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  Gisol is providing web hosting services, has been founded in 1999 and now it's years in business.

gisol.com average uptime is 99.998% (rank #133 on our directory) with total 83426 successful and 2 failed checks, monitored since 2006-02-21. Similar companies with 99.998% uptime are and zonerhosting.com.

Search for "gisol.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 34100 results so company name popularity rank is #138.

There have been 46 positive votes for Gisol and 37 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #284 (similar companies are river-city.net and citystar.net)

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  IP Location: Texas - Dallas - Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Server Type: Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat) mod_perl/1.99_09 Perl/v5.8.0 DAV/2 PHP/4.3.2 mod_python/3.0.3 Python/2.2.3 mod_ssl/2.0.46 OpenSSL/0.9.7a
Website Title: Welcome to Global Internet Solutions
Description: Global Internet Solutions offers affordable web hosting with powerful servers. Our current SPECIAL for $7.95 offers you 100MB of space, 90 DAYS FREE, FREE Domain Name, 24/7 Technical Support -- backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Visit us today!

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
t341, 16th 2010 June, 2010
I've been with GISOL for over five years. There were a few outages put they had an easy to used contact interface and those problems were quickly solved. Last year things began to change. They shut down my website and demanded that I pay $59 a month because I was using to much bandwidth. Of course i had to pay three years Suddenly several months later they shut down my website again. It is a business site and we derive part of our revenue from the site. Gisol know this and knew they had us over a barrel. This second shutdown was caused, again, by using to much bandwidth. Of course this was just a big lie but I had to pay them $4,000 to get the site back up and for three years of "unlimited" hosting. I now knew that the site would be shut down again and I would be extorted in a few months for more money. Of course they owned my domain name, we all know that story, and I decided that I must buy it from them. I called and they quoted me a price of $1500 plus 15% plus another $300 they said they had to pay to their registering company (this $300 was a total lie as I found out later they had to pay them 0). A total of almost $2300. I agree. They said I could not use a credit card (wonder why) and I had to go to their bank and wire the money into their account. They told me the domain name would be transferred in 5 days. Guess what, it was not transferred. Through a series of fortunate phone calls and emails I was lucky to get a sympathetic person at their registry to contact them. After seven weeks they transferred part of the domain into my name. PLEASE READ THIS: There are three parts to a whois domain name listing. The registrant, the admin and the tech contact. All they transferred was the registrant not the other two which meant they still controlled by domain name and I could not move it from their server and still had to pay them. A bunch of dirty rotten crooks. Please be warned about buying your domain name. Through another series of fortunate incidents I was able to go around them and have everything put into my name. I am convinced if I had asked them to put me in as the admin and tech they would have asked for another $2300. The domain is mine now and I have moved the website to a company where I get the same unlimited package for $9.00 a month versus the $159 that Gisol extorted me for. Please be warned. I lost $6300 from them. I looked them up and they have lost over 700 clients since Jan 2010. Their policy, since they are not getting new business (suckers) is to extort money from their existing clients whose domain names they own. My nightmare with Gisol is over and I've learned a valuable lesson. I'm just lucky I got my domain name from these crooks and liars.
Another GISOL victim, 13th 2010 April, 2010
GISOL is most Fraudulent thing I ever witnessed in America! Not sure what Govt. is doing about such businesses.
StillScamming, 06th 2010 February, 2010
I can't believe that it's 2010 and GISOL is still allowed to operate. I was sure that they were going to be taken down by lawsuits.
Yes they are still at it. Scammed me last year, now I need to find a way to save my boss' domain, if not I'm fired.
Leonel Lopez, 09th 2009 September, 2009
I hosted with them for over 3 years, one day they decided not to offer the online support and chat they charge me so i tried to oppen Trouble tickets but never anwer them so i move some of my domains away and they decided to block my account and block the transfer for my other domains, so if you are thinking about contracting them read all contract and expect changes without yopu knowing (they send emails and if you don´t cry out in that very moment they will downgrade your account)
Gisolinfo, 08th 2009 January, 2009
Hey folks! If you're so mad about them, go address them directly. They are at 809 N. Gardner Street, Los Angeles, CA 90046. The owner's name is Brian Gisol. There!! Do something.
Gary B, 26th 2008 December, 2008
ALL LIES! They stole $1788 which was my whole savings I had and they took it from me! I had a family, and I've been in debt to my bank for over 6 months!

Do not go for them, in ANY WAY! I found a good site that helps most people at report-gisol.com but for me, that money will never come back.

The forge your Sig on papars and send it to VISA and your Bank to show as proof that you agreed to that sum.

