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Startlogic General Information
  Startlogic is providing Windows and Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 2003 and now it's years in business.

startlogic.com average uptime is 99.835% (rank #2134 on our directory) with total 2424 successful and 4 failed checks, monitored since 2005-06-27. Similar companies with 99.835% uptime are easycgi.com and markethoster.com.

Search for "startlogic.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 137000 results so company name popularity rank is #51.

There have been 3067 positive votes for Startlogic and 377 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #70 (similar companies are hostony.com and domaindlx.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  WindowsLogic (Type: Windows) - 100 GB space, 1000 GB bandwidth for $9.95/mo

ProLogic (Type: Linux) - 600 GB space, 6000 GB bandwidth for $5.95/mo

Some technical data about startlogic.com
  IP Location: Texas - Junction - I Power Web
Blacklist Status: Clear
Server Type: Apache/1.3.34 (Unix) PHP/4.4.1 mod_perl/1.29 mod_ssl/2.8.25 OpenSSL/0.9.7i
Website Title: STARTLOGIC™ - The Trusted Name in Web Hosting, Guaranteed!
Description: StartLogic - Premier Web Hosting. Simply the best web hosting service you will ever get. Package includes tons of space, web based email, frontpage ext., 24x7 support, free templates, a free marketing package, a free domain name and much more.

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Some bonus features Startlogic offers
  FREE Google AdWords™ credits*
FREE Yahoo! Search Marketing® credits

#1 MOST RELIABLE, GLOBAL #1 RATING Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Reseller Hosting Option, Free Domain for Life all for $4.84/mo

Best Free Hosting provider, 250 MB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth - $0.00/mo, no advertising

Value for Money: 100 GB Space, 1000 GB Bandwidth, Host 2 Domains, Free domain registration, all Just for $7.95/mo
Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
cris, 25th 2011 September, 2011
Paul, 20th 2011 August, 2011
Trying to transfer my domain name registration from them took 8 days and 6 phone calls. HOPELESS!
Richard W, 24th 2011 July, 2011
Hi have to weigh in here - there are a lot of negative reviews, and probably most of them *ARE* deserving, BUT, their customer service aside, they really do offer a great vdeck platform. I tried GoDaddy once and ran away as fast as possible. I host a bunch of sites with them, and sure, whenever I need help I do my best to avoid support, but I get by. I think for their price and the control panel they offer, they are a great host.
Jim, 16th 2011 April, 2011
I've had one website with startlogic for 3 years, and later added two other very small websites to it using their own domain names. I highly recommend it, and had my kids set up their website on startlogic. I especially like they increased the storage for my $4/month site from 6 to 6gb at no extra cost (now 60x what I used to pay 3x more for from a big site in the UK. Support has not been a problem -- always responses in <24 hr. My only complaint is the the MySQL account on the cheap account does not allow remote access via http-passthru.
Sally, 24th 2010 November, 2010
There's a lot here about their web hosting, but not much about their advertising. They claim they can put your site as a preferred listing on Yahoo, Google, aol, etc.for a monthly fee.
I haven’t given these people a cent, but I’m giving them a bad review based on their hard sell approach alone! They started harassing me with their “free” introductory offer after I tried to get Google to change the erroneous information they have about my company. The Google listing points people to the wrong city on the map, says we do something that we do not, and results in constant phone calls from the public that waste our time and theirs. So I went online and filled out the form that they conveniently provide for just such problems.
But instead of a Google rep giving me a call, someone from India who works for StartLogic called me instead and gave me the hard sell, while initially using very misleading language that made them sound like they work at Google. This happened three times after I tried to update our “places” page on Google. Now I get a phone call from them at least once a week, plus junk mail. Their sell is your typical scam where they tell you everything is free, get you to agree, and then ask for your credit card number so they can sneakily start charging you a monthly fee after you fail to cancel (oh you missed that? When the operator –who is calling you from India or the Philippines- was talking a mile a minute, during minute number seven she quickly muttered something about how you have to call them and cancel or they’ll charge you $99 a month). I cannot get them to stop calling! Does Google go in with these people? What a scam. And my info is still wrong on Google.
sam, 03rd 2010 June, 2010
StraLogic Improved and it good, I have 25 sites with them. Its so good now. Improved contol panel. speed and all.
Adam Segev, 19th 2009 November, 2009
I work as a freelancer. One of my customers, who didn't know better, got a hosting account and domain at startlogic prior to speaking with me about hosting.

