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Vodahost General Information
  Vodahost is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 2001 and now it's years in business.

vodahost.com average uptime is 99.998% (rank #175 on our directory) with total 80560 successful and 2 failed checks, monitored since 2006-03-18. Similar companies with 99.998% uptime are and zonerhosting.com.

Search for "vodahost.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 16366 results so company name popularity rank is #235.

There have been 581 positive votes for Vodahost and 30 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #598 (similar companies are sitehost4u.com and nevidia.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Hosting Plan 1 (Type: Linux) - 600 GB space, 6000 GB bandwidth for $7.95/mo

Some technical data about vodahost.com
  IP Location: Texas - Dallas - Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc
Blacklist Status: Clear
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Website Title: Web Hosting and Domain Names from VodaHost
Description: VodaHost is one of the most trusted and reputable web hosting providers on the internet. VodaHost web hosting is offering 12000 Mb disk space & 300 Gb Bandwidth. Also included is a free domain name and unlimited email accounts. CGI, PHP, MySQL with

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Jason Harding, 02nd 2011 August, 2011
Excellent eb design software if you want to do DIY web site I own www.mrskytv.com and am now No1 position on Google. It is so easy to post rubbish on forums, I think that credit where credit is due as I am very very happy with the 3 year hosting package.

Jason Harding (Spain)
Amanda, 02nd 2011 June, 2011
I was lucky enough to find the services of this superb hosting company and like me; many
people are satisfied with the service of this company. This is a reliable service provider and the
greatest thing about this hosting provider is that it is absolutely cheap in accordance with the
service and features that they provide.

I am enjoying the innumerable features and services offered by them. I received my own custom
privacy policy, if I were to of gone elsewhere I would have paid a lot for this. Their customer
service is just so reliable. I have never encountered any problems with their team. I have been
able to contact them at anytime and always received a response. In fact, even with a limited
amount I pay to start a business on the internet; I am always receiving useful information to help
promote my website. Their digital delivery system and the E-book facility are indeed great;
my business has really benefited from it a lot. Once my website was affected with malware
and Google notified me with this. Consequently, I notified the customer support team and the
infection was immediately dealt with by this company and now my site is completely free from
ant malware. Moreover, the creative templates they offer helped me to think for creative options
for my site. If you are also looking for a hosting company, you must sign up with this company
because it is absolutely cheap compared to any others and you can be assured that your website
would be hosted at its best.
Captebpaketly, 18th 2011 February, 2011
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Empambixmap, 07th 2011 February, 2011
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Empambixmap, 06th 2011 February, 2011
Right now my knees are the worst. Can't walk or stand without acute pain. How can you help me? That's what i want to say here.
New user to VodaHost, 20th 2010 May, 2010
Complete and total lack of support. No phone numbers - sales or support numbers listed on site refer you to an email. Every ticket I've logged gets me a reply with a link to their forum where I have to try to decipher the answer, which so far has not led to me resolving my problem. I pleaded with them to have someone of authority send me an email so I can just get a definitive answer and again, all I got was a link to a forum article. Guess I'll check out Go Daddy.
David Fox, 20th 2010 May, 2010
First time ever using Blue Voda. Support is non existent. Tried support and sales numbers from web site and both refer to email addresses. Every response I get from support is a link to a support forum topic that never answers my questions. All I'm trying to do is put a video online and I can't get a straight answer as to how to do that. I was told they can only post a SWF file, so I loaded the SWF and accompanying files and it won't work. I keep asking for someone to contact me via email to just give me the directions to how they want me to post the video and they just keep giving me links to different forum articles - none of which anwers the question. The lack of support is reason enough not to use Blue Voda. I can't imagine trying to solve any other issues with them if their support is so lousy with my limited experience with them. Disappointing. I see recommendations for Go Daddy. Guess I'll check them out.
buy mycelex-g, 22nd 2010 March, 2010
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Payback, 17th 2010 March, 2010
Publish to any webhosting companu using bluevoda

The Solution http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80Y7YXkc-tw

New customers. Please consider yourselves warned. first check out the reviews on this company then check out their stats at the BBB(do sit down)

