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Sectorlink General Information
  Sectorlink is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 2000 and now it's years in business.

sectorlink.com average uptime is 99.993% (rank #1159 on our directory) with total 86135 successful and 6 failed checks, monitored since 2006-01-25. Similar companies with 99.993% uptime are and naf.com.

Search for "sectorlink.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 586 results so company name popularity rank is #1139.

There have been 79 positive votes for Sectorlink and 29 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #897 (similar companies are odsol.com and mywebteks.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Copper Hosting (Type: Linux) - 50 GB space, 10 GB bandwidth for $3.99/mo

Bronze Hosting (Type: Linux) - 100 GB space, 200 GB bandwidth for $5.99/mo

Silver Hosting (Type: Linux) - 150 GB space, 300 GB bandwidth for $10.99/mo

Gold Hosting (Type: Linux) - 200 GB space, 400 GB bandwidth for $14.49/mo

Platinum Hosting (Type: Linux) - 250 GB space, 500 GB bandwidth for $16.99/mo

Diamond Hosting (Type: Linux) - 300 GB space, 600 GB bandwidth for $21.25/mo

Some technical data about sectorlink.com
  IP Location: Michigan - North Adams - Sectorlink
Blacklist Status: Clear
Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Server Type: Apache
Website Title: Sectorlink - Web Hosting, Managed Dedicated Servers, Domain Registration
Description: Sectorlink provides web hosting and managed dedicated server solutions. Multiple domain hosting - Windows and UNIX Server Hosting. Feature rich hosting packages at an affordable price.

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
BAM, 25th 2011 February, 2011
Great company
satisfied, 26th 2010 April, 2010
Without a doubt one of the best hosts I have been with. The support is what makes them shine.
Awesome, 30th 2010 January, 2010
I now have a few dedicated servers with this company and could not be happier.
Brad, 27th 2009 December, 2009
I got a new website as a Christmas present my old site was pretty bad and was hosted with godaddy. Wanted to move hosts anyway and was recommend to sectorlink. My friend loaded the site after i signed up. Their tech support was awesome. Everything is running smooth.
tim, 02nd 2009 November, 2009
this really is a good company no matter the bad reviews. yeah there have been some unfortunate outages here and there. looking on the web at other hosts it looks like they all do. some more than others. heck gmail was down for hours more than once.
Happy Customer, 16th 2009 October, 2009
The new plans are great! Thanks for adding the new features! Do not beware of this host as all hosts have their problems but sectorlink has been very good to me and very responsive support staff.
Annoyed, 06th 2009 October, 2009
Sectorlink was down today for over 2 hours. Apparently, they do not know the cause, if you can believe that. I agree with the earlier poster who stated that the support staff lies constantly.

This is becoming a regular occurrence each month with our dedicated server.

Additionally, our server speed is not nearly fast enough to be categorized as business class.

Here is the response I received:

"This issue has been resolved, we are currently looking into the cause. We should have more information on our website at https://www.sectorlink.com/index.php/support-ticket."

That page mentioned above is simply for submitting new support tickets. There is no information on this page concerning the most recent downtime.