RG, 10th 2008 November, 2008
If you believe their post, you must be very trusting of a bunch of theives. Ignore it, and report them!
Ron Hightower, 09th 2008 November, 2008
Gisol is a Scam. They stole over 2000 from my card, I am now fighting to get my money and my domain back. They will steal everything you hold dear on the internet. Stay away at all Costs!!!!
gisol, 05th 2008 November, 2008
To GISOL customers

We have incorporated a new Customer Relations Department designed to resolve outstanding customer issues and complaints pertaining to services, fees, domains and account suspensions.


Please visit our new Customer Relations Ticketing System. By filling out a ticket, the Customer Relations Department staff will investigate your claim and contact you via telephone within approximately 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Claims pertaining to various issue may exceed the 72 hour response time, however, a response to your issue will be provided in a timely fashion.

Global Internet Solutions
A Gisol, Inc. Company
LFE, 01st 2008 October, 2008
Just to add to the complaints. I signed up for a new service with gisol for USD71.40 last October 9, 2007. My order was accepted. I got a call that I could not have 2 accounts under my name. I told them I was not aware of the condition because I previously had 2 accounts with them. I also said I was no longer maintaining the other account because I no longer belonged to that organization. Since I have used them since 2003, I gave them a new credit card. When I heard the amount being charged which was USD1078.20, I objected to say I only ordered for USD71.40. They said they will credit my card once they are able to talk with the person now maintaining the old account. Well, of course, they never credited my account and to top it all, they cancelled also the old account which still had at least 1 1/2 years to go. I filed a dispute and they sent documentation to prove that I received the service. They had a fraudulent proof of delivery which I never received and with a signature of I don't know who and a date stamp of Oct. 11, 2007. It is impossible for an order to be processed on October 10 14:25 and received by Oct 11 in the Philippines because you lose a day going to the Phil. Even the contract which I never saw was supposed to have a digital signature! I refuse to pay the amount because I also never received my password so I never used the site. It is one year now and I have been recharged the amount. Question is: with all these complaints of fraud, why hasn't the merchant done anything about it?
Sergio, 20th 2008 September, 2008
We used Gisol.com for three years for $95/year. We had a credit card on file for automatic billing.

One day we checked our website and the server was down. We called to find out what the problem they told us our account was closed for non payment. I explained we had a credit card on file for automatic billing.

They appologized for the problem and assured me it would be fixed but because the account was already closed they needed a new credit card. And because we were such a good customer for three years they would give us a discount and our new fees would be $49.95/year .

I speficially asked a few times to make sure I understood the price. I asked if $49.95 was per month or per year, the agent replied “OHH NO, IT’S FOR THE YEAR” … “our way of taking care of our good customers” .

After that point I agreed to $49.95/year and provided my credit card information.

The agent asked me if I had internet access at the moment,.. I said yes and he directed me to a webpage that contained the TERMS OF USE .

I asked if there was anything big on this Terms of Use that I should know about and the agent said it was just the standard terms of use and I had to agree on the buttom of the page because it was technically a new account and I had to redo it.

I revied the Terms Of Use … especially the price and it said … $49.95 /year. So I agreed and the agent told me that was all that they needed from us to get our website back online and that we would receive a copy of the contract along with the login information for our new server.

That was the end of the phone call.

Ten minutes later I checked my email account and opened the email from Gisol and it contained a contract that said….

$49.95/MONTH FOR 36 MONTHS… TOTALING $1798.20.



After a few months of disputing the charge our bank (wachovia) still charged our account $1798.20.





WE’RE OUT $1798.20.



Another GISOL Victim, 03rd 2008 September, 2008
Where do you get positive votes for
GISOL?? Every comment here is negative, this Company in nothing but a scam, a vehicle created to perpetuate fraud and legal theft. Why would you recommend it, are you part of the scam?? You get "kickbacks" from recommending others to their site??

