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Readyhosting General Information
  Readyhosting is providing Windows web hosting services, has been founded in 2001 and now it's years in business.

readyhosting.com average uptime is 99.992% (rank #1340 on our directory) with total 89196 successful and 7 failed checks, monitored since 2005-10-15. Similar companies with 99.992% uptime are and hostproof.com.

Search for "readyhosting.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 31866 results so company name popularity rank is #146.

There have been 26 positive votes for Readyhosting and 45 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #841 (similar companies are metapros.net and cphosting.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  OnePlan (Type: Windows) - 100 GB space, 1000 GB bandwidth for $8.25/mo

Windows Advanced Plan (Type: Windows) - 200 GB space, 2000 GB bandwidth for $16.5/mo

ReadyCommerce Plan (Type: Windows) - 300 GB space, 3000 GB bandwidth for $34.95/mo

Some technical data about readyhosting.com
  IP Location: California - Santa Clara - Sprint
Blacklist Status: Clear
Website Title: Windows Web Hosting ASP.NET Coldfusion MX Web Hosting
Description: Windows Web Hosting Ready Hosting offers ASP.NET Hosting, ColdFusion MX and Reseller Web Hosting Services-Starting at $8.25/month: Resellers $4.13/month

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Zenter, 11th 2011 June, 2011
ReadyHosting is a low-end hosting company. Not happy with them at all!
Geoff, 03rd 2011 May, 2011
I have been trying to get them to stop billing me for services for a couple of years. This time I guess I'll just dispute it with the credit card company. I'll try to call them but they will probably just want to argue for 30 minutes. It might be easier to just cancel the card so they can't use it next year. They absolutely suck!
Bruce, 27th 2010 October, 2010
They suck. Stay away, very, very, far away. Worst ever, and getting worse by the day.
Nick Eskandari, 18th 2010 May, 2010
Extremely bad experience with readyhosting.com Terrible customer service. It was a nightmare!
Adam, 18th 2010 March, 2010
Readyhosting has dissappeared!!! I cant get ahold of them in any way. NOW WHAT DO I DO?
Elizabeth, 13th 2010 March, 2010
Third time on the phone with support today, after three times abandoning their ridiculous nonsense support chat. I've never gotten an answer from chat; honestly I believe it is designed to wear you out so that you won't pursue your technical question, after all.
Emily, 08th 2009 October, 2009
VERY slow FTP and what seem to be numerous outages where websites are not available. Customer support not helpful.
Josue Rodriguez, 29th 2009 August, 2009
Extremely bad experience with ReadyHosting.com About 4 years ago they were great, but the last 2 years it became the worst nightmare for me and 24 clients of ours. Simple issues could not get resolved such as:

- Site Delux is always down and running mega slow

- Their phone lines are always busy and there is a busy tone. Phones do go thru. Our clients had concern about that, as many of them won't Chat for support.

- Their Chat support staff for related Site Deluxe issues follow a system of responses for everyone. Basically 3 steps they use for all issues: 1. May I place you on hold, 2. We are experiencing issues with our system. 3. I have forwarded your issue to a tech support specialist. So basically they just create tons of Support Tickets which then post on your Account Support and you have to basically go screw yourself and wait days or weeks for those BIMBOOS to fix the never ending problem. They don't really fix crap! Their system keeps getting worst every month as I still hear.

- I recently pulled out of their business 18 of my clients. In other words, they lost 18 clients in one week and they will continue to loose as many as other 11 I still have which are about to be moved to a more reliable and better supported company.

ReadyHosting has lots of slow issues and I will suggest anyone interested on wanting to register a web hosting account to consider NOT going with READYHOSTING.com The amount of money you pay for their crappy and unreliable support is not worth it.

David , 28th 2009 July, 2009
Very Slow, and there email is a joke.

Suzy Naschansky, 13th 2009 February, 2009
I am less than impressed with Ready Hosting so far. I have recently installed 3 new websites on 3 different accounts with them (clients are responsible for obtaining their own hosting). I have had to contact Ready Host in ALL THREE cases to log tickets related to basic Windows security and IIS configuration issues which prevented the sites from working properly. No kidding - the problems were exactly the same in every case. To date, only 2 of the sites are working properly... and it's been nearly a week of every day contact with tech support to get this far.

