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Resellerzoom General Information
  Resellerzoom is providing Reseller web hosting services, has been founded in 2004 and now it's years in business.

resellerzoom.com average uptime is 99.997% (rank #287 on our directory) with total 86169 successful and 3 failed checks, monitored since 2006-01-29. Similar companies with 99.997% uptime are and v1hosting.com.

Search for "resellerzoom.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 606 results so company name popularity rank is #1112.

There have been 54 positive votes for Resellerzoom and 16 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #1685 (similar companies are anhosts.com and hostelite.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Butget 3 (Type: Reseller) - 120 GB space, 180 GB bandwidth for $14.95/mo

Budget 1 (Type: Reseller) - 4000 MB space, 60 GB bandwidth for $6.95/mo

Budget 2 (Type: Reseller) - 8000 MB space, 120 GB bandwidth for $9.95/mo

Advanced1 (Type: Reseller) - 10 GB space, 200 GB bandwidth for $19.95/mo

Advanced 3 (Type: Reseller) - 24 GB space, 480 GB bandwidth for $54.95/mo

Advanced 2 (Type: Reseller) - 16 GB space, 320 GB bandwidth for $34.95/mo

Some technical data about resellerzoom.com
  IP Location: Texas - Dallas - Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Server Type: Apache/1.3.33 (Unix) mod_auth_passthrough/1.8 mod_log_bytes/1.2 mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_ssl/2.8.22 OpenSSL/0.9.7a PHP-CGI/0.1b
Website Title: Affordable Web Hosting from $4.95/mo - Hosting Zoom
Description: Affordable web hosting starting at $4.95 per month with 1000 MB space, and 40 GB transfer. We can help you get an online presence with web hosting, web design, domain registration, ecommerce, and more.

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Mohamed Ali, 28th 2011 February, 2011
Well, I have decided to cancel my account with hostingzoom.com, their support is very slow, allot of downtimes. I dont recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable hosting.
R Luthra, 22nd 2010 July, 2010
I have been hosting with them close to 2 years and while the customer support is courteous, its is very very slow and can have the same issues coming up every few weeks. The response from Support Manager as well as their CEO Greg Landis is non-existent on even repeated escalations. On not meeting their SLAs you have to take up the issue more than a few times to get a credit. Very very sad indeed. I have finally given up and decided to move.
Bashir Abdul Rahman, 04th 2010 March, 2010
Like many here , i am also having account with this company since 2007.. I was happy when i was in budget one account... there was very very minor downtime.. and recovery was fine.. helpdesk was also fair enough... as it was very cheap.. i thought shifting to failover will help to be more safe in term of failover ...or any minor issues or rebot etc...But Failover turns to be too much headeack.. frequently there was problems... However now it seems to be ok.. it seems they have upgraded or fixed systems issues...Now i am still with them as they are still in business and tring to improve the service with much transferent way by introducing verious new development...and other thing i trust them as they as BBB Certified.. i will still trust them... it is better to stay with someone you know then the stangers... i vote 8/10.. friends if you have some better hosting company please let me know...
Dave, 18th 2010 February, 2010
We have been with ResellerZoom for about 4 years. Most stressful years of my life. In 2009 alone there were 7 different periods of down-time that they themselves reported on their forums but this does not include the countless times that service is down, no emails, no response from server. It has been very damaging to my business and reputation. So please do not risk your sanity and business with this company.
Hope that helps you stay well away from this company.
Wil Martindale, 03rd 2010 February, 2010
Their Bastrop server has been down 7 times in last 10 days for more than an hour each time. Reseller zoom has destroyed my business with below 90% uptime on Bastrop server YTD.
Taylor, 14th 2010 January, 2010
I continue to have a ResellerZoom account even though they are not the best.

In fact, I am switching one of my most valued websites to a VPS on another webhost. So why do I keep the Resellerzoom account?

1) It is only $7 a month for a WHM enabled account and I believe 20 cpanels and about 7 gb of space. That is pretty cheap, even for people like me who have multiple websites.

2) Their support is OK. They will do most things for you and I have overall been fairly satisfied with them.

Now, why am I changing my server away? One word: Downtime. That, combined with the fact that the servers just aren't that fast from where I am seeking from (DC area), I can't have a slow, unreliable server even if it does go down only a couple times a year.

I would MUCH prefer to have something that is backed up across multiple servers so that would never happen. But that costs more than $6.95 a month.

All in all, I think I will stay with my account with them because I have so much stuff built up on their network, and because in general it keeps my sites running.
Christina Lannen, 19th 2008 July, 2008
Let's just say I am tired of receiving fraudulent credit cart charges from individuals. My 877 number is their former number, and attempts to have this resolved with HostingZoom have been unsuccessful.