When I heard he chose startlogic, I knew it was going to be a huge headache and a lot of downtime, but I never expected the following:

After installing Joomla and configuring the site for 3 days, OUT OF THE BLUE, the site was down. Every time I tried accessing the site, I was asked where I wanted to save index.php... sound familiar to anyone?

I called support and they told me to open a ticket. I opened a ticket and they BLAMED ME FOR BRINGING DOWN THE SERVER. That's right it's MY fault, that their server(s) went down. According to "Paul M." I "Added a table to the database which brought the server down". Two hours later I received a startlogic email apologizing for any inconvenience caused by their server crashing.

Also, with the hosting plan, my client bought an SSL certificate. The certificate failed to install. The site was unaccessable. Startlogic claim it's my fault, again, for what happend.

They just completely removed my databases and deleted all the files from the server and "restored" it to 2 days ago when the site was DEFAULT Joomla.

They didn't restore anything. They just installed joomla again.

Jeff, 18th 2009 October, 2009
Tech support is not as important to me as reliability, to be honest. I don't have experience with other web hosting services, but StartLogic definitely does not have 99.9% uptime. My website was down for nearly 24 hours last month as one of the data centers failed. Mail and web hosting services are down for shorter periods of time on average about once every two weeks. On the other hand, their spam filters work great and web hosting is completely simple. I would say that my review is SLIGHTLY negative.
JON, 08th 2009 October, 2009
Startlogic is CRAP. I canceld my site three ways. Via, phone, e-mail, and a radial button witch stated "do not renew". One year later I get 6 phone calls saying i owe 95 dollars because i didnt cancel properly. So now i am on the phone with a lady from india.
Dave, 25th 2009 August, 2009
These guys are downright AWFUL. For starters, their servers are located in Boston, MA, and their tech support, apparently is in India and the Phillipines, with NO ssh to fix any software problems you might have. I kept the site basic until I decided that I needed a mailing list, and now I can't do jack because their tech support has no clue, my database went offline, I filed a ticket about 16 hours ago, and NOTHING. Because of this, and due to their contract, which basically states that you can't get a refund period after 30 days, and let's face it, 30 days doesn't tell you anything, and on top of that they STILL bill your credit card, which forces you to change numbers to keep their criminal activities from touching you!

I'm a writer with several technical magazines, and one thing for sure, I'll be warning them to stay away from Startlogic from now on... in EDITORIAL!
Monique, 30th 2009 June, 2009
SUCK!!!!! BIG SUCK!!!! Don't bother to get their service if especially want to use the e-commerce which is using osCommerce. They don't have capability or willingness to help with the osCommerce problem. I have had two problem with osCommerce which actually really not because I changed something. All of the sudden, the first issue I recall due to when the upgrade the platform. They were irresponsile left my site somewhat broken. Fortunately, I did resolve it by going to osCommerce forum. The second one which is still happening right now which make me really MAD and want to make others AWARE. I have other site with IPOWER also using osCommerce. When there are problems on my osCommerce shopping cart which due from their technical problem, they FIX it.
Jayson, 13th 2009 June, 2009
In short, Crap, stay away!!!
Lola, 05th 2009 May, 2009
They are SLOW. SLOW LOADING. I MEAN, super slow. I wrote them a couple of times about this, and their responses each time was "I don't see any problem with your page! It looks fast and normal." If you can't see a problem, you have a problem.
mcfadden, 04th 2009 May, 2009
we are very very disgusted with this company, startlogic. We signed up for a 2 year web site, but after a couple months our product failed, and so the web site was useless and unused. At the end of 2 years they billed us $185. dollars and charged it through our credit card without letting us know. No email, no notification at all. This web site has been dead for a year and a half and instead of asking for a refund, we just were going to let our 2 year contract expire! We did not authroize them to go into our credit card and take money for another 2 year contract. This is fraud. This is not acceptable buisness practice and we are very angry. We will be talking to the Better buisness breureau, BBB tomorrow and everyday for the next 2 years or until these charges are reversed. We phoned startlogic today, but they would not give us any options to cancel. Startlogic is a joke and is conducting their buisness like a scam artists would!
IT Tech, 04th 2009 May, 2009
In short - RUN away and dont think twice. I would call their support and help desk simply pathetic And that nicest description, since this is public place. Their motto claims "Real People, Real Service. Real Savings"
1. People. If they are real, this world has no hope.
2. Service. non-existant
3. Savings - its third day that my engeneers are hitting the wall of their incopetence solving basic issues. Talk about labor time they cost me!
Bottom line - crap.
Dazzlecat, 28th 2009 March, 2009
Startlogic took my money without notifying me and then charged me $35 dollars to CANCEL my subscription!

