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Aspnix General Information
  Aspnix is providing Reseller and Windows web hosting services, has been founded in 2004 and now it's years in business.

aspnix.com average uptime is 99.994% (rank #966 on our directory) with total 83117 successful and 5 failed checks, monitored since 2006-02-24. Similar companies with 99.994% uptime are and ihubnet.com.

Search for "aspnix.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 232 results so company name popularity rank is #1810.

There have been 153 positive votes for Aspnix and 42 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #1955 (similar companies are mphosting.net and preferred-hosting.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Enterprise Reseller (Type: Reseller) - 40 GB space, 400 GB bandwidth for $77/mo

Professional Reseller (Type: Reseller) - 20 GB space, 200 GB bandwidth for $57/mo

Basic Reseller (Type: Reseller) - 1000 MB space, 100 GB bandwidth for $37/mo

Portal Hosting (Type: Windows) - 5000 MB space, 70 GB bandwidth for $14.77/mo

Personal Hosting (Type: Windows) - 3000 MB space, 50 GB bandwidth for $7.77/mo

Some technical data about aspnix.com
  IP Location: Colorado - Denver - Anaxa Llc Dba Aspnix
Blacklist Status: Clear
Website Title: ASPnix - Premium Windows Hosting Provider. ASP.NET 2.0, MS SQL Server 2005, VPS, SharePoint.
Description: Windows ASP, ASP.NET, .NET, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, FrontPage, CGI, Web Hosting.

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Koertisky, 27th 2011 May, 2011
Well I'm satisfied with the level of services aspnix provides. There are no hidden fees on their services which are full-featured and well-administrated. Their discounts are also nice and help to get their services cheaper.
Randy Ritchey, 28th 2011 April, 2011
Life was great with aspnix for two years great uptime and service then just this week, one of my customers accounts and his database were gone. I called and there response was that a cron job ran and saw something it didn't like and deleted it. been fighting with them since to put it back. my customer is litterally out of business without his data. so much for there backups.

I decided to check other customers accounts and in the control panel 3 of my customers database were missing 2 other customers have no infomation at all in the domains. but all of them are still running. they have not returned my emails at all.

will post again if this should change but with their attitude towards the customer. I don't have any great expectations at this time.
alwaqfi, 23rd 2011 January, 2011
Aspnix, USED to be good hosting, after all of their not counted upgrades, ended with load of bugs like:
1- We Had data loose and they admitted there was maint merge 2 database servers(they didnt tell us anything, so we can take back up or tell our customers)
2-they had maint before, and customers started calling us, and we didnt know what happened until we called them and they told us they are restarting the server.
3-I had my website deleted for manytimes, but last time they said i didnt renew it which isnt the truth i got 1 domain deleted and i did renew it 3months before,
4- after I moved to new host, they didnt refund me or solve my problem, they took over one of my domains and telling me to buy it from them
5- I asked for my EPP key for my domains and thats how i found they deleted 2 domains(they didnt expire) , and one domain they said i didnt renew it(how can you renew something without having or sending you an invoice?)
5- and they arent the best price anymore, there are few companies give same or better features with low price and ranked
So, I dont advice anyone to host at aspnix, find another host!
Rinamo, 16th 2010 December, 2010
I have been using aspnix services for a short while and I have made up my mind to drop a line about them. I like the way they provide their resourceful services which are supported well for 24 hours. Their support is responsive and their control panel is usable and simple. And their pricing policy is simple and straightforward. I'd recommend to use their Windows services to everybody!
AR Chaudhary, 06th 2010 September, 2010
I've done the evaluation and now going to subscribe to Reseller plan for me and my customers as well subscribing to Linux VPS (Centos 5.x) on their German datacenter, they offer recently.
This is the latest offer I was waiting for and they claim their German datacenter is more powerful. Let's see...
AR Chaudhary, 06th 2010 September, 2010
Wonderful offer, I subscribed to trial hosting without providing my credit card
information and enjoying hosting my web domain, emails and blog for several months and I'm very happy.
They offering to support almost all technologies for web hosting available in market that includes but not limited to ASP, ASPnet all versions, AJAX, Silverlight, PHP, Python, Pearl, Crystal reports, Jmail, Persists components, MySQL, SQL Server 2008 64 bit, smartermail, smarterstats, database management through management studio / clients as well through web interface, Shared and dedicated SSL, IISPassword, URL Rewrite, dedicated IP, link to services monitoring, VPS plans, dedicate and reseller plans, etc...
Their support is very good even for trial hosting I get quick responses through
support tickets as well live chat. their support team is very polite and listen to me carefully.
Servers are running stable, site performance is Good too.

