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Vistapages General Information
  Vistapages is providing Linux and Reseller web hosting services, has been founded in 2005 and now it's years in business.

vistapages.com average uptime is 99.994% (rank #987 on our directory) with total 82768 successful and 5 failed checks, monitored since 2006-03-01. Similar companies with 99.994% uptime are and ihubnet.com.

Search for "vistapages.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 4116 results so company name popularity rank is #549.

There have been 84 positive votes for Vistapages and 56 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #2117 (similar companies are clearlyhosted.org and steadfast.net)

Web Hosting Packages
  VistaPAK Plan (Type: Linux) - 300 GB space, 300 GB bandwidth for $3.95/mo

VistaDEAL Plan (Type: Linux) - 350 GB space, 4000 GB bandwidth for $6.95/mo

VistaDEAL Plan (Type: Linux) - 350 GB space, 4000 GB bandwidth for $6.95/mo

E-VISTA Plan (Type: Linux) - 500 GB space, 5000 GB bandwidth for $12.95/mo

RS-VISTA Plan (Type: Reseller) - 15 GB space, 150 GB bandwidth for $19.95/mo

RS-DEAL Plan (Type: Reseller) - 30 GB space, 300 GB bandwidth for $34.95/mo

RS-BUSINESS Plan (Type: Reseller) - 60 GB space, 600 GB bandwidth for $49.95/mo

Some technical data about vistapages.com
  IP Location: Beyrouth - Beirut - Virtualpage Communications
Blacklist Status: Clear
Server Type: Apache/1.3.34 (Unix) PHP/4.4.1 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.8.25 OpenSSL/0.9.7a mod_log_bytes/1.2
Website Title: Web hosting - VistaPages.com - web hosting provider - domain hosting - PHP Hosting - cheap web hosting - Frontpage Hosting E-Commerce Web Hosting Vistapages
Description: web hosting provider php hosting cheap web hosting, Web hosting, domain names, front page hosting, email hosting. We offer affordable hosting, web hosting provider business web hosting, ecommerce hosting, unix hosting. Phone support available, Free

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Some bonus features Vistapages offers
  $25 Yahoo! Search Marketing Credit

#1 MOST RELIABLE, GLOBAL #1 RATING Unlimited Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Reseller Hosting Option, Free Domain for Life all for $4.84/mo

Best Free Hosting provider, 250 MB Space, 100 GB Bandwidth - $0.00/mo, no advertising

Value for Money: 100 GB Space, 1000 GB Bandwidth, Host 2 Domains, Free domain registration, all Just for $7.95/mo
Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Paul, 01st 2009 May, 2009
Hi Guys, i'm the CTO at Vistapages... MS Transactions.

Read the good reviews about HostMDS and the other brands. visit sites like WebHostingTalk and see how happy customers are.

This is simply a small group of customers when compared to the over 12,000 domains that we continue to host.
Marie, 15th 2009 March, 2009
WOW! http://www.hostmdssucks.com/
Andi, 03rd 2009 February, 2009
Since HostMDS took over, they have been having more problems!

lol, 01st 2009 January, 2009

goto the VistaPages support forum

"This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

These guys are good!
Andi Bhatt, 23rd 2008 December, 2008
They got acquired, and now look at the new company reviews: http://www.webhostingtopten.com/reviews/hostmds
I guess Alex is an Idiot too, 16th 2008 December, 2008
I was surfing around to find a new web host. You folks have convinced me to keep looking!
Alex, 30th 2008 November, 2008
Vistapages has the worst customer service i have ever seen. They also have a rude customer reprentative that i always have to live chat with. I never received my search marketing credits. Support is very poor. And site uptime is very bad. I am on the brink of cancelling the hosting with them soon.
Marie is an Idiot, 20th 2008 September, 2008
Vistapages hasn't folded. Stop spreading bullshit. It was acquired and continues to run. None of the customer sites were impacted and that's that.
Marie, 16th 2008 September, 2008
Well done internauts! The anger and disappointment expressed here and driven potential customers, and Vistages appears to have folded. Existing customers (are their any left?) have been aquired by Millennium Data Systems.

see: http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/home/News.asp?id=49450
Evelyn, 27th 2008 July, 2008
BUYERS BEWARE! those guys are a bunch of liars. I cancelled my hosting within 30days & is still waiting for my refund. The whole company only has 1 guy that process PayPal payment and first I was told he was on holiday. Second time I called, they said he's involved in a dispute with the company and I have to wait another 3 weeks (after initial 3 weeks) till they can process my refund.

Their prices are affordable but like they say, you pay for what you get. I rather pay more and get a better service than dealing with vistapages.com. Trust me you will be far happier with other host provider. STAY AWAY FROM VISTAPAGES.COM
Won't sop billing, 22nd 2008 June, 2008
If you do not want to renew with this company the only way seems to 1. send registestred letter and 2. cancel your credit card. They do not respond to requests to cancel and happily go on billing.

Apparently they ignore not only their customer requests but the Better Busniess Bureau!

see mwco.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=160&bbb=0107&firm=1133854
Jimmy, 20th 2008 June, 2008
I've been with Vistapages for over 3 years and have over a dozen web sites hosted with them.

They provide a sound service, and have helped me anytime I have needed it! Great service, great price and you really can't ask for more than that!
Domain Transfer, 19th 2008 June, 2008
I also been screwed by Vistapages they lost all my data and said I should have done a back up, well they should have done the same. Then in an attempt to change DNS they flat out said "NO", I then attempted to transfer my domain name and tickets were just closed no response. Yet with no explaination as to why.


