was to use 1&1. They are crooks, shonks and theives and that's being pleasant! Customer service is completely non-exisent, trying to resolve anything like unauthorised billing with them quickly turns into a nightmare. Google "1&1 complaints" and see the level of dissatisfaction with these shonks!
Chris, 22nd 2008 May, 2008
I never had a problem with 1&1 in 5 years of hosting until this week, like a nightmare I awake to find all of my websites 404ing, turns out there was a server crash, at least that is the elusive nonsense the tech support keeps repeating, there is no ETA for a fix and the admins are "currently working on it." 5 days later, my business has lost money on potential business and the tech support which i call 3 or more times a day still has no ETA. This is utterly absurd.
Sadi, 20th 2008 May, 2008
YES, 1and1 is a HORRIBLE hosting company even if you have the business package. Their downtime range for me over 48+ hours and tech support is garbage they don't know a thing. I think their located in India. Also their holding time is too long. BEWARE 1AND1 SUCKS!!!!
Jason, 19th 2008 May, 2008

two thumbs down

NEVER USE 1and1 here is why:

your sites will go down twice a week!

customer service will not be able to help you, they know nothing!!

They will not let you speak with a supervisor, they say he/she is too busy to take customer calls


I completely regret going with 1and1

1and1 is a complete nightmare!!!!

Learn from my mistakes!!!!
Dave, 12th 2008 May, 2008
STAY AWAY FROM 1and1!! If you're looking for the absolute worst, most nightmare-like ripoff on the Internet, you've found it with 1and1. What amazes me is that (1) there are enough suckers to keep money coming to them so that they can buy these huge ads in magazines like WebSite and Wired and (2) that WebSite magazine and Wired allow these crooks to advertise in their rags! Now that you've found out all about 1and1, RUN THE OTHER WAY!! 1and1 is worst than than the worst of the internet. 1and1 is not a host. A host actually provides a service. 1and1 provides hassles, expenses, suprises, credit dings, and that's on a good day! STAY AWAY FROM 1and1!!
1&1 internets bad, 25th 2008 April, 2008
They are crooks pure and simple. Stay away.
dave k, 14th 2008 April, 2008
I have been trying to get through to 1&1 and they are ignoring me. On Sunday I had their customer service walk me through changing my password from the control panel. The password changed and my 400 emails in my inbox and outbox disappeared! I run a contracting company and these were precious emails. Does anybody know how I can contact them? emails do not work and calling customer service gives me someone overseas with broken english. Thanks. Oh....I'm definitely going to find a different company
Thomas S., 07th 2008 April, 2008
I migrated to 1and1 due to a client's host literally disappearing out of nowhere. I chose them because I've had experience with their dedicated servers and had an overall positive time with them. I signed up for the Linux Developer package because it included SSH and a dedicated SSL certificate, so one would assume that it would be enabled with everything a "Developer" could need right? WRONG. After going through the painstaking procedure of migrating an entire site to the server, I'm left to learn that I can no longer access any of my MySQL databases via ODBC connections (this isn't anything special, dreamhost allows it on their 5.95 a month plan), the e-mail service is simply terrible, and the site is noticabley slower. I spent hours upon hours on the phone with support trying to get ODBC connections enabled on my account because it's an absolutely necessary for the projects I work on. No luck. I'm absolutely fed up with 1and1, I steer anyone I know away from them, and will never ever do business with them again.
Bill G, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
You get what you pay for. Cheap hosting yields cheap hosting. I guess if you're a teen and need low cost solution for your crappy junk, it's acceptable. Otherwise, don't waste your time and money with this place, they are only in it for profits and couldn't care less about their clients.
Horrible !, 28th 2008 March, 2008
I can't believe how bad.
I'm small and got screwed over badly.
They cancelled FrontPage Extensions on my Linux package without warning.
Getting set up on MS server was 8 hours of multiple conflicting phone calls.. most all were rude and condescending.
MS hosting is soon going to cancel FP extensions too... but ... they can't say when because "that's up to MS".... well, MS canceled support for FP Exts in 2006... so that's wrong.