Last week I noticed that $85 had been taken out of my bank account by Startlogic. I called to ask them why and they said it was for website hosting. The website they say they were "hosting" hadn't been active in over a year. I don't remember having signed up with them but with the information they had on my email address and other info, I felt that if I disputed it, I would lose.

So after about 45 minutes of trying to get them to refund the $85 dollars, I finally gave up and told them to take the damn $35 cancellation fee and give me back the rest of my money.

I did not receive any emails from Startlogic saying that my site was up for renewal and that they would be automatically taking money from my bank account. Unlike other website services that I have used, they don't seem to think this courtesy is necessary.

I also can't believe Startlogic charges a cancellation fee! The guy on the phone told me that it's clearly stated in the agreement when I signed up. Although it isn't listed ANYWHERE on there website policies. I can only assume its listed in really tiny print in some obscure place that no one ever reads.

Bottom line: DON'T give Startlogic your credit card or debit card number because they will take your money without warning you, and then they will charge you $35 to give it back. Theives!!!

sammy, 25th 2009 February, 2009
People stop crying and go somewhere else if you dont like it. I guarantee half of you would not know html from vbscript to start with. Why is it that people who pay $2 a month for a website think that they are going to get full service and hand holding. Get real go to your local book store and read for about 8 months, then come back and make complaints after you have a clue as to what you are talking about.
keloidformer, 30th 2009 January, 2009
TWO WEEKS WITHOUT EMAIL! Their 'engineers' haven't been able to bring my IMAP folder online. No backup, nothing!!!

Scott, 22nd 2008 September, 2008
I moved my domain and hosting to Startlogic and was charged $36.95.
I came back after finishing 3 other sites (not hosted there) but to my surprise the v-deck stinks and oops I found that I no longer owned the domain name, they never renewed it.
Now to get them to cancel and no longer charge me well, time will tell.
If you have had good luck with them good for you, I guess it just sucks for me, I put what was supposed to be my main site at StartLogic and lost.
I should have read the reviews first.... Stay Away from these guys.
a. customer, 30th 2008 July, 2008
Merde-for-brains. That's what I call these people.

You can reach tech support via chat consistently, but, also consistently, trying to get answers out of these morons is akin to pulling teeth. They just don't pay attention to what you ask and in most cases just copy/paste something from their manual. The only way to minimize the aggravation has been to make bets with myself as to whether they will start typing in less than 2 minutes after I finish typing a question.

If you go with this company, be VERY nice to tech support. I believe one of their techs sabotaged my account (can't disclose details yet, but will as soon as I rid myself of these imbeciles).

Oh, btw, in 3 weeks, I've had 2 outages (where their servers have gone down) and about 4 times when some of their services failed (ftp, smtp, pop).

I don't think it's humanly possible to be more incompetent than these people.
dadaas, 21st 2008 July, 2008
this host sux big time, my friend have huge problems with all scripts he wants to install, nothing works, and support? support is worst than ever, they talk like morons, they answers makes no sense, you ask them about furniture they talk about how nice day it is today.
RUNAWAY and STAY away from them or you will regret it.
Amethyst, 16th 2008 July, 2008
I can sum up my review with one word - RUN! Need more? Okay. Customer Service on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being poor, they rate a minus 100. Tech Support rates a minus 10,000! Tech Support is mean to their "paying" customers. Isn't the world crappy enough? With StartLogic, you "pay" to get dumped on. I am nearing the end of my plan and they want to automatically renew with my credit card. Thank goodness my card's expiration date is the one they have. Do you think I will contact them with my new expiration date? No way. I take this as a sign from on high to get the - - - - out!
Coyote, 07th 2008 July, 2008
Start Logic has been a real hassel trying to load stuff into the File manager. It really has no great tutorials. Im thinking of keeping my domains and just going with setting up my own server, that way I know I have backups for everything.
curious how they are ranked, 22nd 2008 June, 2008
how are these clowns ranked in the top of any ranking except in a list of the worst? I'll tell you.... THEY PAY well to sham list owners - what a crock of baloney!!!!
Hittman, 04th 2008 June, 2008
Horrible. Slow, unresponsive, broken, and annoying.