Vistapages is a domain name RESELLER and not a REGISTRAR, they fall under ENOM Inc. Who clearly is not going to tolerate their shady practices and this is a good thing.

** Need Help Transfering Domain Names From Vistpages? Try Steps Below**

1. Google ENOM, INC
2. Click on Enom web link
3. Top of page click HELP
4. Scroll to bottom of page click CONTACT US
5. On the right side of the page e-mail LEGAL SUPPORT

In less that 24 hours I received a EPP Code, or transfer authorization code, but this won't solve the hosting problems. But if you need to move a domain name, and being blocked by Vistapages this will work (My ticket then read I am REsending LOL). If they sent it the first, or second time I would have never had to e-mail Enom.

In fact Enom needs to know exactly which type of reseller they are dealing with. Vistapages is clearly in violation of ICANN, and Enom is not going to allow them to be, Big ups to Enom. SO let's all e-mail Enom Inc. legal sevices.

OK, don't fight with Vistapages about domain names, they will only make your life a living hell.

1. Don't sign up

2. Get out, but if you need your domain name follow intructions above

I don't hate Vistapages because it's not in my nature, I only expect the service in which I paid for, that they did not provide. Saying that, I was in, now I want out, well in fact I got out, lost money (plenty of documents to prove it), but a leason well learned.

Saying that, is also to say this, I really didn't care about the domain name anyway, they killed it, I lost money on it, and the domain is tarnished. I only fought because I knew they was in violation of ICANN, and they can not stop you from transfering domain names. Provided the domain name has not expired and money owed, or within 60 days of transfer, renewal, or just purchased. Check ICANN rules.

I can go on and on, but I will not, only trying to help consumers who feel that they have been screwed but want to move on. The information provided above will assist you with recovering your domain name from Vistapages. But next your credit card company, or paypal will help you recover your money from this horrible hosting service.

I am working on this next, and will update once successful, we all want a good hosting service. But no one wants to get screwed out of their money illegally.
They suck Bad, 17th 2008 June, 2008
Vistapages is a big scam, and needs to be shut down permanently.

Please Please do not in anyway choose them as a hosting provider. They suck really really bad, so let me say this.

If you have any doubt check it out, or you will lose money for sure. I'm not hating on them in anyway, good scam, but they will not provide the service as expected.

I don't really respond to forums, however after the response from Vistapages, trust me you'll do better off some where else.

Worst fact is that they know their screwing people, yet does nothing, and that's reallly sad.

People do business for customer satisfaction, you have a product that individuals can use, and provide customer satisfaction. You don't take their money and say screw you. Susan M, and Ruiz on this post is false for sure. You will be sorry if you believe them trust me.

This is just my opinion, but I will say that if you host with them, you'll be back to post also.
Amherst, 06th 2008 June, 2008
Don't be fooled by these people. Every time their equipment crashes they will make a big upgrade announcement and tell you everything will be fine.

Feb 10, 2008 “As for the recent issues with box13, we had moved it to IBM xSeries serves from our legacy Intel equipment. “

March 16, 2008, "Your web site is now hosted on an eServer technology web server (Apollo) , designed by IBM. You're also taking advantage of our new centralized storage network & enterprise anti-spam. These three advancements will help Vistapages provide customers with outstanding service"

Today (June 5,2008), they have generously “decided to allow customers that were affected by the apollo service failure to be upgraded, free of charge, to the new clustered hosting environment.”

By the way, our site is still down because mySQL databases were lost in last crash and no backups were available.
Amherst, 02nd 2008 June, 2008
We have been down for 5 days, and it looks like 6 months data is lost.
AL, 31st 2008 May, 2008
Our site went down at or around 7:30 PM on Thursday May 29, 2008.

The home page came back on line some time this afternoon - Saturday May 31, 2008.

The rest of the site is still down as it is database driven.

As of 8:56 pm Saturday May 31, 2008 - our site is still not operational.

Why O Why in this day and age was the server not mirrored some place or a back-up server waiting in the wings?

And why has it been over 48 hours to get this situation fixed? Totally not professional.

We are not amused.....and will be seeking a new host ASAP...

Sledder AL - ACSCC.com
Marie, 31st 2008 May, 2008
Site still down, files are restoered but they still haven't brought up mySQL database.

May 31, 2008, 03:16 AM

#5: MySQL Databases. There has been some confusion from our previous e-mail. So I'll take the time to clear it up as best as I can. MySQL is stored on a local system for performance (read/write) purpose as opposed to being stored on our gigabit storage network (all your /home, email files). It is taking us longer to recover MySQL files for this reason. Our technicians are currently performing data recovery on the drives pulled from the server, similar to tasks that the government agencies and data recovery firms under go. We're lucky to have that talent available to us. This process, unfortunately for everyone is time consuming, but we're working as fast as possible.

*** IF & WHEN *** we are successful in our attempts to recover the databases from the local drives, we will be performing a mass restoral of MySQL databases for customers. Those that have decided to restore from their own backups will be skipped to prevent new data from being lost. Those customers will be provided with the backup files seperately in their /home directory for your use.
Marie, 30th 2008 May, 2008
latest news:
05-28-2008, 11:35 PM
Hello. At approximately 7:00PM EST, we have detected an issue with Apollo spitting out errors. We have technicians looking into the issue. Further updates will be made as available.