The BBB, Better Business Bureau of California gives them an "F" rating for their questionable business practices.

safoura, 13th 2008 August, 2008
Gisol.com is a theif, they fool people and charge they credit cards 15 times more than they supose to.
Paul, 30th 2008 July, 2008
Don't try ! Don't !!!!!
They are thief i requested a domaine renew ($9.99) at the end i paied $1.798.20! and because i ask for refound, they said it's not part of theire policy and they shut down my website.
Kwasi Brown, 01st 2008 July, 2008
Wow! Intersting Review! Sorry for the disapointment guys.
S. Stosny, 12th 2008 June, 2008
You purchase a free ecommerce package with a free shopping cart for $142 for two years, then they pull a bait-and-switch and charge 1080.00 if you intend to use the free ecommerce package and shopping cart for ecommerce and shopping. They lie to your credit card company that you agreed to the “upgrade.” Everyone scammed by these crooks should write the CA Attorney General, LA Consumer Complaints, and the FTC. If they get enough complaints they will move. Most important, write your Congressman asking for a congressional investigation into VISA for continuing to profit from a company that violates the law and their own merchant policies, with a copy to your CC company's customer service dept.
Another victim of GISOL, 08th 2008 June, 2008
I was also scammed by these crooks. I signed up for a $200 package and was charged $1798.20. When I filed a dispute with my CC company GISOL submitted a forged document by taking the onlign signed user agreement signature (which you sign when making your purchase) and copying and pasting it to a document they provide to your credit card company claiming that you signed an agreement for some rediculas amount of money. GISOL also sends you a letter by registered mail which you have to sign for which states that you signed up for a different package. Then, they use copies of the proof of delivery of that letter as proof to your CC company that you recieved the forged document, signed it and returned it to them.

The best thing to do if you have been scammed by GISOL is to cancel your credit card and have a new one reissued with a new number. I have read where some people have had charges to thier CC after not having an account with GISOL for over four years. Stay away from GISOL and if you have been scammed by them, good luck on getting your money back!
Brenda, 30th 2008 May, 2008
I can't believe you have more positive than negative ratings for this company. They are a bunch of crooks -- only have to type "gisol fraud" into a search engine to see how many people are being victimized. I would STRONGLY urge you to reevaluate them.
Betty Jo Nelson, 30th 2008 May, 2008
This scenario just keeps repeating itself. I have hosted with Gisol for the last 5 years with no problem until my last renewal where they did not renew the domain name. When trying to take care of this matter, I like so many others found the domain name was in 'pending delete' status and I Gisol would obtain the (dot)net version of my domain while they worked on getting my (dot)com domain name back from redemption. When agreeing to this, I discovered that they had upgraded my account to a 3 year business account at $49.95 a month for a total of $1798.20. Numerous attempts to reach Gisol have proved a waste of time because if I actually reach a real person I am told to email admin@gisol and 'someone will get back with you soon'. It has been over 4 months and NO ONE has gotten back with me. I filed a complaint with my bank and they issued a chargeback in February but last week they released the funds again to Gisol after Gisol sent them a forged 'receipt' for the 3 year contract which I DID NOT agree to or sign. This has been one nightmare after another. My original account is still active as I renewed it in November 2007 but it is worthless as there is no domain name associated to it. Do a Google search of Gisol fraud and you will find hundreds of complaints of Gisol's fraudulent practices. If anyone knows of a class action suit involving Gisol, please let me know at sentrabj(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Joshua, 02nd 2008 May, 2008
They threw my domain in redemption period. After spending 3 days in trying to contact them I got a hold of someone on the phone, They said they would give me a temp .net unitl my .com got out of redemption and they said I needed to delete my old account and upgrade to a new account. They said I would pay 49.95 a year down from 95.00 a year. However they charged me over 1700. So I am working to get this settled through a charge back.
Joan, 10th 2008 April, 2008
On Nov. 24, 2007, I contracted on line for a two year agreement for $187.40. They charged my credit card more than $2000. When I called them to protest, they claimed I agreed to an "upgrade", which I absolutely did not. They gave false information to my credit card company, and are fighting hard to keep my money. How is it that these people are not in jail?
henry t, 09th 2008 March, 2008
I had Gisol hosted my domain since 1988 when the service WAS excellence and last year, 2007, they deleted my account because of a credit card expiration and they didn't notify me. After months of not able to get into my account and get passed around in their system, I finally got the answer that the account was deleted. I then tried to sign up again to save my domain since it was still registered under Gisol. I signed up for a $71.00 per year package and the salesman called me back to offer a discount of $49.95. I took the package not knowing that it is actually PER MONTH! The guy said it was a DISCOUNT! It is a total con job as they charged me for 36 months, that wasn't mentioned either, of course. So the total is now $1790. I called back and get passed around again and finally, they said to write to Admin@Gisol.com. No answers and I finally went to my domain name and saw that it is not parked somewhere else by some one else! They actually lost my domain!!!