Go with a hosting company that uses cPanel for admin.
From cPanels' website:
" Question: Is cPanel continuing to support FrontPage Extensions? How about on Apache 2?" Answer: "Yes, cPanel will continue to support FrontPage Extensions for the foreseeable future. Additionally, FrontPage Extensions are supported on Apache 1.3, 2 and 2.2. "
Senior web master, 24th 2008 March, 2008
this is very important..

this is a mail sent by 1and1 to me...

To provide a higher level of security for you, it is our policy to
verify each provided credit card through a simple authorization process.
We will make an authorization-only charge of $6.00,.....(bla! bla! bla! .....)"

do you people know about this?
slimetoner @ yahoo.com, 11th 2008 March, 2008

On your favorite shared web hosting, say we put up a website like youtube.
Upload a single, one and only, 20mb video.
Let's disregard uploads.

QUESTION (without abusing or "using too much much cpu")
1) what web hosting?
2) how many people can view the video at the same time?
3) how many people can view the video each month?

i know that dedicated hosting is more suitable, but
is there any shared web hosting where we can put that kind of website without running into any "too much cpu", "abuse", or other similar problems.

- slimetoner @ yahoo.com
Steve, 06th 2008 March, 2008
DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS! They auto renew after 2 years whether you want it or not, your card has expired by then so you get switched into penalty fees & debt recovery as a FIRST communication from them. They ignore letters and emails and the telephone people are useless.
thiscompanysucks, 06th 2008 March, 2008
1and1 pretty much sucks. Their prices are great but that's because everything else is garbage. I call tech support and the chick is literally reading her "sorry but theirs nothing we can do right now" speech from a piece of paper. She tells me their working on fixing a problem that I've seen on this board for since 2006 so now I'm trying to find an alternative so I can back away from 1and1. If you're new to web hosting, look for 1and1 if you need a headache.
Lam, 04th 2008 March, 2008
When it come to cancellation, 1and1 won't do it, even I send a request and said that I follow their direction to cancel one of the service, but I still got billing. I refuse to pay for the service I'd like to cancel. 1and1 shut down all my service, including the one I already pay and still under contract for a few more months... I ask them how about just shut down the one that I like to cancel instead since I don't want service. They refuse to do it and kept shutting down all services I have.
1&1, 17th 2008 February, 2008
Very bad company with bad attitude and Arvato is their partner in making your life miserable.
JM, 17th 2008 February, 2008
We had 1and1 package "domains and a website hosting. Cancelled the whole package in November2007. Then they raised an invoice in December07. Now they are chasing this through debt chasing agency called Arvato Finance. ! and 1 is a very bad company with bad attitude and practice in place.
What I have learnt from other blogs that they will keep increasing the charges and keep chasing you to make your life difficult. Best solution is to report both companies to trading standards and BBC Watchdog. My advise is avoid 1&1 and report their harrasment. We are not the only one but there are hundreds of people out there who are victim of 1&1 and Arvato(Smiths). Just search yahoo with 1and1 and debt chasing.
BYTEmeCITY, 11th 2008 February, 2008
Great post and excellent follow comments. We are building a world wide website monitoring network. We need a lot of domains to do this correctly. Using godaddy for years, we thought maybe we could save some $$ on domains trying another registar.

I am so happy I found the comments from you folks. The people have spoken, seems this registar-host is not one "we could afford to risk our business on".

That's the point ultimately. If they could risk our business model in any way, we could be damaged.

By the way, you might be interested in the service we are building a network for. BYTEmySITE Website Uptime Monitoring.

Any blueprint for Website success, requires 24/7 presence, so you need a dirt cheap way to monitor your Website uptime, to know when your down or just slow.

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If you mention my post here in your email to support at BYTEmySITE you will receive FREE upgrade to OUR BEST SERVICE PLAN free for life. I just like to know my posts are read.