05-29-2008 3:08AM EST,
Our technicians are still working to resolve the service interruption issue with Apollo.

05-30-2008 , 12:22 AM
Hello. The server is now online. The technicians are now working to restore files from our regular snapshot backup files.

05-30-2008 , 05:57 AM
User /home files have been restored. Files are accessible via FTP & SSH.
Mail should also be accessible via POP/IMAP.
Technicians are still working on restoring Apache/HTTP service. Once this is done, customers will be able to access cPanel, Webmail and their web sites.

05-30-2008 , 07:00 AM
[site still down, cPanel not working]
Susan M, 22nd 2008 May, 2008
VistaPages is an amazing hosting company. They guided me through setup of my first web site. They are always there for all my questions and concerns.

People who say bad things are just jealous competitors.
never, 12th 2008 May, 2008
Never ............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never buy hosting from this fucking indian biches ... they are fucked indian wich name kaumil patel is swindler....
i lost my sites ... i lost my datebases .....
Marty, 25th 2008 April, 2008
Take these reviews with a grain of salt. Look at all the other hosts reviews, they are all negative. All of the reviewers are salty from their negative experiences! If you take these reviews seriously, you're a fool for that!
Another Steve, 24th 2008 April, 2008
Oh, and Susan M's site was erased by hackers? That says a lot for their security doesn't it?
Another Steve, 24th 2008 April, 2008
Unrelated to Steve or Marie I can tell you that my experience with VistaPages was a disaster. They lost mySQL databases, they had domains drop off DNS.

Every time they tried to blame me. Even one time when I had been away for a week when it happened.

I reckon Ned is right, they have thousands of web sites...and that is the problem. They do not have the knowledge or experience to handle it.
Steve, 09th 2008 April, 2008
How perceptive of you Ned.

You are right, I am a stupid idiot. Too stupid to lie.

But in your view honesty seems to be an out-dated concept.

Look at reviews on this site and others.

Positive ones are mostly wishy-washy, lacking in detail and so credibility.

Negative ones have descriptions of what has gone wrong that can be substantiated with VistaPages own forum.

Believe who you want. Do what you want. But do it based on information. That is the basis of a free society.

So Ned the real question is why are you attacking and trying to censor people?
Susan M, 06th 2008 April, 2008
VistaPages is an amazing hosting company. They guided me through setup of my first web site. They are always there for all my questions and concerned.

They even helped me re-build my site when it was erased by hackers!
Susan M, 06th 2008 April, 2008
VistaPages is an amazing hosting company. They guided me through setup of my first web site. They are always there for all my questions and concerned.

They even helped me re-build my site when it was erased by hackers!
Ned, 05th 2008 April, 2008
Steve: I think you're a fucken idiot. Pazni ass.
Steve, 05th 2008 April, 2008
Ned - you are a twat!

Marie is sharing her experience of VistaPages. An experience not dissimilar to mine and others of using this 'hosting' company and you are attacking her.

Marie and I have EVIDENCE to back up what what we are saying. It isn't baseless whining, it fact.

And are all these people lying?

Benny, 05th 2008 April, 2008
Vistapages is amazing. I have many sites hosted with them. Their staff is helpful and available whenever I need them. I have never had any problems with their billing.

Ignore the silly whinning people below. All of the problems are caused by their own ignorance and inabililty to read documentation or ask polite questions.
Susan M, 03rd 2008 April, 2008
Don't believe the bad things. They are written by whinning enemies who are jealous of how successfull Vistapages has been. None real customer has ever been disappointed by their service. They have great equiment and great people. Sign up today and you will see.
Gina, 01st 2008 April, 2008
Customer service is awful. It's cheap, but not worth it. Who wants to pay to be treated like crap.
Ned, 31st 2008 March, 2008
Marrie, you're still dissalusioned:

They host thousands of sites:




Hostjury - The owner of that site looks to be a previous disgruntled employee of Vistapages President. The guy also runs Fused Networks, which is conviently located at the top of Host Jury.

All hosting companies have negative reviews. Quit your whining.
Marie, 31st 2008 March, 2008
Ruiz, Janet and Ned - I am happy that your experience has been better than mine!

For everyone else, please check their web site. Five scheduled/documented outages in March alone! plus daily slowdowns..


Check out their customer testimonials. Half the sites are dead or inactive. This is not a good sign is it?


and see what others have said...







Ruiz, 28th 2008 March, 2008
I switched last year from a host in the UK to Vistapages. Best decision ever! No spam, fast, great support!
Marie, 25th 2008 March, 2008
No I actually don't think that they did anything about it. Response time is still very slow, although server has not be down for over a week.

janet, 25th 2008 March, 2008
Vistapages has always been there for me whenever I needed them. They helped me get my web site up fast. I sell baby clothes and don't know very much about Internet stuff. I got my entire shopping cart set up, and for 5 dollars a month, you can't beat it! Amazing service. Always there, can always count on them! If you're looking for a affordable, helpful web hosting company, Vistapages is the one!
Ned, 21st 2008 March, 2008
Appreciate the fact that they even did anything about it.
marie, 18th 2008 March, 2008
Sorry you think I am arrogant. I must say that so far Vistapages customer service staff have been prompt and generally helpful although obviously over-worked. My complaint is with all the server slowdowns and outages.

I don't think that a a web host should be down this much. They promise 99.9% uptime but were down at least 3 hours in the last 2 weeks and slow on a daily basis. I don't think a server upgrade should take the service down for 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon.