Don't ever register anything with these people, let alone have them host you!
MS, 04th 2008 March, 2008
I've started another anti-gisol website. I've left my story down below, but the more people who leave their experiences in more places, the more chance we've got of stopping them. Please leave some more experiences on www.report-gisol.com. Many thanks in advance.
screwed by gisol, 29th 2008 February, 2008
I was promised a low cost hosting plan for around 3 dollars a month. I was told I would be charged $49.95 for one month of service but that I would get a certified letter that would function as a rebate form. Instead I received a receipt for 1798.20 that had been charged to my card. When I called and asked what in the world was going on, they explained I had been charged 49.95 x 36 months in advance of service but that I would be able to get a rebate if I called back on October 30th of 2008. I protested and they refused to refund my money. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and the BBB. I'm disabled on a fixed income and would never agree to charges I can't afford.
MS, 29th 2008 February, 2008
In Dec 2006, I signed up for a 36 month hosting package for around $200 with “free” domain name with “free whois privacy”.
In Dec 2007, I received an email from Gisol saying my card had expired and my domain needed renewing. I tried updating the expiry date, and adding a new card, but it still said expired. I emailed them, so they sent me a link to a page on gisol.com to pay for the renewal. All looked OK as after inputting my details it went to a page saying thanks for your payment. I realised that I didn’t get a confirmation email for the transaction, so emailed them. I didn’t receive a reply.
In mid Jan 2008 my website disappeared. I emailed them to ask why. At 0130am UK time I received a call from “Aaron”, saying that my domain had gone into redemption and my account had been shutdown. After a lot of obviously frustrated talk, I agreed to opening a new account which would cost me $42 for 3 years. HE confirmed several times that $42 in total would be all my card would be charged. He also said afterwards that I would receive a refund of $87 for the original contract.
He directed me to a page where I could sign the new contract. This is very difficult using a mouse or a touchpad. Anyway after about 4 attempts, which he said was because Visa wasn’t accepting it, he said it was ok, then put the phone down!
I got an email immediately saying thank you for my payment of $718.20!
I rang my bank immediately after the phone call. They were very sympathetic, but said they couldn’t treat it as a fraud case as I had done business with them in the past and supplied my card details to them. A dispute was filed with Visa International. What Gisol replied with to them and my bank is total and utter FRAUD! I also, like another person above, have proof to prove that it is fraud. I thought that they were pretty watertight, the way they have everything covered, with contracts and verbal agreements etc, but I believe they are getting a bit desperate about the amount of chargebacks they are getting and haven’t really thought through what they are doing this time. It’s NOW going through the Fraud Dept of my bank and Visa International. I hope the evidence is stacking up and they get sent down very soon. It can only be a matter of time.
I did the usual like emailing, ringing, trouble tickets etc but of course no help/reply. My domain didn’t come out of redemption as they said they would, and of course it was owned by them, not me. I’ve managed to get it back now which is a relief, as I have paying clients advertising on there. I temporarily ran my .co.uk version, but it wasn’t ideal as search engines listed my .com version. It’s been down for about 6 weeks while the redemption/deleting process went through. I managed to get snapnames.com to get it back for me the instant it became available.
I can only urge everyone affected to dispute/chargeback the charges, report them to as many agencies (LA Attorney, California Attorney, FBI IC3, Federal Trade Commission, BBB, local police, press, TV etc etc etc) as you can.
Don’t be scared. Let’s do it and get them sent down!!!
I have now received the full charges back from my bank and they are passing the fraud details on to the police.
Mike, 19th 2008 February, 2008
If Gisol has fraudulantly charged your credit card issue a charge back through your credit company. If Gisol has enough complaints/chargebacks on their merchant account with their credit company they will have their merchant account revoked, thus protecting future consumers from their practices!
Mike, 19th 2008 February, 2008
Gisol offered me service at $3.57 per month for my personal website. I agreed and gave them my credit card information. Then they charged my $1795.40 and are refusing to refund the amount claiming that they have me under contract for that amount! They are a total fraud. I am working with my credit card company to have the charge refunded, but if that doesn't work I'm going to have to sue these a$$h$les to get my money back. Don't do business with these people they are a bunch of con artists!
Newton, 19th 2008 February, 2008
Be aware! Read their policy carefully beofre signing up. They are crooks, will rip you off!

Once you made a payment, you are done!
Jimbo, 15th 2008 February, 2008

NOTE: Where you have to sign via Verisign, READ READ READ! It says NOTHING about ANY rebate!

First, I signed up for a personal website online last Sunday for 200.75. I used AMEX, which the website says they take. So far, so good!