I would not recommend this company to anyone.
Tim, 06th 2009 October, 2009
Sectorlink has been down for a couple hours now. No email access nor access to any of my sites. www.sectorlink.com is not responding either. Here we go again........
johnny n, 06th 2009 October, 2009
out for two hours and counting today. no sign or any fix or news. disappointing
...g, 06th 2009 October, 2009
Sectorlink is Down AGAIN!
Carlos, 04th 2009 October, 2009
La buena compañía. GoDaddy Sucks!
Terry Autumn, 01st 2009 October, 2009
Excellent. Excellent. Excellent.
Need I say more?
eric, 11th 2009 August, 2009
great group of people to do business with
Excellent!!!, 30th 2009 July, 2009
excellent company! i highly recommend them. have not experienced any downtime recently. there was a point were they said they were having some router issues with updated software but since that has been corrected superb
..., 14th 2009 July, 2009
constant 5-10 minute downtimes.
Inverse International, 21st 2009 June, 2009
With the price of dedicated servers coming down I decided to move away from my host and give this company a try. I am extremely happy.
Jessica, 07th 2009 June, 2009
A follow up to my post. It has been about a month and still have to say positives things. Great Find!
A. Hennie, 17th 2009 May, 2009, 17th 2009 May, 2009
Yes, Sectorlink is the new up and coming future shock. A tech support team I would want to be part of. My hand is all in knowing that Sectorlink is a winning support team. Keep up the good work techies.
Jessica, 09th 2009 May, 2009
Just signed up with them support staff has been very friendly and helpful. I will post back later when I have more good or bad.
Don Saxton, 03rd 2009 May, 2009
Thumbs Up. Moving all my sites over. Thank you Jason for all of your help. I will be referring Sectorlink to everyone I can. Peace!
greg gilbort, 02nd 2009 May, 2009
more positive's than negatives
been hosting with them for 5 years and will continue
good company to do business with
Does it really matter?, 24th 2009 April, 2009
Keep up the good work guys. You are simply the best. People looking for reviews, you can ignore the bad ones because to be honest they are really that good. Jason (I don't know which one) and Matt (and the others I didn't mention) always go above and beyond the call of duty to help.
Tom Plertsky, 21st 2009 April, 2009
The worst hosting EVER ! I am in this business for more than 8 years. Tried more than 10 hosting company . Sectorlink is the worst of them all . If you love your site stay away from Sectorlink. Poor uptime no support. Support people lie to much . Restarts servers minimum every day .

Henry, 15th 2009 April, 2009
Great company to deal with. I have had nothing but problems with 1and1 and godaddy but what can you expect. I recommend Sectorlink to all.
Very Impressed, 28th 2009 February, 2009
I have been impressed with sectorlink. Great service and awesome support.
..., 16th 2009 February, 2009
down again...
Lisa, 14th 2009 February, 2009
Sectorlink appears to be down again. All my sites have been up and down this morning. Sectorlinks message says they understand there is a problem and all technicians are working it, so they will not be answering their phone.
charles, 13th 2009 February, 2009
net-empregos.com this is the site that outside hackers are hitting for the udp flood DOS attack which is clogging up pipes inbound pipes to the sectorlink network. i just got off the phone with a rep there that i have a cell phone contact. they are on the phone with their upsteram providers to get this resolved. thought i would post it here. they shut down the site earlier today and just brought it back up and boom. i guess that is now a canceled account :)
Andrew J, 13th 2009 February, 2009
Thanks for the "ranting," Charles. Yes, I've been with other hosts, and everyone has their problems. Guess it's why I still keep about half of my website portfolio with Sectorlink! I initially came to them because Ipower's complete lack of customer service drove me crazy and Sectorlink actually responds to customer emails fast and fixes problems quite fast too. I'll stick around, but many of my clients are screaming webhost "diversification" through mirrored sites and so I've got to face up to that reality too. In the event that I find some other host outshining Sectorlink in uptime, customer service, and cost, I'll have to do the grand switcharoo. But, overall, even with the annoying downtimes, Sectorlink so far has done a pretty good job for what they have to work with.
charles, 13th 2009 February, 2009
ok i am going to rant!

i have a few servers with these guys. 1 of my servers was affected and the others were not. udp floods are real even in today's world and they can be crafted to slow or even shut down networks. i have servers with other companies as well and they all have their problems. even though sectorlink has had some issues as of late their issues do not compare to some of the other companies that i deal with. EVERY company has downtime so deal with it and if you dont think they do than you just dont know about it.. hell google was down just a few weeks ago and they have been down many times before (how does that happen) hmmm . i know that sectorlink has different network options but you pay for it like i do on my servers (except for the one) that i need to make sure that they are up.

so in a nut shell you all act like downtime is not supposed to happen and it would be nice if that was the case. you choose a problematic industry were predators lurk. you are exposed to many idiots that are out there on the internet i may be one of them. so stop whining get over it move on. if you feel that sectorlink is not the one for you than move on. i have been with them for a long time and they have been good to me and apparently they have been good to most of you on here because it looks like per your comments that you have been with them for a long time. customer confidence is a good point get on the phone and talk to them and if you have any ideas share them i know that i do and they have implemented some on my suggestions. i could go on forever and i am done now.

