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Webintellects General Information
  Webintellects is providing Linux and Windows web hosting services, has been founded in 1999 and now it's years in business.

webintellects.com average uptime is 99.99% (rank #1848 on our directory) with total 81957 successful and 8 failed checks, monitored since 2006-03-10. Similar companies with 99.99% uptime are and forthost.com.

Search for "webintellects.com" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of 5096 results so company name popularity rank is #488.

There have been 21 positive votes for Webintellects and 12 negative. And overall company rank on our directory is #631 (similar companies are bootbox.net and simplywebhosting.com)

Web Hosting Packages
  Platinum Plan (Type: Linux) - 2000 MB space, 75 GB bandwidth for $17/mo

Webmaster Plan (Type: Linux) - 4000 MB space, 100 GB bandwidth for $22/mo

Platinum Plan (Type: Windows) - 2000 MB space, 75 GB bandwidth for $19/mo

Diamond Plan (Type: Windows) - 8000 MB space, 150 GB bandwidth for $49/mo

Webmaster Plan (Type: Windows) - 4000 MB space, 100 GB bandwidth for $29/mo

Diamond Plan (Type: Linux) - 8000 MB space, 150 GB bandwidth for $45/mo

Some technical data about webintellects.com
  Blacklist Status: Clear
Website Title: WebIntellects

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Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings
Ganek Rowasinski, 02nd 2011 June, 2011
Here in Poland we do not have a lot of web hosting services to chose from. One day I decided a try American based web host and haven't regretted yet about that. Speed of my sites is awesome as if server is located next door. No downtime was faced. Support respond at least within 5 minutes. roblem resolution takes 10-15 mins. Webintellects is the best US host in Poland!
Vicenco Pioniki, 04th 2011 May, 2011
I would like to thank Webintellects for their fantastic support! When I had several questions about my site I sent them a lot of questions and they always solved any question or issue I had with respect and patience.
That is fantastic. Moreover their price and amount of space and bandwidth they provide for such low fee I believe makes them one of the best.
I like Webintellects and I recommend them to you and anyone.
Rosa Martinus, 05th 2011 April, 2011
I’m female so anything technical for me is something of a third language. Since I started working with Webintellects I have always received the extra effort regarding any question or issue I may have – and I am sure I have had some doozies! Thanks to the team and especially Eric and Jeff. They always seem to get stuck with me on phone calls. :)