I also notice that the famous box13 is behaving better this week. Hopefully her problems are all gone!

These are direct replies from their customer service or relevant posts from their support forum.

March 16, 2008
Your web site is now hosted on an eServer technology web server, designed by IBM. You're also taking advantage of our new centralized storage network & enterprise anti-spam. These three advancements will help Vistapages provide customers with outstanding service, which is less prone to issues that we have experienced in the past. I'm also going to add that, this doesn't eliminate any future issues from occurring, it's technology, things break -- I'm saying that they'll happen a lot less often. We'll see a lot less issues performance slowdowns with high loads, filesystem checks and annoying SPAM.” (1:39 AM)

March 15, 2008
(Note: down at least 2 hours today)
Earlier today we had switched your website over to our new IBM infrastructure, which has gone somewhat issue free. However, there have been reports of Apache not having the correct modules after the switch over. We are currently working to restore the Apache modules to ensure solid and stable service. (11:17)

“The build is expected to last approximately 30 minutes. HTTP access will remain intermittent until that time. Up to date information is always available”

Site is up now, but I can't get into control panel. Has password changed? (7:42)

I am still down. “Give us about 1 hour, while we work out the kinks from the move.” (4:22PM)

“The issue appeared to be a fault in power distribution unit that provides power to BOX13. The datacenter we utilize offers redundant power, feeding from UPS & Utility power. The datacenter also features 2 generators. MCI is currently investigating the reasoning for the fault in power service.”

“At approximately 4:15PM, box13 went down due to an issue related to the data center. We have technicians on site, and we are working with MCI/Verizon to determine what the issue is to restore service.”

“The site is working fine. As for it being down in the morning, I do not see any indication of that, or any failures. We did switch over to IBM equipment a few moments ago, for a total outage of 4.0 minutes.” (4:09PM) [funny, they said it was moved to IBM xServer on Feb 10, 2008??]

March 13, 2008
“Over the last few days, we have found that BOX13 is performing less than adequately due to the lack of memory in the server. We are upgrading the server to accommodate the load being put on it.”

“We realized that there are slow down periods on the server you're on. The box is scheduled to receive a memory upgrade, which will resolve these immediate problems.“ (1:21AM)

March 7, 2008, 10:41
“They should catch up shortly. If you are still finding yourself having issues with reading bandwidth, let us know.” (10:41PM)

Feb 25, 2008
At approximately 7:30PM EST, we have experienced some high load issues as a result of the issue earlier today. We are rebooting the server. All should be well after the reboot.

Feb 25, 2008, 8:44
“Due to the problem we had earlier today, the server is acting quite funky at the moment. We are rebooting the server to get rid of the problem. The service should be restored in a few moments.” (8:44)

Feb 25, 2008
At approximately 3:21PM EST we were alerted about httpd failures on our shared hosting servers for BOX13 and then consecutively others that are on the new storage network.

3:55PM EST the issue was resolved and pin-pointed to the storage network switch is being investigated at this time.

Feb 24, 2008
At approximately 1:25PM EST, our network faced an incoming denial of service attack. This caused intermittent service for about 5-10 minutes as our network administrators worked to mitigate the attack.

Feb 20, 2008
The site is currently up. The server is under some load and there maybe slowdowns, however we're looking to identify the cause. Your server is also going through phase 1 of our migration plan to our IBM eServer technology, which will virtually eliminate these slow downs. So a more permanent fix to these sporatic slowdowns will be resolved by that means. (11:31)

Feb 10, 2008
“As for the recent issues with box13, we had moved it to IBM xSeries serves from our legacy Intel equipment. I will be the first to say that it didn't go as smoothly as I hoped and as others have gone. The e-mails were sent out today to notify customers as promised for a minor update to apache -- which to my knowledge has already been completed before the 5PM deadline.” (from webhostingtalk.com)
Ned, 16th 2008 March, 2008
I'm sorry to say, but you're quite arrogant. Read their status page for the outage yesterday.
marie, 15th 2008 March, 2008
progressively better? I shutter to think how it must have been last year...

March 15 - dynamic pages down. Only cache pages are working.

March 13 - "We realized that there are slow down periods on the server you're on. The box is scheduled to receive a memory upgrade, which will resolve these immediate problems. "

March 7 - server slow: "If you are still finding yourself having issues with reading bandwidth, let us know."

March 1 - site slow/down

Feb 20 - "The site is currently up. The server is under some load and there maybe slowdowns, however we're looking to identify the cause. Your server is also going through phase 1 of our migration plan to our IBM eServer technology, which will virtually eliminate these slow downs. So a more permanent fix to these sporatic slowdowns will be resolved by that means."

ned, 13th 2008 March, 2008
Signed up with them over a year ago. They have had their share of problems at the start of my term with them, but it got progressively better. They have made considerable upgrades and so far, so good. I really enjoy their spam service as well! I recommend these guys to anyone looking for a reputable hosting company.
marie, 08th 2008 March, 2008
Joined a month ago and service is down or erratic 3 evenings in last two week. Each time they have a great excuse: "Under attack", "currently upgrading servers to IBM", "problem with my PHP code". Hello, I don't use PHP!!
TW, 06th 2008 March, 2008
HORRIBLE WEB HOST. NEVER USE! For the past 8 months now I have been fighting down servers, slow sites and rude tech support. Find another host. You've been warned.
bazz, 11th 2008 February, 2008
I posted last year in this thread I am still with them read my latest saga here http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=670105

rude is not the word i would use


Phil, 10th 2008 January, 2008
Awesome host!
David, 04th 2008 January, 2008
Wesley, 04th 2008 January, 2008
I was with Vistapages.com for several years. It was constant problems. The last and final straw for me was my email was not coming through and of course email is crucial to any business.

