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Lypha General Information
  Lypha is providing Linux and Reseller web hosting services, has been founded in 2002 and now it's years in business.

lypha.com average uptime is 99.996% (rank #401 on our directory) with total 89419 successful and 4 failed checks, monitored since 2005-09-09. Similar companies with 99.996% uptime are and highway54.com.

Search for "lypha.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 64700 results so company name popularity rank is #92.

There have been 75 positive votes for Lypha and 46 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #317 (similar companies are totalhosting.com and apageintime.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Economy Plan (Type: Linux) - 1000 GB space, 5000 GB bandwidth for $6.95/mo

Executive Plan (Type: Linux) - 1100 GB space, 6000 GB bandwidth for $11.95/mo

Enterprise Plan (Type: Linux) - 60 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $19.95/mo

MResell #1 Plan (Type: Reseller) - 6000 MB space, 1000 GB bandwidth for $19.95/mo

MResell #2 Plan (Type: Reseller) - 15 GB space, 3000 GB bandwidth for $29.95/mo

MResell #3 Plan (Type: Reseller) - 25 GB space, 4000 GB bandwidth for $39.95/mo

Some technical data about lypha.com
  IP Location: Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Server Type: Apache
Website Title: LYPHA.com - Cheap Web Hosting : Reseller Hosting : Domain Hosting : Internet Hosting
Description: Multi-Domain Hosting & Private Label Reseller Hosting

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Denis, 01st 2010 September, 2010
No other offers shared reseller hosting with those features. Great Company!!!
qai, 29th 2009 September, 2009
its good :) im not sure abt years ago, but ive been using for abt 5mths...
everything well for me..
prompt support replies (average 30mins)

im not sure abt the negative reviews.. maybe they were bad before? lmao.

im enjoying their services.
James, 07th 2009 July, 2009
I am an advanced student designer and I would like to build my portfolio of sites to show my future clients. If you need a site built under ten pages in size for your online biz then email me as I will build it for you for free if possible.
Ty, 06th 2009 May, 2009
Worst company ever in the history of webhosting!!!! They are a rip-off.. you'll never see your money again... Internet Thief!!!!!

STAY AWAY!!!!! Never got back by credit!!!!

This was way uncool... Too bad I live far from their HQ

501 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE 19809

I'll take a bat to the owners
Scott R., 15th 2009 April, 2009
Lypha Sucks!!!!
package took 2 days to get and no domain after 1 1/2 weeks. no support no nothing
Don't use this company
Mike, 14th 2009 April, 2009
Total Crap !!

Lypha is rip off, stay away !. support sucks !
Tim, 13th 2009 January, 2009
Curious that almost all these reviews are negative. Where are the 41 positive reviews? Suspicious!!!
techclan, 06th 2008 October, 2008
I was with Lypha for 5 years and the last two years the service just got worse and worse in every way. I finally had to cancel and go with another hosting. I emailed Lypha and they confirmed my account was canceled and CC credited back. I'm yet to see a credit and they have been ignoring my emails. I submitted a complaint with BBB but they already have 10 unsatisfactory complaints about Lypha with rating of "F". STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS, THERE ARE MANY GOOD HOSTINGS OUT THERE. THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

Karin, 29th 2008 September, 2008
my sites alway down, twice every week, the online support is SUCK (Ashley is the worse support ever, not to mention how rude, dijo is much better) only 2 people on ICQ support, phone support is better, but hosting is SUCK, i want to move all my hosting to somewhere else!
jop, 28th 2008 August, 2008
This host is like CRAP with a capital "C" .. they have half ass indians running the damn place with no phone support and do not know their asses from their mouths. And their online "support" is abysmal.
Steve D., 30th 2008 June, 2008
By far the WORST company I've had to deal with. As noted above the chat support is very frustrating. If there is a problem you never get a good answer as to what happened or how they fixed it. All you get is a two sentence reply to the effect of, "Everything is now fixed." My sites that relied on php/database processing were extremely slow and would often time out. Logging into the CPANEL was mind numbingly slow and would not always load. I would also get a lot of FTP timeouts when trying to connect to the site. Please don't trust this company with your money/site!
Madhu, 16th 2008 May, 2008
I am using Lypha Server, After 10 minutes working on the server, automatically disconnecting after getting this messgae
" Could not connect to the database server "
angie, 22nd 2008 April, 2008
lypha support is a JOKE!!! I'ts nearly non- existant!I still haven't been able to get my site up & running. Will be canceling my subscription!
Jon P., 29th 2008 February, 2008
Yes, the above comments about support certainly reflect my experience to some extent.