..., 13th 2009 February, 2009
I remember back in 2002ish, Sectorlink had a page that told when servers where down, what the issue was, etc.

I guess that isn't good for marketing..
johnny n, 13th 2009 February, 2009
yeah we seem to be back in action - amazing what putting a new fuse in a plug can do eh......
Andrew J, 13th 2009 February, 2009
Algebra class indeed ... hilarious
..., 13th 2009 February, 2009
Things are back. The kids doing the DDOS attacks probably just changed classes and are now in Algebra.
johnny n, 13th 2009 February, 2009
ha ddos attack - that's so 20th century its got flairs and platform shoes
johnny n, 13th 2009 February, 2009
the lack of explanation is inexcusable. ok everyone might be working on the fix but it only takes 30 seconds to write something here to say' sorry its down, someone spilled beer on all the servers and they blew up; its take approx 30 minutes to fix it' at least it would be something to cling onto while your income goes south
..., 13th 2009 February, 2009
DDOS attack? What is this 1999?
Andrew J, 13th 2009 February, 2009
Just got an email from SectorLink support: We are aware of the problem, it is currently DDOS attack on part of our network. We are working on the problem and it should be resolved shortly.
Tim, 13th 2009 February, 2009
This is my last year of Sectorlink. I've paid for a year and once that is up I'm moving. An hour or two of downtime a month is horrific. I can understand a couple minutes but these lengthy monthly outages are completely outrageous, particularly when there is no explanation sent out to the customers explaining the reason.
..., 13th 2009 February, 2009
johnny n, 13th 2009 February, 2009
i like them too and the service is good when it works and it works most of the time but these down times undermine customers confidence in our site and devalue our service....and that just can't continue.....its only the work involved that stops us moving....and not knowing whether any other service is any better - maybe everyone has an hour or two down every month?
Andrew J, 13th 2009 February, 2009
My conclusion - though I like the SectorLink team, it's time to "git a move on." It will be a lot of work moving everything elsewhere, but this is getting ridiculous - especially whenever there's a downtime like this and we're left in the dark. Can't reach them for anything.
..., 13th 2009 February, 2009
Been going up and down for the past hour.
..., 13th 2009 February, 2009
Been going up and down for the past hour.
johnny n, 13th 2009 February, 2009
down for an hour now.......a post from someone at sectorlink would be appreciated please......don't forget many of us rely on our web sites for our income; its not just inconvienient it is a quick way to go bust!
Tim, 13th 2009 February, 2009
Here we go again.....Sectorlink going down is now becoming a monthly occurrence. I can't get email, reach their main site, nor reach any of my sites.
David, 08th 2009 January, 2009
I think they use VOIP. I know that I was talking to someone over there and they were working on some VOIP failover that might be the voicemail that we heard. Now they just need an informative message :). Other than that a small outage I am still a happy sectorlink customer.
Tim, 08th 2009 January, 2009
Looks like we are back up........

That being said, it would be nice if we were given an explanation as to what happened in these cases. I noticed that they removed the "Network Status" page from their website.

I don't know.....I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling.....
Dave Steele, 08th 2009 January, 2009
Every number I can find on the internet for them is eithe disconnected or transferred to what sounds like a cell phone that is put to voice mail. It's like the company just "dissapeared."

I realize its only been 15 minutes of downtime so far, but I am a bit concerned.
Tim, 08th 2009 January, 2009
I'm down again too......can't get to my sites nor to the sectorlink site. This is getting real old real quick.
Dave Steele, 08th 2009 January, 2009
My site is down. Sector link is down. Phone number said it's been disconnected, the number on WHOIS.COM is forward to another number that is not answering.

What is going on at sectorlink? I have clients waiting on material and I can not uplaod a thing.
Chris C., 05th 2008 December, 2008

Send an e-mail over to management@sectorlink.com attn Chris. Let me know the issues that you are having and any errors. Also, include your domain name. I will look in to the issue for you. We are making some major changes to e-mail come January that will address the e-mail issues that some customers seem to be having.
Tim, 03rd 2008 December, 2008
Chris C I appreciate your comments and explanations. Given that Murphy seems to have been with you for this event, I won't be moving.