And I've had the 877 number for 4 years.
Lola Timothyzone, 22nd 2008 April, 2008
I've been with both ResellerZoom and Hosting zoom for 4 years now. While they were once considered a quality company, the same can no longer be said. Down time is very high, tech support doesn't speak good English, and something is ALWAYS crapping out on the servers. I'm headed out the Californiee way....time to find a new host.
Johnder Perez, 15th 2008 March, 2008
I've been with RZ for many, many, years... pretty much when they started. All of my issues were resolved promptly. In a worse case scenario, things get resolved in a matter of hours. I can't believe I'm paying such a low price for amazing service, and as a reseller I am making many, many times what I've invested. I have yet to find another reseller web host service that can match what RZ has to offer in price, features and service.

Customer of Zoom since 2004, 04th 2008 March, 2008
Have been with RZ since 2004 on their budget plans and lately shifted to failover plans.
Budget plans worked very well and support has always been very good. However after i shifted to Fail over there has been a lot of downtime in services and it is very disappointing as we are answerable to our customers. And when services fail every few days, it becomes frustrating. Staff has been helpful always, but its the customer who calls when the mail is not working. One cannot think of what answer to give every 2 days when the market talks of 99.99% uptime. I have come across too many issues with the failover server in the last few months which must be just a small percentage compared to the 3 years usage of budget plans. After paying for premium servers it does not feel worth it. They should get a permanent solution. I am still with them cause i don't know which other to Hosting Provider to trust. I read too many negative review about every company. In fact one of the companies i tried out shutdown overnight.
So im still searching hosts or i might shift to RZ advance plans. there again shifting accounts is a big headache.
Dext, 22nd 2008 February, 2008
ResellerZoom is by far better than most wolves out there, they may not be the best but believe me ive been to the reptiles and the even dreamland, so before you throw Rocks......
Good luck in your heavens folks, but as for me and my house, we will Occupy the earth till the Lord shows up.
Customer reseller Zoom, 18th 2008 January, 2008
We have many problems with ResellerZoom with Windows Plan Reseller, From three day we have some domains with problems And dont have solution
vig0, 04th 2007 June, 2007
I've been with RZ for almost 2 years now and haven't had that much trouble until recently.

I have 2 premium accounts that I pay $129/mo. for. I pay extra for the support which was worth it. They would reply to me quickly, keep me apprised of the situation if it took long to fix, and always fixed the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

Over the past couple of months (2/07 - 6/07) there's been changes. It takes over 4-5 hours to get a reply from them. And when you get a reply it's short, cryptic and without a time frame when things will be fixed.

The main issue is that everything is on one server. If your site is on 'foo' server. Mail/DNS/HTTP/HTTPS is all on that server, so if that server goes down... everything's down. There's no secondary mail server that queue's up mail in case of a high amount of mail comes through. A new problem now is that not only major email providers block mail from the servers because they lack a reverse DNS entry, but other RZ servers block email from each other for the same reason (at least that's what I've come up with because RZ support fails to let you know what the root of the problem is).

If you want cheap and your business does not rely on your web site being up 24/7/365.... by all means, use RZ. If you need reliability, prompt support response and quick recovery... do yourself a favor and pay a little more.

I recently got a dedicated server at another reseller company (*hint* a reptile). I've had no problems at all.
not important., 27th 2007 March, 2007
i used my own country's host companies. they really sucks! and i wanted to try reseller zoom. i bought 1 month budget plan. now i was searching the term of "reseller zoom service statuss" "reseller zoom server status" etc. i found here.. at 01:00 - gmt 0 every day it crashes.. i dont think why. but at nights in turkey i cant use service... but i can give that company 7/10 stars..
Billy4, 23rd 2007 January, 2007
It is really amazing what people are talking about.

To tell you the truth all the negative reivews are written by hosting companies that want to charge you 24,95 for the service that resellerzoom charges 4.95!

I have the cheapest budget account for 2 years now at resellerzoom. The service was always quite good and questions always answered within a reasonable time. However for the last 7-8 months the service became Outstanding downtime pretty much never. And customer service answering my questions and ticket within 20-30 minutes!! I was amazed, and next time again opened a ticket with a question and got answered within 7 minutes!!

I had 2 other accounts at other company. One of them stopped the service giving me 48 hours to move my accounts. What do I do?? I moved the to resellerzoom. - Best choice.

Also I have a script that checks my servers every 5 minutes and if it is down i get a message to my cell phone.
Trust me RZ is by far the best host I used since the last 5 years.

Just look at the top: 3 failed checks, monitored since 2006-01-29---IS IT NOT GOOD??