Stay away!

lola, 23rd 2008 May, 2008
Free At last, Free At last. Lord God Almighty I am free of Start logic at last!!!

It has been a Huge problem but I finally and successfully migrated elsewhere.


cbl, 19th 2008 May, 2008
NIGHTMARE!!! They migrated my site to the new platform (vdeck 3) and lost some of my files like the index.php! Lost all my updates from Feb.'08. It's been more than 3 days and they can't seem to be able to backup before they started fiddling with my site! This is my 13th month, just renewed this month and that's when everything started going downhill. STAY AWAY! Learn from numerous examples sited here. Charged my credit card 3 times for domain renew, was supposed to be included with my plan. They were suppose to credit back to my account 2 weeks ago...nothing yet.
tony, 25th 2008 April, 2008
they said the domain name was free, but they charged from my CC card. I claimed refund, buy they didn't. suck bad company.
sTAR, 21st 2008 April, 2008
TERRIBLE service. I had not account jet, and they are traying to charge in my Visa card, every day. They are trying my money out, they are trying to steal my money.
Star, 21st 2008 April, 2008
TERRIBLE service. I had not account jet, and the y are traying to change in my Visa card, every day. They are trying my money out, they are trying to steal my money.
df, 18th 2008 April, 2008
You have to wonder if these negative reviews are from the competition! I have been with StartLogic for two years with no problems and have had adequate support.
Dave, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
Been with them a few months - everything works great except its pretty slow. I wouldnt reccomend using CMS on their servers.
Xherziu, 27th 2008 March, 2008
Oh man, my first hosting company. They were okay for the most part.

I signed up for their ProLogic plan for 1 year. Had one problem with getting my database up, so I called in, was on hold for about 15 minutes.

The reason I stopped using them was because of overselling. I setup a brand new phpBB2 forum and loading times were 15-18 seconds with sometimes my forum not even loading at all. This was just not acceptable so I had to switch hosts.

Other than that they were okay, website load times were so-so.
Will Chinn, 27th 2008 March, 2008
I have had no problems with this company for over a year, so i signed up for a 2nd year with them. On March 7th, 2008 there were some issues that started happening, like my site loading slowly. It has now been 21 days since the issue has arisen (16 days since i contacted them about it) and nothing has been done. I called their customer support number, because support ticket correspondence wasn't working very well, and after being on hold for a lengthy time, i was told by the person on the other end that he was going to submit a support ticket (something i could have done on my own and not waste minutes on my phone). My last support ticket has been closed and ignored. I am filing a complaint with the better Business Bureau.

For those who are seeking the address of startlogic (and being told you have to talk to their legal dept.), here is the address, along with the Better Business Bureau report on StartLogic.

BBB report:

StartLogic Address:
Startlogic Inc.
919 E. Jefferson Street #100
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Telephone: (800) 725-8064
Fax: (602) 307-5243
ToALL, 27th 2008 March, 2008
Send a complaint to the united states 'better business bureau" and leave them the bad review, it should help consumers avoid this company.
My friend and I too are having a tough time with this company. I'll suggest to her to leave a complaint to the BBB.
starlogicSucks, 24th 2008 March, 2008
This transition to Vdeck 3.0 is a real nightmare, if you are lucky enough will see all your emailboxes on this new platform. Just forget about all your important Email.. they will never come back.. at least mine are waiting somewhere to be pull out from and old server .. I request them to fix this, and they said to wait for a script to run and do the job for 4 or 5 hours.. It's been a month and still nothing. I call them somemany times.. waiting time is at least 1 hour, waiting for livechat is about 2 hours.. If you are looking for a serious web hosting company.. do not consider this guys. my 2 cents.
justin, 21st 2008 March, 2008
yes maybe 5 alert by day server down slow and service slow. now i host on server surinternet.ca very good
HSLIM, 20th 2008 March, 2008
You will be patience has reached its end!!!!!!!! Good example for my website www.5pounds.com

Paula, 05th 2008 March, 2008
I don't know who has been getting good service from Startlogic, but it certainly was not me. My husband and I were lied to from day one and it just went down hill from there. We were told that our sites would be up and running in a matter of days, and they were not. We were told that the tech would be working on it, but the tech was not. It turned out that 2 weeks after a long and painful illness with this company, the tech was just starting to work on our sites. They lost a d base program, never really answered our questions when asked how they lost it, lied about when the work had been started, etc.