They have the best customer support and service!
Daniel Van Buden, 03rd 2011 March, 2011
I'm photographer, not web master, and not familiar with all the web hosting stuff. But I needed a web site and I needed a web host which would help me. Webintellects was the first web host who replied and agreed to help me with my stuff. Now I see my web site working and all my questions are being answered quickly. I look forward to growing my clients photo gallery's online. I'm happy user of Webintellects and recommend this web hosting for everyone.
Wratinious, 03rd 2011 February, 2011
I have been using webintellects web hosting services since September 2010. During all time being with them my site has never fallen down. Email works pretty fast and all important correspondence arrives in time.
Antip Servorev, 26th 2011 January, 2011
My name is Antip and I was a happy customer of webintellects... I had been hosted my wordpress with them. I began to have many problem with worpress. IMO webintellects is not a bad choice. Go with bluehost or dreamhost.
Tonash, 05th 2011 January, 2011
I was sure that for my audience and for my web site web hosting in Czech Republic is a must. But there is small amount of companies and they are not good enough.
So far I'm with webIntellects now. I have perfect connection speed on my end, I have no downtime faced, I have everything working as the superb mechanism.
I can recommend anyone around the world Webintellects as a good web host.
Daniel, 06th 2010 December, 2010
It was really hard to find a web host for me in August of this year. It seemed as though many companies were on vacation or something. Only webintellects answered all my sales questions immediately via chat. In many cases host had me leave messages on their "live chat". What's that about? So that's why I'm with webintellects now. I figured if they handle sales fast, support should be faster.
Well, support looks like they work around clock too. The two times I needed support, I got someone on chat right away. My first impression is now confirmed with high level of support they provide! I have no problem recommending these guys.
Bruno , 05th 2010 November, 2010
Webintellects as US based web host works really good for me in Italy. I have no ide what they do but I always get the best uptime and fast support. Moreover I was moved from one server to another and it happened for free for my. Bravissimo webintellects!
Mani, 08th 2010 October, 2010
It was to hard get good web host in Taiwan and I decided to follow recommendation and sign up with US host. I have been using webintellects for some time now and I dare say that this company has the best support. I always get help on my requests.If you are seeking for good host with brilliant support – use WEBINTELLECTS!
Mykola, 07th 2010 September, 2010
I have been doing review for Russian web hosting market and I use US hosting for that not to be associated with any other provider. But after fewmonths I was surprised how good web host could be even if that is in US. Comparing to other good Russian hosts I find webintellects on the same level of quality even better. I assume they are loaded fast around the world as well. Very good web hosting service here. Very fast.
Mahmud, 30th 2010 July, 2010
Ok. I created my personal web site and started the search for an inexpensive hosting. I needed as cheap as possible and with huge experience. A few online recommended webintelects. That made me think they are good host. After few weeks I was impressed with the speed of their support. They have solved a lot of issues for me (was my fault). Now I have good uptime and good connection speed even in Asia.The service makes me happy!
Anthony , 09th 2010 July, 2010
I have used a lot of web hosts before. Many offer cheaper service but poor quality of hosting, some offer higher priced web hosting services and pretty good quality. With webintellects I got all-in-one: low price and good, quality services. Thank you guys!
Oliver Night, 22nd 2010 June, 2010
I had tried a lot of free web hosts before I started the search for paid web host. WebIntellects was the one which promised to provide me the best quality for the smallest amount. Now I'm a happy user of their paid hosting services. Amazing 2clicks installers, easy to use and understandable control panel, plus superb technical support.
Peter , 04th 2010 June, 2010
Being new to the webhosting world I was forced into research. I did not have large budget for the web hosting account so the price was important but so was the age of the web hosting provider. Webintellects, Yahoo and 1and1 seemed to fit the bill for me. However WebIntellects was the one who replied to all my emails, offered the best price and looked like they cared about getting new clients that only had small needs. Now I'm with them and would like to thank them for the great service, 100% uptime and the polite attitude towards me in chat. I believe the best web hosting service for me and my newly created geeklog application.
tyoma, 24th 2010 May, 2010
I'm willing to spread few words about my web hosting company webintellects.com. I'm living in Russia and I have never seen so inexpensive web hosting services here. I had doubts about site loading here in Russia using US based hosting. But I was wrong. Site is fast here. So for good price I got good US web hosting service which is better then service from my local companies. I
assume they are the same fast around the world so I recommend them. PS My English is not good, so please accept my apologizes.
Victor , 05th 2010 May, 2010
I would like to apologize for my English. I am from Russia and want to say few nice words about web hosting company webintellects.com which I use. There not such a good company as webintellects in Russia for the price and allowing as many sites as I want.Site loads fast here. Support answer fast (some speak Russian also). Server has never been down since start. Webintellects is the best hosting service around and Russians needing hosting should use them without fear.
Antip Serverov, 15th 2010 April, 2010
My name is Antip and I'm happy customer of webintellects. I have been hosted my wordpress with them. I did not have any problem with worpress installation using plesk at all and I have not had any problem with running it now. IMO webintellects is the best web host for wordpress!!!
nasmimov, 01st 2010 April, 2010
My review is short, but it describes in full the company I'm with:
- server and network uptime - so far I have 100% :)
- support response - less then 5 mins and if you contact them via live
chat - they reply immediately :)
- The price is low, but not the lowest I found ;)

Ashley Novak, 25th 2010 March, 2010

I have small metal music related web site I am building and I did not need
much in regards of web hosting. My friend told me about
webintellects and I signed up. Now I can say I'm happy customer of theirs
also. When I had a problem I
contacted a tech guy through their chat system and got a full answer
and fast resolutions which kept me from having to call them. I will be happy
to tell my friends about them too.
Bastian Zenniger, 20th 2010 February, 2010
What I really wanted was web hosting company which was not new or "fly by
night" like I found out from experience on others. I narrowed my search to
Fatcow, Site5 and WebIntellects - each has been around for 10 years or more.
I then read reviews and tested their chat support. WebIntellects won. I
agreed to pay them a tad more then I could have again with other companies,
but in the end it has been well worth it. They are the ones I trust and now
Rachel, 11th 2010 February, 2010
I would like to summarize my experience I have had with webintellects in
hopes that someone will find it helpful:

1. Support (5/5). These guys do their job perfectly. I have never waited
for their response and always gotten a reply in full with detailed

2. Uptime (5/5). On the server I have my web site hosted we have about
100% uptime. What's to say? I'm glad and I'm happy.