Two days later I get a call from Brian who caught me off guard in a parking lot. I thought he was another business until I finally made the connection. He informed me that they do not take AMEX and to give him either Visa or MC. I gave him my Visa and the pin number. Then, he asked me if I would ever do any "business" on this site. I said that there "might" be a possibility down the line. He said that they were having a 10th Anniversary special and it was actually cheaper than the personal website. I was told that the site was only going to be 3.57 per month!!! As I always want to save money, I said "Sign me up". That night, I had mail from GISOL and there was the shock: 1,798.20!

At this point, they are charging me their business rate of 49.95 or 97 or whatever per month!

Well, Wednesday a certified letter arrived from these folks. Inside was only a receipt! I thought "what a waste of money for a receipt"!

Not seeing any “rebate” offer, I called back Monday to see what was up with the rebate info I was supposed to get. I finally got connected to Brian, who went through 15 minutes of proving I received the certified letter, only to inform him that the only thing inside was a receipt!

He then put me on hold and connected me to Adam (3 way conference call). He explained to Adam the situation, but Adam could not tell me what the rebate was. He said, at first, that it would take several weeks to go through the administration, or he could just e-mail me the information. As I got these guys around 4:45, Adam said he would e-mail me the info. Nada, nope, zilch!

The weekend was upon us, so Monday morning again I called and waited for a while. I finally got to Brian, who this time sent an e-mail to “whoever” to send the rebate info. I logged in to my e-mail and saw the rebate info.

Here is what GISOL does not tell you:

Dear xxx,

Please contact GISOL on 10/xx/08 at (323)924-1109 in order to receive your 8 month rebate. This will entail a full credit (GCC) minus future services prepaid at your choice for an additional 1 or 2 years at $3.57 per month (i.e. 12 additional months will cost a total of $42.84). This email shall serve as your guarantee of the GISOL Sponsored Rebate. If you do not contact GISOL in order to obtain the rebate, GISOL will continue to bill you at the regular rate of $49.95/mo prepaid for 36 months.

This notice will serve as acknowledgment that if a Chargeback Dispute is processed by GISOL concerning your account, this Rebate will be forfeited forthwith.


Global Internet Solutions
A Gisol, Inc. Company

So, you have only this exact date with which to contact them for a (GCC)?? Credit! What the heck is a GCC credit?

Also, notice that you have been informed about the chargeback on your credit card. I am sure it is going to cost you more than it is worth to fight this…

Also, as I got a “free” internet name registered; guess who actually owns it?

Why, GISOL, of course. So, if you get going on your business and want to move your web hosting, I am sure these guys will be more than happy to sell it back to you FOR A TERRIFIC PROFIT!

Still not sure what to do…
burog, 13th 2008 February, 2008
I read a lot of reviews regarding this web host...and it seems this web host really sucks...good luck guys
Lulu Pena, 13th 2008 February, 2008
This company is horrible. Your on hold for over 30 minutes and then get disconnected. They fraudly own your company domain without you being aware and then they lease it yearly to you through another company. Basically they are high jacking your name domain!!

You have to then pay legal action against them in order to try to retrieve your domain name. Regardless they steel and lie and there is nothing you can do.
gisolscam, 12th 2008 February, 2008

SCAM! stay away from GISOL.

You dont believe me? Sign up, and give them your credit card!!! And you will be sorry!
Gisol is FRAUD, 12th 2008 February, 2008

one word to describe GISOL


JoCee, 12th 2008 February, 2008
Only those who are stupid and ignorant would use GISOL! Stay away from them!

They will sell your identity to scammers and spammers, I can't believe how many spams I get in a day in one of my emails that I dont even use. How did that email got out publicly? I never gave it out to anyone, never use it, not even my wife knows about it. And yet, the spammers knows my name and my business.

Nothing is good about them. It's a one man company, dont ever trust this person, sooner or later, when he feels his business is falling apart, he will just disappear with all this credit card information.

You have been warned
Derik, 12th 2008 February, 2008

Dont use GISOL, listen to the people here. I was a mistake on our part. They owned our domain name, everytime you call their support, same person answers, but change his name everytime he picks up, sometime he is the manager, most of the time he uses a different name.
They registered our domain under their name, and they wont give us the password to control our domain in the registrar, alldomains.com, they keep saying we are just renting the domain name, and yet we are paying more than the registry cost, the guy keeps comparing the domain we have is like a leased car, where they have full ownership. I wish it's a leased car, because it has an option to buy as your last ditch. This domain is not!

They want you to stay with their crappy service, if you go somewhere else, they keep the domain with them.

A domain name is an equivalent to your business name in the real world. You just cant leave it like that.


