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Netfirms General Information
  Netfirms is providing Windows web hosting services, has been founded in 1998 and now it's years in business.

netfirms.com average uptime is 99.995% (rank #702 on our directory) with total 82943 successful and 4 failed checks, monitored since 2006-03-01. Similar companies with 99.995% uptime are and ihubnet.com.

Search for "netfirms.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 2763333 results so company name popularity rank is #5.

There have been 714 positive votes for Netfirms and 129 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #8 (similar companies are deepbluehosting.com and hosting24.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  PERSONAL HOSTING (Type: Windows) - 10 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $4.95/mo

BUSINESS HOSTING (Type: Windows) - 250 GB space, 2000 GB bandwidth for $9.95/mo

Some technical data about netfirms.com
  IP Location: Ohio - Willoughby - Netfirms Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Nameserver: NS1.NETFIRMS.COM
Server Type: Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) PHP/4.3.10 mod_ssl/2.8.14 OpenSSL/0.9.7d
Website Title: Netfirms, Free Web Hosting, Domain Names for Small Business
Description: Netfirms provides free Web hosting, domain names, web page design tools and email for small business.

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Got Service, 20th 2011 September, 2011
This is a lie, this has not been resolved I have been without a working email for a at least 5 days, I keep getting emails saying the the issue has been resolved, it has not & I have ,made several calls to your support group only to be told that they tested my email & it worked, then I call back and was told that domain registrar has my domain pointed to another IP address? then I am told the out is the issue, so after I get all on a conference call net firms support says that they don't understand how someone could have told me all these things and to send an email with a screen shot of the error message, which I did.

I am now going to move both domainsto to Hosting24.com and put a detailed email on "Rip Off Report.com" with a copy of your emails, so that people can see for themselves what their in store if they host with your company, I have lost 5 days of my company's email I have had it! I will not be hosting our e-store with them, that’s for sure!

RESOLVED: Email Service Disruption

RESOLVED 3:00PM EST: We have finished restoring email service to those of you affected by this problem. We want to apologize once more and thank you for your patience as we worked through the issue.

We experienced a bug with one of network storage devices today. This affected email for some customers. We are in the process of restoring email for all affected users.

The problem was caused by a bug similar to the one that we experienced on August 17th and affected the same group of customers. Our top priority is restoring your mail as rapidly as possible without losing any of it. We are currently bringing up your mail on a new storage device. Most customers should have their mail back sometime during the next few hours and we will work around the clock until everyone is restored.

As we mentioned earlier, we sincerely apologize for this disruption in service and we understand your frustration. Over the last two weeks we performed a thorough assessment of our storage architecture and are in the process of upgrading it to prevent the recurrence of problems like this. We thought that the patch we deployed last time corrected the issue but it was insufficient. Over the next few weeks we will be moving our storage to a new solution which will significantly improve reliability and performance. We will keep you updated on our progress.

- 09/13/11 at 14:59 ET
avoid netfirms, 11th 2011 September, 2011
This company is hands down the worst host out there.

Lost hundreds of emails of mine and continued to automatically delete emails. Never told me until I noticed.

never fixed things

Made transferring to new host a horrible experience
David, 18th 2011 August, 2011
Was great service before being bought. now im running away
ElectroBore, 17th 2011 August, 2011
Absolutely Pathetic. Email has been down the entire day, 7 hours and counting. They can't tell me when it will be back up. I have already made arrangements to switch to another company. I don't know how much they are paying their management team but I know it is way too much.
Disgusted customer, 19th 2011 July, 2011
I hope they go under...seriously. Ive spent 2 weeks of my life on these incompetent fools which I will never get back. Serves me a lesson that I didnt practice prudence before signing up with them. I hope you go belly up soon Netfirms, two thumbs down !!!
Soul, 12th 2011 June, 2011
the shitty Domain registar ever.... dont buy anything from this losers...
reaz, 09th 2011 June, 2011
very bad. their webmail is such a mess , u need to spend hours in searching a email. it is very bad, they are money hungry.their support system is bad
Shafiq Hamid, 18th 2011 May, 2011
You wont believe how bad Netfirms are till you start using them.

A few months ago they must have updated their Control Panel. Of course not telling us. For the past two weeks we have been trying to get to the control panel and it wont allow us -- so we cant do anything.

Support just throws the issue around and now its a week and I can get to do what we need to do. We have been with them for nearly 10 years!!

They have been bad throughout. Just havent been bothered to change. But its high time now. I think.

PLEASE PLEASE don't have anything to do with Netfirms. You will regret it forever.
dawn, 09th 2011 May, 2011
i've been on hold for 1 hour and i'm still holding. i just want to cancel my account (that i never used) and they won't let me. netfirms is horrible.
Casey, 27th 2011 April, 2011
We hosted with Netfirms (Canada) for several years and had few problem. It could be slow at time but over all useable.

Our problems started a few weeks ago when we got a new log in page with stuff about Netfirms Transition.. Looked at and mistakenly assumed they were doing some hardware changes.

From around this point things started going down hill. Can't log into control panel, page loads getting slower & even timing out. Support was becoming more than useless. Then we read on the new in a blog about how Netfirms had been sold to a US company, Endurance International Group. More searching lead us to a lot of complaints from customers having problems. for us, they moved our domain names to a different registrar without out permission.

We transferred our domains to a registrar that we can trust and moved our websites to another host.

Now we are being given the run around trying to get our account cancelled and get a refund on the hosting package.

Lousy support and very deceptive business practices. EIG and its group of over 30 hosting companies has no concerns or consideration about customer service, once they have your money! :(
Eric C, 22nd 2011 March, 2011
We've been with netfrims for two years now, and the downtimes are absolutely appauling. You either can't load the web page; or you can't reach the admin sign-in page; or you can't reach the control panel; or if by some miracle you manage to sign in ... you cannot upload a newly created web page.

Netfirms has SOLD their business to a company in the United States, that is ALLEGEDLY supposed to be one of the biggest in the game. The transaction is currently ongoing, as they attempt to move their current clientelle from their server in Canada to some servier in the United States.