AND one more thing, I have a cheapo budget account -- CAN YOU IMAGINE their clustered failover plan ???

Do not believe that is obviously not true.
And the best bet you can do is try it yourself! If you want to make sure you have a good host you can invest a 2 month hosting just for testing service and downtime before you put content on it. I had an account for 6 months and tested RZ before actually put content.
And all uptimes are bull****t. Use yuor own script to check uptime from a different (even a free account) server..

By the way what do we want for a month for a price of a decent hamburger??
Dan, 13th 2007 January, 2007
I have had nothing but excellent service from this company in the 2 years i have been using them. They offer the lowest price reseller hosting i have seen, and yet server uptime and speed has been perfect.
I have only had t contact customer support once or twice regarding an upgrade to my service and a change of contact email address. Both times they had it sorted within 24 hours.

The features they offer, for the price are by the far the most perfect for my me and the various (15 or so) website i operate.
Lisa, 06th 2006 December, 2006
They are the worst, they threatened me to the collection agency and guess what? They lost. I told them my story and did recieve my money back all my $170 they claimed I owed. I found they were using MY account and charging me for every domain I was hosting. They are fraud and should not even be in business. I don't care how good others think it is we all know it sucks.
Zhang Jianjun, 19th 2006 April, 2006
I cancelled account with them after 48 hours. Because their servers are slow and in the forum lots of guys were talking about daily database connection downtime problems. No 24x7 technical support as you expected if you are on budget plan. Do they refund? I am still waiting my money back 24 hours after my cancellation.
Alex, 15th 2006 February, 2006
This topic is regarding one of the most injudicious company’s on the web today that can’t get enough of the money they want. Yes, it is once again about ResellerZoom or formally known as HostingZoom. I have perhaps had enough with their stupidity and greediness and I cannot take this anymore.

After practically imploring for a cancellation of their service, they still keep sending me bills. Better yet, they are “threatening” me that the unpaid bills will be sent to collection agencies if not paid at once. How else do they want to “force” out money from their customers? Is it very hard to understand that I do not want their service? Have I signed any contract stating that I am their permanent customer? This is just another one of their plans of not refunding the money they owe and in other words, now threatening me to stay with them.

Just for clarification. I do not use their service and I have possibly used 10 MB of bandwidth during my whole time as their customer and for which I have paid them $12.95 plus the $4.02, in total $16.97. I neither had abused neither used their service for any website and or other reasons.

Please see the following emails:

On Tue, 7 Feb 2006 23:54:22 -0500, me@yahoo.com wrote:

Mr. Duong
I will update that WHT post Mr. Duong if you kindly return my $4.02 which I am not ought to pay.

On a side note, I believe I was extremely fair. I "tried" out your service and I "did not" abuse it. I probably used about 10 MEGS of bandwidth all throughout the time I was your customer. I did not come 99.9% close to the resources that I actually paid for and deserve. I think it is unfair that you treat me like some kind of a beggar and keep me waiting for three days while I ask you for a downgrade and keep adding costs that should not be there. I am customer and a person who has the right to freedom of speech and press.

Anyway, if you are kind enough and understanding to refund the amount, I will be very kind and understanding to update the post and my future posts and feedbacks that concern your company. Thank you for your time.
You know, I am a college student. I earn $7.00 an hour. Therefore, I see my $4.02 as more than half of my working hour wage. I believe you have been there yourself and understand the deprived feelings yourself.
Kind Regards,

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 04:21:43 -0500, billing@hostingzoom.com wrote:

I did not handle this issue previous to me setting up your budget account but have taken the time to review it completely and have a full understanding of the issue. The $4.02 you are entitled to and will be refunded. Your plan starts/renews on the 1st of the month for $12.95/mo.

I will have billing refund the $4.02 however you are responsible for the current outstanding balance of $12.95 due on your account. Your account renews on 3/1/06.

Kiet Duong
Customer Support

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006 04:54:22 -0500, me@yahoo.com wrote:

Mr. Doung,

I do not want a credit. I want a cash refund to my account. I do not wish to continue with ResellerZoom! Thank you.

Kind Regards,

On Tue, 15 Feb 2006 12:13:58 -0500, billing@hostingzoom.com wrote:

You have an outstanding invoice due of $12.95 which the $4.02 was applied to. You still owe $8.93 on the current invoice. If you don't wish to continue then fill out the cancellation form to stop billing. That does not mean you are not obligated to pay the outstanding balance.

If outstanding balances are not paid they are sent to an outside collections agency. You are free to read our TOS at www.resellerzoom.com/tos.shtml.

Kiet Duong
Customer Support

I would like to know what would you do if you were caught up without any kind of a contract, a company that practically forces you to pay them “regardless” you use their service or not?
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