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Mysitespace General Information
  Mysitespace is providing Linux Windows and Reseller web hosting services, has been founded in 2000 and now it's years in business.

mysitespace.com average uptime is 99.997% (rank #203 on our directory) with total 89222 successful and 3 failed checks, monitored since 2005-07-15. Similar companies with 99.997% uptime are and v1hosting.com.

Search for "mysitespace.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 33200 results so company name popularity rank is #143.

There have been 31 positive votes for Mysitespace and 24 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #470 (similar companies are inhost.com and datona.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Unix Pro (Type: Linux) - 1000 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth for $4.44/mo

Unix Enterprise (Type: Linux) - 25 GB space, 250 GB bandwidth for $6/mo

Choice (Type: Windows) - 25 GB space, 250 GB bandwidth for $7.95/mo

Platinum (Type: Windows) - 50 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $10.95/mo

RS-1 (Type: Reseller) - 10 GB space, 150 GB bandwidth for $29.95/mo

RS-2 (Type: Reseller) - 25 GB space, 250 GB bandwidth for $49.95/mo

Unix Developer (Type: Linux) - 50 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $8.25/mo

Unix BigEasy (Type: Linux) - 1000 MB space, 10 GB bandwidth for $4.99/mo

RS-3 (Type: Reseller) - 50 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $99.95/mo

Some technical data about mysitespace.com
  IP Location: Texas - Houston - Everyones Internet Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Registrar: DOTSTER, INC.
Website Title: Affordable Web Hosting - Windows, Linux, DotNetNuke, Forums, Portals
Description: Affordable Web Hosting Provider offering windows 2003 and Unix Plans.

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Some bonus features Mysitespace offers
  Free Domain for Life

#1 MOST RELIABLE, GLOBAL #1 RATING Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Reseller Hosting Option, Free Domain for Life all for $4.84/mo

Best Free Hosting provider, 250 MB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth - $0.00/mo, no advertising

Value for Money: 100 GB Space, 1000 GB Bandwidth, Host 2 Domains, Free domain registration, all Just for $7.95/mo
Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
h, 03rd 2011 May, 2011
Leslie, 15th 2010 December, 2010
Worst hosting out there!! I have been trying to cancel for an entire year; called, emailed, live chat and I still got charged!
Sal, 26th 2009 October, 2009
This web hosting service is crap their server keeps going down from time to time and their support is not much useful. Never get this hosting service if you want their FTP and other server going down all the time.
Terrence Fleming, 17th 2009 October, 2009
Only one phrase "Oh My God"!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Lou, 24th 2009 June, 2009
Terrible. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. Customer support is awful. They get your payment information and then keep billing even if you cancel. Do not link through paypal. If there is an error and they get $$, they will not refund. Their server was hacked and they had no backup of my data. My site merged with inappropriate material.
A, 15th 2008 September, 2008
This is shite. They will charge you 6 mos after you cancel the horrendous service, let you site get hacked by ads, have extended periods of downtime, and be complete assholes in correspondence, or just not respond at all. Mysitespace is by far the wost hosting service i have ever encountered. How they are in business, I have no idea. DO NOT USE mysitespace
Robert, 15th 2008 August, 2008
STAY AWAY from these guys! Don is a snake! don@mysitespace.com
Paulson, 22nd 2008 February, 2008
Now, past Jan 2008, they have one of most ancient control panels in the world. You'll be able to do nothing. Said they were upgrading, but what they gave is meant for the dustbin. Be careful.
John Simmons, 16th 2008 January, 2008
Complete joke. Site hardly ever up, and when it was it was riddled with spam. Impossible to contact - none of their email addresses or fax numbers work, and no phone no. to contact. If you have an account and need to cancel, go to 2checkout.com and stop the payment leaving your account, as they'll probably keep trying to charge you. If you don't have an account STAY CLEAR!
David, 13th 2007 November, 2007
ROFLMAO. I just wrote a blog post on my horrid experiences with these losers:
cronoslogic.com, 18th 2007 October, 2007
One of the worst web hosting companies on the planet is mysitespace.com. I've been in the web development game since 1994 and I've been with many different hosts. From the old days of getting financially slammed by companies like Primehost to the horrible, but cheap service from MySiteSpace.

The problems were abundant and from everything as minor as server errors that were never corrected to all the sites on my account being hacked due to their lack of CPanel upgrades and security holes. Email was almost always down, people in different areas of the world couldn't access my site and worst of all, everyday during Eastern business hours my site was completely inaccessible.