Good luck ... because I am going to go elsewhere. It couldn't be any worse!
Daniel, 10th 2011 March, 2011
Don't ever go with that scrappiest company, the worst in the world ;-(
VERY UNHAPPY, 04th 2011 March, 2011
Hacking is a major problem with Netfirms, they have an open door policy for Hackers, including allowing subdomains to be run by hackers , claiming no knowledge of the events but thanking you for bringing it to their attention.
Fed Up , 04th 2011 March, 2011
Netfirms is an open door to hackers, I have over 60 websites with them and 78% of the site are hacked on a weekly basis, it does not matter what I do the sites are hacked again, NETFIRMS IS NOT SECURE.
Curt, 25th 2011 February, 2011
Wow these guys fu... suck!!!
tim, 25th 2011 January, 2011
upload times for netfirms is sucky at best. 30 minutes for a 20 meg site. Horrible
Extremely Unhappy, 19th 2010 November, 2010
Netfirms has servers that are so slow, I almost have time to order lunch while I wait for a new page to upload ... or for an existing website page to load ... and sometimes the page load 'times out' and you lose all your data.
Eric, 19th 2010 November, 2010
As had been stated many times by many other people here, the Netfirm servers are unacceptably slow. When you try to upload a new page, it hangs on you and you lose your data, then have to start all over again! It's the very same old same old story.
given up, 01st 2010 October, 2010
I only found this page after experiencing inconsistent load times for all of my pages on netfirms. One moment, the page will load in under a second then the next moment the pages would take 5 seconds or not even load at all. When I contacted tech support, they gave me the run around, saying that on their end, using their tools, they see that my pages load in under a second. So I use their tools (iwebtools) and, wow, it tells me it takes 5 seconds to load a page(or not even load at all). After I tell them that, they said they would look into it..... and of course, have never replied. Reading these reviews makes me realize that working with them is a lost cause, I am changing hosts as we speak.
billy, 22nd 2010 September, 2010
i have never had such a poor experience with ANY service, as I have with Netfirms. the support is terrible (they could not resolve my last issue and just said 'sorry'), and the webmail interface is a joke. i upgraded so i could receive emails on my blackberry and Outlook, but it doesn't work and they say they don't know what the problem is. STAY AWAY!!!
Scammed, 09th 2010 August, 2010
Netfirms charged me for a year of hosting under the Advantage plan. I then find out that for the past 8 months all of my sites have all been down, all the data is lost, and there is no way for me to restore it. These bastards don't seem to care about their customers as long as they get their money. STAY AWAY! BUYER BEWARE!
Donovan Green, 05th 2010 August, 2010
We are having serious problems with netfirm and currently entertaining legal actions.

After two weeks of no replies, over 25K in loss Adversiting dollars we reach our limit.

If you interesting in jointing us on a class action please write to Jamie @ legal@bbinternational.ca

Tom , 04th 2010 August, 2010
It’s truly amazing to have been with Netfirms for over 9 years and to see how a company when from good to incompletely unreliable. I’m a true believer in second chances, but Netfirms has abused 1000’s of website owners with poor service and disregard for a long time. I’m NOE saying goodbye to my web hosting nightmares.
web admin failure, 04th 2010 August, 2010
Read the log below if there is anyone who still insist they are a good comapny i will come up shut their cake hole!

Welcome to the Netfirms Live Sales Chat! A Sales Representative will assist you shortly.

You are now chatting with 'Kayla'

Kayla: Hello, thank you for contacting us. How may I help you today?

George: hi

George: could you move my domain to a faster server plz. I have enough headaches with the one im stuck with. I cant even reach admin area at the moment

Kayla: I would like to be able to provide further assistance to you. However you have reached the Live Chat Sales Team.

Kayla: Please call our trained Technical Support experts at 0808 101 1563, or email support@netfirms.com.

George: i have

George: they said they will try theri best

George: bust it has been ages now

George: nothing as changed

George: what am i supposed to do with a domain if i cant even reach admin login?

Kayla: As this is a sales chat, I am not able to provide assistance with technical matters as I am not technically trained, and do not have access to technical support related tools/systems.

George: at least you can tell this to them

George: im sure you all work as a team

George: dont you?

Kayla: Unfortunately, you will need to contact technical support directly. You can call them at the number provided, or wait for a reply to any open email tickets you have submitted.

Kayla: Unfortunately, we are currently receiving higher then normal support requests volumes. When calling you may experience longer then normal hold times. If you have sent an email, our support team will respond, however response times will be longer then usual.

Kayla: Have a look at this page that I am forwarding to you...

Kayla: http://support.netfirms.com/category/server-status

George: i have called them after 15mins

George: somebody talked to me

Kayla: There is nothing I can assist you with from this sales chat, regarding technical matters.

George: but they havent sorted it out yet

George: i will send them an email but i dont understand how this is gonna help, if calls are not helpful
Samir, 03rd 2010 August, 2010
the company I work at uses netfirms as their hosting and e-mails so I access my e-mail through netfirms and its the slowest e-mail ever. half of the time does not even load. for the last few days I am having trouble accessing my e-mail even though I am typing the correct username and password. and when I finally get in the mail does not even load.
Noway, 01st 2010 August, 2010
1-NETFIRMS servers are far too slow, so many times I told this to them but they havent solved the problem, instead they told me to read troubleshoot pages on their website!
2- You lose your work as you often lose your connection to their servers!
3-You lose your visitors to your website as they wouldn't like to wait more than 10 seconds to open a webpage.
3-You won't get any help to solve this as obviously netfirms still have old machines that cant handle xxxGB of workload, or they overload their servers with too many customers having to use them!
I hate you, 01st 2010 August, 2010
Netfirms is the slowest thing on the net. It made no difference when I told them many times that my website went from slow to a complete halt. In the middle of it you lose the connection to their server and your domain stops suddenly and you lose all your work. The most disgusting part of it is that I have lost those who would like to visit my website as they simply couldn't view anything or the pages they viewed stop functioning due to sluggish netfirm servers!
very unhappy customer, 26th 2010 July, 2010
Nick, 26th 2010 July, 2010
I own a web design firm and have been hosting my own and my clients' sites for over 8 years now and netfirms is BY FAR THE WORST hosting experience I've ever had. During my two years with them, and the amount of issues I faced, not once did I come across a tech support agent who could assist on the spot. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. It's not worth the frustration. They cant get something as simple as emails working right on their servers
Daniel King, 07th 2010 July, 2010
Customer service is an oxymoron to Netfirms. I started to email their support organisation to request a status and ETA on a fix with no success when our website went down for three days. When I telephoned them to enquire about the status of the problem, they initially refused to acknowledge any issue. When I finally convinced the engineer to review my account in more detail he found a case open on our issues. He then simply mentioned the problem was being worked on but there is no indication on the issue would be fixed. We operate a charity music competition and festival and the problems are occurred during our yearly festival week. This means people cannot check schedules, book tickets, or find out general information. In essence, it’s a catastrophic event for us.