John London,
Peter, 29th 2008 January, 2008
I know I have already commented below, but being honest reading the review below, their CUSTOMER SUPPORT speaks for itself. Terrible.
Peter, 29th 2008 January, 2008
Awfull service, they have a habit of locking acocunts from a variety of reasons, and not informing you on this and then calling the dept collecters. I tried ringing 7 times two months before ny action would have been taken and could not get through, was waiting on the phone for neally 1 and a half hours and finally gave up. Don't even bother getting in touch with them via email... Overall, the uptime / server speeds are good, but if you want customer support DO NOT even bother with these guys.
Benchmark Reviews, 27th 2008 January, 2008
For ten months http://benchmarkreviews.com was a growing site with no problems... until 1and1.com shut down our site without notice. Now it has been nine days without any solution in site, and they refuse to transfer out our unlocked domain. Even simple DNS changes result in errors which they will not try to resolve. AVOID THEM IF YOU VALUE UPTIME OR SERVICE!!!
Richard Stevenson, 11th 2008 January, 2008
1and1.com and how they treat problems with customers and the deliberate sabotage (no other way to interoperate this) that goes on with their hosting boggles the mind. We at Blue Dolphin Management had engaged their server to host our website including our database. In late May 2007 1and 1 took our site down due to an enquiry about how the process in moving our database to another hosting company would work. An agent in their company decide to take our web site down and deleted our database. This all occurred within a 24 hour period (we noticed our website had gone down at that point in time).

Their own policy states that an e-mail in any case is sent to the client and only upon return written confirmation will a site be taken down or the database destroyed. On numerous occasions I have tried since then to settle this issue of taking our site down and destroying the data base without resolve. I have tried to communicate with their complaint department without not so much as an e-mail response. As far as I am concerned the department doesn’t even exist. Needles to say they had caused considerable damages to our system and reputation. My hope is to start a class action lawsuit as I have heard many a negative comment regarding their service. Please contact me Richard at bluedolphin3@shaw.ca or see other contact info at www.bluedolphinmanagement.com
Jason Denison, 28th 2007 December, 2007
TO ANYONE who is thinking of doing business with 1&1 ~

Exchange Server down 8 days and counting...support SUCKS, complaint department has nothing to say... just generic emails. Someone screwed up and I'm wondering why the Chairman of 1&1 (1 and 1) doesn't step up and handle this quickly, Andreas Gauger.

It's sad in 2007 that I've lost all my email, contacts, and calendar without warning. I can't even access Outlook 2007 because it has to talk with the Exchange Server before it will intialize and let me in.

How does a global company like 1 & 1 have a server go down for 8 days without any resolution in sight? It's beyond me. I would pay a little more any day to have avoided this and am moving all my accounts as I find time to.

BEWARE!!! Proceed with great caution!!! Trust me, stay away from this. When it works it's great but when it doesn't, man, you will pay dearly!!!!
DaveM, 02nd 2007 December, 2007
I started my 1and1 service when they gave away free hosting packages for 3 years. Service was always great, my site was always up, and my email has never been down. So at the end of the 3 year promo I decided I owed them a try and upgraded. Again so far I have no complaints about billing or service. There was one time my site appeared to be down, but it was actually my external domain provider GoDaddy that messed things up somewhere. 1and1's helpful tech support showed me the problem, even though it wasn't really on their end. I'm not an expert on providers of web hosting and can't really compare their service against others, but I really can't think of anything they could have done better.
Micky, 22nd 2007 November, 2007
I had a 1an1 for the last two years; nothing special; but I wanted to upgrade to get a little more room; instead I got another package added to my account; why they think I need two packages is a mystery; but that was what I got; so I contacted 1and1 customer support to be told by them that I should cancel the new package and nothing would be deducted from my bank card etc.

I ended up cancelling both packages as the customer support lied to me; I changed my bank account in order to stop them plundering my account; I did this; after they had taken three months money for a packege never used; and on the advice that I would not be charged etc.

Now they say that I am bound by a years contract; for the cancelled and not wanted Business Package; which was only two days old and never used; or put on line in anyway; as it had been cancelled well within their alledged months cancelation period I,E, two days; and this was due to them passing me around other departments for the two days; each saying it wasn't their problem; go elsewhere etc; and they now want my new bank account number or else I will get threats from
their debt collection department.

All in all; do not expect any help or common sense from 1and1; their track record on these web pages alone; proves it dosn't excist in their company.

