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Midphase General Information
  Midphase is providing Windows and Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 2003 and now it's years in business.

midphase.com average uptime is 99.952% (rank #2112 on our directory) with total 6296 successful and 3 failed checks, monitored since 2005-06-25. Similar companies with 99.952% uptime are doteasy.com and lunarpages.com.

Search for "midphase.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 58266 results so company name popularity rank is #98.

There have been 8761 positive votes for Midphase and 801 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #15 (similar companies are hostdepartment.com and dreamhost.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Windows (Type: Windows) - 10 GB space, 750 GB bandwidth for $9.95/mo

Mega-PHASE (Type: Linux) - 350 GB space, 3500 GB bandwidth for $7.95/mo

Some technical data about midphase.com
  IP Location: Illinois - Chicago - Midphase Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Nameserver: NS1.MIDPHASE.COM
Server Type: Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) mod_gzip/ mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 PHP/4.3.10 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.22 OpenSSL/0.9.7a
Website Title: midPhase - Unmetered Bandwidth™

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Dennis, 10th 2011 October, 2011
After more than 17 years as an IT administrator, I admit I have never before experienced the level of incompetence that I have with MidPhase.
Jeff B, 25th 2011 September, 2011
They were great for the last 3-5 years. However, the last week or so since they migrated the new server...well, it has been awful. They say things will get fixed and it doesn't happen. My load time is so slow at times it scares away visitors. A real nightmare.

However, I'll give them today to fix it. And if they do, I'll stay with them and post here. Maybe this is an aberration. I don't know.
scott, 25th 2011 September, 2011
stay away worst host lost my site
Sam, 06th 2011 June, 2011
My websites have been down for a day or so now. They say they are restoring them. Funny - the Midphase site seems to work fine. If you're just starting a new web site - you should think about passing on midphase.com If they can't even have your site back up and running after a few hour - pleaz - unless you don't use your site for business.
Rob M, 04th 2011 June, 2011
Midphase.com was great in the beginning, but for the last 3 years have been horrible. Their reliability is extremely poor - sites go down with no explanation and support is very, very slow to respond, if at all. It's like it is a big joke and they don't give a crap about your crummy web sites or email. Folks, if Midphase decides to give away free web hosting, tell them to shove it!
John, 02nd 2011 May, 2011
Well I got what I paid for.
I paid peanuts and I got what it was worth.... Nothing.
I bit the bullet and moved to www.deepbluehosting.com which was an excellent decision.
They are more expensive but their support is fantastic and I havent had any downtime at all!
I got what I paid for with midphase and I am getting what I paid for with Deepbluehosting.com
The differences are amazing.
There are many hosts out there that are reputable, I suggest you guys shop around like I did and if an offer is too good to be true, then it most likely is!
Christopher, 10th 2011 March, 2011
I agree with the above negative reviews. My site goes down all the time. One of their services is WP blog installation support but when they fantasico program failed to install the blog, I was told I'd have to manually install the blog. I didn't know how to do that so the blog never got installed. There are great hosting companies out, Midphase is NOT one of them. You're crazy if you use Midphase hosting
Jefferey, 11th 2010 September, 2010
Absolutely the worst company. The downtime will kill your SERPs. I have moved on ....
Dom , 25th 2010 August, 2010
I had a vps running with these guys for 3 years - okay service. Then they got bought out by uk2.net and things started changing.

In Aug 2010 they completely lost a RAID array and deleted an entire server, the one that my VPS was on. (looking at their status page that week, all you could see was VPSs going down all over the place. Looks to me like some idiot buggered up a migration to their new cloud hosting they are pushing.

No back-ups, no option of data recovery, nothing. All data gone. I could have lived with the huge amount of work involved in getting a new VPS tuned up, and 50GB of client accounts and databases restored from local files. I was annoyed, and staggered that they could lose the mirrored drive as well as the main storage. But I recognize that hardware fails and although 100% data loss is about as bad as it gets and screams poor infrastructure, bad sys admins and general incompetence, Im not unreasonable and was ready to get on with it.

The thing that blew me away was the support that was non-existent. There was no recognition that this was a disaster for me hosting commercial clients websites - no offer to get a VPS fired up to help me start restoring the 50GB data they wiped. No. What they did was refer me to another website - and told me to get my credit card out to pay up-front for a new vps! After that, if i chased around their billing department they may issue a credit for the time I was down!
Unbelievable - who cares about a credit - in that situation you want someone to give a damn and help fast track you back online.

After I had begged for some support to speed things up, and my cries went unanswered for another day, and it was clear these clowns had no intention of doing anything I cancelled and sorted everything out myself with my other host in the UK who are very good (xilo.net)

A complaint to their Customer Service (Ha Ha) manager has gone unanswered.

If you value your business steer clear of this company and its associates, vps.net, midhase.com, uk2.net, anhosting.com and others.

Utterly Appalling!

PS. It is only after i decided to try and warn others that I realised how bad the customer ratings of this company is.
Twolane, 21st 2010 June, 2010
Four WP subdirectories take forever to load. Apparently they were doing "updates" over the weekend, however this has been going on for 7 days now. When I called, it was because of plugins. I disable ALL plugins, and still the same. I Can't recommend this outfit for love nor money.
Stephen R, 27th 2010 April, 2010
Absolutely terrible company. They took our money but didn't give us any hosting for a year. I think that's probably called fraud. We've only just got our domain name back from them after 1 year.

No one should ever use them.
Shane, 26th 2010 February, 2010
These guys are the worst, everything takes forever if it even works at all and the sites are down all the time
John K, 08th 2010 January, 2010
Hi Nicole,
I was with midphase a while ago. I went with them because they sounded really good, and they are really cheap. Cheap is what I paid, and a cheap service is what I got.
After seeing Tom B's response, I gave deepbluehosting.com a try.
More expensive, but far better.
I only had 1 issue with no webmail (Only via mail client) when they moved to faster servers (No downtime experienced in doing so), and that mail issue was resolved within a couple of hours.
Not one complaint since I have been with them.
nicole, 23rd 2009 December, 2009
I've had nothing but issues with MidPhase. I originally went to them because they were listed as #1 on several lists, but that didn't last. I work freelance and I've lost at least 3 job contracts because my email bounced back to the potential client. It's been a nightmare. I need my email to at least be reliable and i dont think Im asking for much here.