We have tried emailing their customer support manager Pamela Harding, their CEO Thomas Savundra and various other billing and sales divisions with no success. I would suggest to anyone thinking of opening an account with Netfirms to seriously consider an alternative. They may have competitive rates but if you experience technical issues you may find them lacking in the service department.
Daniel King, 07th 2010 July, 2010
Hi all,

I just wanted to share our experiences about Netfirms in the hope that other people and companies will not make the same mistake we did by subscribing to their services.

I have the Enterprise 1 package and we have had various issues in the past that are usually resolved within 24hrs. Recently we started seeing major problems with our main site. It started with slow performance, then CGI concurrency limit messages and now the site is more or less offline completely. We reported the problem three days ago and it’s still not resolved. Netfirms initially indentified some issues but have never provided any detailed information on the issue and how it was going to be fixed.

Customer service is an oxymoron to Netfirms. I started to email their support organisation to request a status and ETA on a fix with no success. When I telephoned them to enquire about the status of the problem, they initially refused to acknowledge any issue. When I finally convinced the engineer to review my account in more detail he found a case open on our issues. He then simply mentioned the problem was being worked on but there is no indication on the issue would be fixed. We operate a charity music competition and festival and the problems are occurred during our yearly festival week. This means people cannot check schedules, book tickets, or find out general information. In essence, it’s a catastrophic event for us.

We have tried emailing their customer support manager Pamela Harding, their CEO Thomas Savundra and various other billing and sales divisions with no success. I would suggest to anyone thinking of opening an account with Netfirms to seriously consider an alternative. They may have competitive rates but if you experience technical issues you may find them lacking in the service department.
Shafiq Hamid, 14th 2010 May, 2010
VEry Very BAD! Dont trust them
Shafiq Hamid, 14th 2010 May, 2010
Has to be the worst company EVER!! I now have about 10 domains that wont accept email from my company (we are hosting on Netfirms) - they have no solution and tell us that Netfirms is blocked on the domains I am trying to send email to. They wont help or suggest anything - its our job to contact the domains ... this has been going on for a long time and has already cost our company money!!
Nikitia, 10th 2010 May, 2010
I've been with Netfirms since 2006 and I've given them a lot of chances, but I had enough and I decided to go with a dedicated server instead. The hosting

package I am subscribed to is Netfirms ADVANTAGE™ Web Hosting.

Here is a list of major problems YOU WILL ENCOUNTER:


* Their support is horrible (assuming it exists). And I don't mean not calling back only - they don't fix jack sh**!!! I called and opened a ticket about

being unable to view my mysql DBs (just disappeared from my DBs management page in the control panel) about a week ago and I didn't even get an e-mail

confirming that they opened the ticket! The guy on the phone told me that he simply has no idea when they it will be fixed and that he can e-mail me when

it's done.

* There hasn't been a month without issues. I have some inside information regarding their practices from a friend worked at a relatively high position at

Netfirms Canada - in a nutshell: they just don't give a fu** about their customers anymore and they will even be rude on the phone if you PUSH ON GETTING


* A year ago you'd get somebody on the phone right away even during regular business hours. Now, you call at 5am and you wait at least 15 minutes - seems

their volume of calls greatly increased!


* Another, very annoying thing is that they will randomly take your website down without a prior notice and just show a message on your site that it is

undergoing maintenance, which puts bad light on your business - especially since you are not doing any maintenance.

* The networks they use might be semi-decent but on average the sites load supers slow - and that's simple HTML files only - with Joomla installed it is even



* They will try to auto-renew your hosting a week or so before it is due, so be careful with leaving your credit card info on file.

* If the prices of the package you use drop down, you won't be notified - you will be billed the same amount you paid last year, unless you call them and say

"Hey, don't you think it's a di** move to charge me $150 for something you list now for $125?"


* They have recently introduced design + SEO services (with typos on the page), which in my opinion proves that they are not making enough money with their

current services - reason? They suck and more and more people are starting to realize it!!! (I am glad that you're becoming one of them!)

* They spent over a million dollars in 2009 on improving their infrastructure and rolling out the VPS offer, but it seems as if things went down a steep

slope in the past 2 years anyway.

* Quite often (once every 2-3 weeks) your e-mail will stop working for a day or so. You will get prompted (in Outlook/Outlook Express) for the password over

and over again and although you insert the correct password it is just not accepting it. Then you have to go to webmail (which is very obsolete-looking) and

try to respond to e-mails - in my case it is a major headache, since I have to be copying and pasting a lot of addresses and signatures.


* Another very big issue I have with them is that they allow maximum 8 characters password on anything!!!! That includes all e-mail accounts, main control

panel account, ftp accounts, etc.

* My account got hacked once and ALL OF MY DATA WAS REMOVED. I didn't have a fairly current backup, because I was swamped with work and had created A LOT of

content in a form of 4 new, fairly large Joomla websites. So, one day I try to view one of my websites and there is a default Netfirms page showing. I call

them and tell them THAT I GOT HACKED, which I was able to prove and the response I get is: well, sorry to hear that, but we can't do anything! So I spend

another week or so going through multiple "escalation" trying to talk to different people, including the manager and all I'm being told is that "we don't

have backups of particular accounts - we only do entire server backups, so we can't help you". Very frustrated, with 4 months of my 40h/week work being just

gone I decided NOT TO GIVE UP. Another week passes, more hours spent on the phone/email and they finally put "enough effort" to get a backup copy for me...

from 7 months before!!!!! They said they couldn't restore anything more recent, because their most recent backup of my site contained MALWARE!?!?!?!?! WTF,

right? If there really was any malware in my directories, how come it wasn't a problem for them before? Isn't there an antivirus running on the entire

server? Interestingly, my databases were restored too and they were very recent. Nevertheless, after 2 weeks of literally begging, 10 packs of smokes, a few

fights with people around me I got a 7 month old backup and a week old mysql backup - and that was their fix for an issue that was caused by poor security in

their own system.


* Something that also became annoying at one point is inability to create your own mysql usernames/passwords, so if you import a website/application with DB

configuration hardcoded, you are screwed.