All they are interested in is your money; legal or illegal; it doesn't matter to them; I think its about time all governments took these people in hand and charged them with robbery with menaces; as no-matter how you sum up, 1and1; they are far from being an honorable company; at least with a mugger; you know where you stand; with 1and1; they would even rob the dead and their own mothers....Micky.
Jack Elcik, 04th 2007 October, 2007
Bait and switch sales tactics with a Moodle Account followed up by backup of course problems (permissions) that cost me an account and a weeks worth of work. I don't think their support people have any training at all. They all are ducks and gatekeepers. Could not talk to a supervisor or Admin as they were "to busy."
Parser, 02nd 2007 October, 2007
The support sucks badly. But i will agree that if u have a dedicated server on them and u can manage it then you will be fine.
Martin Gamache, 20th 2007 September, 2007
Help me. They are getting on my nerve. I am loosing money with my dedicated server. There custommer support is horrible, downtime 5 days now. They are just repeating line of escuse. Don't go with them.
Mike, 18th 2007 September, 2007
Have been with a half dozen hosts over the last 7 years. 1and1 is the absolute worst. Have stayed with them longer than I should because of the work to move 9 sites. But have reached the end of my rope. Support is terrible, their control panel is the worst, just an awful admin panel. Too many issues to go into. There are so many better hosts with comparable or better prices, that you should never go with 1and1.com. Do a Google search on 1and1 sucks, over 50,000 results and 790 on the exact matches. You will probably find some bad reviews on all host, but I challenge you to find more bad reviews that 1and1 has. Stay away from them!
1and1.com sucks donkey, 29th 2007 August, 2007
I've been building web sites for 9 years and I've hosted at 20 different companies - 1and1.com and CIHOST are the ABSOLUTE WORST. I can't even begin to go into the issues I've experienced but I will try.

The tech support people just try to get you off of the phone without solving your problem. Maybe it works fine if you register your domain with them and use them for all services, but if you are an advanced user STAY AWAY. I wanted to use them for just email but I have DNS and web elsewhere and they routinely deleted my email account from the system. Nobody seems to care or konw how to fix the problem. I might have saved a few dollars but I actually lost a ton of $$$ because of the time I wasted.
choufouni.com, 13th 2007 August, 2007
I had 22 website with them most of them were clients websites. One morning 17 websites were gone, erased completely. I called and called, everytime I did I was told the same thing. Someone is working on restoring the websites. I lost over 5000 Us dollars because of them, Now I m thinking about taking them to court.
One of my customers have a pizzeria business and he too lost so many orders because of this.
If you know any good hosting company please advice. I guess you get what you pay for.
What a shame
Leaving FAST, 13th 2007 August, 2007
I truly loved 1and1.com back in 2005. Now I have to complain. Customer Services are a bitch to deal with. Long hold times to get through. And no follow through – I have had to call numerous times for the same issues. The Technical staff will say it is done and then for the next three days I have to continue to check on an item - and call back in – just to find out that someone messed up the order and we have to redo everything.

I am a 1and1.com reseller and I am at the breaking point. I have about 20 domains with them and I am seriously ready to pull them all off and go to the next hosting service. We all know it is a heart ache to change hosting providers for web sites, email, and ecommerce, but lets be serious – I/we bring them more business and what we get for it is a sharp decrease in “real” customer service…
Picture This, 09th 2007 August, 2007
1and1.com is an abomination, to say the least! I've been dealing with 1and1.com for a few years and have many client sites hosted with them. A server went down several MONTHS ago but they never notified those who were hosted on that server. Publishing became a major nightmare and getting through their phone lines is a joke...an HOUR or more on hold? They said someone should have e-mailed those hosted on that server, but, of course, that never happened. Tech suppport is ok, assuming they take you off hold.