Basically their customer service is not existent. No live chat, no telephone support, only emails. (Emergency)You're lucky to get an email back with 4-8 hrs. Their customer support is extremely rude and egotistic. It''s their way or the high way. 99% of their clients are typical kiss ass type of people. Try posting any glitches or criticism on their forum regarding their service or software. See how fast it gets deleted. Website down for 2 days...yes 2 days...their email was, we are updating our server, be patient. No mention before of server updates, no apologies for 2 days down time no post on their forum. If you confront them. You will get SHIT ON period. Post a complaint on the forum, it gets deleted.

so what to do....watch the Youtube video to find out how easy it is to publish to any hosting company you want using Bluevoda
Peed-off-rick, 09th 2010 February, 2010
screw bluevoda, or should i say blue-MURDER cos that's what they're getting away with..... p.s. i hate hank hes a twat! service was absolute pants...never spoke to ANYBODY from bluemurder in over 12 months despite over 50+ attempts.....godaddy-go!!!
called them first time and BANG im talking to a real human! offering real helpful support......god bless them
HODTEK, 23rd 2009 October, 2009

Never was able to access account or site. All phones refer you to email or forums. Forums threads with complaints get deleted or edited. STAY AWAY!!
Vengeance, 11th 2009 August, 2009
Yes, you can move your Blue Voda site to another host. I did it today after encountering a 500 Server Error and crippled my business. Support is non-existent. Log into Control Panel, create a folder and copy your files into it. Then select Archive and zip up the folder. Then download the zipped folder to your machine. You can then upload it to a more reliable provider. I use GoDaddy. Inexpensive and kick ass support.
zack, 29th 2009 April, 2009

can i publish all my file from blueVoda Website builder to other hosting?
kirk whitehouse, 10th 2009 March, 2009
i wish i had read these before i piad for blue crap i have not even been able to get my password to work to start building and publishing my site 10 tickets what bunch of con men run this site they also have my credit card detials so i am now reporting them to every secure payment managment system i can.
Steve F., 26th 2009 February, 2009
We can complain about Vodahost until the cows come home and they will still continue laughing all the way to the bank. Please take action as I have and the Better Business Bureau will have to take note and investigate the company. Please call the BBB at 302 230-0108 and report the abuse. It will only take a few minutes. Do it now while it's on your mind. This company must be stopped!
Robert , 26th 2009 February, 2009
I don't know about the hosting service but it seems pretty good, of course people do fall through the cracks but some of the people who have made these reviews sound like complete idiots. I think BlueVoda is easy to use but I have found some bugs and glitches, but I find them in all software programs. It could be upgraded a bit, but generally it is easy to use.
Steve F., 20th 2009 February, 2009
I agree. Vodahost is offering the false advertising that a beginner can build and publish a website in 30 minutes. Not even close. Plus the support personnel are amazingly impatient and rude. I've never experienced such. Then, of course, they refuse all requests for refunds. Every company that's worth anything offers a guarantee of satisfaction. Not Blue Voda. When you hear the term Vodahost, run, don't walk, as far away as you can get from them.
jim, 03rd 2009 January, 2009
when i find the guy behind this company i'm making a citizen's arrest stay far away. This company is one big scam
Clayton, 02nd 2008 December, 2008
I had a bad experience with Vodahost where all of my site and files got delelted - i had to ask why as they never informed their clients of a problem, but what had happened is a 'freak electrical storm' frying their servers, and it effected the backups too... I threw my toys a bit and they got really rude, banned me from everywhere on the site called me a faggot and stuff like that

but eventually they calmed down and i did too... They came out helpfull and give me a free years registering for my website domain

since I have had nothing but help from Vodahost... I would now reccomend them to my friends but not to people who expect 24/7 support... Theirs services and uptime is very reliable and the system is easy to use

Vodahost is fine with me
Shontell, 16th 2008 November, 2008
I haven't purchased or tired anything from them. Came upon the company by way of search engine. Looking to build my own website, any suggestions? I do thank all that have posted their experiences with this company. It has helped me to make an informed decision. Thank You All
piratos, 15th 2008 November, 2008
Hallp alll .
i have also a bad exper. with the blue voda ,i build asite and publisched it by voda host ,a 9 months long after that ,i cannot acces my site nothing working any more ,i send support tiket and they send me that back .Dear dumbass,

Your account was dumped to save your dumbass from getting
arrested for massive copyright violations...your site was
totally illegal.