Also, for some reason I seem to have to keep resetting my IP address with their servers in order to access my own control panels. They keep trying to blame my ISP. So how is it I can view every other website in the world except mine and the midphase.com websites? Must be my ISP (satirical!)

I"m looking to go to hosting24 based on reviews I've seen, but I'm open to other recommendations.
Tom B, 17th 2009 September, 2009
These guys were extremely cheapo and great to begin with but all went downhill!
I changed over to deepbluehosting.com, and am paying a higher amount, but found them to be excellent! They did do a special deal as I had to move a number of my sites over to them, so was all good!
Chris, 26th 2009 August, 2009
Well, Midphase appear to have been moved out of the top slot #1 now - about time too - but some joker has posted a load of crap below to hide the real comments - scroll right down to see these!!

In brief Midphase is a BAD host.- but read for yourself - a fair way down....
fdsafdas, 11th 2009 August, 2009
fdsa, 22nd 2009 July, 2009
James, 07th 2009 July, 2009
I am an advanced student designer and I would like to build my portfolio of sites to show my future clients. If you need a site built under ten pages in size for your online biz then email me as I will build it for you for free if possible.
ted, 03rd 2009 June, 2009
support is non-existent
Nicole, 18th 2009 May, 2009
I move to afmu.com. now I pay 27.95 per year for the same thing, and the support is waaay better.
2 HK, 16th 2009 May, 2009
try Eboundhost. Go on www.dickgreasley.com to check how stable and fast are EBH servers. I have been with them since August 2006!
blaah , 22nd 2009 April, 2009
HK, 21st 2009 April, 2009
The 1'st year was very good.
But now, OH GOD my boss will kick my ass coz of them. Emails & websites are always DOWN.

I'll transfer to another host, any recommendations???
Sarah, 06th 2009 April, 2009
Fuck them, use Gearworx.net instead.
PremiumReseller.com, 25th 2009 March, 2009
erqwe, 12th 2009 March, 2009
midphase, 22nd 2009 February, 2009
If you join today I will give you free hosting since we had so many problems recently I am sorry!
Scott, 22nd 2009 February, 2009
They make me mad fuckyou midphase you should eat my shit for lunch just a scammer host I should also piss on you!!!
scott, 22nd 2009 February, 2009

fuckyou midphase you should eat my shit for lunch just a scammer host
scott, 22nd 2009 February, 2009
fuckyou midphase you should eat my shit for lunch just a scammer host
Steven, 21st 2009 February, 2009
I switched from midphase to turtlehosting.com way cheaper and better service
chris, 06th 2009 February, 2009
I moved some older accounts from midpahse to afmu.com. I pay a small fraction of what I was and the service is waaay better.
Wout, 26th 2009 January, 2009
A horrible host, servers so slow you won't believe it. Service slow as well, and always in denial.

A host to stay away from!
Simone, 17th 2008 December, 2008
The service is quite good, but unfortunately they sell a service that doesn't work. the mailing list, by mailman, should be great, but there is a milit of 200 email per hour. So, if you have a mailing list of 150 users, 1 email sent to the ml corresponds to 150 emails, so you can't run a mailing list, because if 2 people reply to the message, you go to 450 email and they are lost for ever.
so, why midphase sell a mailing list service that costs 10$ when it doesn't work?
Nikos, 05th 2008 December, 2008
Andrea, 02nd 2008 December, 2008
We had 25 domain names that the DNS got scrambled today. Midphase has "no record" of any changes... customer service says, "maybe it has something to do with the server migration." That's the explanation!! All of our DNS is pointing elsewhere -- all of our customers.. everyone's email and websites are down. What a freaking mess. Last week could not FTP files...error on upload. customer service said it had something to do with dreamweaver. Huh? Still couldn't do it with another FTP client. Lo and behold the disk space was full after I WENT ONLINE through the customer portal and looked at the server status. Yikes. This company has just gotten worse and worse and worse over time... STAY AWAY!!! We are migrating to another host today... buh bye midphase!!
Michael A, 18th 2008 November, 2008
They are the worst I have experienced so far... truly terrible, stay away.
The 99% uptime is a lie. I´ve had max 70-80% uptime here in Europe. They mess around with the servers at night in the US, and that screws up daytime usage in Europe.
midphase stinks , 29th 2008 October, 2008
911 tech support ticket for over 3 days now. can not transfer domain. 10 phone calls over hacked site and they keep reloading backup copies hacked naturally. all of my customers have been hacked on midphase. I have managed to move 90% of them to other hosting providers. Don't register a domain name through them. Ever. takes forever to get control of your domain. LAZY customer support. OMG has to be one of the worst ever, certainly ranks at top 5 worst ever.
Jeff, 28th 2008 October, 2008
The shut down my domain, no warning, claimed it was for lack of payment - NOT! I have no outstanding invoices with them - per their own system. It took them 12 hours to tell me that its down to lack of payment, it's still down 12 hours later and I'm still waiting for some one to explain what isn't paid (site down for 3+days now).
Mona, 23rd 2008 October, 2008
Gone down again today for 3 hours and counting. So bad.....
JD , 22nd 2008 October, 2008
I'm amazed midPhase is even still in business. Terribly disappointed in their service!
Miguel, 21st 2008 October, 2008
Tuesday October 21 at 7:04 p.m. I have problems!!! any of my pages is running and all my email accounts doesnt work, does anybody know whats is happening???
Joe, 21st 2008 October, 2008
I am not normally one to join the choir but...This shit is crazy!!
Today is Tuesday, October 21 and the servers are slower than ever. Jus when I am producing a major event. My flash file won't even show for about 3 minutes!! Event visiting their main sales page is slow. I have to move my files quickly. This isn't working. Thumbs down for midphase.
Jay, 18th 2008 October, 2008
I haven't been able to access anything for a few days now. I was finally able to get back into my cPanel but nothing is uploading. Anyone know what's going on?????
killer, 14th 2008 October, 2008
i want to kill the host for ruining all my work
tim, 10th 2008 October, 2008
they are crap
Jeff Golden, 10th 2008 October, 2008
I have had my site down at least 4x each week for the last month. They always say "Yea, we'll fix it." What a joke.
Edward, 08th 2008 October, 2008
Stay away from these guys, moved to virgohosting.com, excellent host for the price.
Andrea, 30th 2008 September, 2008
These people are terrible. My site has been down nonstop--no response from help line. This is ridiculous--I'm switching servers as soon as I can actually get into my cpanel and backup my documents.
Mike Adams, 25th 2008 September, 2008
Midphase is Terrible.