* FTP accounts - forget about setting up your own username/password. If you want to setup an account for John Smith, jsmith for example, you can't. Instead

you will get something like yourdomain.1 as the user and a random password.

* Their control panel doesn't work in Chrome - it will randomly freez, show blank errors, etc.


* I would NOT RECOMMEND this company to anyone - there is many, many more options out there that are a) better b) cheaper c) more customer-care oriented. I

am an IT specialist and I've analyzed hundreds of internet businesses and Netfirms places on the bottom of the list, so do yourself a favour and stay

away!!!! Netfirms is just horrible - the worst hosting company I used in my life. Not worth your time, money and nerves...
Daniel, 09th 2010 March, 2010
Really bad hosting company specially if you database access. A lot of downtime and really bad customer support.

It takes them 3 days to tell you that your request will be addressed in future upgrades (not timeframe given)

Not the hosting company for web apps. I upgraded from their Advantage ($9/month) to their professional ($50/month) with absolutely no improvement. I'm moving out today!!
Joey, 24th 2010 February, 2010
This whole company operates at 1991 web standards. Avoid at all cost.
Joey, 24th 2010 February, 2010
I have a simple hosting & email package with NetFirms and CANNOT BELIEVE how any company could botch something so simple so very, very badly. I know people who run personal servers out of sock drawers with infinitely better results. It has never taken less than 2-3 minutes to load my webmail page when it does load & I've never seen email so slow in my life. I didn't even know it was possible. The entire company goes by 1991 standards.

Plus, they have clearly paid people to submit bogus positive reviews on this board & many others. They should be paying those people to help fix their abysmal servers!
Since 2002 ..., 15th 2010 February, 2010
Guys, you have to be honest. I am using Netfirms since 2002, (I didn't use their email so I won't comment on that) but their hosting, speed, and support are all good. I don't know why do I see bad reviews here!
j, 04th 2010 February, 2010
so slow
incredibly horrible..., 02nd 2009 December, 2009
I've given netfirms their share of chances. If you're dealing with anything that uses databases your website is bound to go down.

Email is useless with all the spam that isn't caught.

Please, please, please don't use netfirm and save yourself the trouble.
DenverMike, 24th 2009 September, 2009

Netfirms SUCKS - we have an account with them, and lately we have been receiving tons of server errors. I have emailed their support several times, with no response at all. They are complete crap, they don't care, and in the meantime my business suffers. We just paid for a year with them, but I am thinking of moving off of their site and filing a complaint with the Canadian authorities.
Kevin, 24th 2009 September, 2009
Their customer support is extremely slow! If you have a small site and no cms then their pricing and options are good. But If you want a quality site with a good cms, then I would advise to stay away. I am looking for another hosting service because I am looosing customers from extremely slow connections and pages not loading consistently. Those conditions will loose you customers very fast.
Mat, 24th 2009 September, 2009
i think netfirms employee shouldn't post reviews here.
kevin, 24th 2009 September, 2009
Their support is very slow! If you have a small site with little content (no cms) then their pricing plans and connections are ok. But if you want to create a quality site with a good cms then stay away! The connections are extremely slow and your pages will not always load properly and that will drive clients away very fast.
Paul, 18th 2009 August, 2009
I've had nothing but frustration with this bunch.T he website won't upload, the support line isn't much help and I'm just not going forward at all.
James H, 29th 2009 July, 2009
I just had a Amazing experience building a website/blog. I bought their Business Plan (on Sale for $9.95/mo). It came 5 free domain names for life. I registered 3 names at signup for my main website and two keyword domains related to my site. That itself if already a $50+ value.

Pretty straigtforward to setup Wordpress (they have the latest version 2.8 as 1-click in their Apps Section). It took about 1 min for me to receive instructions. What was even more impressive is that I received a backup of my Wordpress Database a few mins later. (I now receive that automatically). Nice touch, knowing thats easy to forget to do the backup).

Then proceeded to setup my e-mail. Was easy to do and setup Outlook and used POP to also send incoming mails to my Blackberry.

Took me about a day to get by "About Us" page, and first 3 news articles for my site. Was impressed that it was easy to setup search engine friendly links.

Next step, I called the support team. Was on hold for about 2 mins to get to a service rep. I asked them how to submit my site to Google. Very helpful lady, pointed me to their Google Webmaster Tools section in the control panel. This is the *first* time I saw this feature in any hosting control panel. Was literally a couple of clicks - I serious. The Netfirms rep then also suggested I take advantage of thr $50 coupon to try driving traffic via Google. Great idea. I created a simple text and withing a couple of hours my ad was approved and I got traffic. Not sure if it was the Netfirms Webmaster Tools or the fact i was advertising on Google that got me indexed in 3-4 days. My site had a lot of local keywords so I suppose it was easier to get indexed.

On feature that I glossed over was their Grid Platform that comes standard with all their hosting plans. My website loads up fast and hopefully continues to do so when I get featured on CNN or DIGG, my site will run smoothly. No throttling on bandwidth unlike the past 2 hosts I have used.

I am also learning ASP.NET and found that my Business plan already supports that. So no need to buy another hosting plan.

E-mail has been pretty reliable and very little spam so far. I suppose many of the posts on this site appear to deal with clients that tried to just junk e-mail or spam and got blocked. I do wish they upgrade their Webmail client. Thats the only area they must improve on.

I also plan on running an E-commerce site on one of my included domains. They have a 1-click App for that also.

Overall I give Netfirms 8/10 for great value, ease of use and powerful hosting platform.

David, 14th 2009 April, 2009
If only I had checked online first and found all the thousand of bad reviews of Netfirms on various sites before I signed up with these ripoff artists. I have over 14 years experience running numerous websites and have dealt with several hosting companies in the past, and I can honestly say Netfirms is the worst company on earth. Everyone that has fallen victim to Netfirms needs to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them. A three year old could run a company better than the morons at Netfirms!
Suckered ;-/, 26th 2009 March, 2009
Wow, these msgs. cover from 2006-2009. I feel your pain, people! BIG SIGH! ;-/ I only just signed up with NetWorms about a month ago; two separate times I bought stuff from them, a lot of domain names (good price on those); and 2 hosting pkgs. only because they had a promo code, $20 for a FULL YEAR of Advantage with 500 emails! ...

Which is really all I wanted --for now-- was MORE EMAIL addresses and I did shop around about that (I'm not ready to build websites yet).