DO NOT offer pirated movies on our servers...is this clear?????


oke may be i am wrong ,but i did not payed this peopel to hear that . i think that that email that i recieved from voda (support) says me enough about voda ,its a min point
michael, 26th 2008 August, 2008
They started suspending my domain, i ask them why, and agree i did something that was not allowed, i did some file sharing, As i read the sales letter i could just go cracy with traffic, unlimited ftp and more, so i had totally misunderstood the product

But, it is okay, i accept, of cource my fault, i delete the shared files and they restart my sites (i have 5 domains) and bobby just told me the system would suspend again if my domains trig the automatic suspend function again, great, i feel this is great service, great support and i was a happy vodahost user. . so.. Two days latter they suspend again, i ask if i could get a list of latest files so i could check my sites a remove and find out why my account trig the suspend function.

But they do not answer my tickets.

And the support ticket system was down. Only the sales letter site is active.

So i just wait, a few days, then i got this message:

Voda answer: 'your account has been terminated...its too much trouble.'

I have newer experienced so bad service.. I ask if i could get backup of databases, but no:

Voda answer: 'too late..all deleted'

Frustrating, i accept the fact that i did something that was not i okay, i was happy to get a suspend warning, so i could make a workaround, and fix this problem, but i do not accept or respect the sentence 'Its to much trouble'.

So voda: if you are a serious hosting, give costumers a fair chance. Give a termination warning, set the sites offline, charge some money to help find solutions when a costumer did something to trig the suspend function. Not just terminate...

How many trouble do you think i have now, after termination??

And worst, i can't call you.. You have a support phono number on the sales site, but caling this number is nothing worth at all.. The same nice girl who make the sales talk i the sales videos just tell about the vodasupport ticket site.

Calling the salles department, well what can i say, you have a great and proff. sales department, but the support department, maybe some of them are just lounging in a chair, i stead of working 'with' the costumers to make a win, win situation.

Now, i will keep readers of this up to date with the domain transfer time, maybe they can do this as fast as they terminate. I am curious to this fast transfer experience..
Becky, 07th 2008 July, 2008
This company is a joke! they suspended my site and will not answer their support tickets or phone. Would love to talk to Brad and tell him exactly what i think of him.
nidal, 06th 2008 July, 2008
dOUG aDOLPH, 04th 2008 March, 2008
subscribed and paid for bluevoda and wish I hadn't. Here is what Mr: Costello does:
--Steals domains--I paid for two domains, one called 'Spirit of the Big.com'- he sold it to an airline company. I didn't know that he registers HIS CUSTOMERS domain in his name and will not transfer it back. He will not unlock and authorize my other domain called 'Outdoor Watchdog.com'
-He responds to all reference to his behaviour by posting lies and signing phony names. He uses his own numerous domains to fill up the reviews with his own lies.
--Everything he says positive about bluevoda is non-sense. He and his company are scammers. He gives no service, is devious in his dealings and his vodahost (bluevoda) simply does not work.

I invite anyone who has been burned by him to contact me at 'dkwatchdog@gmail.com' to discuss what action we can take. It's time the guy was jailed--
Shannon, 09th 2008 January, 2008
I agree!!!!!! This was the worst experience I've ever had with ANY company. They send back immature and rude emails and have NO live support anywhere within the company. I can't even begin to tell my story. It is way too long and I hope someone has the time and patience to sue this company for every penny. They don't deserve to be up and running. Taking innocent people for their money. If you go online and call the support # they give you, IT'S A JOKE and I've called 30 times and each time, they tell me that the operators are busy and to send an email.....anyway, I'm exhausted thinking about it but wanted to join the bashing team. I'm actually going to find every blog site I can to destroy their name!!!!!!!!!!!!
pandora, 03rd 2008 January, 2008
have just submitted 3 "tickets" to get info from them prior to signing up. IN 2 WEEKS HAVE HAD NO RESPONSE.
i try and call their phone number and get message saying "all operators are busy with other customers - PLEASE EMAIL US"!! no o[pportunity to wait!!! i think this is a scam. their affiliate program even offers $70 per |NeW SIGN UP - very attractiv e- and i signed up for that program BUT i am now scared that they have just taken my bank details .... am trying to obliterate all traces of ME on their website ... I HAVE emailed several times too - and had NO REP:LY at all. VERY DISAPPOINTED
Unhappy, 08th 2007 December, 2007
I got vodahost back when their servers were fresh, support was a little less feisty, and the TOS did not require you to pay a yearly subscription even if you did not ask them to.