I just switched to EDTHosting.com and so far they have been fantastic. Support answers on the first ring, The staff is very helpful, and My site has been up with no problem since I moved to EDT. I am moving all of my sites to EDTHosting.
Perry, 24th 2008 September, 2008
Simply the worst thing I've EVER paid for!

My domains have been down nonstop. Lost all emails over 5 times across multiple domains. They've also lost/deleted/not backed up 2 databases.. years of work!

Support is less than useless. Never an apology.

Steer WELL CLEAR. Pay a little more and keep your important sites safe and live.
Charles, 24th 2008 September, 2008
Really, do not even go there, midPhase are having real problems at the moment, I've had a 911 support request unresolved for over three weeks. It is an issue with a data base not working on a windows server. We moved the files to another windows serer and it worked fine. You do the maths!

The problems go on and on, server's down all the time. email not working regularly, today my cpanel stopped working! The midPhase support team seem to be tinkering with the system all the time and instead of making it better, you guessed it, they make it worse.

If you are considering using this company, think again, if it was easy for my to leave I would do it today.

DH, 17th 2008 September, 2008
Been with MidPhase for about a year now. Things have been normal up until a couple of days ago (the typical discount host problems: sometimes slow server times, sometimes bad support, etc.). Then all of a sudden, 60% of their servers crashed! They brought most of them back up, but there were 2 servers (with over 1,000 domains on them, total) that were down for almost 2 days!!! That's ridiculous. They've finally rebuilt one and are migrating the other, with the expectation that the latter will be up tomorrow!
Oscar Hidalgo, 12th 2008 September, 2008
Someting happening with MIDPHASE Hosting Services, are DOWN, does any body know someting about it?
GP, 07th 2008 September, 2008
I have been with midphase since 2005. For three years I had a perfect experience with them. Attentive, knowledgeable support, no downtime, no issues. Then . . . in 2008 the problems began. Apparently they were sold earlier this year. Service, the attitude of their support staff = horrible. And this week I've had multiple issues with my site - from critical server failures, email issues, site builder issues. Still trying to get things resolved. I am disappointed. I used to refer people to Midphase, but no longer feel comfortable doing so.
Mona, 04th 2008 September, 2008
I switched to MidPhase about 3 weeks ago. Within the past week, we've had 3 instances of downtime, and this morning we are down again. Can't reach them via Phone, Chat or Email. What is going on??
Chris S, 27th 2008 August, 2008
David wrote "
After 15 years in the biz, I must say midPhase is the worst web host I've had to deal with."

Mike replied.....
"I guess you haven't tried ADDR.COM! They ARE the absolute worse!"

I SAY.... Surely nothing can be as bad as IPower !!!....
Mike, 23rd 2008 August, 2008
David wrote "
After 15 years in the biz, I must say midPhase is the worst web host I've had to deal with."

I guess you haven't tried ADDR.COM! They ARE the absolute worse!
David, 20th 2008 August, 2008
After 15 years in the biz, I must say midPhase is the worst web host I've had to deal with. Four days of down time and counting? Unacceptable. midPhase is being run by a buch of half-witted kids.
Scott, 14th 2008 August, 2008
I prefer ASPHostCentral.com than midPhase due to the fact that midphase server is a LOT slower and the downtime is just unbearable and annoying.

I will never EVER come back to this host and I would strongly recommend ASPHostCentral.com to all you guys...:)
Dr Host, 07th 2008 August, 2008
Midphase are NOT the best, check out the many comments and see for yourself which way the wind is blowing....

Midphase are trouble.
Susan, 06th 2008 August, 2008
You have convinced me but must add forget HostDepartment.com too They suck! My database is down all the time and their tech help are idiots!!!!
Han, 02nd 2008 July, 2008
Stay away from this hosting company.
hostdepartment, 27th 2008 June, 2008
We are better than Midphase! Go to www.Hostdepartment.com
Shane, 19th 2008 June, 2008
Just started out with midphase a couple of weeks ago. A few hiccups with the FTP getting started but they were fixed promptly. Support via email has been alright so far <30mins average. I read the negative reviews while waiting for a support email and was a bit shocked, hopefully my experience will be better. I'll try to post again in a couple of months with the good and/or the bad.
DaveDave, 22nd 2008 May, 2008
midphase = crap

Tooks Cameron's recommendation below and switched to reliablesite.net, haven't looked back since. The support is soooooooo much better.
Doug Anderson, 19th 2008 May, 2008
MidPhase uses Enom as a domain registrar. After moving my site to HostGator because of some bad things MidPhase did, I asked MidPhase for the password to the Enom registration. They provided it, I changed the contact info to me, changed the name servers to HostGator (verified by WhoIs), and changed the password. I then closed my MidPhase account. On the 1 year anniversary of the domain registration (it's a 2 year registration), MidPhase accessed my Enom data, altered the password, and altered the name servers, thereby stealing my domain. After 8 days trying to contact them, they finally sent an e-mail saying "they will look into it". As of today, I still have no access to my domain.
Busted, 18th 2008 May, 2008
This site doesn't even have Verio listed in it's database.
maverick, 13th 2008 May, 2008
How can this be No.1. I had so much problem with my current provider and want to jump to midphase, but...
www.globaldialinternational.com www.runyourcarwithwater.co.uk
nick cannon, 29th 2008 April, 2008
They sold out to some fricken chinks . Avoid
test, 17th 2008 April, 2008
jaja another post.... this site sucks!
Paul cavan, 16th 2008 April, 2008
The servers are unreliable, I get hacked twice already im looking for another hosting now.