A client's credit card expired in March of 07 and they sent the account to collection! They do not notify you when this happens, but they do take the site down and leave it in "locked status" so you have to figure out what happened on your own.
Tony, 15th 2007 July, 2007
They are the worst, I have been down 6 days out of 10 days this week. They are telling me it takes 36 to restore from back up at one point another point tell me it takes 3 days to rebuid a strip set. Their India tech support sucks their supervisors lie all the time. I'm transfering my domain to some else who cares abouth their customers. They sure do not and if you google you will see many people are having the same problems. Now they will probably screw me when i cancel the service.
Mad & Mad.com, 26th 2007 June, 2007
After a year with them I canceled my service at a month prior to renewal time . I had to use their automated cancelation route because they would not do it during the phone call.Now I see why they are waiting for you to make a mistake on the frustrating form so they can continue to charge you for something you did not fill out correctly.I am be charge for a extra month for not checking the proper box.I would NOT RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE.Let me go take a couple more tylenol my head is killing me.
Tom, 23rd 2007 June, 2007
I was with 1and 1 for a couple years and recently dropped my account. I had too many problems with down time. My entire site was erased after it was down for almost two days. I had to upload the whole site.
The email accounts are very slow and have problems with up time.
The support just does not seem to know much about what is going on.
I wish I had read this website before signing up.
thomthumb, 04th 2007 June, 2007
At the end of the day, after reading the above I agree that the support is mostly dire. The dedicated boxes are great & the network too, and if you are moderately seasoned as a sysadmin then you will be happy - if you are a newbie - sell the house and go to rackspace (as they are apparently fanatics and happy to hold hands but charge more than most peoples cars cost P.A.). The control pannel thingy is also maintained by their support staff seemingly - and as such sometimes faults & failures creep in and remain for weeks as features (like the inverted mx record bug). Their exchange servers went down for 14 days earlier this year - and they we hopeless with it - swept it under the carpet, lied to the press etc. So for heavens sake DONT RESELL WITH ANY SERIOUS SLA OR YOU MAY COME TO REGRET IT. On balance though - most big businesses are pretty shady in this day and age - so frankly I expect to stay with them for the indefinate future (and have been a cust for the last 3+ years). Unless they p*ss me off, in which case I will sell my wife and car on ebay and move the web infrastructure elsewhere.
zippysticks, 30th 2007 May, 2007
I though 1&1 were ok until they started having billing problems.
I have had a dedicated server with them for the past 3 years at £30 per month - not bad really.

Billing problems started in April when they failed to debit my perfectly serviceable credit card - fault with their system apparently.
They have failed to fix this and continually tell me that the payemnt is failing - of course my card company has no record of any failed transactions.
At their suggestion I paid them by bank transfer - of course they could not track it down for a week so decided to switch my server off.
Many, many emails and phone calls later they switch it on again after acknowledging payment had been received only to switch it off again the following day !

What a shambles.
Robert, 25th 2007 May, 2007
1and1 was recommended by a friend so I signed up. It was not more than 3 months later that I canceled and went somewhere else. This place is like the walmart of the hosting industry. Everything about it cheap. If you have 1 page personal site, this place is fine, but your are a dumb fool if you put your business site into these peoples hands.
Tim, 21st 2007 May, 2007
They told me my website is using too much CPU time, and I should switch to a virtual server, I have 30 days to comply. Until then, my site is on an temporary server.

So, I log in to buy a VPS.

BUT: My credit card is only valid until May 31 (about 2 weeks), so they do not accept that one.
(every store on the planet does, just 1and1 does not.)

The new (identical, same number, etc) credit card does not become valid until June 1.

Today, (after 18 days) the website was now taken offline. I guess I will have to wait until June 1.
Missing out on 12.000 page views a day.
Miller, 05th 2007 April, 2007
Bunch of idiots who don't know what they are doing and don't care about your problems.
Richard, 05th 2007 March, 2007
I was their customer for almost a year and I decided to cancel my account due to some reasons:
1. I found a cheaper web hosting
2. 1and1 customer service sucks. They keep you on hold for at least 30 minutes
3. They do not know how to handle customers.
4. 1and1 have more downtime than expected.

Before transferring to my new web hosting, I cancelled my account about 3 weeks from my next billing cycle. I called their customer support and verified everything that if I cancel now, should I still be able to access my remaining weeks of my account until it expires. And the person said "yes".

But after confirming my cancellation, I wasn't able to access my account and the technical department told me that once you acknowledge your cancellation, your account is still active but I your account is locked. This means that you cannot access your files anymore.

I don't know what's their problem why they need to lock your account. You already have paid for it and there will be no harm if you cancel the account prior to renewal.