That being said, Sectorlink needs to fix these email problems once and for all. I'm having email outages at least once a week. Tech support is getting email back online, but the root cause does not seem to be getting fixed as I just have a repeat problem a week later.
john nicholson, 02nd 2008 December, 2008
Gotta add my name to the list of satisfied customers. Sectorlink have been great value, fast and really helpful for years. All companies suffer outages and problems sometimes- its a fact of life. This latest one seems to have been an unfortunate combination of events that were resolved as quick as possible.
Chris C., 01st 2008 December, 2008
Hello Everyone,

I thought it would be appropriate to comment on today’s issues / developments.

Earlier today a water main broke under the street just north of the Sectorlink Flint data center, approximately 40 yards from the facility. Local power was lost due to a flood of water that penetrated the underground power room vault(s).

Backup generation went in to affect as soon as power was lost. Shortly thereafter we were advised to cut all power to our facility, due to the possibly of gas distribution shut off. At the time Sectorlink was utilizing natural gas powered generators. Battery backups or generators being cut off unexpectedly is extremely detrimental to equipment, causing surges that can damage components.

The road ended up collapsing and heavy equipment had to be brought in to remove a large portion of the street, which is why this drastic measure was advised. At that point we moved to our secondary emergency plan, which is mobile generation, and a unit was delivered within the hour. An electrician accompanied the generator to hard wire the unit in to the facility.

Sectorlink will be switching back over to grid power and internal backup generator infrastructure at 11:30 p.m. EST. There will be a 15 minute outage while this occurs.

We do thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding. We have been working very hard to make sure that the downtime due to this issue is as limited as possible.
Michael Covington, 01st 2008 December, 2008
BACK UP AGAIN, 11:54 p.m.
IntelaWEB, 01st 2008 December, 2008
This was crom Channel 12 news. We have been a long term customer of sectorlink with good experiences over all with their service and support....

FLINT (WJRT) -- (12/01/08)--More than 1,500 customers in Genesee County were still without power Monday afternoon.
Some of those outages came from a water main break in downtown Flint. It shut down a road and some businesses and caused other problems.
The cold weather is being blamed for the break that occurred on First near Beach near Buckham Alley.
City officials say water was spewing from the ground for much of the day, and as a result First Street between Saginaw and Beach was closed for part of the day.
Businesses and residents in the area could be without water until late Monday night.
There is a major AT&T fiber optic phone line running right next to the break, so repair crews are being extra careful not to break that, too.
The water also got into some Consumers Energy equipment, causing power outages in the downtown area.
A nearby restaurant, the Lunch Studio, lost power, so it operated with candles for much of the day.
Another company nearby, Sectorlink, also lost power, so it couldn't function for much of the day.
Comment on this story below and we may read what you have to say on the air.
Michael, 01st 2008 December, 2008
THEY'RE BACK DOWN (11:30 p.m. EST, hopefully just swapping in better equipment)... And a local TV station's news web page said there was an AT&T fiber optic line right next to the broken water main; I wonder if it was involved.

I want to second what Andrew said about Sectorlink's reliability and technical support. In my experience, they are quite good. Nobody is immune to catastrophes of nature. The fact that they got back up within 5 hours today is impressive.
Andrew Bagley, 01st 2008 December, 2008
I've been with Sectorlink for 7 years and I'm astonished to read some of the comments about their service and reliability. Apart from the occasional outage for a few minutes, my website has been rock solid since I subscribed. I also have experienced excellent tech support, response normally within minutes and very helpful. Also, I almost never have problems with the mail, either pop or webmail. More than this, I can prove it. I have a piece of software called Absolute e-business monitor (Techlogic.ca) that polls every 10 minutes. The website back to 2003 and the mail since this summer. These are the chart results, 100%=up 100% for that day. You could scarcely wish for a more reliable service