Don't use this company unless you have unlimited min. on your cell phone, have money to burn away, and generally don't give a damn if you are lied to or not. They took our money fast enough, but now they are dragging their feet in refunding our monies.

We asked for their snail mail address, and get this...we were told we had to speak with their legal department. My question to the higher ups in that company would be this....If you don't have anything to hide, why would a customer requesting your address, need to speak with someone in the legal department?!

Aside from being lied to, being put on hold for 2 hours on a Saturday, and 2.5 hours on a Sunday and generally being put on hold for an average of 1.5 hours during the week, being constantly told it WAS NOT their fault for our sites not working/being up properly, that it was our fault things were not being done, I would have to say this company is right up there with being SCREWED UP!

There is no customer service, we are just numbers and money to this company. For every unhappy customer there seems to be 2 happy ones. The happy ones must be employees of the company.

My suggestion to anyone out there that wants to use their service....DON'T!!! You will get nothing but grief and heart ache.
Henry, 03rd 2008 March, 2008
Worst company on line, on hold for 1.5 hours, lost a complete Data base, cost me thousands in income, messed up another of my site and deleated all my files when I asked to send my files back to my host and cancel my account, They lie, lie, lie, lie and Lie, they say nothing is wrong when it is, misrepresent their services, paid $USD 300 to get my D base moved and they lost it, a complete job bank, jobs and resumes, theycost me time, money, lost clients and even an employee quit>
DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE , there is better out there.
RB from Canada, 21st 2008 February, 2008
While their price may be attractive, they just "transitioned" to a new platform, which has been disastrous for end users. They have managed to lose people's emails, sent items etc, and have offered no explanation or compensation. It takes hours to get through and deal with tech support, who are not that 'techy' to begin with, and then you wait through a series of referrals that takes days, only to call back and wait hours on the phone again. There is better out there. You are a person, not some #, and deserve MUCH BETTER. I cannot stress how frustrating my (and several of my colleagues) experience has been with this company. There is no cost savings that can account for what Startlogic has put us through. Be safe, not sorry, and GO ELSEWHERE. I guarantee you will be making a good decision. Just take a look at this forum. It's obvious how BAD Startlogic is.
Good luck.
Herb York, 01st 2008 February, 2008
Visit my website at www.astromart.com and register. I need the money.
Luis, 01st 2008 February, 2008
This is a very bad company. Support is incompetent if you are able to get a hold of them. They are currently transitioning my site and many others to a new server. They keep overwriting my files from new to old server, changing the DNS back and forth. I use PHP/MySQL so this is a nightmare. When I call them, they deny anything has happened (and you will wait 40 minutes to get a hold of someone who the only thing he/she can do is write a ticket). Stay away from this company
John, 29th 2008 January, 2008
Absolutely the worst hoting company I have ever encountered. Forget getting anyone on the phone or live chat.
Tina, 14th 2008 January, 2008
Absolutely the WORST service I have ever seen. Just today I was on the phone AND online trying to get either a phone or chat person. I had to call back several times because the message system didn't work. I called twice, got a guy on there who said he'd be happy to help me, then put me on hold AGAIN. All I want to do is get a freaking access code so I can transfer my domain name to a RELIABLE company.

That's not all the trouble I've had, just the most recent. Problems from downtime to surprise credit card charges. Trust me, if you go with them you're a fool.
Kem, 23rd 2007 November, 2007
Their customer service and support sucks. My business email has been down for three days, and they don't care.