This company will fall apart soon!, and I'm hoping that the person behind all this will be in jail in no time.
Gerald Vandiver, 31st 2008 January, 2008
Anyone with financial issues of decptive and fraud claims becasue they cagred your credit card PLEASE contact me at gerald@globalmarketinggroupinc.com.
MAkes no difference if you got a refund - their policies are corrupt and deceptive
roman, 28th 2008 January, 2008
Paid for 36 month last year. Got e-mail from them that they are submitted my account to collection agency. 'no-respond' email went to junk mail folder and was able to see just by accident. It's impossible to get in contact with them phone numbers are not listed and they would not respond to emails. Absolutely the worst business experience I have ever had.
Serg, 18th 2008 January, 2008
Avoid GISOL. They can rip you off.

My story:
1) I subscribed online at 7/07 for GISOL Webhosting 8.25$ per month during the period of 18 months and paid the full amount by PayPal.
2) A couple days later I got a call from their sell manager Adam who explained that I did not reach their requirements for this rate because I already had contract with them two years ago. He told me that because of the contract conditions they cannot return my money back, so I lose them unless I sign up for an unlimited plan of $24.95 per month. He told me that I can cancel my new contracts in 6 month if I am not satisfied and get a refund for the full amount. They confirmed last 4 digits of my credit card number (they had it since the time I became their customer three years ago) and promised to send contract details.
3) Few days later I figure out they charge my credit card for 3 years contract, $898.20! I waited, but never got my contract details.
4) In a six month I canceled online my service for Webhosting with GISOL and requested refund.
5) Guess what? I never got any of my money back.
6) They told me that I broke my contract, because it was not 6 month but 8 month condition in that contract, so I cannot get my money back and I cannot get service anymore because I have already canceled it. When I was talking with Adam again he told me that my contract details were sent to me but delivered to the wrong place, so some other guy signed up for a delivery.
7) After everything that happened I found GISOL policies online: http://www.gisol.com/policies/current.html. It says (11.h): “…you may cancel rendered hosting services at any time past 8 (eight) months of use and receive a Pro-Rated GISOL Company Credit (referred to as: GCC) which may be used for services within the GISOL Network.” It means I never had a chance to get my money back.

Does this sound like a real fraud for you? They pushed me to get the service I did not need for 3 years, then made me cancel it in 6 month and kept all the money.

Rodney Collins, 13th 2008 January, 2008
I reckon I have been ripped-off big time by GISOL. Here is my story:

On a photographer's forum someone was asking about a good ISP/Host where they could purchase hosting for their website. Someone replied saying that they were with GISOL and found them to be good with reasonable prices.

I was also looking to purchase hosting so I signed up with GISOL for a BEST ANNUAL account at $95.40 per year. This account could only host a single domain but that was fine by me as I only had one website.

Two months later I built another website and purchased another BEST ANNUAL account for $95.40 per year.

Then I suddenly had a lot of clients and I discovered GISOL's PRO account that could host multiple domains multiple databases so I purchased a PRO account for $119.40 per year. I had toyed with the idea of canceling the first two accounts and moving the domains and databases into the PRO account to save money on the annual renewal of the 2 BEST ANNUAL accounts. However I decided that these 2 accounts were for my personal sites and I preferred to keep them seperate from my PRO account which hosted client's websites.

Apart from some serious problems with the server hosting my PRO account (fixed by moving it to another server), I had good service from GISOL.

Then the troubles started. On July 2, 2007 I got rudely awaken at about 3am (I am in Brisbane, Australia) by a telephone call from GISOL. Because it was from the USA and from GISOL I tried to wake up and listen. The man on the phone said that he could save me money by 'combining' my three accounts into a single 'unlimited' account at $24.95 per month which was less than what I was paying per month for three accounts. I said I had already paid in advance for the three accounts and he said that the money from the original accounts would offset the cost of the new account. Well, if it was going to save me money and make life easy by not having to log in to three Control Panels, I asked a few questions and the answers seemed satisfactory so I agreed. He said that he would do all the work and 'combine' the accounts. Okay so lets say the accounts were A, B, and C. He said he would make a new accounts called 'A1'.

The next day I got the email in respect of account 'A1' and it was an Unlimited Upgrade (24.95) for 36 months. Yes, that's right, I was billed for $898.20 which was taken from my credit card. There was no mention of 36 months during the phone call. There was also no rebate or the remaining un-used monies from the three original accounts. I queried this by email and the following morning at 3am I got another phone call and the man said that if I wasn't happy they would cancel all my accounts. Of course, I couldn't allow that because my clients websites would have gone down.