After dealing with the MySiteSpace problems for a year I terminated my account with them. Fair warning!: If you do not officially cancel your subscription with them, they will try to charge your credit card on file, or even worse, they will bill your Paypal account and you will never get your money back for unused services.

In my experience MySiteSpace.com scores a negative
-2 stars as they have lousy support, outdated operating systems, antiquated servers and negligible accounting practices. If I were you, I would avoid mysitespace.com like the plague.
Betty Autry, 16th 2007 October, 2007
I have hosted my site with mysitespace now for one year and it has been the worst year of my life. They have no phone contact, they do not answer email and I can never get a straight answer why i have so much spam. They say it's me doing this to their server - what? I don't even know how to do that! I cannot tell you how man I am. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and who ever else will listen to me. Dont' do business with these quacks.
jay verzich, 16th 2007 October, 2007
oh my gosh... i thought i was the only person who had these issues - but then that's what they have been telling me for the last year. I'm a kind gentle man and I don't cause problems but I found myself so frustrated at times I actually swore at the guy.... not me. I've spent alot of money on my site and they have just ruined if for me. Now I can't get my domain name back - i also can't get my files off the server - they seem to have dissapeared. Nightmare!
kathryn robbins, 16th 2007 October, 2007
All you have to do is google complaint mysitespace and you have the whole story. Bad service, they have the attitude - don't get mad get even - so before you complain, you better get all your files backed up so you can rebuild your site. they flooded my files with virus - spam and who knows what else. I too have had so many down times with these jerks that my customers began to question my business practices. Beware if you want are with this company - even if you are a long timer like me - 5 years. they don't care - if you're too much trouble - they'll see to it that you leave!
Larry, 21st 2007 September, 2007
Worst host in history, never works. If it happens to work, then it is extremely slow. No customer support - at all - I get the same response day after day when I submit problem tickets.
Kim Lewis, 06th 2007 September, 2007
Do you want to lose your domain name, have your site down all the time, have your customers complain about the service and become flooded with span - then you should select mysitespace because that is what you will get. Don't give them your credit card because you will be debited and they will keep taking funds from your card. Don't bother making a complain - they have NO customer service department. Try to reach a person to speak to about your issues - they are all very rude!!!!!
Lynn Hanson, 06th 2007 September, 2007
Buyer Beware!! I bought a domain and hosting package for my deceased son. Site down all the time, when I decided to change hosting the following year, they refused to give me my sons name even though I would pay the fee to transfer the domain name. Then they opened it up for spam with thousands of sex sites to flood our memory book. I filed a complaint with credit card company because they billed me for another year even though I provided cancelation in writing. But the worst was the rudeness of the staff, the manager etc. After I stopped service with them, they kept our name, opened up a site with my deceasd sons name - just so we could not use it again. What Goes Around Comes Around - god takes care of these type of people! Don't use them.
Romek, 15th 2007 August, 2007
Poor service, site hacked and down for weeks with tech support saying its fine ticket after ticket after ticket. They may life difficult to cancel their service with many tricks in place to shift fairness away from customer - Stay away from them!
Sylvain, 15th 2007 August, 2007
Im a very patient customer but now i had enough of this company. Very unprofesional, very bad in terms of performance. We got a monitoring company to track outages on our website and it was desastrous, on average 3 hours of outage per day some days 9 hours.
Emails , all my users are complaining but we submit a ticket the answer is always evertyhing is fine.
I hate to do that now but we have to move everything out of this miserable sinking ship
Kirill, 10th 2007 August, 2007
My web site is often down. Tech support first tries to fix the problem, and then blatantly lies in response that all servers were up and i just needed to clear browser cache.
My email server (which is hosted by their server) is now blacklisted on many other email servers, probably because spammers use mysitespace.com too. AVOID!
Nikolai, 09th 2007 August, 2007
STAY AWAY from MySiteSpace!
I was using them for 2+ year and finally am giving up. I went through a couple of day-ling "down" periods, numerous times where I could not manage it or update it, a series of DNS failures, extremely slow email-only techsupport... But that was all kid's play. Now my site keep being infested by some viruses, and TS claim innocence... I have to reupload the whole site daily just to make sure my customers would not catch anything.. Argh..:-(
Tony, 22nd 2007 July, 2007
I agree with the negative reviews that I have read. My site was down for weeks earlier this year and now my email accounts are inacessable. The support is shocking and report faults fixed when they are clearly not!