But anyway, I can relate to just about everything described:

*Canned, non-responsive (about 85% of the time) email responses in the plain text with a zillion << quote marks which drive me batty;

*And they never read your entire email, only like your first question and they ignore any other Q's you may have included;

*And yes, it takes 3-4 days for them to reply via email.

*I noticed early on, their freebie templates were not Mac friendly at all so realized I couldn't even use them just to play around with them and get a little experience (they were totally super ugly anyway. Of course you can upgrade on that for extra fees).

*Then I finally get around to setting up some of the emails with the domain names I bought, using my own POP3 email program to connect to their servers, and Hello, guess what! The VERY FIRST NIGHT I am trying to do this, error code after error code, cannot receive email. And I only just got started with about 4 email addys out of 20 I was going to set up! I did not bother to call or email them yet, but came to google first for answers re: the error codes (and found an answer from ANOTHER hosting company clearly saying that particular error code means:

"...a failed response to the Authenticated Post Office Protocol (APOP) request from Outlook Express to the Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) server. The failure occurs because the server is not responding in a manner that is consistent with accepted standards."

So how do you like those crackers? I couldn't find that explanation in NetFirms support/help sections of their site. So now I know the problem is with THEIR SERVER(s).

Then I google "Netfirms sucks" (sorry for the tacky language but I was very frustrated after hours trying to set up Oh So Simple Email connections!), and then, boom, I see several links to come read...

Which I am so glad I did because if so many have had trouble with their emails not working and/or disappearing with NetFirms email services, I think I will just STOP right where I am in the process and head on over to gmail at google and get some more freebie accounts which work FINE w/my email program, and just not even bother using anything at NetFirms at all except let them "host" the domain names for now since I paid for a year for all of those domain names.

(I was trying to get from ATT and was hoping to resist google's gmail as both companies are Big Brother spies, imho, which was another reason I jumped in w/NetFirms. But I guess I'll just go w/google's gmail for now and hope for the best, lol).

And when I am ready to try my hand at doing a website, I'm just not even going to bother trying to do it with NetFirms. If their servers are always crashing, the way their email server won't even work, there's no way I could stand that since I do a lot of email more than anything right now. (I was with earthlink for 7 years and NEVER a problem, not with dial-up, later broadband, and never lost a single email or ever had their servers not work w/email, etc. Also they have great instant chat for tech support and/or anything else. But to buy more email addys from them, I didn't like their price. Hence, I suckered myself due to NetFirms inexpensive prices).


Also on another "Netfirms sucks" page, a guy was saying it is very hard to get out from under NetFirms as they don't let you cancel w/them from the web when your contract is over, but you have to call them, and that nowhere could he find on their site how to exactly go about cancelling. And I found that to be true as I already noticed that you CANNOT disable the "auto-renew" option for hosting plans!

However, there IS an option where you can disable the "auto-renew" of your domain names, but NOT your hosting plans, which made me very nervous when I saw that, as I already "anticipated/anxiety" that they will somehow try to charge my CC for another year even though I don't want them to.

So I wonder how others did their cancelling?

Anyway, I'm thankful for a place to unload, so thanks for listening, and yes, I would have to say maybe it'd be best to look around some more (I DID do a lot of looking prior but I let NetFirms' low prices sucker me in.)

BTW, I feel bad for the people who are stuck working for such a terrible company. It can't be much fun to work for people who don't run their business very well. Maybe the owners are cheapskates. Can't they afford bigger better servers after so many years in business?

Take care everyone, and happy host-hunting!
Mike, 21st 2009 January, 2009
The Webmail is atrocious. It is unreliable with Outlook or any other desktop email app I've tried, forcing you to use the online interface, which is extremely slow and cumbersome. If you try to reply to a message that has more than a paragraph of text, it takes about two minutes for the reply form to be ready (I'm not kidding). Very frustrating.

The only positive about their Webmail is that it works nicely with my Blackberry. But I can't always use my Blackberry to respond to clients, because I often need to send attachments from my computer.

Meanwhile, I recently started using Wordpress with one of my accounts. My goodness...how slow and unreliable it can be! Some moments it works okay, some moments it craps out. Bottom line: don't use Netfirms for data-driven applications.

I've been with this company since 2003, but I am planning to switch to a better host this year, especially now that I plan to use Wordpress for more Web sites.
Lee, 17th 2008 September, 2008
Man, I wish did more research before I switched to Netfirms. Brutal hosting. a basic basic blog is painfully slow. The admin area even slower. Who can be productive on this crappy server??? Use Wordpress blogs on other hosts and they are blazing fast compared to netfirms. Netfirms SUCKS!!!
Unhappy, 21st 2008 August, 2008
Its ridiculous. Servers are always down. Service is terrible. The people try to help but only so much they can do with their horrible servers. Sucks bad, stay away.
Nick, 11th 2008 August, 2008
The best option for being disgruntled - file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/GetStarted.aspx
Netfirms = Bullshit, 20th 2008 July, 2008
Just try to resolve à problem with netfirms take more than a week even 2... no reply, no info nothing.... they just want your money... i'm gonna suing them !
unsatisfied, 13th 2008 July, 2008
I've been successful in opening a ticket and have it escalated to tier 2 but after calling and writing them for 8 days without any answers or even a simple follow-up I've become fed up with their services. Time to move! That's without counting the number of times the server crashed...
they suck too much, 02nd 2008 May, 2008
I knew it they suck a lot! as they use Pentium 1 servers! damn it
andres, 19th 2008 April, 2008
I’m really upset, I know that they do not charge a lot for domain registration and for that reason plus tons of advertising they have many businesses but this could be the cause that they have been making “mistakes or failures” frequently.

I bough my domain name whit them, some days after I try to get it for the first time but I can not get access, I sent a email about this issue, they answer me that the payments was not executed… next I contact then, and the answer was that they need a scan of my credit card.. I did it so and email to them.. But after that they said that they do no receive the mail “sorry…

I reviewed my sent folder emails and everything works well, no deliveries failures etc.