David K., 13th 2008 April, 2008
Been building sites since '95, dealt with many hosts. midPhase ranks at the bottom. Support is a joke, two months of technical nightmares--I'm ready to jump ship.
kd8hmo, 11th 2008 April, 2008
single white male looking to meet same www.nocodehams.net
Cameron, 04th 2008 April, 2008
Dumped midphase and went to reliablesite.net, haven't looked back since. The site speed is like night and day.
My hosting, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
I have been with midphase for several years now and am generally satisfied, which I cannot say for the 4 other hosting places that I tried. Their service and support is pretty decent. My only gripes have been the fact that they will bring down entire servers without notice during the peak of a workday to perform maintenance or upgrades. This is stupid and inconsiderate. They should do this work off hours or at least have the decency of notifying their customers prior to taking a server down.
vangogh, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
Was tempted to go there but after reading this lot, not a hope, how are these people at the top of the tree, i though foot and mouth started at the foot.
John B, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
My site was fine and plan was fine, but support was slow.
Richard, 30th 2008 March, 2008
I host 2 sites with MIdphase and I will be moving them elsewhere when I can. Their support are prima donna arrogant pricks and they take your web site down at the slightest hitch. Got some asshole on your mailing list trying to mess with your business? Midphase will take you down. Got a lot of business and more visitors than usual? Midphase will take you down. Support remind me of Ukrainian people I used to work with who act like they know everything. Assholes.
Herb York, 26th 2008 March, 2008
I LOVE Midphase hosting! Simply fantastic! But then again, I'm a retard.

victim, 17th 2008 March, 2008
full of s*****
JH, 08th 2008 March, 2008
paid $555 to build website. they took my money and halted the work saying they spent too much time on it and I still don't have a usable site. RUN FOR YOUR FINANCIAL LIVES.
paul, 29th 2008 February, 2008
Marc Bollinger,

for many of us, it is too late. the uptime problems etc have led us to leave!
Marc Bollinger, 24th 2008 February, 2008
Hey, if any of you have any unresolved issues with our service, please do not hesitate to e-mail me directly. Seriously, we're trying our best to provide the best service we possibly can. :)

Jocuri Online, 19th 2008 February, 2008
Have a good live online support.
Very good for my
AW, 11th 2008 February, 2008
These "stars" can't be legitimate. After a few bad experiences with little hosts late last century I went with midphase and have begrudgingly kept my hosting with them for a few years. The company I now work for is also hosting via midphase. They are generally responsive but the email will go down periodically, DNS info will get scrambled, and today it seems that their entire DNS server has crashed. Where's the fail-over? Where are the backups? Every site they host is unresponsive, as well as their own websites - no way to get in touch. Great job midphase, our entire organization and all our clients have been offline for half a day now.
peggy hughes-snyder, 07th 2008 February, 2008
I wish I had read these reviews
I have not purchase any thing from them
just sent for imformation which they have
charge me twice on the same day
of 19.95 dollars
which I have reported to my card company, I had better recieve my refund
not a very happy person
Kyle, 22nd 2008 January, 2008
These people are almost as bad as ADDR.com!!!!
kc, 20th 2008 January, 2008
terrible, terrible, terrible. notice how they advertise EVERYwhere -- including this website is my guess -- that's why they're right at the top at #1.

my webstats are updated only once a month, manually, by one of their tech people. isn't that supposed to be an automatically updated feature?

uptime is incredulous. i'm switching hosts, gladly.
Very angry customer, 09th 2008 January, 2008
Ok so first off, as soon as I made my order my pet gold fish, Oliver, died of cancer. He was my best friend seeing as my girlfriend was kidnapped by the Itallian underground Mafia. I'm really crushed, but I digress, so after ordering they sent me an e-mail and guess what? it had pictures of deranged chipmunks on it and it was so scary I crapped my pants. So when I finally set it up my house exploded, my parents were eaten by wild mongooses, my stock went under, Bob Barker died, and Chuck Norris kicked me :(
Sleepy, 05th 2008 January, 2008
MidPhase (aka. An Hosting) is a scam. Lookup "MidPhase sucks" on Google and read deep and in horror. Sure there are some 14-year-old whiners that get their accounts suspended for being idiots... I cancelled my own hosting when I read the scudfish.com review (it told be the would be no change). However, I did get a partial refund.
Brian G., 01st 2008 January, 2008
BEWARE, 14th 2007 December, 2007
Just because this website lists it with five stars doesn't automatically make them good. Always watch out and read every single fine print.
Marc B., 06th 2007 December, 2007

I don't usually like to jump in on these things, but I have a hard time believing what you just said. (Yes, I work for midphase). Live Chat is generally available from 9am - 10pm M-F. Every single one of our tickets gets answered.. usually within an hour. If we dropped the ball and didn't answer your 20 e-mails, I'd really like to know how that happened. :)
Meme, 05th 2007 December, 2007
They have a live chat question box but they are never available. They say send us an email and they never respond to emails. I often had to send 20 emails to get a response and it wasn't quick. There is no human to speak with that I know of, the others above say it was a foreigner, I didn't even get that. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBHOST...they will cause you nothing but heartache especially if you are new to this all. Go with someone that has LIVE SUPPORT and a phone number.!!!!
Bill T., 02nd 2007 December, 2007
I dunno, I've been with midphase for over two years and it's been pretty decent. There have been months where I've had some downtime, but they seem to be getting better at taking a pro-active approach with it. I've been with a few other web hosting companies before midphase, and I have to say that I just like the fact that someone responds to my ticket and it's easy to get things escalated if I need it.
David, 25th 2007 November, 2007
I am looking for a new host to move away from my current host - hostdepartment (HD). I thought HD was bad so I read your posts re:midPhase because it is ranked #1 according this site. Your comments mostly contradict this ranking. I then looked at the upper left portion of the page and see midPhase at the very top of the left column and the middle column - probably due to paying higher ad/placement fee. I guess I cannot trust the rating because it seems the rating correlates with the ad money they receive from midPhase.
Chuck Jargen, 21st 2007 November, 2007
I switched from Midphase to Umbrahosting.com and it was one of the best decisions I've made.
PitLekker, 20th 2007 November, 2007
Is almal 'n klomp poeste.
Tyrell, 20th 2007 November, 2007
They are absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!!
Patrick K, 15th 2007 November, 2007
I've used their service for years. Overall, support response has been quick and the problems resolved over their webchat links within hours. They have very few outages and incredibly good prices. I recommend them to everyone I know.
T. Morris, 13th 2007 November, 2007
I've had nothing but trouble with them. There tech support is atrocious and the times when I contacted them they acted like they didn't know anything about what I was talking about and then I was redirected to other people willy nilly it seemed. It would be days before I received a reply. I don't know why they are #1 I was glad to get rid of them.
Minni, 01st 2007 November, 2007
My mail server has been down for 48 hrs now and their system admin seems to have no clue whatsoever how to manage systems. THIS IS THE WORST EVER SERVICE...DO NOT GET SCAMMED BY THEM.

