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Serverintellect General Information
  Serverintellect is providing Windows web hosting services, has been founded in 2004 and now it's years in business.

serverintellect.com average uptime is 99.995% (rank #606 on our directory) with total 86765 successful and 4 failed checks, monitored since 2006-01-25. Similar companies with 99.995% uptime are and ihubnet.com.

Search for "serverintellect.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 3512 results so company name popularity rank is #597.

There have been 115 positive votes for Serverintellect and 14 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #1386 (similar companies are bitesites.com and hostedasp.net)

Web Hosting Packages
  Tier1 Plan (Type: Windows) - 1500 MB space, 50 GB bandwidth for $14.95/mo

Tier2 Plan (Type: Windows) - 4500 MB space, 150 GB bandwidth for $39.95/mo

Tier3 Plan (Type: Windows) - 7500 MB space, 250 GB bandwidth for $69.95/mo

Some technical data about serverintellect.com
  IP Location: Texas - Dallas - Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Website Title: Windows Dedicated Servers, ASP.NET Web Hosting, ASP .NET 2.0 Host, VPS Virtual Servers

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Mehdi Entezary, 05th 2011 August, 2011
The best company I have ever dealt with. Excellent Technical support round the clock, great service. 100% satisfied.
mike fulner , 09th 2010 December, 2010
i really had a hard time finding a server company that could accomplish everything i needed and had great customer service. the IT team was helpfull and moved rapidly on all my tickets. cost was in budget and so far everything has been smooth. look forward to a long partnership with them.
jason falk, 09th 2010 December, 2010
Very happy with my managed server. The IT team was very knowledgeable and great to work with Server Intellect has been remarkable for its quick access to a human representative, consistent dissemination of accurate and complete information. thank you for all you did for me and i look forward to a great partnership with this company
jason k. fulner, 09th 2010 December, 2010
I did some research looking for a Company to host a few sites for me and after finding server intellect I didnt have to look any further. The price was right where my budget was and the tech support i got getting everything up and runnin was great. i look forward to a long partnership with these guys. my thanks go out to you customer service guys
They Suck, 10th 2010 November, 2010
They suck, this site is a scam and they suck
Joe Albahari, 10th 2010 November, 2010
Two-year followup: I've been running a 10-minute monitor on my website for more than a year and am pleased to say that Server Intellect have delivered on their 99.9% uptime promise. I've not had the same experience with every web hosting company so thumbs up to Server Intellect.
jeannie, 28th 2010 July, 2010
No problems to report here with ServerIntellect.com. Our firms website and email have been running consistantly now for ages without any probelms. I am a very happy ServerIntellect.com client=)
Trent Grandey, 12th 2010 July, 2010
After 4 years with SI, I asked for an extra 10 days to pay one of my monthly fees. After 10 days, they forgot to bill me. On the 20th day, they deleted my account. And I mean DELETED. The server itself was cleaned and readied for the next customer. No so bad. BUT THEY ALSO DELETED ALL THE BACKUPS OF MY DATA THAT I HAD BEEN PAYING THEM TO TAKE!!! In the matter of a few hours, every bit of my data was GONE and irretrievable. I think this is the most unforgivable thing a host can do. To be this unresponsible with customer data is unspeakable. Taking me offline until the account was settled up would be ok, but to delete all traces of a customer's data when that account was not even 30 days overdue? These people should not be trusted when they have these business practices. No amount of good things I experienced over 4 years would make up for this. And they never offered anything past a sorry. There are too many hosts out there, stay away from SI.??
Trent Grandey, 12th 2010 July, 2010
I had been with SI for 4 years. In June of 2010, I asked them to postpone a payment from the 21st of June to the 1st of July. They politely accepted and I thought all was fine. Then they forgot to bill me on the first and on the 8th of July they DELETED my account due to 20 days overdue. This would not be SO BAD, but they DELETED my server and reinstalled a fresh OS AND THEN DELETED ALL THE BACKUPS OF MY SERVER THAT I HAD BEEN PAYING THEM TO TAKE! In the matter of a few hours, every bit of my data was GONE and irretrievable. I think this is the most unforgivable thing a host can do. To be this unresponsible with customer data is unspeakable. Taking me offline until the account was settled up would be ok, but to delete all traces of a customer's data when that account was not even 30 days overdue? These people should not be trusted when they have these business practices. No amount of good things I experienced over 4 years would make up for this. And they never offered anything past a sorry. There are too many hosts out there, stay away from SI.