I was so worry, that my info is floating around the internet (nobody knows) jeopardizing my identity, money etc.
I have to call my bank to cancel my credit card and they told me that they have 2 cases more with the same firm…

So do match… failures on systems or corrupted employees…

Is up to you.
From my Part never again whit netfirms
an unhappy customer, 16th 2008 April, 2008
OMG - I cannot even access netfirms.com/ca for past 2 days - CRAP! - Looks like I'm moving out very soon
soundbyte, 04th 2008 April, 2008
An update to my last post. 3 days since reporting my problem and still waiting. No word. I sent another note to support but really don't expect action any time soon. Shopping for another company.
jay, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
thanks to you all and thanks to this site.. i was about to put my credit card info down.. Glad i didnt..
soundbyte, 02nd 2008 April, 2008
I've had one account with Netfirms for a couple of years, and aside from the site mysteriously being unavailable from time to time (I did report this and got back a "we checked and everything is fine" response) I had found performance and service to be satisfactory. I added another account in the fall and have had intermittent problems since the beginning. The site loads EXTREMELY slow. I tested with another host that I still have and the site loads fine. It is an intermittent problem, but mostly it's slow. I reported the problem...got no reply...reported it again...got a response saying they got my note and are looking into the problem. That was yesterday...no word since...the problem remains. My wife is a professional photography and uses the site to let potential customers view some of her work, etc. The site loads so slowly that people call her back to say that they just couldn't be bothered waiting. My biggest complaint is the VERY slow response to my problem. Apparently they are having so many problems that they can't keep up, or, they don't share my sense of urgency in rectifying the problem. Either way...I'm disappointed.
gassi, 27th 2008 March, 2008
Cancel'd my contract with them 6 month before it run out.THEY JUST SUCK.
Technical support thinks we are all idiots.DONT USE NETFIRMS.

Stuart Williamson, 26th 2008 March, 2008
Happy with Netfirms Wordpress install. My search engine ranking has improved every since I moved to Netfirms and started using their customized one-click install of wordpress.
Netfirms hates their customers, 18th 2008 March, 2008
My client has had their domain registered and hosted with netfirms.com since July of 2007. They used the domain just to host email. Very basic. No web page hosted just an email host for their domain. Today we added a fourth email account to the domain. The account would not work. It displayed in the control panel but you could not get it to work in outlook or their webmail interface. Then one by one everyone in the office started saying that outlook was asking them for their password. After being on hold for 30 min and hearing the same basic troubleshooting steps repeated on a recording over and over finally someone answers. "Oh, I think I see the problem here. Hold on." on hold again."Your account has been disabled due to abuse", "Then connect me to the abuse department", "You can only email the abuse department", "How can I email the abuse department when you have disabled my account?", "use the webmail", "Your webmail won't let me log in either", "use a hotmail account to contact abuse@netfirms.com","Thanks for the help I am glad I wasted 30 min of my time to find out that your company sucks and can do nothing for me". I then emailed abuse@netfirms.com and still have not received a response (BIG SURPRISE THERE!). So my client call them again. waited on hold again. This time was told that someone from "shaw" complained that her domain had sent spam on Jan 17th of 2008 and that is why the account is disabled. But they could not tell her why it took until today for the account to disable. And could not give a reason why she was never sent any kind of warning. This company is horrible, Horrible, HORRIBLE!!!. Ran away from them as fast as you can!!!
Cary C, 18th 2008 March, 2008
I've been with Netfirms for almost a decade. I love the ease and clarity of the control panel, especially for my less technically-adept clients. The only down side is that my artist friends cannot post their whole portfolios, due to the prohibition on nudes, even in paintings.
Frustrated in Scandinavia, 15th 2008 March, 2008
We have been with Netfirms for around 7 years. They host around 20 of our websites. Since yesterday (March 14), on the busiest day of our business (Friday), we have been unable to obtain e-mails from clients who use our three biggest sites. We have had intermittent problems with Netfirms-based e-mails before (they have frequently fixed issues quietly without admitting that there was a problem), and have become frustrated by the standardised responses to unique queries, but on the whole, we have stayed with them because of the space and convenience of the packages they offer.

Nonetheless, we have conclusive proof that most of the POP e-mails sent to us through Netfirms-hosted accounts over the past 24 hours have disappeared into thin air, to the extent that they have not even appeared in the corresponding Netfirms Webmail accounts (we receive messages from other accounts that are not hosted by Netfirms just fine). This is an alarming development.

A message sent to Netfirms has received no response. I am preparing to send them a fax at the moment. At the same time, we consider this such a serious issue that we are actively researching other hosting options. The survival of our business is dependent on us being able to receive messages from clients. I suppose that this is what is to be expected when a company grows at an alarming rate, but it is far from acceptable. I hope they are able to step up to the plate.
Sonic, 26th 2008 February, 2008
Started with Netfirms early December 2007. Small family memorial site.

Signup: easy and fast.
Upload of original site: no particular issues.
Adding Netfirms-provided one-click WordPress: Major Disaster.

While attempting to set up WordPress (WP), i was timed out of the system. "Click here if you own this site". Did so, filled out form. Email template replied, basically saying "You screwed up and used too much CPU time so we locked you out. Stop It."
Yet this was 100% **their** WP, and i was just trying to set it up... nothing of mine added/changed! Replied to this, calmly explained: no response in several weeks. Zero.

Went in via a web form, several weeks later: "Oh, that was our problem. Fixed now." Great! Unfortunately, not true: same problem, still with the 100% Netfirms stock WP. Did the same dance, got the same "Your fault" template from the template monkey pretending to be a tech. support person.

Never even tried their email, and from the look of other posts here, that was a Good Thing.

With the 30 day free trial nearing closure, and no meaningful/useful tech. support response, i sought and found another web host, then proceeded to start the refund process. Not easy and not fast, yet Netfirms Billing, when they responded days later, did honestly and ethically do what they promised and refunded all charges in full (CCing the public contact person, by name, at their local BBB may have helped).

We're now with Nearly Free Speech.net, not for everyone, yet outstanding for us, and while they promise less support than Netfirms promises, they actually deliver more, and much faster, than Netfirms ever did for me.

Best Wishes in your search for an honest, ethical, and good website hosting company,

Suspicious, 24th 2008 February, 2008
Is anyone not receiving all of their emails through their Netfirms account? I'm very suspicious that all of my emails are not coming through... and its costing me a lot of business!
Joe, 23rd 2008 February, 2008
Up until today I was happy with Netfirms. Today their servers have not been working all day, so I have 7 sites not working. I have also noticed a slowdown with all of my sites as well. Reading some of the other posts I'm wondering if my email accounts have also been compromised with all of the spam I'm now getting.