Mathew, 16th 2007 October, 2007
They do not support MS SQL Server. Pass on them.
True Impartial Review, 13th 2007 October, 2007
you must make sure you dont think just because this host is listed #1 it really is any good at all. Instead, use this site to read people's comments- below - and make your own mind up! Clearly, it is BAD host. The 1 to 10 list has no bearing on who is any good, although you might find a host listed that shines - but its pure coincidence!
Alice W., 11th 2007 October, 2007
Stay away from MidPhase. I signed up with them three weeks ago to get my website listed on all the major search engines including Google, yahoo, MSN, etc. as promised. This never happened. I emailed them several time advising them of their promise to list my site in 24 hours and send me a list of the sites they submitted my site to. This was never done so I canceled my account with MidPhase. Are there any legitimate home based opportunities out there? I've been desperately trying to find one, with no success so far. Please HELP!!
user, 01st 2007 October, 2007
really not worth time to spend,they have so many limitation for an AVERAGE webmaster.
bad stay away, 29th 2007 September, 2007
stay away from them
midphase.com is a fraud company, 28th 2007 September, 2007
midphase.com has launched this fraud review system to boost it scam sales. They have writen bad reviews about other web hosting companies. Guess who is the writer of the bad reviews ???
vowner of the victim web hosting company itself.

Good joke why owner will write bad review for his own company ???

Dan of midphase must reply
just checkit, 22nd 2007 September, 2007
just want to check how to do review
JAY, 21st 2007 September, 2007
I almost went with this company awhile back, but doing the customer service test they didn't pass. I waited and waited and then couldn't understand the person on the other line. I was here writting a review for lunar but now that I see these guys with all these fake impossible stars they got they are getting a neg from me.
Jared, 05th 2007 September, 2007
I left them 3 months ago for www.3essentials.com. I haven't had any of the problems I experienced before. The support response time are much better too.
Larry K., 04th 2007 September, 2007
I'm glad to see that frustrated MidPhase customers have found greener pastures elsewhere. I moved to a host company called Pair Networks and the improvement was almost immediate. I have been with them now for a couple of months and not so much as a single hiccup. My little site has been up and running 100% (or I should say it's been there every time I went and looked). Pair Networks is also very fast - much faster than MidPhase and few other's I tried along the way. Check out Pair Networks if you are looking for an inexpensive host service. Good luck to all!
Terry, 03rd 2007 September, 2007
Well jsut now my site is down and it was much before.

I liked the support and junk, but it looks realy legit... anyways the downtime is my prob.. time to switch hosts :D
Si, 31st 2007 August, 2007
Hi, How can they be always on the top as no good reviews. I am with HiyaCorp.com and they are brilliant. Try them out and you'll see.
alvear, 21st 2007 August, 2007
DO NOT USE MIDPHASE.COM, ANHOSTING.COM or any of the fictitious names that they put out there. BE careful, I've been scammed by these loonies. They said my account was cancelled but there is a 1 year hosting charge on my account.
Chris, 13th 2007 August, 2007
I'm surprise to see that midphase.com average uptime is 99.952% because my site went down for many hours during two business presentation. Hopefully it was not major presentation.
Therefore, I don't recommend to choose this hosting company if you want to do serious business.
John C, 12th 2007 August, 2007
I was with midphase a while ago and they sucked.
Came to this site and saw that they are ranked highly?!?!?!?!
I signed up with deepbluehosting.com and have been going strong for 6 months now.
They dont bull**** around like other companies do.
When I asked them about pricing and such, they told me straight that you pay premium pricing for premium service, and that all these cheapo hosts are cutting corners, and overselling, and that the problem is, they have a high turnover and most people go from one cheap host to another, and start facing the same problems.
Still no complaints from me!
Peter, 04th 2007 August, 2007
This was the worst company I ever did business with. They charged me for fees for providing nothing but hassles! Midphase sucks!
Patrick Gensing, 02nd 2007 August, 2007
My page was down often. Now its a new record: Seven hours. I will now move to another hosting-service. This is really too much!
John, 01st 2007 August, 2007
Sean Stevenson, 15th 2007 July, 2007
I was with this awful company for a while and it was nothing but bad experience after bad experience. I finally moved to rosehosting.com and boy, what a difference. It's like night and day. Even the prices are better if you get one of their specials.
Tony, 13th 2007 July, 2007

midphase is mark warren's best friend

Be sure read rip-off report first!
Tom, 13th 2007 July, 2007
Just search on "midphase scam" and "midphase mark warren"... before you do anything.
Tom, 13th 2007 July, 2007
Stay away from them. They are nothing but trouble. It's a total waste of your money - I guarantee you will regret if you sigh up with them!
I hate midphase!, 13th 2007 July, 2007
Midphase is a total scam. Don't waste your money and time with them! I had the worst experience with them - it's not an honest business and it should be ashamed of itself. It's totally useless to talk to them when anything or everthing goes wrong, and all you will get is insult from them.
Very Bad, 29th 2007 June, 2007
Realy they are Very Bad
site master, 25th 2007 June, 2007
you must make sure you dont think just because this host is #1 it really is any good at all. Instead, use this site to read people's comments- below - and make your own mind up! The 1 to 10 list has no bearing on who is any good, although you might find a host listed that shines - but its pure coincidence!
Jeff, 23rd 2007 June, 2007
Hi Laura,

Give deepbluehosting.com a buzz, and see if they will help you.
Ive found them to be a great company!
Very professional.
Sonny, 21st 2007 June, 2007
This was the worst company I ever did business with. I cancelled their service in 2 weeks and they never honored their refund policy. They kept just making excuses for the delay. One reason was "we are busy moving our office". Then a year later they charged my credit card for a renewal and when I had my credit card company charge it back they had a collection company come after me for it!!!!!!
Ariel Condris, 17th 2007 June, 2007
Hmm... I too had a bad experience with Midphase. Yet, go figure, they have the top rating with this site. I think this site may be rigged, and/or Midphase owns this site or is paying for advertising here. They do sneaky things like that.
Osamah Alabdullah, 17th 2007 June, 2007
To all of the frustrated folks out there, try www.serverintellect.com.
Laura, 14th 2007 June, 2007
MidPhase stinks royally. I had problems from the first day forward with them. It took them over 2 weeks to get the site up and running. Every time they had one excuse after another. After I finally threatened to cancel my account because of the problems they promised it would be up in an hour. WRONG! 3 phones and 36 hours later I was up and running. But not for long. Went down several times, called, conviently disconnected, had more problems than most.
Then to top it all off I was misrepresented in the billing. I would rather pour salt into an open wound than to deal with these people ever again. Do yourself a favor and RUN.
Oliver P. O., 13th 2007 June, 2007
Midphase.com did not cut it for the amount of traffic my site was getting. I moved to ubiquityhosting.com and am now being hosted for less - Support is friendly and helpful.
Nikola Todorov, 13th 2007 June, 2007
I was with midphase.com for a while... then I decided to go over to hostican.com where till today the support is fine and my site is always online and loads damn fast.

