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Webhero General Information
  Webhero is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 1997 and now it's years in business.

webhero.com average uptime is 99.992% (rank #1548 on our directory) with total 65125 successful and 5 failed checks, monitored since 2006-09-04. Similar companies with 99.992% uptime are and hostproof.com.

Search for "webhero.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 6833 results so company name popularity rank is #420.

There have been 39 positive votes for Webhero and 34 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #310 (similar companies are nextmill.net and hostasite.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Everything Hosting Plan (Type: Linux) - 5000 MB space, 50 GB bandwidth for $4.95/mo

Extreme Unix Plan (Type: Linux) - 10 GB space, 100 GB bandwidth for $9.95/mo

Some technical data about webhero.com
  IP Location: Washita Communications
Nameserver: NS3.CATALOG.COM
Registrar: CATALOG.COM, INC.
Server Type: Apache
Website Title: WebHero - Web Hosting, Superior Support, Domain Registration
Description: WebHero offers exceptional hosting at an affordable price. Get Superior Support from our Expert Staff

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Donavan, 29th 2010 November, 2010
I received the worst customer service when calling this company today. I was hung up on twice by Mike Steele. I would not recommend working with this company.
Alex, 16th 2010 August, 2010
I have not experienced any major issues. I started with a site for my insurance company and used the built in Sitebuilder program to create a functional site for receiving inquiries for health and life insurance. I have to say I wouldn't have done as well as a new insurance agent if I had not been able to count on them for a quick process to get my site live.
RS, 16th 2010 August, 2010
I'm not sure about these people who are having trouble with Webhero.

I have been with Webhero for two years now and my service has been nothing but stellar. They may have had problems in the past but since I have been with them I have never had server trouble, their 24x7 AMERICAN (no trouble understanding them and no scripts lol) based support has been wonderful and helpful, and their new Plesk based control panel has lots of nifty features.
Manal, 15th 2010 August, 2010
Webhero had some issues a little while back but their service has improved immensely since then. I haven't had any server issues and their customer support has been awesome for me.
WE, 19th 2010 March, 2010
Don't Buy they are about the worst hosting company that I have ever found. My dog could host a website better!
b, 21st 2010 January, 2010
Beware, last year they upgraded everyone to an extra package. I saw the extra 80 or 90 dollar charge on my credit card statement and called them to find out what happened. They said they upgraded everyone to it.

Not only that, but I thought it was free hosting, but it turns out it is NOT free. You host a doman and you pay at least 35 bucks a year.
Ron, 02nd 2009 January, 2010
Ues to be a good host but now don't bother they suck
BillBSET, 29th 2009 July, 2009
After 9 years as a member with lots of sites on their servers... I have to say, They Can't Be Trusted.
Last year they shut off a site that
was paid in full and acted like nothing happened.
Then failed to credit my account or even say they were sorry.
Their Technical Represenatives are at best, snide.
Always blaming everyone else but themselves for everything.
Then a shell game as to how you get a site turned back on is clearly a violation of the law and i will be pursuing it.

If it has not been accounting errors, it is always something
that fouls up my sites and they always say it is someone else's fault.

Funny, i have sites on several servers and never have the
problems that catalog.com/webhero.com has.

I will be migrating most of my customers to other servers in the next year.

MB, 04th 2009 July, 2009
Besides the fact that their pricing plan is a misleading scam (notice the * next to prices), They (I) were recently hacked, but did not want to notify customers & were unable to restore fully. Customers unable to upload the last copy of their homepage - got stuck with a 'Coming Soon' advertising page. Most recently, is the downtime problems on some shared servers. I'm seeing outages of hours for the month of June 09. Also note how they do not advertise any "uptime guarantee". I can no longer refer clients to them and I, along with the remainder, will be moving our sites elsewhere. The obviously have some serious issues to resolve, but I can't wait for that because they do not bother to communicate with customers.
AB, 06th 2009 May, 2009
Catalog/Webhero used to be awesome but over the past few months their servers have been down repeatedly, my sites have been hacked, they don't answer their trouble tickets or their phone. I'm moving my sites...the stress of such crappy service is totally not worth it!
charlie, 15th 2009 April, 2009
worst few days ever. clearly the support rep is having a bad day. they told me yesterday that i could keep using frontpage extensions if i switched to a windows server - no mention of additional cost. today (after moving it) i get a bill for the upgrade and an email from support explaining all the hacks this week and explaining i cant use fronpage extensions on ANY server. so i called to get put back on the cheaper server and the rep blunlty said " so what do you want me to do?" i told him credit the account, put my site back but before i could ask how that would affect downtime on my site he hung up !! i have other sites on godaddy and i have never had a problem- consider this one moved as soon as i can arrange it !
jill, 14th 2009 April, 2009
my sites were hacked into as well and they are both down. I tried to open a trouble ticket and it's been about 20 hours with no response. I can't believe they did not send a mass email or post something under the support area of their site. My websites sell items and I am losing orders now, I am pissed!
Yoda, 13th 2009 April, 2009
Webhero was hacked last week screwing up my site. This week my login information mysteriously changed. As their support is handled internal to their system, you need to be able to log in to create a trouble ticket. So, an hour wait on the customer service line with no information about waiting times I finally gave up. Historically, they have been terrific. I have worked with their parent company for over a decade. But this latest situation is seriously testing my loyalty. Webhero, WTF?!
AA, 12th 2009 April, 2009
Servers are down (again) right now and have been for a considerable period of time. I get the impression this company is run out of someone's garage with decade-old equipment. To be fair, customer support has been prompt and polite, but I'm thinking it's about time I moved all my domains to another company.
LouV, 11th 2009 April, 2009
Have been using them for 10 years to host paperbacknovel.com. They've been fantastic. Support has always been cordial and prompt -- Fantastic even -- they respond within 10 minutes by email, or right away by phone, and fix the problem within the half hour. Don't understand the comments about the email -- we have email accounts for our writers on paperbacknovel.com through webhero. There was some long time on phone response about 5 or 6 years ago, but the last few years, the response has been fantastic. A lot of people complaining here, but our experience has been really terrific.
yahoo, 10th 2009 January, 2009
webhero...completely down now. maybe they went out of business
Nick, 06th 2009 January, 2009
Not only the servers are bad, if you let go of some domains, they shut down all of your other hosting plans even though they are prepaid. On May 30, 2007 they charged $1,000 on my credit card on file, when I had no outstanding bills, or services with them. I contacted my bank to the fraud and reversed the charges. Changed my credit card, and now within 5 months I will have all of my prepaid services with them expire. Cannot wait for them to go out of business.