Like the ICQ exchange above show, they seem to have idiots clueless about manners doing their "live" support. The quality (spelling and grammar) of their email replies are also often terrible, and they give one sentence answers that do not explain what the reason for downtime was.

One plus though is that support reply time is now a lot faster than before. All hosts have uptime problems from time to time and when you seem to get what you pay for. I just hate the deceptive advertising though. I have learnt not to believe any host who claims 99.998% uptime or even "live" support.

Lypha offers a decent value as long as you don't get unlucky. If you do however, don't expect much support to lift much of a finger.
Marge Clark, 24th 2008 January, 2008
Either they don't speak English there, or they pretend not to so they can ignore whatever problem you're asking them to fix. Annoying. Rip off.
Mina, 12th 2007 December, 2007
After my first couple months with Lypha I started having a lot of problems. Addon domains wouldn't work right, there was a lot of downtime, and they kept banning my IP from the server. I had to keep emailing them to get it removed. Then for a while things smoothed out. There domain problem wasn't corrected but the major downtime had subsided. Then everything came back with a vengeance. In fact just had to get a big subdomain problem fixed (they weren't adding right).

For those claiming good uptime, it all depends on the server you are on. As you can see from the url another reviewer posted uptime dips as low as 98.6% on some servers (a lot actually).

The one good thing I can say about them is that I have never had too many problems with the support. They've always gotten back to me in a timely matter even if they didn't always solve the problem.
medmont, 05th 2007 December, 2007
Unbelievably BAD hosting company. LIVE chat is worse than a DEAD chat. These guys are zombies. We have lost real dollars due to them. Read here a chat history:

kperwaiz ‎(11:26 AM):
hi dijo
kperwaiz ‎(11:30 AM):
kperwaiz ‎(11:38 AM):
kperwaiz ‎(11:51 AM):
is it live support or dead support
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(11:51 AM):
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(11:52 AM):
I was just outside
please explain the issue
kperwaiz ‎(11:52 AM):
we have medmont.com with you
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(11:52 AM):
kperwaiz ‎(11:52 AM):
our mail is not working
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(11:52 AM):
let me check
kperwaiz ‎(11:53 AM):
the pop agent does not get anything
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(11:53 AM):
what about the SMTP
kperwaiz ‎(11:53 AM):
we do not use this account for outgoing mail
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(11:53 AM):
check now
kperwaiz ‎(12:08 PM):
r u there
kperwaiz ‎(12:20 PM):
kperwaiz ‎(4:14 PM):
kperwaiz ‎(4:17 PM):
is this a support or a joke?? Everyone disappeared for 4 hours and now no reply
kperwaiz ‎(4:21 PM):
wake up and fix my email
kperwaiz ‎(4:30 PM):
wake up hello
kperwaiz ‎(4:48 PM):
wake up please
kperwaiz ‎(5:46 PM):
wake up
is this what you call support?
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(5:47 PM):
whats the exact issue
kperwaiz ‎(5:48 PM):
no email is reaching our inbox
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(5:48 PM):
ah ok
from external accounts
can i have ur domain
kperwaiz ‎(5:48 PM):
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(5:48 PM):
please hold
i will attend shorlty
kperwaiz ‎(5:53 PM):
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(5:53 PM):
hold on
iam checking
kperwaiz ‎(5:56 PM):
done yet?
kperwaiz ‎(6:01 PM):

Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(6:01 PM):
checking dont woory
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(6:02 PM):
some config issues
and dont shouT

kperwaiz ‎(6:03 PM):
when will this be fixed by?
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(6:03 PM):
kperwaiz ‎(6:09 PM):
how long is "soon"?
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(6:10 PM):
Dijo - eSupport24 ‎(6:11 PM):
ah i have made the necessary changes
its fixeD now greaTT
mails delivering fast and fine to test@medmont.com
here r the confirmtion logs ---
2007-12-05 02:10:02 1IzoO0-0001Hg-AY H=web53409.mail.re2.yahoo.com [] Warning:

"SpamAssassin as medmont detected message as NOT spam"
2007-12-05 02:10:02 1IzoO0-0001Hg-AY <= testsup123@yahoo.com H=web53409.mail.re2.yahoo.com

[] P=smtp S=1540 id=99221.47632.qm@web53409.mail.re2.yahoo.com
2007-12-05 02:10:02 1IzoO0-0001Hg-AY => test <test@medmont.com> R=virtual_user

2007-12-05 02:10:02 1IzoO0-0001Hg-AY Completed

kperwaiz &#8206;(6:14 PM):
yes but what happened to last 2 days emails
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:14 PM):
tahts gone we regret for that
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:14 PM):
nothing in medmont inbox
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:15 PM):
since mail system was corrupt during that time
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:15 PM):
this is no good reply
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:15 PM):
hmm ok
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:15 PM):
and no body from support replies
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:15 PM):
i will give them enough fedback regarding this
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:16 PM):
and another of my collegue tried icq to you, he could not
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:19 PM):
why does anyone need a permission to chat to you
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:21 PM):
the tech guys r heavily doing icy wth atlest 3-4 customers hardpresing them at a time
that might be the reason
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:21 PM):
and all phone lines are down
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:22 PM):
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:22 PM):
do you guys understand how much monetory loss this has caused to us
Dijo - eSupport24 &#8206;(6:22 PM):
kperwaiz &#8206;(6:24 PM):
why should we not go to some other provider like GoDaddy
Kathy, 04th 2007 December, 2007
It is the worst hosting company ever. They are unable to solve their server problem and got my site specialised on gifts down during the christmas period. Their support team is not competent and they just do not care about their clients. I really wonder how they got their awards which they probably bought!
dennis@vickers, 19th 2007 November, 2007
jan vincent has fond hes son i am it call me for more info 239-368-1544
Siddharth, 07th 2007 November, 2007
Very BAD hosting company ! My sites down every next day and they are unable to solve their server problem. Their support team don't know about server ! Do not go for Lypha ! or you loose your site ..
webmaster, 04th 2007 October, 2007
it is prob'ly true that few if anyone writes reviews when they're satisfied with the service. but still, there's few good comments anywhere i look on the net for lypha reviews.

my experience has been net positive, but for the last 2 months or so, our sites and applications are down for 2-3 hours every morning and afternoon, the peak of prime business hours.

their service response is good/timely for minor maint issues, but the reliability has suffered badly over the past couple of months. perhaps on average that is ok (i've been with them for 2.5 years) but their reliablilty reflects poorly on me, and i don't particularly like receiving irate customer phone calls about downtime.

for what they offer in terms of use, bandwidth, space, cpanel, cgiscripts, email, applications (shopping cart, chat, etc.), they can't be beaten.
but what use is whiz bang gadgetry when their servers are unavailable during prime working hours?
Datamancer, 02nd 2007 October, 2007
Lypha licks sweaty leper taint. The servers go down constantly, I have constant htaccess errors resulting in dead 403 pages, sometimes an entirely 403'ed site, their stats databases always get corrupted losing full weeks of information, etc ad nauseum. Don't listen to the positive reviews on this page. They are most likely paid for by Lypha themselves. STAY AWAY!
titrat, 22nd 2007 September, 2007
One of the worst hosting companies we came across since 2005 – out of 2701 companies. In the name of so called hosting services Lypha.com is charging their customers for anything but what they advertise on their website – hosted on a ‘marked’ server. Because their own server is spoofed the company (Lypha) itself can’t provide any speed, accuracy, maintenance, tech-support, etc. they claim they are able to do so. The ‘positive’ feedbacks of Lypha.com are also counterfeit as stated on the awarding sites and their so called ‘awards’ has no base or reality check. In conclusion the site Lypha.com has no real existence (there is not an incorporated company as at September 22, 2007). Lypha is not a legitimate and legal entity and in consequences it can’t be drown to court in any lawsuit as incorporated. It has to be reported to the Internet Fraud Association.