Olivia Green, 12th 2007 June, 2007
Unfortunately, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.
I was paying peanuts with another company, and ended up losing out.
I paid a little bit extra and now I actually get a decent service.
Im now with deepbluehosting, and everytime if anything goes wrong they fix it, but they also prevent it too.
The sales guys seem great, and although sometimes I have to wait a few hours for a reply, they always gets the job done.
My site has only gone down once for about 15 minutes, by the time I emailed them, it was back up.
They keep adding new things on, and havent charged me anything extra.
The only downside I guess is pricing in comparision with companies like powweb, but Im happy to be paying the extra for a server I know isnt overloaded.
Hopefully there will be more companies like deepbluehosting.com who actually set the price right, and dont offer plans which arent viable.
Susan G. Callis, 10th 2007 June, 2007
I've not heard from MidPhase and I cannot find my site!
Mario June 5 2007, 05th 2007 June, 2007
Looking for a web host? Go to the top right of this page. You'll know where NOT to go.
They think MIDPHASE is tops.... hate to even try the others they list. MidPhase is tops in the worst site so the others can't be far behind them. Rating 1 - 10 worst being 10. MidPhase gets a 25.
Marion jJune 5 2007, 05th 2007 June, 2007
I've had it!!! Site was down for 14 hour then another 4, then another 12 all in 2½ days (IS this a RECORD?) gave every excuse in the book. Said it was fine from their end... they must be on Mars. Finally a friend said to tell them they screwed up on htaccess.
Presto they got it going at least for a couple of hours.. down again!!! Wouldn't you think they should know something beside giving dumb excuses and treating customers like IDIOTS.
Now I am looking for another host. lots of work to do but I sure can't put up with this any longer.
They are not John anymore... it's Sergei Alexander or Danni

Who the H--- put this junk site at the top of the list? Must be the Martians MidPhase hangs out with.

RUN do not WALK.....
John M, 25th 2007 May, 2007
We have been with Midphase for over 3 years now. We chose them because we have had bad experiences with 3 other hosting places and they seemed highly rated and were not a fly by night outfit. We have about 40 sites online and have been doing this for over 10 years, so we know what to expect. We have had a few instances of interruption - 1 or 2 'normal' problems' and 1 or 2 'scheduled maintenance' problems, where we were not warned ahead of time about the maintenance. Their service and support was adequate - what can be expected from a large organization. Overall, their pricing, features, reliability and support seems to balanced enough to provide a decent experience - much better than we had before. We service business sites and are pleased with the service. If you are a home or recreational user, you may be better off somewhere else like oneandone or godaddy (the fast food joints in the hosting business).
Larry K., 25th 2007 May, 2007
Used this service for 2 years. I don't ask much from a host service. My needs are very very simple. My website is relatively small and uses a fairly small amount of bandwidth. All I ask is that the service is up and running 99.9% of the time - just like these guys advertise when you sign up. I don't know what the actual uptime is but I'm sure it wasn't 99.9%. Almost every month their servers wouuld crash and my website would be unavailable to the world for hours. Apparently, they have no redundant backup plan in place. Amazing. I complained about the quality of the service so many times I lost track. I finally couldn't take it anymore and pulled the plug.

I will say this though - they have a decent customer service line. Easy to get through to them. Too bad the quality of the service isn't up to the same standards as their TS.
Greg Nguyen, 24th 2007 May, 2007
Hi Matt,

You might want to try www.deepbluehosting.com
You could ask for a customised quote.
Thats what I did, and got a good deal
Me_again, 22nd 2007 May, 2007
I love you, midphase!

..\................. /
Midphase-Sucks, 22nd 2007 May, 2007
my website has been down for 24+ hours already! sh*t... I am moving to another host!
kabir, 22nd 2007 May, 2007
midphase.com are just sucks. They are down almost 90% times
Matt, 22nd 2007 May, 2007
I've been down for almost 20 hours today. They babbled some excuse about servers in broken English without saying when the problem would be resolved. Someone please suggest an alternative host where I could transfer my sites to without any problems.
Bob, 21st 2007 May, 2007
My web site uptime has been fine, but my email server at Midphase has had nothing but problems. It often times out and now my outgoing email is being rejected by all recipients at mac.com, msn.com, hotmail.com, and others. It seems my email server has been flagged as a source of spam. This has happened twice before, also. I'm looking for a new hosting company.
ssteiner, 21st 2007 May, 2007
Since they moved, their service has been terrible. 8 hours downtime in one day, from noon to 8pm on a Monday, finally made us head for the door.

Now, they are refusing to refund a full month's of dedicated server fees (2 servers) which they charged 10 days before they were due.