Okay, now it gets worse. On December 28, 2007 I raised a Support Ticket to have one of the domain names renewed and my credit card got charged the usual $9.95 on the same day (I have done this often without complications). However, on January 3, 2008 I got a telephone call from GISOL (the man called himself 'Steve') and he said that he noticed I had a few accounts and he recommended that I 'combine' them into one account. I informed him that they had already been combined into one account back in July 2007. He said that there were still 4 accounts (e.g. A, B, C, and A1). However, he said that by combining them all into a new unlimited account I could get a rate of $3.57 per month instead of the current rate of $24.95 per month. He said that the account was actually worth $49.95 per month BUT he could give it to me at $3.57 per month for 36 months. I said that I had paid in advance for 3 years for account 'A1' and he said that the remaining un-used money would be used to offset the new account. I said that the remaining un-used money exceeded the new charge and I asked if a refund would be given to me. He assured me that I would get a 'rebate'. My quick calculation estimated that I would get a refund of $600 - $700 and he said it would be refunded to my credit card account.

Well, I thought my lucky day had come. Here I was being offered a continuation of the same service at a much lower rate AND that I would be refunded a nice sum of money. Anyway, on January 3, 2008 GISOL created a new account (let's call it 'A2') BUT the next day my credit card was hit wih a charge of $1,789.20 ($49.95 x 36). I had been expecting a refund of $600 or more, not a huge charge like that.

I started sending emails to admin@gisol.com and sales@gisol.com as well as raising Support Tickets. The reply to the support tickets was that I should email admin@gisol.com which of course I have been doing every day since January 04, 2008 and have yet to get a single reply. I managed to telephone GISOL's help line and asked to speak to 'Steve'. The man who answered the phone ('Adam' he called himself) said that 8,000 people work there and he doesn't know who Steve is. Anyway, he said that a letter had been posted to me and that it contained a code. I was supposed to phone back with the code in order to claim 12 months worth of rebate (the difference between $49.95 and $3.57 x 12 months). I said that I neded 36 months worth of rebate but he said I could only claim a portion each year or the next three years. I said that in actual fact I should be getting a refund and should have to pay nothing because the remaining un-used money on account A1 was worth more then the new fee of $3.57 x 36. He then said that refunds are never given for cancelled accounts. Okay so I just lost $600 - $700 and I guess I have lost the remaining un-used monies rom accounts A, B, and C. I didn't cancel the accounts. GISOL recommended 'combining' them into one new account. I have lost a lot of money. How bad is that!

Okay now it gets worse. Remember the request to have a domain name renewed. Well I noticed that it had not been renewed and only had 6 days left until expiry. I raised a Support Ticket asking for confirmation that the domain name had been renewed. I got a silly reply. I got onto the Live Chat window and the agent said that there was no record in my billing statement and that was why the domain name had not been renewed. I explained that it was in the billing statement of account A1 and not the new A2. He said that all I needed to do was raise a new Ticket asking for renewal and that they would charge my credit card and then they would see the charge in the billing statement and renew the domain. I am still trying to resolve this issue - my emails go unanswered, the Live Chat agents can't help because there is no billing info in the same account as the domain (A2). I will have to pay again and lose the previous $9.95 because it is in an account where no refunds are given.

There's more. The other day I got a charge on my credit card for $95.40 for hosting renewal of one of the original accounts that was supposed to have been 'combined' into account A1. When I queried it, I was told that I had to cancel the account. I said that there wasn't an account to cancel because they had been 'combined' into a new account (not at my request but at GISOL's recommendation). Okay, so have you tried to cancel an account at GISOL. They hit you with a fee of $250 (or was it $500, I can't remember) for 'breach of contract' because you are ending a contract. I just can't believe it!

Then I had a domain name that expired even though they are supposed to send reminders. They told me it had gone into redemption and because it was a client's website I had to pay $474.95 to have it redeemed. Since that time I have discovered that it had only gone into the period of grace and it would have been simple to renew it. GISOL tricked me by saying it had gone into redemption.

Okay, so in summary, I have paid a few thousand dollars to GISOL for a lot of pain and suffering and far in excess of what I have in the way of hosting. they have stolen money by saying it would offset the new account charges and yet they don't give refunds of canceled accounts. I have canceled nothing - the accounts were combined into one. However, I still get billed for the old accounts and will have to pay a large cancelation fee. The whole thing stinks of a scam. It looks like I am stuck with them for another three years because they also say that they own the domain names. The old control panel allowed you to enter the owner's name or each domain name but the new control panel has one area for the owner of the domains but they register it with either AllInDomain or TuCows under their own name.