Anonymous, 02nd 2010 July, 2010
I have been with SI for 18 months - the first 12 months were great, i was on their Shared Hosting and apart from the occasional down time, i wouldn't really have a complaint. Since upgrading to a Virtual Server we seem to have had a couple of problems each month - ranging from our Server failing and having to be migrated (meaning our clients went without a website for 8+ hours costing them a lot of money) - to regular disruptions to our emails (causes ranging from wrong spam settings, mail server going down etc. - none of which we have touched).
Whilst we didn't cause the majority of the problems - the problems themselves aren't the main issue - its the fact that it takes 4-5 hours to get anyone to respond to the tickets. Depending on the severity I will post a ticket and then chase it up with a phone call - but even then it can take several hours to resolve. I understand problems occur - I just think they should be more dedicated to resolving the problem in a timely manor. (Incidentally - I posted a ticket 4 hours ago and am still waiting a reply... oh dear)
Customer, 18th 2010 February, 2010
I am mostly satisfied with Server Intellect. However, I have noticed that my email goes down several times a year due to issues with the shared mail server. This is a great inconvenience.
Nelson, 11th 2010 February, 2010
Hitting the 6 month mark next week with Server Intellect. So far it has been exceptional service and uptimes. I do not have one single complaint. Very good host with no problems.
Merrit, 12th 2009 November, 2009
I don't think I could find a better host if i tried. They answer the phone, they answer tickets and they resolve support tickets quickly. The network is straight and have not seen any breakdown in routes since I have been with them. I have pushed my server several times and haven't seen anything that would cause me alarm. I am fully satisfied with Server Intellect and the server they have provided me.
Seda4, 26th 2009 October, 2009
Lots of good reviews. I can add one now. Very good host with no worries. 3 months with a dedicated server and all is well. Server Intellect is very good.
GM8, 24th 2009 September, 2009
One phone call and I was online with my website. They helped me move my files over and guild me in the direction to transfer my dns. Everything is running smoothly. Server Intellect is aces in my book!
Shailesh Narayan, 13th 2009 September, 2009
I am going to select based on the reviews you guys have posted.
Thanks a lot.
Dusty, 31st 2009 August, 2009
We moved to Server Intellect 3 months ago. The transition was easy and since that time no downtime. Very easy company to work with and very helpful. Their customer service is outstanding.
Diaz, 13th 2009 August, 2009
Perfecto! No problems with my website. Everything is working properly all the time. Very good host.
Aldea, 03rd 2009 August, 2009
Great company to work with. Server Intellect has the knowledge and skill set to help anyone.
Mike, 22nd 2009 June, 2009
Very easy setup. Nice price. Great Customer Service. Awesome tech support. Server Intellect is perfect for ASP Hosting!
Bade, 10th 2009 June, 2009
A++ Hosting. No problems or complaints very good service! As others have stated ServerIntellect is very fast to answer support questions. I am happy to host my personal and business sites with ServerIntellect. Again A++ Host
JAMESB, 20th 2009 May, 2009
Server Intellect has provided my company with 9 months of stable server hosting. I am completely satisfied with my server and the support Server Intellect provide. I will continue to be a client of Server Intellect and can recommend them to you.
L. Deprey, 07th 2009 May, 2009
110% great host. In three years time no major issues that were not fixed in 20 minutes. I absolutely love Server Intellect!
Karl Goodman, 30th 2009 April, 2009
Very happy with my Dedicated Server and services with Server Intellect. Fast network and quick tech support. Keep it up!
Jenni Quills, 13th 2009 April, 2009
I was with another host that keep bringing my site down because it was growing to fast. I contacted Server Intellect and they explained that if I keep growing at the rate I was I would outgrow a shared hosting environment in a matter of months. They recommend I get a dedicated server. I was hesitant at first because I have no background in administrating a server. But after several phone calls I was convinced. I purchased a dedicated server was on my way. They assisted with my move from my previous host and helped me get my site online. My site is running perfect an know that if something goes wrong I can call Server Intellect and they will help me.
Elliot , 23rd 2009 March, 2009
Very soild host. One of the best I have worked with in my many years of .NET hosting. My average support ticket time has been less than 10 minutes when I needed it.
Ralph Marrero, 18th 2009 March, 2009
This place was so awesome, I decided to work for them!