I can manage my web server settings through control panel and database through web interface.

I face few issues with control panel but they promised upgrading their control panel with fixes of bugs, performance issues and offering new features with their own solution named Clusteris and I'm excited to see what is Clusteris.
I'm writing this review because of I'm very satisfied and enjoying free web hosting for months and I think they deserve for this writing .
Menhal, 27th 2010 March, 2010
I can not compare it with other web hosting providers since I have not tried any other one. But from my experience with aspnix, I find it to be more than what I need from all aspects. I will continue using it and no need for trying others.
Nigle Neck, 18th 2010 February, 2010
I’m not new to the world of web hosting and I have seen a lot of web hosting providers. So far I have never seen such customer care. I have possibility to communicate with vice president of the company. That is awesome.
Free hardware updates, they actually do a lot for me as for the customers for free.
Of course they are not the cheapest. But the service quality I get worth it.
Mattew Scott, 09th 2010 February, 2010
The process of finding good web hosting service was not easy at all. But aspnix was the only one web hosting company which replied to all my so called pre-sales tickets in time and without any delay. That was first impression and that was really nice one. Now I have really good web hosting service and polite stuff serving me. Being quite expensive hosting service they DO provide good service and do not only claim about it.
Victorio, 28th 2010 January, 2010
One of the best web hosts I have used previously. I wish they had better prices. Overall it is nice web hosting service. The support might appear a bit slow but I accept it.
This review is the way to say “Thank you” for their services.
Gremm Gallaher, 05th 2010 January, 2010
I have been using them for 1.5 month. I have to admit everything is working. Support response fast. So I’m really happy to be with them.
I know 1.5 month that is not long period of time but that is enough to understand how good or bad service is.
Great service, 24th 2009 December, 2009
I know there are not too many windows web hosting providers, so the chice is not so reach as for the linux web hosting
I decided to give a try to aspnix. Now I do not regret. For the 2 month I have been using them I have very good service, uptime.
Support works as Swiss clock
Thanks aspnix and keep up doing good job
Teodor Makghlout, 18th 2009 December, 2009
I had a dream to have web site for my favorite football team I support. I had dome a lot of research for reliable web hosting company. I found aspnix. I asked for the test account and they gave it to me. I was surprised. But then I signed up with them and I find their web hosting service very reliable.
Good service and polite managers. I think I do not need more. I ready to pay them as much as they ask me.
Ben Jase, 21st 2009 November, 2009
Aspnix is the tem of the professionals. I have never net such good service. Polite and really nice managers are always ready to help. I have no problems with the site.
Big Thanks