Everytime I call them I'm on hold for at least 40 minutes. I'm trying to move to a different hosting company so I can get my email, but they can't seem to get the dns changed. Man, they suck.
jonas, 22nd 2007 August, 2007
startlogic is very very slow and sucks
Jav, 20th 2007 August, 2007
Be warned, getting them to stop charging
your credit card is difficult. They will often not reply to emails and phone calls.
It took me two month to get them to
cancel my hosting and the delay was enough for them to get in another years
fees. Fraudsters.
Larry K., 25th 2007 June, 2007
I should have read the reviews here first. Unfortunately, I didn't and signed up for a two year host plan with this company. I had moved to them after having nothing but problems with a previous host service (MidPhase - which for reasons unknown is getting high reviews here).

At first I noticed that this service was slower than MidPhase. Not horrible but it was noticably slower. My home page contains nothing but text and a few pictures. Nothing that would account for the slowness. I mean I could understand it if I had streaming videos and stuff but I have nothing like that at all. This should be a slam dunk.

Literally, one month to the day after having signed up and moved my domain name and all that, I was unable to view my webpage. I called tech support and they provided no information at all about what was causing the problem. I'm currently on hold waiting for a salesperson to pick up so I can cancel and move to another host service. I hope I can get my money back.

Avoid this company!
Christie, 15th 2007 May, 2007
I used them for a bit and then decided to go to providerwebhosting.org because they were giving away free domain names. I may keep my account here as well though
Wayne Stewart, 23rd 2007 April, 2007
If StartLogic is refusing to issue you a refund, complain to your credit card company! Raise hell with them. They WILL credit your account whether StartLogic issues you a refund or not. And it's word of mouth, that will see companies like this, put in their place.

I had a bad experience with HostMonster.com. Although they say they are issuing me a refund, they are prorating it after only two days -- 30 day money back guarantee be damned! These guys are just terrible. Type in HostMonster.com in the "FIND REVIEWS" dialog box to read my review in full. I cannot recommend them.

After everything I have read about these hosting companies, it seems none of them are up to the task of actually doing what they say. I too, will be looking into setting up my own server.

Chow baby!
William, 18th 2007 March, 2007
Go away, I lost all my data !!!
Joel, 09th 2007 February, 2007
Alan Vanchura, 17th 2006 November, 2006
i moved to startlogic.com after having problems with hostitnow.

i have had a few hiccups with startlogic but all in all, i've been very happy.

mind you, happy is a relative term compared to where i came from with hostitnow which was a true horror story.

i understand a few others apparently havent had such good experience. it could be their level of expectation or real problems, i do not know.

so far, its been good for me.
lonaig, 13th 2006 November, 2006
I send to them 3 letters in one week just to get answer for some questions, and I didn't get any answer from them, their online help, always appears off line
Katie, 30th 2006 October, 2006
Terrible Terrible Terrible Service STAY AWAY
CAS, 25th 2006 October, 2006
Glen, 29th 2006 May, 2006
They are by no win the awards for the WORST WEBHOSTNG COMPANY in business. I really dont know how they can even claim that they have 100% customer satisfaction when they just stink at the job. I signed up with them on the 11th of March and in 4 days realised that they do not meet my needs and requested them for a full refund as per their 30 day money back guarentee. It took them two days to come back to me and after 3 emails then they agreed to give me a refund as asked for 15 business days for the refund to appears in the credit card. I said to myself nice people.

I was so wrong. The next month they bill me again for an account that does not even exist with them. Wrote back to them and first of all Yasmin flat denied me a refund saying that i am out of the 30 day period. After a lot of correspondance going up and down they finally agreed to give me the refund and asked another 15 days again. After 15 days again. NO REFUND. So i write back to them again to find the same lady yasmin again saying that first i am not eligible for a refund. I finally tell her dont give me this BS and then she gives me another of her same statements to give them another 15 days. After 15 days now they come up with a new story today. They just tell me that i am not entitled for a refund. No reason as to why or nothing. But just NO REFUND.

What kinda company is this. First of all there is no co-ordination between their billing and support depts and makes us customers suffer. I have gone to the extent of making a pdf file by copying and pasting all the conversations and sending it to the billing dept cause they dont look at the ticket history. What kinda customer service is this.

Can someone please tell me as to where can i complain inorder to get my money back. I live in Kuwait so i really dont know the procedures for a company in states. There must be a consumer affairs dept but i just cant seem to find it out.

hel, 24th 2006 March, 2006
one word...

Alexandro, 04th 2006 March, 2006
I ordered a hosting plan, but after 36 hours received no configuration e-mail, but my credit card was charged. Support is a joke.
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