I'm getting out of here asap to find a decent hosting operation.
Earl, 20th 2007 July, 2007

this is day 4.. After getting there phone number ( not listed on the domain ) and there address I finaly spoke to someone who can speak english yet.. they don't know about "tech support"

yet.. after offering them the option of just having the credit card company let loose on them my site sunddenly apeard back online.. yet my buddies server IN HIS BASEMENT gets faster download speeds ( 70kb/s to download a 10gig backup.. yay! because i have my server crash due to "hard drive failures" 3 times in the past year and having my site reverted back to a backup made when they upgraded my account ( in 04 when there service was good )
Dave, 20th 2007 July, 2007
I agree with all of the above. After being a loyal customer for over a year and putting up with continuous server crashes, my site was pulled down and I entered a 14 day email dispute with the owner (Don) who was accusing me of spamming. Very professional Don, you should get a better grasp of what is going on with your servers before you accuse loyal customers of spamming.

After cancelling my account with MySiteSpace, I moved to a domain name provider in my country. Each year the lease on my domain name expires, and each year I have to pay Don for the domain name. Recently my details have changed and my email address has become obsolete. This time Don happily took my payment to activate my domain (the reminder went to my old email address which is obsolete), but refuses to update the details on my domain. This is absolutely disgraceful, and I would advise all to stay well clear.
Jeff, 24th 2007 June, 2007
I too am finding that mysitespace is horrible. My site is down too offen and currently as I write this the website has reverted back to two weeks ago and I can not sign into my control panel.

Mysitespace is telling my they are moving my site to another server and to be patient with them and it will be back to normal soon. I asked them to give me an estimated time frame and they keep saying "soon".

Also, most of their responses are very confusing do to the broken english and bad grammer. I'm not sure if they are using some sort of translator because they don't speak or write english or if they are just bad at it.

I'm definatley going to switch to a new web hosting server in the near furture.
Matt, 29th 2007 May, 2007
The worst host i've ever been with. Constantly down & their response to my trouble tickets were shocking
drew, 27th 2007 May, 2007
My site was down for at least 2 days and I had to report the issue to them. Then my site had spam adult crap my home page. I changed my password and they reverted it back to the old one without telling me. Their responses to my support tickets are vague and unhelpful.
Susan W, 28th 2007 April, 2007
After 48+ hours of down time, my sites finally came back up with HUNDREDS of lines of spam embedded in them - for ringtones, penis enlargement, all that great stuff. No one would help me or even take the sites down. No phone or live chat support. Ignoring my emails. Will be filing a complaint with the BBB.
dr john, 27th 2007 April, 2007
The worst. No tech support. Destroyed my website
Don't use
fasttrackar.com, 07th 2006 December, 2006
They refused to refund our money after two days of service. It took over a week of emailing, faxing, and calling the phone numbers I found via the Better Busines Bureau to get a reply. Ultimately the money was never refunded despite the cancellation of service and billing. These guys are nothing but theives. Avoid using them and choose a host with a proven track record on the Better Business Bureau.
wstng, 30th 2006 November, 2006
I agree with the other comments, the site or email is often down, support is not the 4 hours promised. You can't even change your password. When I asked them how to change password they just replied "we have changed it to xyz".
My site has been down now for 24 hours, no reply to my support request and their email address are bouncing because they are full!!!

Look at steadfast.net
JS, 20th 2006 August, 2006
My sites go down once a week and i have to report the issue to them. They have no proactive monitoring in place to catch issues. Over 2 years I have had at least 20-30 issues.
JP, 09th 2006 March, 2006
I've never met this kind of terrible service before.

First of all, I asked them something about server config, then they answer to me "I don't understand what you are talkinging

about.It's not our problem,and also don't support non-english".

It was very unprofessional way.So,I tried to cancel to this service via customer ticket.

But never get reply...

And I tried to chat with online support.She said "billing support will contact you soon".

But never get reply again...

Finally I found I never get reply and refund my money even they say 30 days refund guarantee...

It is kind of cheating,is't it?

And one more trap is automatically re-billeding system.

This means even you say "I will cancel your service",They may not stop billing.So your money will be withdraw from your bank.
So,if you want to stop billing, you better go to "2Checkout Help Desk" and say "please stop billing" as I did.

I really want you to not use their service.

I found that it is very important to listen careful to users voice.
dave, 14th 2006 February, 2006
Very poor support. DNS servers down for 48 hours. Email down for a week.
They claim 4 hour support response. Actual more then 20 hours
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