Franz Feddix, 11th 2009 November, 2009
The good company is not the one which is looks promising or looks good to be truth. Good comp[any is the one which offer good and quality services for you and for your web site. That is really important.
I have to say that I get one one the best web hosting services from Aspnix I have ever experienced
Grem Rotesky, 05th 2009 November, 2009
I’m absolutely new for the world of the web hosting. But I prefer quality with any aspect of the life and I ignored suggestions for free web hosting and decided to give a chance to the web hosting company of aspnix which is paid web hosting provider.
After brief conversation with their polite mamnager I upload my nonn professionally made but web site.
Shame on me to have such web site with the such good service
Be sure I’m on redesign right now. As for for the hosting service - that is awesome and I have to admit I like it very much.
Aspnix rulezzz!
Andy, 30th 2009 October, 2009
That is one month review for the Aspnix web hosting company. I’m on the shared windows plan. Everything working just fine. Nice support and friendly stuuf makes them really good. I’m all ears to here if anyone can say something bad of them but they really good ones.
Wayne Erst, 26th 2009 October, 2009
The company of Aspnix.com is the team of the professionals, No doubts. They are good web hosting provider. I wai6ed for few minutes for whole account information and now I find them working perfectly. I think that if web hostinmg company is good that should be the same as aspnix.com. Good company for your patience
Piere, 17th 2009 October, 2009
The best company I have used. Everything just fine. Support is fast and helpful. People are really polite there. I haven’t had any single problem with them.
The prices might appear as high but they are windows and I believe the prices are ok.
I wish I hadn’t had met them earlier
Def Marrlott, 05th 2009 October, 2009
I was suggested top use this host on the asp.net community. I was in need for the windows host and did not want to sign up with 1-2 year old companies.
I do not regret now. Good company. Good uptime. Good windows experts. I would recommend them for everyone for the asp.net hosting
mark, 24th 2009 August, 2009
I have been with aspnix for 6 months, and i have to say how unreliabe there servers are, problem after problem im spending my days complaining. The only reason im staying with them at the moment is because i cant find another host with the same secure features ie SSl - smtp, pop3, ftp,imap, access to all control panels (webmail + databases) they are all secure.Once i find a host with these features im OFF!
Bart Claus, 28th 2009 July, 2009
That their servers and networks are not the fastest, I can live with. I used to be a customer for three years, but the first time i realy needed support (the past week), the experience was that horrible that I took the opportunity of not being able to access anything anyway to switch to another company. Your just a number in this company, and they don't take responsibility for nothing.
ozz, 07th 2009 July, 2009
aspnix is totaly out of touch with the public, and there needs and dont seem to like been told what the problem is or that they are wrong, they respond veryu arragantly
Gagarin, 26th 2009 June, 2009
Worst host!

they canceled my account with all databases and websites because I'm traveling and using differentd IPs and due to inaccurately filled forms, without any warnings.

please, be carefull

Here is my log with support

I cannot access control panel. It says 'The username or password specified was incorrect'.
And my wesites also unreachable.
whats wrong?

Your account was cancelled and removed due to fraud. During a random inspection we found details of your account that did not match up.
Your signup location was thailand, your logged in from china, but used a russian address that was found to be fake.
Thank you!

Kindest regards,
ASPnix Support Department

Yes, that's correct!
I travel, and don't have permanent address. When I was in Thailand I hosted my travelblog with aspnix. Currently I'm in China. 2 weeks later i'll be in Malaysia, then Nepal and India... what's wrong with this?
how can we reactivate my account?

Sir I apologize, but this cannot be undone, the name you are using here Eugene Novikov does not match what is listed in your profile in your hosting account, Your address was completely fake etc.
Thank you!

Kindest regards,
ASPnix Support Department

Hey, Sir! I'm not a fake:)
The name I'm using here is my real name, I used my nick name in hosting account.
I'm using both names simultaniously, and never had problems.

Can you say that ASPNIX hosting company removes accounts full of real content due to inaccurately filled forms, without any warnings?

Please, restore my account!

Thank you!

We do not have to warn you, you used a fake name on a hosting account, we reserve the right to determine what is fraud and cancel. You can try and signup again, our new billing system is near full proof with fradulent attempts. We cannot restore the account as it has cancelled and removed along with all data.

Signup again with LEGAL information and REAL information, with a proper credit card. You do not use your nickname when you get a bank account, or a cell phone, you use your real name.

Thank you!

Kindest regards,
ASPnix Support Department
Asif, 31st 2009 May, 2009
Well........i am a real customer, not a spammer, not a basher. I work for Store Secured Inc. as a Technical Lead and i am MCPD, MCAD.NET, MCP, MCTS. And on the behalf of my good career and nice time with aspnix I will NOT tell any lie.

ASPNIX is the BESTEST hosting i EVER worked on. I used their Shared, reseller and VPS all accounts for a particular time. currently i am on basic reseller.

100% uptime, their cloud servers Rock, I'm kinda in love with aspnix.

They have helm , my little backup and my little admin installed on helm. They have Extremely nice control panel.

they give Full Trust ASP.NET hosting.... so DO WHATEVER... install DNN use LinQ ... read write and bash folders and files. even write Configuration files.... thats not less than a heaven ....