Gary Cannavo, 01st 2008 December, 2008
They have Been great to us! There tech support has been awesome and were very happy with sectorlink
Michael, 01st 2008 December, 2008
THEY'RE BACK UP. Total outage, about 5 hours.
Daniel Gutierez, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Sectorlink rocks again! All sites working now....
Matt, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Raise your hand if you're prepared to pay double for the backup data center. I think it might be cheaper to just put the generator on stilts.
dj redline, 01st 2008 December, 2008
They could have somehow sent us a notice. I was ready to purchase a new hosting package if my friend didn't tell me about a power outage. I though their company may have folded. I been happy with their customer service so I'll continue to host with them.
EzyCorp, 01st 2008 December, 2008
I also agree with Tim. I've worked in data centers and my husband manages one. We live in FL and deal with hurricanes all the time. Real data centers are prepared for natural disasters and power outages, granted they may have some downtime as they migrate to backup power, cell phones, or co-locations; but this is unexceptable. If my husband allowed this to happen at his data center he would be looking for a new job.
Michael, 01st 2008 December, 2008
If I wanted to run a hosting company that isn't subject to the whims of Mother Nature, I'd distribute it across 2 or more places with very different climates, with the ability to switch at a moment's notice.

Of course, that would cost more...

I have backups of all my files. If Sectorlink comes back up, I'll be able to re-upload. I could also move to another hosting company quickly. What do people think of Bluehost? It's popular with businesses around here.
Rohan, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Bye bye sectorlink .... Hello Hostdepot

Heard enough crap from my customers
jd smith, 01st 2008 December, 2008
another site posts that the flooding got to electrical circuits and back - up and another back is being installed now...fingers crossed!!

Uncle Deercamp, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Hmmm.... A hosting company that is not subject to the whims of Mother Nature... That's a tough one. Maybe you could find one in New Orleans.
jd smith, 01st 2008 December, 2008
I have had multiple sites with them for years as well. For the most part -- I have experienced excellent service, great response time, etc.

However, I have to agree that this is the first year that multiple server issues have occured--that never have in the past.

Like the saying goes " Once is a mistake -- twice is a pattern" ... I will give them the benefit of doubt and see how they come out of it. Hopefully, a nice communication explaining the steps they will take to ensure this doesnt happen again...will be a nice first step.

Tim -- I agree back up servers should have already been in place...there isnt a good excuse, and it leaves many of us backed into corner with lots of splain to do with clients, partners, etc.

If you anyone knows a comparable web host to compare to -- please post url...At this point; I have to take it into consideration.

Michael, 01st 2008 December, 2008
I think today's problem is a matter of broken cables, not just a power outage, because all their phones seem to be disconnected from the switching office.
Tim, 01st 2008 December, 2008
I'm sorry, but I'll be honest with you that a power outage is no excuse. If they are a real data center then they would have backup generators in place and ready to go.

I have had multiple sites with them for many years. However the past year or so thinks have gotten to the point that I will be moving on. My biggest issue is email. It is going down at least weekly and they seem to be only getting the servers back up and running but not addressing the root cause. As soon as my year is up with them I will be moving on.
Seyfi Erol, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Thanks a lot for all updates. I have seen on Mlive.com that the power may come back either tonight or tomorrow morning. If that's the case, we definitely need to find an alternative hosting and start over :( Any local update would greatly be appreciated.
Rohan, 01st 2008 December, 2008
How long should we wait - should we switch to another host or pray that things get back on - Anyone has a mobile number etc... of any engineer
Len, 01st 2008 December, 2008
News article about power outage...
Brenda, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Last time this happened, they were hit with tornadoes. It took all their phone lines down too. What a mess. I do email marketing and all my images are broken. I have to stop transmitting today, Cyber Monday and wait until my images are available. Yikes!
jd smith, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Thanks for the local update Nick...I have checking, refreshing, calling, and pinging..."glad" to hear its power outage...although that sounds selfish:)