I could not get anyone with Vistapages to aide me, help me, of even reply to my email messages other than we are working on the problem, we are moving servers.

After giving them the benefit of the doubt nothing was done.

I have left and moved to Bluehost and it is GREAT! You have a real tech support person you can talk to and I have not had one problem.

Now here is where Vistapages gets interesting they are still trying to charge my credit card after 5 mail attempts to cancel my accounts and once again will not reply or take my phone calls.
Lemar Jackson, 02nd 2008 January, 2008
The service that Vistapages gives my business is awesome! Pat yourselves on the back guys! Recommended!
Susan M., 29th 2007 December, 2007
I switched to Vistapages a few years ago from Netfirms and have found Vistapages is much faster, easier to use and has a ton more features! The first issue I experienced was this past October, during a DDOS attack but they resolved it and offered me a discount. Vistapages is recommended as a web hosting company for who ever is looking for it!
Mary, 25th 2007 December, 2007
I've been very satisfied with the service that Vistapages has given me.
Steve, 11th 2007 December, 2007
Great sales pitch on their site. Hey, after the picture they painted I was sold.

Sadly the reality is way short of the sales dream.

No backups of your data.
No responsibility.
Small print different to sales message.
Always your fault.

If false advertising laws were adhered to this is what should be on the sales page.
Max, 11th 2007 December, 2007
I first heard about Vistapages through a forum and decided to give them a try. I host a mambo cms, it looked like they supported it, so I went for it. I'm loving the service so far.
Dan Phillips, 24th 2007 November, 2007
Vistapages is a great host. I have been with since 2004. Generally a great experience, they have definitely had their share of issues. I asked to be moved to a faster server and since then I haven't had as much issues.

Can't really complain for $6.95 a month.
Benny, 17th 2007 November, 2007
I have had a hosting account with Vistapages for over about 3 years now. We've had our share of issues, but the support team was there to assist us and explain to us every single time what was happenning! For the money that we have been spending, the host is great.
Peter, 15th 2007 November, 2007
Stay away from this scam of a company. Vistapages don't have any regard for the legal system or the satisfaction of its customers! They took down my site without notification due to "excessive traffic" and forced me to upgrade to a VPS at a cost of $300 - I only had 50 hits per day. They held me web site and domain name as ransom! Criminals!!
Disgruntled, 14th 2007 November, 2007
Run!! Don't walk away from ever using this piece of shit service.All you ever get is that everything is your fault.

Here was the excuse for the second complete data loss in 6 months.

You are receiving this e-mail because you are a customer that is currently on SERVER5 & VPS11.

On Thursday, October 4th, 2007 SERVER5 experienced an extended period of downtime. At first, it seemed to be a normal filesystem check process. After this process was completed, it appeared that the filesystem was completely corrupted prompting our technicians to start to repair and restore accounts. This was done with minimal success, we were only able to retrieve a small portion of accounts on the server. We were unsure how this could've happened, especially on RAID-1, which is suppose to prevent this type of issue to occur. Then on Friday morning, we also experienced the same type of error with VPS11. Both servers were destroyed in the same way, prompting us to believe that this was not a "routine" error.

After coming up with several theories of why this might have happened, it was concluded that it was a intential malacious attack on our network. The entire Vistapages network was experiencing several DOS (Denial-of-Service) attacks in additionl to the destroyed servers. Earlier in the week, it was decided to let a few people go as their attitude and customer service skills were not aligned with our vision of "Customer Service". After hours of investigations, we found the cause. It is believed that the former employee's of Vistapages, some of whom were system administrators had gained access to our servers, inserted malacious code to essentially destroy the files on the servers when a server was rebooted. This was found network wide on our several dozen servers; we were able to find and remove them from all the servers, keeping the damage down to only 2 servers. We are currently in talks with our legal team, local authorities and overseas authorities (We do hire individuals to work remotely) to locate and prosecute the responsible individual(s) to the fullest extend of the law.

In the last few days, we have been working over time to ensure the network stays safe, restoring customer accounts and doing everything we can to make this situation go as smooth as possible for everyone. Some of our technicians, inlcuding myself have not slept for over 48 hours, working around the clock to clean this up, including searching for other methods they may have to try and cause damage to our service. I encourage everyone to backup their accounts as always. We're doing what we can here on this side.

I apologize for any issues this may have caused customers and rest-assure the individual(s) whom are responsible will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kaumil Patel
President, Vistapages, Inc.

I have asked for any remaining money to be returned to me but they say they will not compensate me for their obvious lack of professionalism.

Here's their reply.


The proper procedures were taken place to prevent such a thing from happenning, but we were compromised from an alternative method. All in all, we are not responsible for dataloss, customers are responsbile for keeping the server up. It is clearly stated in terms of service, which you have agreed to.

Your account is already up and running and on a new server. There is nothing more I can do. If your information was important, you'd have a backup of it. That's the pure bottom line.