TravisG, 02nd 2009 March, 2009
Currently running a VPS with Server Intellect now for 6 months. I haven't had a problem yet their staff couldn't correct. As others have posted they really do have a great support staff. Price is good for a true VPS. If you are looking for a good Windows VPS provider you will do right with Server Intellect.
George, 24th 2009 February, 2009
One of the finest server companies I have ever worked with. I think the fact I like most is when you call the support center and ask questions they answer the question without making you feel like you should know the answer already. Very courteous and they are always quick to help. I love them and can only say great things about Server Intellect.
Deb McCommick, 19th 2009 February, 2009
Very happy thus far with the level of service and support I have received. No problems contacting support at any time of the day or night. The price is very good for a managed server. Nothing to but high praise for Server Intellect.
Boril, 17th 2009 February, 2009
I used to have VPS server hosted by SI. And they support was really good but problems were caused by SI always:)
1. They somehow fucked-up my server and it tooks 8 hours to restore it back to operation.
2. Restarting of the host because of windows update. (Thats OK) but it would be great if you know when the server will restart. Also it would be great if they ensure that your server has boot up. I needed to ask them for start up my server 2 times:( which really sucks.
3. Performance issues caused by other VPS hosted on the same host and some HW troubles.

However they dedicated server is just OK - except the price - that sucks in compare with theplanet.com hosting
Rick Warren, 09th 2009 February, 2009
Pricing dedicated servers last year we came across some Server Intellect raving reviews. We were impressed with the sales and tech staffs ability to answer our questions and keep the server running. We practically do nothing on our server to our keep sites up and visible. Server Intellect even contacted a software company directly for us to resolve a problem we were having with the software. Most places would have said ďI am sorry, your server is running our job is doneĒ. Spectacular Service and support. Even the sales staff is courteous and knowledgeable. So now it is our turn to write a raving review about Server Intellect.
sanjeev, 24th 2009 January, 2009
Great on line support.I am 100% satisfied with server intellect people.They are truly professional.Technically their guys are too good.
Joe R., 06th 2009 January, 2009
I cannot comment on the shared hosting environment, but I just recently signed up for a *dedicated Virtual Server*, and could not be more impressed. When I got stuck on something at close to MIDNIGHT on a holiday weekend, tech support was there to help, and answered all my questions.

I used to run my own small Windows webserver for development purposes but decided to go all out with a dedicated host for live sites. This is the only one at this price point that I could see which allows full admin access to the system via remote desktop. Sure I have the helm control panel but I don't need it. It's like the server is in my NJ office, and I can log in and manage at any time. I even set up a VPN between the virtual machine and my office pc, so that the server seems like part of my LAN.

Lastly, the best thing is that ALL my applications and sites ported over from my development system with less than 1% modifications required.