3. Price (4/5). I believe cheaper solutions can be found. On other hand
not sure if they would offer the same stability.

4. Control (5/5). I can manage everything I need for the client area or from
my hosting panel.
At first it was a lot, but now I like all the features and control I have. I
can even manage my MX Records for when I set up gmail.

changesunit.com, 26th 2010 January, 2010
I'm pretty happy to get the quality of services for my non-business web site that I do with WI. I decided to give them a go for my current project and I have found them to have some of the best services I had ever had. The main quality for me is server and network uptime and they have been at 100% from what our monitoring service tells us. This is higher then where I have a few other sites hosted so that was actually a big surprise considering I pay half at WI. Their customer support has been fast and skilled through chat in the few times I have had to contact them.

I have posted other reviews about host only to have them go downhill. I hope this is not the case here as I am very happy so far.

Kruz Djavorno, 13th 2010 January, 2010
I know I have been using webintellects only for few months but I'm sure
such time is enough to understand how good they really are. I had
found them while looking for "linux shared web hosting". After
learning about their offers I went through their online reviews. Reviews
moved me to
give them a try and that was not a mistake. Uptime is at 100%, account setup
was instant, but what I really liked is how polite their staff actually is.
(My last host tried making me feel like a dummy every chance they could

Webintellects has my been my best web hosting experience - so far.
Daniel Losk, 23rd 2009 December, 2009
I was sure if web host is expensive it must provide you the best service. I have tried several web hosts. I have had several issues with them. But when I signed up with Webintellects I started getting even better service and customer care for lower price. So now I see no reason to pay for expensive service which worse then the one I get from Webintellects for the cheaper price.
I like how webintellects cares of their customers. The tickets are answered in full and in time. No delays, no messages without reply. Everything is perfect.
The technical aspect of the service is on the high level. Everything is working.
I believe they do their job, but in any way that is something what makes me happy.
They are professionals
Dirk Van Dommel, 17th 2009 December, 2009
I’m happy customer of webintellects . When I searched for the web hosting for my web site I found them in SE + good reviews helped me. I want to review them as well and I hope that will help someone else. The price is honest. Not low but not high. But that is not main thing in the review. The connection speed is fantastic. Site loaded super fast for my location. No downtime (that is really important for my SEO).
Support as well as sales team is polite and friendly.
So if you need good host I can recommend you use them
Hugh Losep, 09th 2009 December, 2009
Good service good uptime and what I like the most is their friendly stuff. Indeed friendly. I haven’t waited more then 10 minutes for their response. I haven’t used the support option to often, because the service they deliver for me working smoothly. So nothing bad to say about webintellects.
They are the kind of host I would recommend to use.
Swain Derighnerseterr, 04th 2009 December, 2009
Webintellects is my first web hosting service. Before signing up with them I had made a lot of research and was ready for the some delays in web hosting account setup. But I did not wait even 5 minutes and got account within 2 minutes after the payment. Then I had some problems with DNS and their support team helped me to solve that. Now I’m pretty happy about their service. Everything is working great. If you do not wait for support and for the account details and need workable host - use Webintellects.
Petr James, 24th 2009 November, 2009
I have been using them for about 2 months. That is common features there and nothing special, but good ratability and really amazing web support. The guy which is Arkadiy helped me in second with the issues I had. I had spent 2 days before contacting them and they helped me in a seconds.
They are really good. So far
Jeremy Nickson, 17th 2009 November, 2009
The good host is good host. Really doesn’t matter what they promise you or not - what they do for you is indeed the most important thing.
I’m really happy with webintellects. Going to stay with them for ages
Ben James  , 10th 2009 November, 2009
Actually that was the problem to find web hosting for my city project. I’m on my start only and I’m sharing that with of my friends and I had a peril that web host might be down when I share that because that is important to have that always UP. I have learned their uptime and I have to say that I’m still experiencing it.
Another thing I like is the possibility to grow. I’m not going to be small and I think I will upgrade within this only company. Support guys offer awesome help for me and I like that really and appreciate
So my A+ for webintelects!
Nikolas Derriop, 02nd 2009 November, 2009
That is not my first host. I know what does good web host mean. But last time a lot of new companies appear and a lot of them looks extremely attractive. After few month adventure I decided to shift to the web hosts with “History” and WI is the one I consider. I decided to try them first and then perhaps move to some new one.
I have a felling I won’t need moving because I’m pretty happy about what I have and I’m afraid somewhere else I will be able to get at least the same service not better. Se no reason to move.
Advice you using them unless you are interested in changing web host every day/week
Stoolf Ganz, 26th 2009 October, 2009
I have found them some time ago and decided to use them for my new domain name and my web site. I do not expect something extra from them but at the present moment I have everything they offer and I ordered from them and that make me on the seventh heaven. Webintellects is the first web host in my experience I have no problems with.