From the Lypha.com site:

WebHostDir.com Award Winner - HostReview TOP10 Managed Hosting - FindMyHost Approved Host - HostChart Recommended
HostReview TOP10 Budget Hosting - HOSTAZ GOLD Award - RateMyHost TOP10 - HR® Fastest Growing - HostPulse 100 Most Dynamic Companies
© Copyright 2007 Lypha Networks™
#1 in Cheap Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting.

The claims from all customers must be backed up by all the legal documents: bills, invoices, letters, emails, direct correspondence with Lypha.com and accomplice billing companies. In order to get justice against Lypha.com - another big fraud - for ID theft, misconduct, misrepresentation, bad service, etc., there has to be a community of customers unhappy with their acquisition at Lypha.com and ready to submit their checkable experience with this ‘web-hosting’ site.
Till that time you are advice do not make any further purchase from this online-offender. Do your research and spend a fair amount of your time on reviews and companies registrar before you attempting to acquire any services over the Internet.
Good luck! Enjoy your business!
logisweb.net, 20th 2007 August, 2007
I have an account with Lypha for 2 mounth and it is already too much. The server is always down, every two or tree weeks. I'm not able to connect by FTP. I send a ticket tree days ago without any response. They tell that support is 24/24 7 days, it is a big lie. Don't trust them. Chat with ICQ is a mess when they want to answer!! Go away.
Sylvain Lavoie, 20th 2007 August, 2007
Don't go ther. Their server are usually slow or unaccessible. Server down, FTP didn't connet, DNS down.

A nightmare.
Adam Law, 20th 2007 August, 2007
Slow as the old proverbial snail. Go somewhere else
Megan, 10th 2007 August, 2007
A horrible host! My site is always down, scripts don't work the way the should because Lypha keeps disabling things, addon domains don't work how they're supposed to. The first chance I'm getting I'm outa there!
Rick, 08th 2007 August, 2007
being with them less than a year with regular account and hosting reseller system i have encountered regular outages and site problems
,just cancel one account and i'm waiting for the other one to come to the year of service that i paid so i can find another hosting company if you check the servers they give you the 99% up time but it's not true ...not even worth the price or time to sing up with them .
corey b, 30th 2007 July, 2007
Powweb is so bad its not funny, i have been with them has taken them 2 months to get refund back, they are way to slow, has scripted text they dont help u, control panel is hard, and takes support a long time to contact u, they be smart aswell, but support is allways on, and website laggs alot, and they charge u so much $$$$ for extras which should be included.
Bob, 17th 2007 July, 2007
I've been with Lypha for about a month and have had nothing but problems. They advertise that they support Interchange, but it seems to break every day and their support doesn't seem to know about it until you tell them. Their phone number just leads to a voicemail, which goes nowhere. If you can find someone on ICQ they are from India and don't know how to fix the problems. Open a ticket and it will still be sitting there unresolved days later. Definitely not recommended if you have a site that you care about.
Gone, 13th 2007 July, 2007
The are horrible. I am here looking for a new host. Sloooooooow.
Playing C, 09th 2007 June, 2007
I have now been with Lypha for well over a year. Their price is good, but with that price does NOT come service. We have encountered regular outages and site problems. If you are running minor business pages they will tell you their site is not really for businesses and will try to upgrade you to a dedicated server. If you want to have e-commerce you would be crazy to use them. If you are just putting up a few pages about yourself or your business you'll just have to check it all the time to make sure it is up. Once you contact them they usually get it fixed fast.
Email - Do not plan on relying on their email server! It runs dog slow and times out all the time.
I would not recommend Lypha for anything other than they are cheap.
smith, 05th 2007 June, 2007
Its one of the best website company I have experienced. Live chat are really help full.
David, 05th 2007 April, 2007
Well you all have heard the saying you get what you pay for well that exactly what you get with this hosting company.

This was a disaster from day one with my sites being down 60% of the time due to low storage space and or the lack of bandwidth.
There support is a joke ICQ there are 2 people and if you are luck to catch one of them they have no ideal what is going on they have a telephone number witch if you call it is a recording saying they will call you back never happens.