Since then alot has changed, Customer Service has gone down the drain, linking me to sites with profanities such as "a-hole" and "bitch" and "fucking," which are all aimed at the reader. These sites also contain very concerning phrases such as "break your legs" and "piece of shit." I am sorry to have to share such words with you.

Their support also takes several days to reply to questions in their independantly run (meaning that no externalities are involved) support database. It is very well to run your own database for support, providing you do not abuse it. Please reply to customers questions! And if you do so, do so APPROPRIATELY.

Their "TOS" or Terms of Service are very vague, offer the breaking of the contract with 7-days notice (or that was how short it was when I last looked,) and the inability to break the contract yourself without requesting "permission" to do so.

Their features are offered, yay fantastico, yay mysql, yay PHPBB, and yay CPanel. Why won't these run at suitable speeds? Oh the processor is red-lining 24/7 - that explains my customers distress. Sure they have good software, but the hardware is over used - Vodahost over-host. I also have not yet received my 300gb data transfer rate or my ever changing storage limit, which was said to be 200GB when I arrived, and has gradually fluctuated down to 50GB, while my account has never allowed consumption of more than 15GB despite several requests at the Help Desk.

If one posts a slightly concerning post in their forum, eg. the fact that their server CPU status is critical and PHP won't run, the person involved in the posting gets a minimum of a 20-year ban, plus a free phone call, thats right, one that they would not give you prior to now, even on request. The phone call may contain some fowl language, be sure to listen to it without children in the house.

I have been charged for a further years hosting much to my disgression, Please, PLEASE if you do want to use them, sign up for a month, then if you don't notice any problems sign up for a year, but when signing up, PAY BY CASH! They WILL use your credit card details if your request is not "within a suitable time" of your next billing period. For me this was 23 days, which I would concider enough days warning for any annual cancellation.

So of you go to them, watch out. Stay agile, and Read the TOS for any changes, keep a hard copy of it from when you sign up, and DON'T LOSE IT.

If you leave with anything from this review, leave with my information. You are free to sign up to vodahost and try them out, but their 100% guarantee comes with not refund, and their 30 day trial "was never available" even though it said all over their website for several months after my sign up. BE CAREFUL
Dr Web, 14th 2007 August, 2007
They have suspended my account without notice claimiming a script that I purchased from Interlogy ( A HIGHLY RATED PROFILE SCRIPT ) was spiking my CPU usage. Their support sucks they don't let you know what is going on until it suits them. Be aware be very aware.
Paul Kraly, 28th 2007 June, 2007
You people should probably know about this, because I'm personally very vexed.

My girlfriend in Singapore signed up with a web-hosting company called Clever, local to her area. Seems once she signed up for web-hosting, wouldn't you know it, BlueVoda Website Builder is offered to download off the Clever Web hosting website to use for website creations.

Unfortunately, as we ALL know, you again have to sign up to BlueVoda's Website Hosting services, to publish any pages created.

So, ahem, what kind of stunt is this, BlueVoda, and is this going on someplace else? Why does my girlfriend have to pay twice?

This deserves an explanation immediately. How many other web hosting services have you got running this racket?

Amazingly enough, when I posted this to their forums, my IP was immediately banned.

Yeah, that's why they stay so "good". Delete all the bad. How right-wing of them.
Fed Up, 25th 2007 June, 2007
Do NOT go with Vodahost! The website builder that they claim helps you build sites is nothing more than a pile of free opensource ware that they took from somewhere else, grouped together, and called 'bluevoda/soholaunch'. I had more bugs and ridiculous problems than I could believe! Even text wouldn't align properly - and the people on the forums act like they know what they are doing, but they don't!
I also had joined, because there was an option NOT to auto-renew billing after one year, because I ALWAYS want to try out a plan first, before allowing any autorenew.

So according to their TOS, I checked that option NOT to autorenew, when I signed up. However, OH BEWARE because sure enough, one year later, they charged my credit card anyway! The major danger is that they make you communicate to them through use of 'support tickets' - using a form on their website (that THEY control!) - so although I had submitted a 'support ticket' to cancel my service, it was never canceled because they chose not to answer it.