Peter Wakefield
Customer Service Manager
VistaPages, Inc
Fred L, 11th 2007 November, 2007
I use them for all of my business & personal web sites. Great service, great price.
Nicole, 09th 2007 November, 2007
Don't use the service. When you ask for help they don;t give it to you. They also are rude
Steve, 19th 2007 October, 2007
Thanks for that comment Jake.

You really should have tried a bit harder to disguise where you work. "It's customers like yourselves who are making this industry a fucked up place."

Now get back to work at Vistapages fobbing off customers with other such made up stories. Or better still, put that effort into providing the kind of service you hype up on your sales site.

The complaints on here are what 'really' happened to the customers of this company.

If you think a server crashing twice in six month with total data loss is acceptable for a hosting company then go ahead and use these guys. And if you think any complaints about this should be treated with contempt and refusal to refund your money, then go with Vistapages.

But for you, Jake (Kamuil) it seems that it is always the customers' fault.
Thomas J, 15th 2007 October, 2007
The site was down for one week (and still down). Now I am very worried about my previous data and intellectual property. They simply refuse to answer my emails and tickets. They always blame customers or think we should backup the data. Every time I phoned the company, there is only one guy answering the phone for all departments. You will be super stupid if you let them host your side, you pretty much ask future troubles for yourself. Stay away from them!!!
Jake, 13th 2007 October, 2007
You guys are idiots. I had a sgood talk with the rep on the phone that explained to me exactly what was going on. Their status page also showed exactly what was going on. I am sure they did everything possible to keep downtime to a minimum. It's customers like yourselves who are making this industry a fucked up place.

I would be amused to see how you would've handled the situation. Probably sit around with a thumb up your ass!
bazz, 11th 2007 October, 2007
Reading them positive posts rachel i think you may be right. I moved from what i thought was a not so helpful host, my how i was wrong.

we have had 36 hours downtime so far this week in fact in the last two or three days, we are down right now with noone telling me when they expect it back.

I have been having loads of database errors daily which they blame on my scripts and insist i upgrade my account( yeah right!! vistapges like you are gonna get another penny from me). I run a vbulletin board and have been in conflab with the vbulletin support guys over this issue and they assure me it is a server issue.

I had a livechat with vistapages about an hour ago concerning this recent and latest downtime. the halfwit must have been speaking to kamuil and pasted another customers complaints into my conversation instead. They were saying pretty much the same as what i was. I am furious with them and myself for not doing a bit of research before i handed them over my hard earned cash.

hopefully someone can read this and not bother wasting their time and money dealing with these muppets


Rachel, 11th 2007 October, 2007
Some of the "positive" posts sound like they'r e coming from the semi-literate customer support team at vista.
Rachel, 11th 2007 October, 2007
Adding my voice to the multitude of voices who say they have been lied to, have experienced totally unreasonable and unwarned downtime, and have been blamed by their customer service representatives. This host has given my highly-reputed business a very black eye. Because of all the downtime problems, which they were blaming on people sharing the server with us, I ordered a dedicated server from them last February. It's still coming. They have literally promised it will be ready on a specific date around 30 times. All have been wrong and no apologies forthcoming. I'm trying to figure out where to move to, but I'm once bitten twice shy. I need our site to be up all the time. We have a high load of visitors who perform a long, comprehensive assessment survey that if interrupted means our 100s of vistors online at a time have lost their time and may not complete the assessment. Looking for a host in Canada due to privacy laws. This whole experience has given me grey hairs, I swear.
Dennis, 10th 2007 October, 2007
terrible service. they are liars and thieves. I haven't got my money back 3 months after cancellation. I sent dozen of emails, all I got is silence. The vistapages web site is down today. Is the company out of business? if not, sooner. stay away from them
Dennis, 10th 2007 October, 2007
terrible service. they are liars and thieves. I haven't got my money back 3 months after cancellation. I sent dozen of emails, all I got is silence. The vistapages web site is down today. Is the company out of business? if not, sooner. stay away from them
Carolyn, 10th 2007 October, 2007
My site is down AGAIN too. Can't check emails or anything. It's been down for over 2 hours now. There site is down this time too. So is theres so no support. Hope everything is ok. Maybe their server was stolen?

I'm losing business right now as this is a high traffic time for my site. I can't wait to switch - they have been terrible.
Josiphine, 10th 2007 October, 2007
My site is down AGAIN. It's been down very frequently since I signed up with these guys. Right now their website is down as well, so no support...I'm just hoping it comes back so I can get my data and run to someone else.
ariel, 08th 2007 October, 2007
Dont ever try this. Used it 1 month, lost all my data, and their backups due to hacking their servers and raid backups.
this is what they wrote when I ask for a real compensation for the loss(I lost all my database of users plus all the forums, and stuff):
"Becuase you are on an VPS server your responsible to insure you have your own backups, as you are now on a self managed service. 3 months is all we are ready to extend to our vps clients as they are responsible to insure there sites stay secure, and there files are backed up."

Take care of these guys. fortunately, I suscribed only for 1 month, and not paid yearly in advance.
They blame you for their mistakes, and that is unacceptable. I should have read the reviews before contracting them. I lost like 3 months of steady work plus money in ppc to get people to subscribe. I cannot accept this, and I suggest all the people NOT TO sign up with VISTAPAGES
Jerry K., 07th 2007 October, 2007
Always great speed, always great service. Recommended!
Steve, 06th 2007 October, 2007
Further to my earlier post below we have another crash.