Unhappy Customer, 23rd 2008 February, 2008
I just started a business on my site, hosted by Netfirms. The site has been down all day, and they said it would be back up soon this morning at 7:30AM. I cannot even login to my account. How am I going to have a successful business with a site that is down all of the time? I am moving.
Heather, 23rd 2008 February, 2008
Netfirms servers are down for my 5 websites today too. Can't even get through to customer service because the line is busy. How is anybody supposed to run a business this way?
Lisa, 23rd 2008 February, 2008
Netfirms is down and you cannot even call them because you cannot find their number. Do we get a discount for downtime??? Somebody from Netfirms?
Elizabeth, 23rd 2008 February, 2008
Netfirms is down today - no email, no website access for me.
netfirms sucks, 19th 2008 February, 2008
I recently registered three domains with netfirms and some things they promise you don't work or are very complicated and the customer service is indifferent and doesn't help you solving the issues. Right now as mentioned above I can't access my own site. I am going to email or call them and get this sorted out but I already talked to them once and the customer agent said clear your cache and everything should be fine, well I did over 10 times and even restarted my pc and I still can't access my own domains. Netfirms sucks.. it is cheaper but don't go with them .. it sucks and it is not worth it.
AK, 16th 2008 February, 2008
Server down every month. Moving a.s.a.p
Estel, 02nd 2008 February, 2008
Netfirms is very slow compared with any host over the internet.
some support guys are just indifferent and unfairly rude(Richard)
I think Netfirms has been hacked more on one occasion with spammers gaining access to domain information,turning privacy off then getting all the owners emails,they send you spam,you open the email,they get your ip and block you from accessing your own site.
At best,Netfirms will admit they have some temporary technical problems.
Unhappy in Missouri, 18th 2008 January, 2008
I've been a Netfirms customer for over three years, and sadly, every single problem i've read here has happened (repeatedly) to my sites with Netfirms.

I have to laugh when I read about the "cut and paste" email responses and the "It's not our fault" replies when you finally do get someone on the phone. It's all true.

I'm stuck with netfirms for a while longer, but I'm looking for a better provider.
scott, 30th 2007 November, 2007
I meant to say cheap packages, not great packages...
scott, 30th 2007 November, 2007
I work for a media firm. We have many websites with netfirms. All negative feedback above is correct. We switched to save a buck! Great packages, poor service.

SSL is tempormental, MySQL constantly times out (we track this), server clusters constantly down (but we do receive apologies..lol), and the tech staff refuse to troubleshoot their own systems. Overall we are switching soon, but it's a timely project for us. What a waste of time! Thanks Crapfirms.
Jara, 19th 2007 November, 2007
Yep, Netfirms sucks bigtime and I'm switching today.

I always email their support regarding DB queries and all I get is recycled emails with no answers, blaming my web application.

JS, 19th 2007 November, 2007
I have been with Netfirms several years and found the Plus plan fine. It's basic without many features buts seems to work well. Support is reasonable too. I recommend for personal sites.
snotty, 04th 2007 October, 2007
how is it possible, that every single person has a negative review?
I call BS.
Ashraf, 01st 2007 September, 2007
I have paid for a domain and nothing which they promised to be in the package is working. I wish if I had used a provider like Godaddy or some other. if you read this. STAY AWAY from NETFIRMS
swan20, 01st 2007 August, 2007
Took over a month to get them to cancel my hosting after a year contract. Horrible services and a nightmare. Problems left and right and still not fixed. i had to get myself out as fast as i can. I wouldn't use them again even if they are free with a cherry on top.
email problems, 01st 2007 August, 2007
I experience problems with bounced emails and it appears as if Netfirms are unable to fix this problem.

Emails send to an email address hosted by Netfirms are returned to the sender, or it just disappear (neither bounced nor delivered).

The problem is irregular, adding to the frustration.

I prefer to have a more reliable email host.
recent customer, 12th 2007 July, 2007
I was a domain name customer of netfirms, recently, someone gained access of my account and changed my account email and password. I have emailed netfirms support alot of times and I get a recycled reply 5-10 days later. They said I should used my account email so that I could gain my account back but HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET MY ACCOUNT BACK IF MY ACCOUNT EMAIL HAD BEEN CHANGED. I was really frustrated with this company. Support was so terrible. I talked to their 'LIVE PERSON' support who had no idea what...WTF.. if you're reading this, DON'T EVEN visit their website.
steve, 11th 2007 July, 2007
absolutely horrible. decided to switch over from dreamhost to netfirms and i REALLY wish i hadnt. cannot get clean URLS to work with textpattern (claims they are looking into it but their tech support has been doddling with this issue long before i inquired about it). if your site is run via php/mysql then prepare for the absolute SLOWEST load times ever. half the time the site just times out on me. i recommend getting OUT asap.
Don, 29th 2007 June, 2007
This is a review on netfirms.com Netfirms used to be really great. Now the last 6 months or so, people can't download my videos. I do videography for a living so people need to be able to see my work. With netfirms they can't. I've since switched to hostgator.com and have been really happy. Super fast downloads.
David K, 15th 2007 May, 2007
Going through the netfirms nightmare myself at the moment. Our business is/was on one of their Enterprise Level hosting plans. About 3 months ago everything went flaky, and stayed that way. Molasses slow loading, MySql errors constantly, IP resolving issues - you name it. One ticket after another with the same canned responsed placing the blame anywhere but on themselves. It took three weeks of constant daily pestering before anyone would even admit they were having issues. Without getting into the details I would just like to warn anyone who is thinking of doing business with this sinking ship to think twice about it. We were a front page site of the week customer with netfirms at one point - recommending them to anyone who asked. Now I would not recommend them to my competition!
Paul, 13th 2007 May, 2007
Most horrible experience. I had 2 websites running with Netfirms for about 2 years. Control Panel always times out, website goes down about 4 times a month, customer support is non-existent. I think the servers run off 56k. NETFIRMS IS THE WORST !!!!
richie, 09th 2007 May, 2007
read this and listen: DO NOT USE NETFIRMS.
I started a small oscommerce site with them and have nothing but server problems. If you host with them your site will run slow, time out and show database errors CONSTANTLY. Talking to support does nothing, I submitted a ticket complaining of the slow server, 4 days back I received a response that it is fixed - and I still check the site and get the same database server errors. I have since moved to a smaller company that provided me with the speed and reliabiltiy I need.
Netfirms Hater, 08th 2007 May, 2007
Do not use netfirms. I have a very small community set up and forums. We have like 30 members and there is nothing but database errors. Now all I ever see is this message:
Database Error: MySQL server has gone away
And it doesn't work at all. They blame the code of my site, dismissing the idea that they suck.