I would not recommend this host to anyone - in fact, I'm recommending that my clients stay away from them.
karen, 28th 2009 January, 2009
ready hosting has been great for the past 5 years but I have noticed that their support has gone down. I own several domains and had asked not to renew the two of the few I own that was up for renewal. They shut ALL my websites down! when I had found out from a client that my website was shut down, I called immediately and said, what's going on??? I only asked not to renew two domains that were up for renewal- They shut All my domains down and two of my main websites that I am doing business under!! THEY SAID IT WAS MY MISTAKE! it took a whole week and tons of phone calls to get my site up and running- No apologies whatsoever! I found out that the two domains that I originally had tried to cancel are still being billed. I gotta start all over again and maybe have my website shut down again? Yikes!!! This has been a nightmare!!!
4bco.com, 22nd 2009 January, 2009
Their customer service went down the tubes when they were bought out months ago. Now, they change their terms of service without notice and start charging cancellation fees. They have gotten their last dime from me! They were a great company a few years ago, but they are not worth the heart ache and money any more! If you too have been surprised by the cancellation fee, please contact me.
Regina Leathers, 05th 2008 December, 2008
Just stay away, far, far away!
Jay, 03rd 2008 November, 2008
They used to be a good place to host sites and even to make business as a reseller, but now you cannot trust on the uplink, service or tech support. I am changing to another hosting company all my accounts.
Alex, 23rd 2008 October, 2008
Don't understand how a hosting company can have so many system failures - even most small businesses these days have enough redundancy that hardware failures are barely noticeable...this place must be setup with equipment that they bought off of Ebay or something.
Joe, 19th 2008 September, 2008
I agree with all of you. READYHOSTING SUCKS, SUCKS, AND SUCKS. Iím in the process of transferring all of my clientís domains from my reseller account and can not wait until Iím completely removed from their system. I have spent days on online chats and phone calls in the past year trying to resolve numerous issues with them ranging from technical to billing. If you are thinking of opening a hosting account with ReadyHosting, do yourself a favor and just shoot yourself in the head! I think it would be a lot less painful. Okay I feel a little better now, at least until I start a new chat session in a few minutes with an overseas ReadyHosting unqualified representative.
Cathi, 04th 2008 September, 2008
I have been using Readyhosting for over 5 yrs, i recently cancelled one of the accounts yet they still billed by cc for almost $400, after 20 days they still do not seem capable of getting that charge refunded to my acct. I keep getting the same bs run around everytime, "Our Senior billing specialist is working on it". This is a charge that should have never been processed in the first place. In addition to their grappy server, customer service reps that can't even speak flippin english, they are now just down right ripping people off! If your looking for a hosting company, avoid this one by all means!!!!
George, 27th 2008 August, 2008
They are the worst i have ever seen. They are holding my name hostage. They took a check and didi not credit my renewal. My site lost all it's rankings because of down time. They won't give me my Tucows login to MY account. I recomend staying as far away from this company as you can.
anonymous, 09th 2008 July, 2008