They should be investigated by whoever in the USA does scam investigations and Fair trading investigations.
jcherish, 24th 2007 November, 2007
I have reported them to The Attorny Generals Office's In California, and also the state of Pennsylvania. And filed a complaint with the FTC.
Orderd One year service for $7.95 per month $94.50 annually (My so called invoice said $94.50) but was charged for 3 years service and was billed $1078.20 (bait and switch) and (possible credit/debit card fraud) trying to contact them is useless they do not respond to e-mails or to phone requests They do not provide you with a real Invoice showing all the terms of the agreement including the total price. I recieved an e-mail from them that stated $94.50 (On their email no Invoice number date or total to be billed to the account only $94.50 for an annual agreement on one line That I Considerd was their invoice for services ) How wrong I was to think that.
I contacted my bank to try and resolve the issue but I feel I will be at this for sometime trying to get it resolved .
Please Do an internet search on them before you sign to do any business with them or better yet just don't....your internet search will convince you that they are a very disreputable outfit to do business with. Their business practices and contract terms border on the illegal. Very deceptive and misleading website.
MN guy, 03rd 2007 September, 2007
Hosted with them for less than a month. Paid 'annually' buy 2 years, get 1 free - they refused to refund my purchase. Filed complaint with CA BBB. No help. Credit Card company refunded based on failure to provide services and BBB complaint. Google map their address - it is a HOUSE - not a business.
siamak, 16th 2007 August, 2007
Don't use GISOL, It is very slow
Ami, 05th 2007 July, 2007
Totally dishonest verging on cheating and scam. In short, won't respond at all for any correspondence and there is no one to talk to. I had registered a domain in 2006 for a frined and gave their CC number for the monthly billing. Apparently the CC expired somewhere down the way and no notice arrived from Gisol. Consequently to the expiration, the website was disconnected but they still hold the domain registration into 2008. Cannot log into the Control Panel or do anything. I tried to communicate with their sales as I wish to pay the monthly fees, but they won't even respond.
Rudolf Schmid, 02nd 2007 June, 2007
If you like problems go to GISOL ! Otherwise stay fare away from GISOL ! Bad and not reliable servers, bad uptime, servers always down for days, zero customer support, sending email not possible, crashed data bases on the server, webstatistics dosn't work and so on. Endless problems every day with
everything. GISOL is the worste hosting company I ever had in the last 12 years ! Stay fare away from GISOL !
WARNING!, 27th 2007 March, 2007
I have had extreme troubles with GISOL.com and I have been brought in to true and solve an issue for my client. Failing that, we have had to purchase the same domain with a slight amendments and use the GISOL CP to perform domain redirects and MX redirect until July when it will expire. Lets hope the domain is released and we can repurchase it. By the way, I have scoured the internet for reviews, probably out of 200 I have read, NONE are positive. Should be expecting a public review on GISOL similar to RegisterFly's problem and de-accreditation, released soon in the SiteProNews newsletter... Lets hope GISOL finally get what they are well and truly over due.
keith, 15th 2007 February, 2007
i used gisol for two years out of sheer laziness. it was probably the WORST decision I have ever made. They reconfigure stuff without telling you. They absolutely DO NOT have 99.9 % uptime. They won't tell you when your account is due, and then they turn you off. See the comment before mine for more of the same. they SUCK
SailorPhil, 08th 2006 November, 2006
Gisol is the worst - canned responses to questions from a support department in India - took my money, but closed my account for non-payment. There is no one to report this problem to and I have tried everything, they don't return calls emails or their own suppoort tickets.

GISOLACCOUNT:1921218, 23rd 2006 September, 2006
This company is the worst ever, they keep turning the ball for a refund which i am entitled too... What a bunch of ripp-off people.
search engines?, 25th 2006 August, 2006
what's the deal with their seach engines?? the said, search engines will only work if you buy our 29.99 package....uhhh what?
CCO, 30th 2006 June, 2006
DO NOT take GISOL. Their live support staffs only read from the script and have no idea of what they're talking about at all. The web server I'm on has NO access to the email server assigned to me. Trouble tickets I opened remains untouched after a day. Every time I talked to them, all they wanted is to hang up. Take my word for it.
driesbe, 17th 2006 May, 2006
Don't take GISOL, I know what I am talking about, they have a very poor uptime and bad customer service. I am sure many heard the sentence "Seniour technicians are dealing with the issue and it should be back online in a couple of hours"... do some search in google and you will see.
GISOL/GLOBAT/GLOBAL I think that they are all the same company.
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