They will scam you every chance they get - have no scruples, please anyone reading these saccharin posts about how great it is, DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! :(
Anonimous, 15th 2006 October, 2006
Avoid this web host its just a scam. The prices and the amount of disk space and bandwidth they offer are too good to be true and if you have a complaint they ban you from the forums and point you to their TOS! The forums are a joke and every forum post regarding negativity gets deleted and they ban you from using the forums. In my opinion these people hide behind their TOS when really they are a bunch of crooks that take your money, and they don't give refunds.

And their "super duper" Bluevoda is a load of crap anyway (and they claim that is was bought to them from heaven!), you're better off doing hand coding.
Scott Lundergan, 21st 2006 September, 2006
I searched for 3 days online to find something that has everything I need. I didn\'t want to sit and use frontpage or dreamweaver because I would still have to integrate it with hosting, ftp, email POP, etc etc. I was looking for an all-in-one-solution and I didn\'t want to use the templates that OTHER hosting companies use because they weren\'t SEO friendly and adding links and navigation weren\'t up to today\'s web standards of simplicity and professionalism. When I found bluevoda, I knew you guys knew what you are doing because of your site layout. Everything I need is included with bluevoda and vodahost. I had an eight page site up within 24 hours with forms, scripts, opt-ins, my own templates to copy from page to page with easy navigation links for the end user. Educating prospects and ease of navigation without the clutter is very important to me and with bluevoda, it was effortless to create it.
Robyn, 18th 2006 August, 2006
I am finding it hard to believe, that there are some unpleasant reviews about VodaHost. What they offer is true, they have a wonderful, easy web building program, they have lots of extra bells & whistles to help make your website nice and professional. They do offer help, to build a site it is just cut and paste. I tired frontpage, now that was confusing. With VodaHost, I had my first page up in a day, and that was because I was deciding on colors, writing, clipart etc. Some things were a little more involved where I had to do some reading to get things working properlly, and when I needed help I received it. Those people that say the opposite probably have nothing good to say about anything or anybody. I would not listen to the slander or foul language, they have nothing better to do with their time. I recommend VodaHost. The best program there is for the money and it is very easy.
Fiona, 31st 2006 July, 2006
I found the sales speel did not match reality - "easy to use" and "no programming knowledge needed" is simply not true. When I pointed this out to them, they took pains to point out to me that their Terms of Service contradicted their sales speel. This was the fastest reply I'd had from Customer Service, by the way.

The support documentation is contradictory and ambiguous. Once can only try the software once signed up - which is when one finds the flaws. Many support docs are incorrect, and I spent days trying to configure the basics. I did not find it easy to use at all. Frustrating, was my experience. Customer support was slow. You only find this out once you've paid.

In my opinion, avoid.
Miriam Grech, 08th 2006 May, 2006
Stay away - that is my advice. It is just a scam. I was tempted to join because I wanted to use a simple website builder, (for I had no idea how to design a website) and they offered one - but you can only use it if you have an account with them, so I got one. It seems that this vodahost is run by one guy who calls himself many different names so that he appears like a big company. The phone number they have is just an answering machine that directs you back to the website. It is impossible to actually speak to anyone. After a while he started suspending my site for no apparent reason, and came up with all sorts of crap explanations. He said I was spamming and sent me emails that were supposedly attached to my site, then he sent me a file that he said was attached to my site - a file to chase credit card details of others. He accused me and threatened me. I asked him for a phone number to be able to talk to someone to sort this out becuase I hadn't done it, but instead asked me to fax a copy of my passport, and started abusing me. So most likely this guy is using people's websites for internet fraud, and then putting the blame on his clients. This is one of the emails he sent me - just to see his professionalism -

"cut the fucking crap, your a criminal, we caught you and your shitting yourself, what you did can get you 10 years in a very nice victorian prison cell. Do you think you are being clever or something??? You are a fraudster, we traced it all back to your IP address. So send me your ID so I may forward it to the authorties and let them sort you out".

I have since reported vodahost to the authorities, and I don't think he will be around much longer

And as an additional note: It is quite possible that the good reviews are posted by the owner himself
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