anonymous, 09th 2008 July, 2008


Jessica, 07th 2008 March, 2008
I was with readyhosting for over 5 years. Ever since they switched to a new platform, their support service and products are going down the hill.
Mtggal, 02nd 2008 March, 2008
We asked readyhosting for a CSR for a SSL cert - they did send one - for a company other than ours!! And, yes, the ticket was 'closed'. When we contacted them again, they reopened the ticket and stated there was now a $50 charge to 'install' the SSL cert (we've always done this ourselves in the past). No apologies - we did FINALLY receive the CSR and 5 days later (and an expired SSL for website) it has gone to a level 2 and level 3 and no response. Email support is a joke - the English speaking tech support personnel state their hands are tied and level 3 techs will not return my call. Every penny of ours has been invested into our business. We have been out of business for 6 days with the SSL expiration. The only information we are told is that level 3 has it and will inform us when they have closed out the ticket. They are a sham corporation
Edmond Tong, 19th 2008 February, 2008
I've been with them for 5 years, and I've had it with them... I experienced data loss, sites going down.... I'm sure they will go out of business soon.
Rich, 06th 2008 February, 2008
Readyhosting was once a good place when they were based out of WI but when they moved to MA they started going down hill quickly. My site has been down for 6 of the past 12 months. It is "always" your fault but after you fill out a ticket it suddenly starts working again. Worst service you can imagine! Run as fast as you can!!!!!!!!!!
ReadyHosting = Not-A-Clue-Hosting, 01st 2008 February, 2008
Placing our business website hosting with ReadyHosting has been turned out to be the worst possible mistake that we could have made. We constantly experience down time, appalling (at best) technical support fronted by 1st level flunkies who tell you the first thing they can think of to solve an issue. I've never received a correct resolution for a problem during the first contact with support. We have an every increasing list of complaints from our customers who are unable to conduct business with us, not to mention the barrage of ReadyHosting's Service Interruption notifications and their apologies "For My Inconvenience". Don't waste your money.
Judy, 16th 2007 September, 2007
Worst Possible hosting company. They have horrible tech support. Can take days/weeks to fix a simple solution
Ryan, 10th 2007 July, 2007
One of the worst companies I have ever worked with. When you have a problem on your site it always gets worse when they are trying to fix it. Then they spend to much time fixing the problem they created. They are very nice on the phone but cannot help you when your site is down or having problems. Very slow responce to problems. I am very slow. I am shopping around for another company.
Houston Brown, 25th 2007 May, 2007
I was with RH for years and had many rseller accounts. After they switched to the new platform and were bought out by another company it was all down hill from there. I just spent an hour on the phone with them and although they try to help, their hands are tied by there pethaticly slow internal system which seems to always "be slow that day", I am sick of hearing that one. It has taken me months to move all of my accounts to a new hosting provider. If you are looking for a good solid hosting company, stay way clear of Ready Hosting. What I really have to say about them will not be permitted to be written here so I shall refrain and hope that you heed my advice.
David, 16th 2007 April, 2007
I canceled my two accounts with ReadyHosting in December of 2005. Yet I was charged for both accounts in January 2007. Iíve been in a dispute with them since and it is the middle of April.

Each time that I call customer service, there is at least a 10 minute wait time. Once I do talk to someone, they have not ability to help me because they ďhave no authorityĒ. It is like talking to a wall. They have to pass the issue to billing.

Billing then takes about 2 days to respond with a generic response that is less then useless that is far from what was discussed with the customer service representative.

So the process starts again. I call customer service and wait on hold for at least 10 minutes, then speak with a customer service representative that has no authority. So the issue is passed back up to billing. It is a viscous circle that takes about 1 week to complete.

ReadyHostingís customer service has always been sub-par, and recently is has been horrible.

My next step is filling a billing dispute with the credit card company.
ReadyHosting Sucks, 05th 2007 April, 2007
This has got to be one of the worst hosting companies I have delt with. I definately would not recommend using their hosting service or domain registration service. Support is pratically non-existant and if your lucky, when you do get through, you can't understand what they are saying. Need some english speaking support.
RutraP, 18th 2007 January, 2007
Good service, nice support, fast loading pages, not the best price/value on the market but for sure a very reliable webhosting company. Since 2002 I am with them with no regrets, even when they moved to the new platform. Had some issues regarding databases, but where promptly resolved. And when cancelling some of my sites - not moving, just cancelling - I've got a refund for the non used period of time until renewal. Probably in the future they will offer more value for the money or probably they will be a bad webhost, but for the time being, no relevant problems with RH during the last 5 years.I know that we can get much better deals out there with other companies but as use to say: " There are no free lunches".
ArtMan, 18th 2007 January, 2007
Forgot to mention that my last account/domain registration was setup, from request to full disposal ( ie. first page working on the site ) in 15 minutes.I am no kidding, it was the reality.
ArtMan, 18th 2007 January, 2007
I am with RH for 4 years and apart that their products are outdated in terms of price/value/features included, support was always good,either by email,or livechat. Never had any of my sites down and when aplied, had always been notified by their customer support in advance. RH is a reliable webhost, at least for my needs.
Khurram, 27th 2006 December, 2006
I was using readyhosting from last 5 years .. but when it shifted to new platform and they decided to kill the connection on SQL Enterprise manager . i decided to stay with the older owbers which are runing the business under the name hosting.macomp.com .. same old package and same old great support ... i will recommend them to all old users of readyhosting.
Janger, 06th 2006 October, 2006
ReadyHosting should be sued. They are killing their resellers in the eyes of thier clients. Total incometence.
Artur.AN, 05th 2006 October, 2006
No problems with ReadyHosting. Apart from an issue with one of my SQL databases,support was alwayas good either by email or LiveChat and uptime topnotch.
Terry, 15th 2006 September, 2006
Ready Hosting has absolutely NO support. Even the simplest request is answered with "We have checked the situation and there is now problem ... ticket closed"
Don2, 01st 2006 September, 2006
I also forgot to mention, they lost the entire sales history for our web site last December. One whole year worth of customer data, gone. And of course, they blamed us for continuing to connect to the old front page of a shopping cart after they changed the URL, leaving the old page up and never having notified us.