And ppl talking about their support.
YES they dont have good live support BUT customer need least help as it always is very good service. second.. they are on Twitter, they are on MSN....... talk to them ask them their msn and twirtter IDs and they will give you......

Finally! i'd say i used hostingChannel, host departement, i know discound asp, invent, and other hosts specially full trust hostings....... ASPNIX is the TOP of all..

and the only hosting which i know faces FORUMS on their site.

i have said very less about them and i dont speak lie

Asif Ashraf
Technical Lead
Store Secured Inc.
V. Vozze, 21st 2008 November, 2008
I have been using aspnix.com services for half a year and I want to say that their services are great. Uptime is nearly 100%, their friendly support helps me much to solve problems if there are any but they are not serious.
Their Windows hosting is stable and fast.
Hossein Rooznamechi, 21st 2007 December, 2007
I've been with ASPnix almost a year and there are several things that make me love this host. Such as friendly online support that really cares about customers. The fact that they always keep up with the latest updates available, for example, .net framework and SQL database version. And last, but not least the prices are extremely good! You can hardly find such good services for the prices as at ASPnix! But what really makes me stick with this host is that ASPnix is vividly improving gradually!
Fabian Marsiglione, 21st 2007 December, 2007
I´m an ASPnix client since few years ago and I’m really comfortable with the services. The servers have a very good uptime and the support is great. They always help me and response time is amazing. I would recommend ASPnix Windows Hosting to everyone.
Fabian von Berlepsch, 21st 2007 December, 2007
Since more than 2 years our company is satisfied in every way with the services and prizing of ASPnix. Support, hardware, software and consulting – all these areas are covered by their enthusiastic and friendly team and they keep on improving with every demand we could address. Their “open communication” policy is revolutionary and now imitated by others: open and honest forums keep record of all inquiries and testifies their seriousness and dedication. ASPnix accompanied our company starting with a small presentation website and now having a fully featured VPS with several active websites, .NET applications, mail-server etc. The best word describing our relation to ASPnix is “confidence”, and that’s what counts most.
MN guy, 03rd 2007 September, 2007
I've hosted for years. At first, they were great - helping me custom code .NET to work per my site design. Now - they claim 'sorry, no 99.9% guarantee due to custom coding help years ago AND nothing was said about voiding any guarantee when they helped. Down 4 times in last 4 months. They usually fix - but that is not the point. Obviously their fault: Down 1 month due to expired shared SSL certificate. Down a week due to changed SSL path. Down days due to installing Front Page ext. on my .NET site - destroying existing permissions. Opinion: This group is a bunch of college kids who love to play, upgrade the site weekly, changing configuration of installations without notifying users - they started, earned a lot of $, now seem to be slacking off, getting less and less reliable. I posted this information, with dates, times, and facts to their public support forum - the NEXT morning, hours later - their forum is gone!
ASPNix Customer, 30th 2007 July, 2007
Sorry but the review by "jhon cena" is pure spam. The ASPNIX Email and SQL outages that affected EVERYONE lasted days per incident. My website(s) have been down 4 days out of the last 7 - in fact one is down as I write this. Maybe the network is up all the time but what good is that if your website, SQL or Email is down days at a time?

Now they have turned off the customer feedback forums and it appears they have begun spamming webhost review sites with positive comments.

You be the judge.
MacAttack, 29th 2007 July, 2007
Stick around, you'll change your tune
SeaDog, 29th 2007 July, 2007
Finally, after a couple more attempts to get a response, my money was refunded, so they say. I'll check the bank tomorrow to be sure.

What is it with techies and curtomer service? Techies shouls stick to techie things and hire business and marketing types to handle the business side of things and learn what customer service is. These guys were great 2 years ago, now they have too many clients so they ignore them and disable thier customer forums due to too many complaints posted in their forums.
jhon cena, 29th 2007 July, 2007
ASPnix is the best. I can't put it in more simple terms for anyone. The best technical support, the best friendly staff, the best network, the best hardware, and then some. In 6 months, I only had a total of 6 _minutes_ of network downtime. Never a power outage, never a "mistake" or a server switch.

I would recommend ASPnix in a heartbeat to anyone. They offer discounts for nonprofit organizations and academic sites, and their prices are already well-worth the service you get in exchange.