So, my advice is, before you cancel your account with 1and1, you have to make sure that you have deleted or backed up all your files prior to cancelling your account with them.

Steve, 19th 2007 February, 2007
Switch to dreamhost.com
Steven B., 14th 2007 February, 2007
Been with 1&1 for a few years. My web site is not that demanding. I too can not get Webfiles to work, support did get in touch with me stating to delete cookies and cache files. Then Webfiles worked. But I have not been able to get it running again following the same procedure.

I signed my company up for 1&1, have not yet switched the main domain over until I know they get the issues solved. Looking for another Win Host that has better support and tools.
isaac, 14th 2007 February, 2007
we have had repeated extended bouts of downtime through 1and1 for long stretches of time -- 24 hours or more. in the last two months, our shared server on 1and1 has been down for 5 days. no billing problems so far. if anyone can suggest an alternative, please post and let me know.
Ryan23, 14th 2007 February, 2007
1and1.com is actually pretty good. Easy to set up and run. The only problem ihave is i can't open web files......
Drake, 07th 2007 February, 2007
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I've been 3 months so far trying to get them to fix my Frontpage Extensions. 1st level support don't investigate problems, just email with a guess at what it could be and send you to the back of the queue again (e.g. "have you tried activating the extensions" - yes duh, 2 months ago). 2nd level support never respond (you'll get a confirmation, but nothing will be done).

The company is too busy chasing new business to give a sod for it's existing customers. They'll screw you, because they can.
Ian, 15th 2007 January, 2007
Very cheap, and I've used them for years. Recently upgraded to an Enterprise server and a business server (both dedicated box's), excellent price.

Tech support is the worst in humanity. If you can do it yourself then you're ok, if you need them to change a setting on there machines you have no control over then forget it.

Recently started experiancing a lot of down-time where the servers cannot be accessed at all, either via http or remote desktop as there data pipes had failed.

They do make billing errors, but after a couple of emails they have been corrected.

Really need a mediocre button on here as there both good and bad, but loosing total conection to servers when there pipe goes down is inexcusable so its a negative.
Jeff, 18th 2006 November, 2006
1and1.com is a totally worthless organization founded on the business principals of “WE DON’T CARE, BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE TOO”.

The control panel works when it wants too, the features within the control panel are partially functioning beta products that have many issues in functionality, which they don’t disclose until after your issues arise. Canceling any product or service with 1and1.com which must be done through the control panel is an exercise in futility.

There is no customer service, unless you classify customer service as yelling “look in FAQ” and speaking so fast (not in English) you can’t understand them!! Their e-mail support is as bad as the telephone support. Telephone wait times are usually in excess of 45 minutes (by now I’ve hung up). When you do speak to a human (?) they will do their very best to not resolve the issues, be it technical or billing; then they hang up on you. Anyway you look at 1and1.com, you the client are totally at risk and you will loose.

If you use 1and1.com’s Linux hosting for Front Page you’re in for a treat to get to get them to work.