Stay Away!
Dan, 19th 2007 May, 2007
I had a terrible experience with midphase, and it had nothing to do with uptime, in fact I didn't even last long enough to see what their uptime was like! Their advertised plans are tricky and misleading, their online support appears to be outsourced, and they appear to have no problems calling international customers at 4am. You can read the whole sordid tale at http://xxxdan.com/weblog/?p=96
Darren Hall, 15th 2007 May, 2007
You get what you pay for I guess.
I went with deepbluehosting.com
Far more expensive yet the best service ever.
Jeff, 20th 2007 April, 2007
Terrible, always down
Lenny, 02nd 2007 April, 2007
Worst company ever. Not sure about the Russian Mafia, maybe some kind of organized crime ring though. Stay awaaaaaay!
amahd, 02nd 2007 April, 2007
bad bad non of my clients can access their email, all our websites are down and midphase .com is down. this is not the first time but it will be the last for me.
Brent, 16th 2007 March, 2007
I am moving hosting for my Mambo site and was recommended mediatemple and rochenhost.
Surprised to see Midphase etc as No. 1, and mt and rochenhost lower in rank.
Reviews at sites like this must be honest. No point say good when not. When rely on the ranking & try them and it sucks. Never trust this review again.
Bad exper with Joomadesk people. So rude. Many `experts' out there. Must check their references.
Mt has problem with outages. Ranking for rochen is low. Will check out the other recommendations.
Luckily I checked feedback for midphase. Not going there!
Luke Skywalker, 01st 2007 March, 2007
Midphase suck as any other overselling host,nothing new.Try dwhs.info instead,real host with real prices.
John W., 24th 2007 February, 2007
My experience with midPhase was terrible, I order the Pro-PHASE plan but they suspend my account with the excuse that is "consuming much resources" my website only run 3 days in the midPhase servers, they try to sell me a plan for $50 month if i want continue running my website, but I don't want a hosting that suspend without warning, so I request a refund, and they say that this takes about 5-7 bussines days, now 30 days after I don't get my money back, be careful if you think buy a plan with this scammers.
Karen, 23rd 2007 February, 2007
I initially had midPhase and switched to FogHost.com. I always like smaller companies better because their customer service is much better.
Nelson Campos, 23rd 2007 February, 2007
Not good company to open account. I try open account ( 2 try in diferent years) but all the time, they ask to send a copy fax, My id and Credit card copy. I don't send for anything this...
Andy, 20th 2007 February, 2007
I have had midphase.com and I disagree with some of the postings here. I have had them for over 5 years now,and did not experience any problem.
Karissa, 17th 2007 February, 2007
Most awful customer service! Tim is a joke, overpriced domains and horrible hosting experience. They lag, log in sucks, options are bad. Don't get Jeanette for customer service, bad bad bad
Huh?, 14th 2007 February, 2007
Most relaible? I've opened an account 3 days ago and have not been able to complete a ftp session yet! It just times out. Email also times out alot. Email is slow. It usually takes about 5 minutes for it to show up if I email from my yahoo account and vice versa.

Most reliable? Something smells here.
Wow, 11th 2007 February, 2007
wow, excellent...
Edward E., 10th 2007 February, 2007
try turtlehosting.com they are awesome, they have never let me down!
SuperKITTEN, 07th 2007 February, 2007
Everyone else said they sucked.........
Dredora, 06th 2007 February, 2007
I really don't know how come they are in this position they are surely no 1 cheaters
Anita, 06th 2007 February, 2007
Midphase.com is the WORST host I have ever used. Their downtime is ridiculous. My site is down almost every day. Their tech support people, while responsive, know nothing. They blame their servers for everything.
Marc, 02nd 2007 February, 2007
I've been hosting web sites on various hosts for over 7 years - I also know the web hosting business very well. Midphase.com is the WORST host I have ever used. Their downtime is ridiculous. My site is down almost every day. Their tech support people, while responsive, know nothing. They blame their servers for everything. "Oh the server was having problems" blah blah blah. They run Linux servers, which should be solid as a rock, they should not need rebooting constantly unless they are not properly configured. And, sometimes when they "reboot the server" it takes 1-2 hours for my site to come back up - a reboot takes 10 minutes tops. I tell them this and they say "sorry please be patient and we'll try to figure out what's going on", but of course they never do. They have unscheduled maintenance all the time, "sorry we had to rebuild the server"..........thanks for the advanced warning you morons! They always blame my server for the problems, "it's your server, we're happy to move you to a new one"............they've moved me to a new one before, no help at all, my site is still always down. My site is down so often that Google drops me from their index on a daily basis! I would too if I were them, who wants to list a site that's always down? Midphase's techs barely speak English and are indeed all Russian I think, based on their names. I swear, Midphase is run out of some kids basement. Don't be fooled by their professional looking web page, they are a complete joke! I am moving to a dedicated private server, to hell with these guys. If you value site uptime, avoid these guys like the plague!
jeff, 21st 2007 January, 2007
I think depending on which toggle server you're assigned to makes a big difference. Apparently, I must have pissed someone off and over the past six weeks, I would estimate my website has been down for over 20 hours. I'm sure there are those who get lucky and have no problems, I'm just not one of them
TINA, 18th 2007 January, 2007
tina, 18th 2007 January, 2007
Please whatever you do stay way from the Johns’ in MIDPHASE.COM. It looks like everyone’s name is defaulted to JOHN because they donot want you know their really name. MIDPHASE IS RUN BY RUSSIAN MAFIA. THEY SELL YOUR DATABASE INFO.
Since I had exceeded my shared host capacity, I decided to try midphase.Com. This was a nightmare; the support team with admins call JOHN was all incompetent. They were never able to provide me a server that does not have issues.
After so many issues, question about there so call 24x7 supports (this is a lie there is NO 24x7 support from MIDphase), 3 days with no site, I decided to cancel.
I was later convincing by another admin call JOHN to keep my account with them. I did and the 4 days after everything was looking good my site was down. Basically, these thieves requested my server credentials so they can have access to my server, then download my database and file just to later close my account.
john, 18th 2007 January, 2007
Please whatever you do stay way from the Johns’ in MIDPHASE.COM. It looks like everyone’s name is defaulted to JOHN because they donot want you know their really name. MIDPHASE IS RUN BY RUSSIAN MAFIA. THEY SELL YOUR DATABASE INFO.
Since I had exceeded my shared host capacity, I decided to try midphase.Com. This was a nightmare; the support team with admins call JOHN was all incompetent. They were never able to provide me a server that does not have issues.
After so many issues, question about there so call 24x7 supports (this is a lie there is NO 24x7 support from MIDphase), 3 days with no site, I decided to cancel.
I was later convincing by another admin call JOHN to keep my account with them. I did and the 4 days after everything was looking good my site was down. Basically, these thieves requested my server credentials so they can have access to my server, then download my database and file just the later close my account.
Mike, 13th 2007 January, 2007
Worst experience of my career, all same issues as listed below ... I made the mistake of giving them the benefit of the doubt. I've moved to IntecNetworks (now know as ithost.ca also) and haven't had a single issue, Suberb server speed, Amazing customer AND technical support (and the hosting package prices are some of the best I've seen). I urge midPhase customers to check them out, if you have the same experience I've had you won't reget it.