I think I hit 'positive' last time by accident, bah.

I'm sure there's more I forgot...
Don, 01st 2006 September, 2006
Their "migration" was actually a buyout by Endurance International, a holding company that is buying up webhosts. Look up the two company names on Google and you'll get more of an eyefull than you'd ever want, most to all of it negative.

Personally, they've lost the entire contents of our webmail, and when asked for an explanation, snottishly told us that they don't back up the servers the email is stored on and we should have been downloading email locally. Why the hell offer WEBMAIL then???

In addition, this last week, they took a full week to restore a simple DSN that had mysteriously vanished, then screwed up the reconnection, costing us a week worth of sales.

As a previous poster said, the only thing that's stopped us from moving to a new host so far is lack of time to migrate our shopping cart to something other than cart32.

Readyhosting went, almost overnight, from a top rate web host to absolute, utter, crap.
Frank, 18th 2006 July, 2006
I was with readyhosting for 5 years. It used to be solid company with relatively good service. Now, after they moved to new platform my site is unstable, sloooow, asp pages do not load fast, 80% of time response from the server is slow. Support is disaster. These guys do not understand what I am talking to them. I gave them three months to resolve internal problems but it was more than enough to say final no more. I'm moving my site to other place. I am sure that I can't find worse than RH.
frank, IL
Andy, 22nd 2006 June, 2006
Since they moved to their new platform (March 2006) their services SUCKS. My sites are down frequently and they fix the problem but it reappears a couple of days later. I have been with them for 3+ years but I'm moving everything to a new provider ASAP.
LJ, 31st 2006 March, 2006
Readyhosting has given us the worst week in our website owner career and its not over yet. Nothing is fixed after the migration on our 4 major websites. I call, I send email for support, I follow up and its like Im talking to a wall. Nothing but nothing has been fixed since the day of migration 7 days ago. We would leave except we have too many hrs & money tied up in the development of the Cart32 shopping carts. This has been the worse experience ever... is it going to always be like this? The techs dont seem to understand what I am talking about in great detail with links, snap shots of the error messages, etc. Unbelievealbe....
Scott, 05th 2006 March, 2006
If you have SQL Server do NOT use readyhosting after 15 March 2006. You can no longer use Enterprise Manager to backup your databases. Readyhosting is blowing it !
balagh, 19th 2006 February, 2006
Their disk space is 1000 mb.
Good customer support but their new platform transform for old customers only was not that 99.99 % uptime.
William, 01st 2006 February, 2006
Readyhosting's unlimited bandwidth seems to be changed to a 200GB limit.

There have been recent problem outages, as noted by others and verified by me.

"Migration" to their new platform is not automatic unless you have a brochure Web site.
Dylan, 03rd 2006 January, 2006
I have had it with readyhosting. They have far too many network outages and are not even close to there 99.9 percent uptime "gaurantee". I signed up a new account with problemfreehosting.com a month ago to try out another host provider and so far I like those people so I am moving all of my accounts to them. Good luck everyone.
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