My site was backup yesterday evening when I spent a few hours recreating some of the databases. And today the site is down again. VistaPages story is the same as for the first crash, with no explanation of what happened this time. Also, I am looking at redoing a my work again when it is due back online in a couple of days.

They don't seem to understand the concept of trust. When you have been told too many stories that don't fit your experience, you just stop believing anything you are told.
Steve, 05th 2007 October, 2007
I have been with VistaPages for few years so have a bit of experience with them.

Being with them that long I was obviously happy with the service. Yeh my sites were down more times than I wanted but the price was good so I could live with it. However, this year has changed all that.

In March the server I was on (like others who have commented here) crashed and I lost all my websites.

We were told that it was because the hardware was old and also we should have backed-up everything anyway. VP did offer 3 months free hosting for this inconvenience but this wasn't automatic and you had to remember to ask them at the time of renewal.

The new and better server was promised to have industry standard RAID technology which meant no data lose could happen again. The obvious question of why didn't it have this before was never answered.

A month after the crash my websites were hacked on two separate occasions. As others have stated, this was blamed on customers having weak passwords and old scripts. I wonder how other hosting companies deal with this?

And then yesterday, the server crashed again. It was down for about 18 hours and now I have lost all my databases and emails by the look of it.

Vistapages response is that I should rebuild my databases from my backups. Nothing about this happening again! Not a hint of admission that they are too blame again. No word of their backup system that was promised to be in place. Just a short sentence to restore from my backups then the support ticket is abruptly closed. Basically, it is not their problem so stop wasting their time!

They have even lock their support forums to stop real customers expressing their frustrations, and potential customers hearing the truth. See for yourselves here.

So, it is your gamble. You may have a great time. Or you may be spending the whole of your weekend sorting out the mess from gross over promises and attitude that it is always the customers fault. Their prices may be cheap, but how much is your weekends worth?
Shawna Anderson, 04th 2007 October, 2007
I needed a web site for my dog walking service and I decided to use Vistapages. I am happy that I selected them. I got my information right away, got to use their super easy site builder and the technical support is fabulous! Great work :)
Anonymous, 10th 2007 September, 2007
They are frauds. They steal your work and claim it as their own. Be wary of these thieves.
Brad Cooper, 25th 2007 August, 2007
Hosting with vistapages has been effortless and easy! Their customer support is #1 and always helpful!
Victor L, 09th 2007 August, 2007
I signed up with them and got my service almost immediately just like it was advertised. I recommend Vistapages to anyone looking for a fast, reliable and honest web host!
Ian McWhitte, 16th 2007 July, 2007
Great Speed. Great Price. Great Service. I recommend these folks to everyone I know that needs web hosting! Brilliant service!
Joseph K, 11th 2007 July, 2007
Signed up with Vistapages after reading positive reviews, so far I have been very impressed with their service!
Jack Phillips, 05th 2007 July, 2007
Great service. Fast servers, excellent support. Recommended to all looking for an affordable web host.
Henry Grant, 23rd 2007 June, 2007
I have been a customer of Vistapages for about 3 years. I signed up with them because my last web hosting provider was unable to provide me with the technical support that I needed.

When I called Vistapages, I asked them if they could help me transfer my web site from my old provider to them as it had databases, etc. They agreed to help for free and that went without a hitch.

I have experience great service thus far from Vistapages and recommend friends and family everytime something about a web site comes up!

Don't listen to these negative reviews, every company has bad apples, save yourself the headache and choose Vistapages, you will be glad that you did!
David, 22nd 2007 June, 2007
Like Erica above, I was also affected by their hardware problems and their servers being hacked, as were a LOT of people. And just like she said, they blamed their customers for their own problems. I read time after time of them telling their customers that their scripts needed to be up to date or their passwords more secure and then things like that wouldn't happen. Well, all of my scripts were up to date, and my password was a 15 digit alpha-numeric code.

They also use the sites they host as spam houses. I had been on a couple of different hosting companies, and never experienced what I experienced with them. If you use their hosting, be warned that this will likely happen to you.

The other problem I had was after 30 days were up, their service went downhill. My site's uptime went from hardly ever down to hardly ever UP. Several times a week, EVERY week, my site would be down for hours at a time. I was never credited for this. I also lost a lot of my members.

When my contract with them was approaching expiration, I sent them my notice of cancellation. Then at the end of those 30 days, I received an invoice. They had charged me after I canceled!

I have now contacted their customer service representatives numerous times, and each time they tell me that I will be reimbursed, and each time I don't get my money back. I've contacted them by phone, by e-mail, by ticket, and finally by posting on their forums. They responded by deleting my thread asking for help (TWICE!), and suspended my ability to post on their forums!

It's now been 2 MONTHS since I canceled, and I still haven't seen my money. Save yourself the aspirin, and stay AWAY from VISTA PAGES.
edge, 21st 2007 June, 2007
Good price with lots of features with no reliability. My site was down for 3 weeks and even though their techs admitted it in my support tickets I am now being told that it was isolated to my isp. Stay far away.
Casper, 07th 2007 May, 2007
Absolutely horrible customer service. It´s all been said. But my story in short is that they have literally changed passwords, email access addresses etc. without telling me and then blamed me for inablility to access my account! Endless frustrations and attitude. From what I´ve read elsewhere they also like to play games with posting aliases of themselves - so be suspicious of supportive reviews also!
John Maloney, 05th 2007 May, 2007
I hosted 15 websites with VistaPages.com On April 1st, the entire server my account was hosted on was infected and my service was not secure for weeks while they told me they were fixing it. On their forum they told one client that it was his fault it was hacked, and still have not confessed that it happened to more than one user. They said it was just me too- but now reading these reviews it is clear it was more than just me.