Hopefully we should be back up in a few hours?
Dan Lane, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Last I've heard (from a client whose in the area) is that there's a water main break. I'm going to go give them a visit. The phone numbers listed on a lot of sites are for their OLD data center in Holly, the new one has different #'s. (810-213-4640, mind you that # is just ringing busy so I'm not sure what's going on). I've got 3 servers and it appears their entire data center is offline.
Nick Anderson, 01st 2008 December, 2008
Just saw this on the noon news in Flint - there's a power outage and water main break in downtown Flint. Must be the cause of the failure. We just received half a foot of wet snow overnight. They will probably return when the power comes back, unless the server room is flooded. Let's hope not!!!
jd smith, 01st 2008 December, 2008
all sites down, phones are "disconnected"...this does not sound good
Med, 01st 2008 December, 2008
I have a dedicated server with sectorlink. About a couple of hours ago (01 Dec 2008 about 15:30 GMT): my deicated server and therefore all my websites went down. Their own website (sectorlink.com) is also down. None of my emails are working. It's as if there is a complete power cut where they are!!
I am very worried that they might've gone bankrupt. Is that possible???? Even their support lines are not working....
Paul, 07th 2008 November, 2008
I've been with them for years, and like mentioned in other posts, SQL and web hosting is excellent, but I have also had issues with mailservers going down. Overall, not a bad host.
Kevin, 27th 2008 September, 2008
Have been very happy with Sectorlink. I recommend them.
Jeff Laranski, 21st 2008 September, 2008
Just have to say that my experience with Sectorlink has been very good. No issues that I can bring up.
Mark LukeJohn, 05th 2008 August, 2008
The support just plain sucks! I email them for help, and I dont even get a response! Glad I went to 1and1 instead; Now thats a company!

two thumbs down.
pissed off, 05th 2008 February, 2008
Avoid this hoster by all means. Tech support tickets may take even 24h. to get answered, servers unreachable several times a week, poor explanation as to why that happens. Servers being shutdown for no obvious reason.

Do yourself a favour, dont go there.
Daniel, 01st 2008 February, 2008
I have moved most of my sites from Sectorlink. The problem is that their mail servers simply do not deliver. And it is very unfortunate because everything else SQL database and site works perfectly fine. However all my clients complain about their e-mail. Email get lost or delivered after 24 hours, which is unacceptable.

I did ask if it can be fixed, but support does not aknowledge that there is a problem. They say their mail servers are fine.

But they are not! and it is nice to see that this is not only my opinion.
John, 11th 2007 December, 2007
Just signed up with these guys this past week and I'm extremel disappointed. Their e-mail is up one minute and down the next. I consider them a poor hosting choice and will be making a move ASAP.
Dave Steele, 06th 2007 December, 2007
So far, the support has been fantastic. Quick, accurate, helpful.

So refreshing. IXWebhosting and Startlogic were terrible. I was on both and finally, found one i like...
Grant, 06th 2007 August, 2007
Well I do admit that there was a brief period of issues with them. It does look like they have got things back in order and the service is again excellent. I moved some of my sites from them and now they are all back again. Thanks Sectorlink for making the rebound and back to excellent service.
Dan, 02nd 2007 February, 2007
Something happened to these guys, I agree with the other reviewer, they were great until late 2006, now they suck, email down constantly, absolutely inconsistent service. Don't sign up with sectorlink!
Pissed, 02nd 2006 December, 2006
I've been with them for years until recently the service was great. Now I'm frequently experiencing database connection drops, slow service and absent tech support. They've really disappointed me recently. i wil not be renewing my hosting package.
Adam Senour, 16th 2006 April, 2006
I don't get why anyone hasn't reviewed these guys yet. They are, bar none, the best host out there. Their service is superior, the downtime is minimal (I haven' t had any in the past 2.5 years personally) and I don't know of any other company that I would have been able to form a four-year relationship with in the hosting industry.

I have never had a question go longer than 12 hours without being answered (in one case, 60 seconds) and they've gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me on the rare occasions I've needed it (I'm not a customer who needs a lot, but when I do need it, I expect it to be there.)

I have a dedicated server with them and am quite happy with it.

If Sectorlink isn't ranked #1 out of all the hosts you have, as many as there are, it truly is a miscarriage of justice.

Go with these guys. You won't be disappointed.
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