Servers are very slow, customer service is rude, accounting dept. is ran by crooks.

Thanks god for godaddy.com
Goooooo daddy, 06th 2008 December, 2008
Let me be the first to say that you are all fucking idiots.
Sam, 13th 2008 August, 2008
i have been a webhero.com customer for 8 years and started when it was catalog.com - i can only say there servers are terrible and always down. they have very rude customer service and they will most probably be out of business in a very short period.
Gus, 03rd 2008 July, 2008
Ridiculous. I too can't send an email. This has been going on for 3 months now. Every time I try to send one I say a tiny prayer that it will go out, usually there is a ten percent chance it will. Apparently, according to webhero, it's all my fault.
David, 03rd 2008 June, 2008
Newsflash... they don't allow you to do the most fundamental thing on the web, send emails. Even my grandmother can send emails from her aol account. If any of their users have been flagged as a spammer by any email provider (yahoo, aol, gmalil) all of your emails will get bounced as spam. Webhero seems to be completely okay with this. I can't even begin to tell you how horrific of a service this is. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY, IT IS THE WORSE THAN ANY HORROR FILM YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!
am, 19th 2008 May, 2008
i too am have had some less than profesional experiences with them and have been taking it as it comes. IT seems the main webhero.com site is down too along with any site I have with them. ANYONE know what IS going on over there or have a phone number to call?
Mike, 04th 2008 April, 2008
Holy crap, this is the worst service there is. Every single one of their websites are down (4/4/08). If you need to conduct business with their service, you're screwed. This is totally unacceptable.
Michael Summerfield, 19th 2008 March, 2008
No gripes with their infrastructure, but their business policies and help desk services have attitudes like they invented the internet. I decided to let a couple domain names expire. By not paying the renewal bill, they brought ALL my sites down - without back-up. I had to pay a big renewal bill on everything to bring back the few domains I decided to keep. They have no principles at all and will squeeze you for more dollars any way they can. They have more fees than an ATM in an airport. Their feedback form rejected three attempts to lodge a complaint. Did I mention on the phone they have serious attitude problems? Moving my domains ASAP.
Mg, 03rd 2008 February, 2008
Catalog.com aka WebHero was horrible. I was a customer for 3 or 4 years. The last year they doubled my rate unexpectedly by adding in all sorts of "support" fees that I never used or wanted, and refused to let me continue at my contracted rate.

When I called to complain, technical support said "look lady, what do you want from me" and hung up.

I offered to pay them domain registration fees to retrieve my domain name to move it to another company, but they would not even respond to my emails. In the end, they now own my domain name and I can't retrieve it.

Don't go with catalog.com
AC, 05th 2007 June, 2007
I've had several hosting accounts with different hosting providers over the years and this service is by far the worst service I have received. They have continuously raised my rates even though they claim to lock the rates for their users (I started at 34.95 /yr and now they are charging me 88.45 /yr). They will also renew and bill your credit card before the end of your subscription even though it is not stated on any of the control center pages or cancellation pages. They also fail to contact you directly in response to a ticket... you'll be lucky to get an email if that.
Gabe, 28th 2007 April, 2007
Customes suport in very bad.
They lost all my emails and they erased the index page for a few times.
I'm gonna look for another hosting company.
DB, 14th 2007 March, 2007
Setup a photo gallery with many pictures and gallery is now blank and all pictures are gone. Opened a ticket with them 3 days ago and ticket hasn't even been looked at by tech support. Contacted tech support and they couldn't offer any ETA or contact anyone with status. I paid to be a "special member" yet no attention at all.
HS, 23rd 2007 January, 2007
Have been having terrible luck with webhero/catalog.com lately. They keep moving my site to new servers which screws everthing up because the ip adresses change too and no one can see the site for many hours or even days. This kind of stuff just shouldn't happen. I think they're either going though growing pains or under new management because prior years have never been as bad as the last 6 months. Stay away until they get things fixed; I'm looking for a new web hosting company.
GK, 11th 2006 December, 2006
Customer support is non-existent
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