I know this sounds like spam, but it's not. They're really that good!
SeaDog, 28th 2007 July, 2007
I prescribe total avoidance. They even treat new customers badly. I signed up for a VPS account and after nearly 4 days of no provisioning, I requested cancellation. Still no response. I guess legal action is in order.
aspnix customer 2, 22nd 2007 June, 2007
Their customer support is terrible and demeaning. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but calling your customers "abusers" isn't the right way to keep them. Deleting any thread on their forum which asks them to look into why their servers are down, gets answered, and then deleted. They wouldn't want potential customers to see how much of a hack job it is. For the past several months it's been a 1 man operation. Now that they have additional support, you still receive the same poor level of customer service where they don't answer your questions.

Advise: investigate and give your customers the right answer the first time, rather than just firing off an answer in hopes that it solves the problem. A fast wrong answer is worse then a slower correct answer.
Bill Devine, 04th 2007 June, 2007
The worst host I ever used too. Their ticket based support is useless unless you like talking to autoresponders. You really do get what you pay for.
The money you save on the hosting plans you'll make up for in your aspirin and ant-acid purchases.
ASPNix Customer, 27th 2007 March, 2007
Do your homework by researching the web, not just their site for customer feedback.

Service is probably on par with other "cheap" hosts but it's the condescending customer support that I could do with out.

Be aware that they routinely DELETE (or move out of sight) negative customer posts to put on a happy face for new customers. Wish would have known this before I signed up.
Jim Sneeringer, 24th 2006 November, 2006
I have had some good experiences with this host, and it took me a long time to decide to leave them.

The biggest problem is lots of down time. One server with an important application has been down about twice a day for 10-15 days. About 5 days ago, they said they would replace it, but the problems continued for 4-5 more days. I think it's fixed now, but I've already started moving to a new provider. They seldom notice it’s down unless I tell them. When I submit a ticket, it's usually back up within 30-60 minutes, but if I'm asleep and don't notice, it usually stays down all night.

Today, I'm trying to get a database backup, so I can move to another provider. I did not tell them why I want it, but my ticket has been sitting there (while my site is down) for about 16 hours. About 15 hours ago, I got a response asking for more information, which I answered within 5 minutes, but have heard nothing since, until a couple of minutes ago while I was writing this review. He promises to have it in a few minutes, and threw in that they are never closed. They sure looked closed to me.

They seem to have only two people, Rick during the day and Roma the rest of the time. I think Rick took vacation, and Roma had to sleep sometime. To be fair, I should note that today is the Friday after thanksgiving. Roma was there at about 10 pm last night (Thanksgiving), and apparently woke up around 2 pm. I chose this time for my maintenance because I thought it would minimize disruption for my users.

Next, one of my customers is dissatisfied with the response time. It's not awful, but he's afraid that prospects attracted by a search engine will go elsewhere rather than wait. I have identified two other providers that seem to have better response times. ASPnix ignored my request to move this application to another server. (Once they gave a non-responsive answer, and the second time they literally did not respond at all.)

They often do not address the question and seldom give you all the information you need, but that’s the norm in ticket-based support. They can be quite careless about following instructions, which can be critical to maintaining the integrity of a database. You are dependent on them to backup and restore SQL database, and if they do it wrong you can lose data. My users have never told me I actually lost data, so probably nobody was on during the time interval for which the data was lost, but the potential was there because ASPnix didn't follow instructions. Rick is rather impulsive, and you can usually only communicate by submitting a ticket.

Also, they once withdrew a feature (SQL full-text searching) without notice, causing my site to stop working until I discovered it.

Finally, the Helm system is a bit awkward in that everything is domain oriented. If you have several domains, you must have a separate FTP account and SQL server account for each.

In summary, they are probably OK if you need ASP.NET (especially 2.0) or SQL Server (especially 2005), and can tolerate some support problems and down time. Otherwise, I would not go with them.
Bill Sanders, 11th 2006 March, 2006
Worst Host ever. They are down way too much and support is pathetic. They always say "Well, it happens to everyone". They have major hardware failures ever other week. DO NOT USE THEM. Support is horrible.
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