Run Far and Fast and find a different hosting company!
Jimmy Boy, 09th 2006 November, 2006
I had several billing problems, where they made mistakes and would not admit it. They will cut you off with not warning if they think you owe them money. (They do send an e-mail, but you cannot receive it because your e-mail is down.) Also, their method of hosting multiple .NET sites on one account was incompatible with my code. If you can live with the problems, you do get a lot for your money, but it's not really worth it.
Control Panel down all the time, 21st 2006 October, 2006
Logging into their CP gives errors, redirects. If you do get in, most of the online apps don't work. Switching from FTP to Frontpage extension, or resetting Frontpage will reset all of your permissions on files. They don't allow CHMOD commands on FTP in a MS Host plan, the only way to change file permission is by their CP Webfiles, which doesn't work - gives you "An unknown error occurred." If your database requires read, write access, stay away from 1and1. I am warning you, it will be headaches for you. You will get pissed of at the long hold times, the slow response of email, poor cs, uneducated engineers, admins with no technical expertise. Things stay down for the longest time, all they say is we are working on it right now. Days and days pass and it's still not fixed. Web stores get hurt by 1and1.
Walter, 05th 2006 October, 2006
Had a go-around for a few days with 1and1.com....They couldn't keep my FrontPage Server Extensions activated. They solved that problem, but in the process I lost my website. I began to upload it again. Everything worked fine, sort of, and then their host server connection speed dropped to almost Zero and stayed at that speed ever since about 10pm last night.
Now I am left with a partially loaded website and service reps who tell me that the slow connection speed I encounter is due "You have a lot of files uploaded already, and that slows things down."
Their server won't even stay connected long enough to list the files I di manage to reload.
There seems to be no choice, I need to look for a better host for my website.
Jason, 29th 2006 September, 2006
I have used 1&1 for 2 years with no complaints, until out of the blue a letter arrived demanding I update my credit card details on their web console as my card had expired and they had automatically renewed the account anyway. I was given a 20 day ultimatum but the letter arrived a few days before the ultimatum date. I tried to do as the letter said, although rather reluctantly as I did not really need the 2 domains and felt cheated as I had no opportunity to cancel, and the account had been automatically renewed in my ignorance. I am still in despute as to why I have not had any communications before the letter, oh and because I could not log onto my console, I now have BFS Finance chasing me for 30 pounds as 15 pounds was added to the ammount they say I owe them for being naughty!. Each time I have spoken to their staff, I am passed from department to department and none of the managers will speak to me because ‘it is not company policy for managers to speak to customers on the telephone’. They also resite thier questionable terms and conditions at every opportunity, so to prevent anyone from falling into the same trap as I did, I have compiled thier Terms & Conditions with my own ‘plain english’ interpretations. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jason.haywood/1and1/
Read first and then make an informed decision.
gman, 21st 2006 September, 2006
1and1 actually ARE the worlds worst registrar. I hope that Trading Standards finds them as their service doesnt provide most the stuff they offer
Alex, 13th 2006 September, 2006
1&1 was OK until this summer (2006), when I have been experiencing lagging and downtime. Second rate Philippino support. Stay away. I am in the process of moving my sites elsewhere.
gnjdavis.net, 20th 2006 August, 2006
Feature packed and their price is right......but Tech Support just sucks. Their first level Philipino support is a joke, all they do is tell you what you can read yourself on-line. If you need second level support, you just have to wait until they get around to checking out the problem. My website has been down for 3/4 of July and August. I'm in the process of looking for a new host.
Mike, 21st 2006 July, 2006
1and1 has been nothing but pleasant for me. I've had them for about 2 years now and customer service and tech support is polite and the hosting has never given me trouble. The login names are kinda akward, but I'd rather akward than predictable for security reasons.
Eric, 18th 2006 July, 2006
Awful. Their control panel is terrible, their user naming scheme involves impossible-to-remember numbered accounts and worst of all: their customer services borders on the criminal: they over-charged me and were absolutely rude on the phone when I was trying to resolve the problem. Run away!!
handcellphone.com, 18th 2006 July, 2006
It is just sucks big time. HandCellPhone.com is generating more and more traffic but the web server just responds too slow and i lost all my revenues !
normdar, 09th 2006 May, 2006
asbolutely awful. I would never deal with them again. they send me a invoice for a service I cancelled. The deceptive business practice is THAT YOU CANNOT CANCEL ONLINE, YOU HAVE TO FAX A CANCELLATION. Every online company I have dealt with that allows you to join online also allows you to cancel online. They then give me a credit and say the "total amount due" is a credit, but they send me to collection on another invoice.

when I called customer service, they were very condescedning and not willing to discuss anything.

Like the people above, I cancelled the service because it was so slow. when I called to complain they said that they had never had that complaint before.
MagicBoy, 02nd 2006 May, 2006
Today "Adam" of 1and1's Phillipine's call center screamed at me and when I asked for a supervisor, he said "NO." I asked 20 times for a supervisor before he 'closed' the call with, "okay thanks for calling." and hung up on me.
1and1.com sucks, 20th 2006 January, 2006
1and1.com is the worst registrar on the planet...their customer service and billing are horrible...the transfer out is a major hassle and requires a FAX! Even then it still takes more time than it should. Their control panel is painfully slow. Their technical support is...guess what...no it's horrible too.
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