I have since moved my websites to IX hosting witch I have not had one bit of trouble out of.

As for Lypha I hosted with them 3 months and out of that time I had constant problems with websites down a storage problems and all this with no support, if you are going to host a website our websites just pay the extra buck or two a month and pick a better company it is well worth it.

Oh just a note I paid them “Lypha” a 12 month fee when I signed up with them you have to as to get the price that advertise.
Just for kicks I asked for a refund of the remaining months and they told me that the 30 guaranty was expired.
Byers beware.

helga, 25th 2006 November, 2006
How is it possible that so totally opposed opinions are expressed in this review?
Current Lypha Customer, 24th 2006 November, 2006
I've had my fair share of problems with Lypha. They have, however, always been able to fix the problems in a timely fashion. So, are there any hosting providers with absolutely no problems? I haven't found one yet. Lypha at least handles the problems as they come. Just the same, any downtime and/or errors present a negative image of my services to my customers. Overall, I rate Lypha as "positive"; but as may be true of any provider with the number of features and regular security updates that Lypha ensures for it's customers, it could use some improvement.
Chris, 29th 2006 October, 2006
I have had this for 2 months and it has been nothing but problems.
My whole wesite is under 5gig data bases and all the package I paid for is 100gig's of drive space and 2TB of bandwith and month.
With less then 5 gigs used out of 100 gig's I try and upload a little 2kb and it says the dicks is full been like this for at least a week.
Tech support is terrible submit a ticket you get the same respones every time.
"quote:We are aware of the problem and our techs are on it sorry for the inconvenace an the problem will be solved shortly "end quote"
Corprate information is not aviliable for this company the only thing I can find out is there main servers are located in Atlanta, GA.
I have moved my sight to a new hosting company and am know this the legal prosses of trying to find the comapny owner and prossed with legal acction aginst them for false and misleading advertizing If they would just refund my money - the 6 weeks out of the year I paid then I would just drop it but seem the have a nice scam going on.

In closing
Buyer beware do not go to lypha.com and purchase hosting you will get burnt.

Best regards:
John, 18th 2006 September, 2006
Lypha is an imhosted.com reseller.

Essentially the only difference between the two sites is that lypha has support via ICQ and imhosted.com does their support using liveperson.
Mike, 04th 2006 September, 2006
Been with them for 9 months. Support varies from good to so-so. Fantastico and cPanel are excellent.

I use Joomla CMS, the way to go to get up and running fast. I have a web site, a forum, an image gallery (growing) and still am only using 85Mb out of a possible 50Gb.

Occasional downtime, but I'm on an economy package of $6.95 a month so what the hey, I'm not an enterprise.

Until outages affect user satisfaction, I will probably stay with Lypha.
PAM, 16th 2006 August, 2006
go to their website, and try to call. NEVER UNSWER!
E-Tickets. is the problem is realy bad... they delet your messages. "no prouf"
Pat, 16th 2006 August, 2006
I have 30 account here. And I'm looking were to move them know.
Servers Down all the time. Checking e-mail... forget it, never works properly. and is ULTRA SLOW!!
S. Sanderson, 19th 2006 June, 2006
Well, I have contacted them via phone 5 times, emailed them 5 times and submitted 2 support tickets and not a single action. It seems my site was hacked by someone and they suspend my site and service with not even contacting me via phone or email. Right now I say they have bad tech support. Features are good but they are fast to assume you are the guilty party and suspend your account until they can figure it out. Needless to say, I not a happy camper right now.
prabhu, 23rd 2006 May, 2006
Lypha are the one of the biggest linux and web service provider in the country,they are some of the best rated toll-free support at a competative price
Greg, 15th 2006 April, 2006
Just go here and look at all the blinking red servers that are down - for weeks at a time! http://support.lypha.com/netstatus/
Jake Ruddock, 10th 2006 April, 2006
Service is good, minor glitches with server that I'm on but besides that the techs are a real help (they have 24 live chat support) and plus I got a free domain and can host unlimited domain names on their cheap plan.
kurt, 05th 2006 April, 2006
lypha is the best web hosting company.It is upto mark satisfactory.
Joe B., 24th 2006 March, 2006
So good so far. Highly recommended.
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