John, 12th 2007 January, 2007
This host is suck. Downtime near %99.9
John, 01st 2007 January, 2007
I didn't have any problems with minphase until recently, now they suck, my web site is always down, they switched me to a different panel that doesn't work now, and now they can't say when it will work... very disappointed
Shankar, 18th 2006 December, 2006
Looks like many of the postive ratings by this webhost are spurious.

I have myself switched 2 hosts in 2 months (for flv hosting)...the service looks less mature than traditional hosting where you have many reliable vendors like www.cleverdot.com (whom I have used since 2004 with great support).
Geoff W, 08th 2006 December, 2006
I have had many problems with midphase hosting over the past few months. Downtime every day and slow servers. Customer support is sometimes good but they have never solved the downtime and server issues.
I have a lot of Joomla based sites and other mysql modules that Midphase support. Which is why we chose Midphase in the first place ( they have the fantastico automation). Does anyone know of a viable alternative that has easy installation of the mysql dbases.
Dr Host, 03rd 2006 December, 2006
sounds like Midphase should NOT be used. appear from reviews to be the WORST hosting provider, not the best!

Read on .....
Billy, 28th 2006 November, 2006
Do not use these guys!
Ive just moved away form them as their support sucks and servers are slow!
Chris F, 25th 2006 November, 2006
DO NOT use Midphase. I had 11 hours of downtime on VPS on Wednesday and 3 hours so far today. The front end customer support people may be friendly, but the reality is NO ONE knows what they are doing there. Avoid it.
Elliott, 22nd 2006 November, 2006
One HELL of A HOST...
Kasemodel, 19th 2006 November, 2006
I was a Midphase customer for about 6 months and as an affiliate had sent then many new accounts. When I asked about it, they claimed to have never recvd my sign-up even after I sent them a copy of *their* confirmation. And the "Unmetered Bandwidth" -- don't believe it. If you exceed the "unmetered" amount, they suspend your account or bill you for it.
nashoma, 08th 2006 November, 2006
They have very nice servers
But they are very bad in treatment with people
They suspend you're account without any reason, and when you ask them ore fill ticket you'll find the answer after 6 hours and with silly reason K as matter as they don't know
And they keeping behind you, every time, they send letters just they remained you , to upgrade to next plan , begging money, PLZ sty away you'll be safe wwwwwwooooooooo
Nicklaus Deyring, 26th 2006 October, 2006
Until last month everything with Midphase was great, but my main email account disappeared for no reason. I lost valuable emails, and after many hours still had all emails being sent to me being bounced back. I tried using their phone service, but two different reps told me 'the online ticket system people have direct server access, we can't help you'.

so i tried that, and i'm still waiting for them to fix my email account. i'm bummed because they've been great for me for the past couple years, but i've decided to move on to mediatemple because i don't mind paying a little more if they don't DELETE my EMAIL and bounce back unreturnable emails to my clients. -grumble-
Atlantian, 24th 2006 October, 2006
There down time is excessive, for as long as a day at a time. Once fixed, down again. When i call and tell them of the down time, they blame it on their windows server, but offer nothing to fix the issue. Slow pages, and the email is usless due to it being down and constant error messages (down).
Rich, 08th 2006 October, 2006
I had trouble with midphase right from the ordering point on. I became so frustrated because of confused instructions that I called to get it resolved. After the call I received an email with all of the instructions once again. The nameservers were wrong in that emai. I finally gave up trying to read thier garbage and figured out how to set things up myself.
I sent all of the emails to midphase and got a reply back that I got a "marketing guy" and the email would be forwarded to the proper person. Three days later and nothing from them. I I were their marketing guy I would have been very interested in what happens at the ordering point.
Maybe there was just a ton of glitches with them. I will be cancelling without trying the service. I can imagine what would happen if problems occur.
LINUX, 04th 2006 October, 2006
John, 30th 2006 September, 2006
This week I get too much problems in midphase... to much downtime in my domains! Too much problems in email!
Pablo, 25th 2006 August, 2006
I recommend Virtuosonetsolutions instead (www.virtuosonetsolutions.com) They host my sites (about 25 domains) and they are superb to any companies I've tried in the past (including lunar pages, webhost4life). Their support is much faster and the servers are not jammed with excess accounts. Give em' a shot.

My site. www.linuxsecuritytips.com
Bill, 28th 2006 July, 2006
I would have to agree with Chris
Bruno, 26th 2006 July, 2006
I can only give a positive review about midphase. At least in my opinion they do have a really friendly staff, they helped me to migrate over 1 GB of mysql databases and over 3 GB of files for free. Comparing to my previous host (hostdime.com)they have a really stable servers and clear internet connection, so ping from my location is only 10ms which is great and my websites is loading very fast. So it is strongly recommended.
Tom, 22nd 2006 July, 2006
In my experience, Midphase has very poor service. Their e-mail server threw out my mails with no recovery possible during switch-over. It took a long time on hold to talk to technical service, and then they had poor pronunciation and poor attitude.

Avoid at all costs.
Samuel, 05th 2006 July, 2006
Burden in terms of cost compared to other hosting companies
Sarah, 30th 2006 June, 2006
MidPhase has been a great host. The server is always up and running at top notch, the only small downfall is that you need to pay extra to have AWstats enabled but they do provide webalyzer for stats. I also had trouble getting midphase coupons up and running because the localhost database wouldn't connect - a quick email to support informed me that I needed to use "remotemysql" instead of "localhost" - works great!
jmatry, 06th 2006 June, 2006
They are not clear of their deal
Expensive, only 1 database they offer , very slow respond of customer support
Sam, 02nd 2006 May, 2006
Just saw this and have to say HiyaCorp are really good hosts!!! Keep us the gr8 work guys!

Anil Chourdy, 24th 2006 April, 2006
James I can not agree with you more. I signed up with HiyaCorp about a year ago and have never looked back. They are fantastic in what they do and though there have been a few glitches with my account (my fault) they fixed it and 100% no problems for 12 months solid! Fast, reliable, friendly support can't say more than that!
James, 21st 2006 April, 2006
Guys try hiyacorp.com they are really good..signed up about 7 days ago and the best decision i have made in 2 yrs. Great support and fantastic packages!
Chris C, 06th 2006 March, 2006
Stay away from them. They are nothing but trouble
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