When they didn't fix the sites, I asked to have my domains pointed to another host. I have been trying to get them to point, (they don't allow me access to my domain name or I would do it myself). But now weeks later they tell me they will not point the domains, and that I will have to pay for them to be transferred to another domain host in order to point the domains.

Can you believe it?

Then, my accounts were cancelled, and I get no refund for the many months left on my account. (I prepaid for a year on all the accounts I had)

I asked them about their uptime guarantee, and they pointed me to two different contracts, (the second one was a hidden contract that attempts to disclaim the uptime guarantee), it looks exactly the same but has different clauses referring to the uptime guarantee. According to the contract, it can be updated at any time, and clients will have to just deal with the changes. (You can see the contracts at:http://vistapages.com/legal/tos.php)

What a bad company- stay far away from them! So many better ones out there.
Steve East, 15th 2007 April, 2007
I can't speak for everyone, but had to move my sites from a horrible host and they set me up just right. It has been over a year with no problems. Speed is not an issue for me either as my website and control panel are both easy to use and quite speedy.
George, 15th 2007 April, 2007
The price is very low. More then acceptable. Uptime is great and the support is always there.
Great communication and very helpful personnel.
EricA, 13th 2007 April, 2007
You get what you pay for.

Sometimes that's more, sometimes a lot less, or nothing at all.

I was also affected by their server being hacked and their server hardware failure. Having a recent backup helps, but two days to rebuild their service was excessive.

A more appropriate measurement, which can't realistically be monitored would be continuous, uninterrupted uptime. Numbers from that would kill VistaPages.com's reputation. The countless, 10 minute, 30 minute, 2 hour service interruptions have been maddening.

They have kept pace with bargain market offerings which is good, and have even led at times with their offerings, but it's fairly obvious that they oversold their capacity for their first two years at least.

Tech support has trouble taking responsibility for their own problems. They seem to prefer to pass the blame for their shortcomings and failures onto negligence of a nameless other and on occasion , onto their own customers, sometimes with a less than ideal, confrontational tone.

The recent server crash was, enlightening. Their fault tolerance and recovery were abysmal. To only now be boasting of a RAID1 (whoop-dee-doo), and ONLY RAID1, on their new, replacement server is something a computer enthusiast might be proud of, but as a hosting business? Come on.

My data is important to me. I have RAID10 on my workstation for my hobby job. Plus duplicate, alternating backups. Why don't they at least have RAID5? or better yet, why aren't they running virtual?

The recent server hardware failure, followed by the security breach that compromised all customer accounts hosted on that particular server was an unfortunate prime example of how poorly VistaPages.com communicates with their customer base, and how they refuse to be held accountable. They would rather blame their own customers, or vaguely ignore conveying specifics in how they responded to and will prevent such things from happening again.

I'll give them a gold start at least for their generous free upgrading of all affected accounts, the majority of which were on one of their original packages, to their latest package of roughly 60x the storage and 20x the transfer

As the owner of a domain, I am responsible for the content. For the two hacks, not once was I notified that there was either a security breach or that my site had been altered. While that was going on, visitors to my sites were assaulted and possibly infected by my work. I was not impressed.

What's the point of maintaining an administrative contact email address on my account, for such urgent matters, if they won't use it? Whomever was to blame, why was I not notified?

I would really like to stay with VP, because the features VP offers, is exactly what I want. The price up front is excellent ... but the frustration of dealing with their flaws may no longer be worth the 'service' or the potential risk of damage to my reputation and the computers of those who visit just to save a few $$.
Shawn, 10th 2007 April, 2007
There is no one word to describe how happy I have been with these guys. Peter, Kaumil, Josh and the rest of the crew have been just great. The price is so friggen cheap, the quality has been great, and they help you all the way 5+ stars! Also, I did have an small little downtime one day, however they credited me one full month, without me asking... I think they care a lot about there clients, and I have just recently signed for 3 year term instead of monthly!
Michael Reed, 06th 2007 April, 2007
I have had nothing but a great experience hosting with Vistapages.
Jimmy, 05th 2007 April, 2007
Their servers are very unstable. You never know when they are going to crash and loss your all data.. I have lost everything in the server crash. My site couldn't never be setup..
It's horrible!!
Mike, 03rd 2007 April, 2007
First lost all my data in server crash then all servers got hacked not once, twice in a week BEWARE
Harvey, 01st 2007 April, 2007
I just had a disastrous experience with Vista Pages. My entire account was wiped out, and they installed a clean account, with a new master password. My numerous questions to their customer site were unanswered. Very poor customer service.
Tommy, 25th 2007 March, 2007
poor tech support, unreliable!
Gary, 08th 2006 December, 2006
Postive experience. Great service.
Scott, 01st 2006 September, 2006
As stated by someone else here, the customer service is bad and comes with an attitude. In addition, they will attempt to hijack your domain name if you try to move to a different host or registrar. Beware - scammers.
Greg, 20th 2006 August, 2006
Great service, great up time, great product.
Bill Pracchuck, 01st 2006 August, 2006
Criminals, NEVER USE THEM.
Marie, 04th 2006 June, 2006
Poor service, many problems, site VERY slow, and a customer service manager with a foul attitude.
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