Don't Use Netfirms!
Rasa, 07th 2007 May, 2007
I'm about ready to sue Netfirms. I intermittently don't get e-mails from Comcast clients, which is a huge number of my clients. After trying to get Netfirms to check this out, and having Comcast check it out, they both say it's the other's fault. However, Netfirms doesn't really read my e-mails. They've sent me the same Form Letter three times, and in the letter they say they know they have problems with Comcast, but they've done everything they can. Then they can't do email? What the hell good are they? At least Comcast tried to send me a letter. It got bounced back, and Comcast used that example to find out that Netfirms is the one with server problems. I don't know if it's Netfirms or Comcast, but given the runaround Netfirms has given me, I suspect the worst. How can an ISP tell you that they can't guarantee delivery of your email, and then take your money for claiming they do? Anyone want to join a class action suit?
email: gliddy@comcast.net

I would give you my regular e-mail address, you know the one I'm trying to make a living with, but chances are you can't reach me!!!!!!!!
affordabletestgear, 04th 2007 May, 2007
Netfirms sucks!

The MySQL server is up-&-down like a toilet seat! My site really isn't intensive, but visitors are pretty much ALL seeing MySQL connection error messages instead of my content.

I'm switching today - no matter what it takes.
Netfirms sucker, 01st 2007 April, 2007
Netfirms suck soo bad, I was with Hostgator and seriously Regret moving to Netfirms, I thought it wouldbe good to put my domains under the same company hosting them. But Netfirms are jusr useless, they dont even have Stats on their $9.95 a month service, they expect the customer to download and install stats and edit complicated files, and their service just Sucks Bad.
Ms R, 17th 2007 March, 2007
oh netfirms, what can i say? they suck too much. Slow support, slow server, slow control panel. They only fast in charging your credit card. DO NOT USE THEM. Their support are retarded, everytime i email their support i have to wait for days for a reply and the reply is a copy and pasted answer from their knowledge base stuff. Come on, respect me as a customer damnit. So finally I moved to dreamhost.com they are much faster and for the similiar price. I saw a promote code in Redflagdeals that will result in $25/YEAR for a year of dreamhost hosting, the code is RFDS if anyone is ready to move. I am glad i am out of nf, i had enough!*$()#*($
Valla, 09th 2007 March, 2007
netfirms was highly recommended to me by my graphics designer, when I was looking for a host for my ecommerce site. I have had nothing but problems, the same as those described in previous reviews. Very poor customer relations, support that by the time they attempt to answer the question (and not all q's even get answered), it's 3 days later and my web developer and I have figured out the answer, server downtime, slow as molasses, timeouts, database problems, ssl problems (following their exact instructions on how to install dedicated ISP and SSL, and then finding that their own shared ssl is somehow hardwired in so conflicts with my dedicated ssl), just a nightmare if you want to do anything that is more than just basic. I would never recommend netfirms. Want to hear what they did when we emailed about the ssl conflict? Uninstalled and reinstalled the whole osc cart without backing it up. Meaning that all the data entry and customization that had been done, was lost. Yay Netfirms Support - NOT!
mad guy, 02nd 2007 March, 2007
Thanks netfirms for taking 10-15 seconds to load my page. Thats just what I need. And thanks for giving me a neutered shell that can't even untar files, and not responding to my email to untar the file for me because your system sucks. God you suck.
Jimmy, 27th 2007 February, 2007
Extremely slow, had issues installing WordPress (one-click installation), I often time-out trying to connect to it, customer support doesn't even read my issues and replies irrelevant form-letters with unlinked plain-text saying I can "Simply click here to connect to Live Sales Chat Service". Well.. "simply" link it to something and maybe I could.

Like others have said, you have to make sure to copy the text of any e-mail you're about to send via webmail because when you hit send, it'll say you need to log in and your message will be gone.

They disabled my entire account (e-mail addresses and websites) about a month after I paid for a full year in advance due to bugs in their invoicing system. Any e-mails sent to me during that time were bounced back to sender and/or lost in the void.

I've got 9 months left on my contract but I'm cutting my losses and switching hosts ASAP.

Avoid like the plague; see ya later NetFirms.
Rob, 03rd 2006 December, 2006
All the above for me. My emails aren't getting through, marked as spam. Terrible page loading time and dropped pages. When I send a complaint, after a day I get the same responses that ether there was a problem and it has been resolved - or we have checked out the pages on our system and everything is working properly. I have gooten so used to copying (CTRL C) every email message before I attempt to send it because I can just about count on having to start all over again if I have spent any time composing the email or response. I'm switching to RSHosting - - - incredible instantaneous help and support through their forum with the real deal 3some in charge responding - - - not a group of what appears to be non-involved or educated phone people (maybe salesman - I don't know) like Netfirms provides.
sandy, 01st 2006 November, 2006
Their MySQL performance is terrible, when it's actually online. Makes my WordPress installation pretty useless, since it is either too slow to use or it times out on the database connection. My static HTML pages have also been down on several occasions. I will probably just waste the rest of my contract and move to another host right away.
shon, 10th 2006 August, 2006
I am tired of Netfirms. My emails are not being received because they go straight to SPAM!!! Yahoo. and hotmail users don't have the problems with emails that I do. If your message takes longer than 2 minutes to type,you better get ready to do it over. By the time you hit send it will telll you that you've been logged out. Nothing was saved and now you have to do the whole thing over again. I will never ever ever ever-you get the point, use them again. I can't wait for this contract to run out.
an unhappy customer, 30th 2006 April, 2006
nefirms.ca is crap, takes 6sec to load a template file, my old server took 1sec to load a full content page. This issue took 3 weeks went through 4 reps (BTW, I paid about an hour worth of long distance fee for this support because it takes average 3-4 business to get a 1-2 sentence email reply that is not even relevent) at first they said its a control panel problem and they fixed it (ya right), and then one rep gave up and bluntly said this is the NORMAL speed for netfirm, they can help me further if I load some content on my page (suggesting I'll get a faster speed by adding MORE image, text, php script.. etc). BYEBYE netfirms
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