If that is possible to recommend them. I would recommend you to use this web host
Matt Mewiout, 24th 2009 October, 2009
I have been using webintellects for 2 months now and I haven’t had any problem. Polite stuff, 100% uptime and everything just working great. They might appear a td expensive in those obverselling times.
I like them. That is my first great experience with paid web host so far. I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend that for everyone but if you try them you will not regret
Charles Matny, 17th 2009 October, 2009
I was not sure if share web hosting would be enough for muy sites but the sales representative reinsured me that multiply shared account will be fine for the number of my sites which are small itself. And I do host them and I’m pretty happy about the quality and the stuff. Friendly people and nice service. I do not think I need more
Recommend you use that
Maguna Taudo, 05th 2009 October, 2009
That is the problem when you se the difference between what web hosting company can offer and what web hosting company can do for you in real life.
With webintellects.com.com I have seen no difference. Just there is difference. All what they offer to you will get in full. I was attracted by their discounts, but next month when I needed to pay for their services for the next month I did pay in full with no regret. I see a lot of opportunities and planning to use this host for my business web sites. Not just for the own and personal ones.
Anastasiya Feduleeva, 22nd 2009 September, 2009
I signed up with webintellects.com.com in July 2009. They had attractive prices and they were very friendly and polite during presales conversation. I found that as the good sign for me and I decided to give them a try. Now I do not regret. I have got what I paid for. Excellent connection speed and fast DB connection. I assume I have what I need and feel pretty happy. Webintellects.com shared account do worth the money you pay for them. I recommend them for everyone!
Anastasiya Feduleeva, 21st 2009 September, 2009
Once I sign up for the new web host I always think about the possibility to move somewhere else after this one. But it seems that webhost giant is the one I would stick with and use for ages. I haven’t had any problem with their services for about 1.5 months. That is fantastic. I have had some problems with my previous providers and I was told that everything ok and that is ordinary downtime, now I do not remember If have had even one problem with webintellects.com. Always courteous stuff helps you. I suppose this review would be the kind of “Thank you” for this 10/10 host. Don’t think I need more or something new.
Xavier Traut, 17th 2009 September, 2009
I signed up with webintellects.com.com in July 2009. They had attractive prices and they were very friendly and polite during presales conversation. I found that as the good sign for me and I decided to give them a try. Now I do not regret. I have got what I paid for. Excellent connection speed and fast DB connection. I assume I have what I need and feel pretty happy. Webintellects.com shared account do worth the money you pay for them. I recommend them for everyone!
Xavier Traut, 16th 2009 September, 2009
I signed up with webintellects.com.com in July 2009. They had attractive prices and they were very friendly and polite during presales conversation. I found that as the good sign for me and I decided to give them a try. Now I do not regret. I have got what I paid for. Excellent connection speed and fast DB connection. I assume I have what I need and feel pretty happy. Webintellects.com shared account do worth the money you pay for them. I recommend them for everyone!
Maurco Belonco, 08th 2009 September, 2009
I have quite big customer database and we are working on the web application development. That is a custom orders from the people for the private projects (php). I have been using webintellects.com.com for several months and I suggested that host for the customers of us. So far I haven’t heard any bad word from them. I and they find webintellects.com.com reliable web hosting provider. If my customers are happy that makes happy me as well. Thanks webintellects.com.
Mihail, 28th 2009 August, 2009
Half a year ago I was in need for the web hosting account but I wanted free one. And I have signed up with webintellects.com and had no idea if they were free or paid. And I was asked to pay for the service and I did (I though that was needed as one time payment). In few days I understand that I have missed web hosts and ask them for the refund. They sent it immediately and that impressed me. How honest they were! So when I was in need for the shared and paid account I decided to give that honest host a try. Now I have been using them for 2 month and I haven’t had any single problem with them.
Bob Jonson, 20th 2009 August, 2009
The main problem I had with webintellects.com was my web hosting knowledge. I was absolutely newbie for the web hosting world and I had some difficulties in understanding what FTP was (yeap I was absolutely new). And the guys from webintellects.com did their job perfect. In polite way they explain all thing for me so I found them not difficult and were anle to manage account myself!. I have done some mistakes during the month and asked for the help. I got that in time. During about 2 months I have my web site loaded with no down time. I hope they will keep doing good service
Doug, 21st 2009 June, 2009
Their support is the best. This is the #1 thing with them. When I bought my first VPS a few years ago it was a nightmare delaing with godaddy. After movig to webintellects everything changed.
Anthony, 09th 2008 December, 2008
I believe webintellects to be the best provider I have ever used. This includes about 10 so far. So I know. I get fast responses from support EVERYTIME I open a ticket no matter the TIME! Seriously. I use a $6 plan and get as many domains as I need.
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