I have not fully vetted the system yet, but so far so good!
Joe Albahari, 25th 2008 September, 2008
Just moved my sites to Server Intellect. Technical support has been superb - fast, helpful and friendly on every occassion. Couldn't ask for more. I certainly recommend these guys.
John Shultz, 29th 2008 August, 2008
Very happy with my managed server! I love I can count on the Server Intellect tech guys fixing any issues I have. It is almost like having my own 24.7 tech room a phone call away for less than 200 bucks! Awesome guys keep it up!
Mike Janner, 04th 2008 August, 2008
I have had a Vps with Server Intellect for quite sometime now. No matter how many other vps companies I use I always have my Server Intellect vps. I am professional server tech, but the idea that my vps is managed just floors me some days. I come from the days if you broke it you fix it. Server Intellect will always 100% give me support to resolve and fix and issues I have with my server even if it is my 100%fault. I really love the fact that they inhouse techs and not a 3world outsourced company! Love you guys thanks!
Server Intellect, 03rd 2008 June, 2008
Hello Joe,

Rest assured we are working on every request and we do want to help you with your server and application.

I'm very sorry to hear about your frustrations and we will contact you immediately to ensure your server is configured to your specifications.
Joe D. Wright, 03rd 2008 June, 2008
We decided to go with Server Intellect because we didnít want to maintain a server at our location and manage everything that would encompass. We are a small marketing company and have little computer expertise. We arenít using Server Intellect to host our web page, for development, or even our e-mail. The only thing we are trying to do is host an application (Peachtree Quantum 2008). While Server Intellect may be great at hosting e-mail and web sites, if you intend to use Server to host an application, plan on the expense of hiring someone for technical support. If you are a novice and need a little hand holding to get started you will be disappointed. Even during the first 30 days, you are mostly on your own.
Marhideki, 03rd 2008 June, 2008
I was searching for reviews of Server Intellect. I'm glad to know they are as good as we thought. We will be choosing ServerIntellect.
Paul, 22nd 2008 April, 2008
Our web hosting provider, Server Intellect, is always responsive to us, in record time. Their tech and customer support is the best that we have ever experienced. This is key for us, because without that, we can't stay online. Server Intellect always ensures that we stay online and fixes any issue that may arise, as fast as humanly possible.
Randyh, 28th 2008 March, 2008
I have 2 dedicated Servers and one vps server with Server Intellect and they are #1.

Call them and hit #3 for tech support, someone is always there!!!

To the mad person at the bottom. You can change the 20 minutes to 999999 or whatever. You could of called tech support and got the answer in 5 seconds.

They have top notch people around the clock ready to help you with anything you need.

Out of 5 stars I give them 5!!
Richard, 13th 2008 February, 2008
My experience with Server Intellect has been remarkable for its quick access to a human representative, consistent dissemination of accurate and complete information, friendly and pleasant service, self-motivated follow up calls, and competitive pricing.

I am on shared hosting (Tier 2) and have never had an issue. It could be because my site gets at least a few visitors an hour.

I do know that in IIS the application pool memory is unloaded. This is by design.
Anonymous, 13th 2008 February, 2008
What you are referring to is the asp.net application pool shutting down after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is by design in IIS. This is not the server "hibernating", this is your website's memory being uploaded because its not being used. The application pool is started again when there is a new visitor. At that time your website would have to recompile. Again, this is by design in IIS and is the default method all Windows webhosts should use.
Shelley Adams, 01st 2008 February, 2008
We moved our websites to Server Intellect and have found that the setup procedure and and control panel, are the best we've ever encountered. The IT team was very knowledgeable and great to work with - both the SQLServer and applications instantly began running smoothly for us. We highly recommend Server Intellect!
A former customer, 27th 2007 December, 2007
The guys at Server Intellect don't know what they're doing. Their shared web hosting is done on servers that have power saving enabled. This means that the web server is going into hibernate mode if the server has not had activity in 20 minutes. Apparently, no one uses Server Intellect, because this happened all the time on the machine that my site was hosted on. So because the servers would go into hibernate and wake-on-LAN, many users would have to wait up to 30 seconds on a broadband connection just for the first page to begin to load. Several people complained that they were never able to connect to the site at all over a period of months. Immediately after I changed hosting companies, the site resolved for them. The people who work for Server Intellect are nice, but extremely unknowledgeable and largely useless. Do not waste your money with Server Intellect.
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